: Hm there is no "Do this and you will 100% win lane and be able to go hit the nexus" strategy so i cant really answer in the way you want here, what i think is the general rule of thumb however is to learn your matchups and what your champ is good at. Lets take Darius for instance. Darius can fight majority toplane matchups and not be at a horrendous disadvantage and instead i think he even wins most of them when played well, he also scales rather well unlike say Renekton so he´s a pretty great champ. However the tricky part comes here, for every matchup you´ll have to determine what you can do against the opponent, what they are good at and what you think you should accomplish. From my own perspective playing Irelia into say Ornn, this bugger beats me pretty badly unless i outplay him and he outscales me to be a monster in teamfights so what do i want to do? Ideally i do outplay him and snowball lane, but assuming he is careful then i should just do my best to survive and build the stuff i need to splitpush, then do that fairly relentlessly to keep him from actually getting to teamfight. Then i should go and gather as much gold as possible to get myself the items that actually lets me beat him 1v1, damage dealer always beats a tank if they build for that only and like so i can force him to get stuck under tower, then i can look to rotate around while he is stuck there to flank the enemy team or ambush him if he follows me to hopefully kill him and freely push. Now translating this into Darius instead, he can certainly splitpush too but he is actually pretty good in a teamfight as well so ideally you just wana win lane then if you are sufficiently strong relative to the enemy team then you can start forcing teamfights. However if the enemy team has a strong carry that can mess with you? Split,not like the guy who you already beat can leave his tower and if you manage to rotate and flank the enemy team while that guy is still scared under tower then chances should be good your team wins that fight. Alternatively if you have demolish then proc that on his tower every now and then while pressuring it to make him call for help while being careful to avoid being collapsed on, enemy team busy chasing you is not doing anything else and if you survive that´s securing advantages right there. As for Mordekaiser? Bonk fools who would oppose you out of lane, walk down into the enemy team and ult whoever you can kill with it and lead your team to win the resulting 4v5. Unless faced with someone who actually beats you 1v1 you can even splitpush and kill anyone who tries to collapse on you as long as all your enemies dont suddenly grab QSS.
Thank you very much!
: Sounds like your macro game is weak and you aren't pressing your advantage when you do gain a lead. Some things I see fed top laners do that carry games in lower elo: Use TP for lane backing only the first time. After that it's to make plays on the map and capitalize on their lead (general rule of thumb). Shove lane/kill laner then immediately roam. Either opponent jungle or mid (or in the case they are very far ahead, both). If you can't tower dive, you can usually take the enemy jungle camps, and possibly the jungler. Take Heralds obviously. Keep an eye on scuttle early, if its spawning you can probably feed your mid/jgl by walking over there. If you saved TP as you should've, securing drakes. If you're already 6/0 or something and TP say bot, give your ADC/mid the kills. A lot of people in gold get fed then just take every single kill. That's not the optimal way to carry imo. Rolling off that last point, don't take every single kill just because you can. You're all in the same elo, odds are very high that if you get another lane as fed as you they can help carry too. A lot of people in low elo just assume everyone on their team is trash and they're the only key to victory. Most of those people are hard stuck with no idea why (JK, obviously their team mates right?) If you're playing Morde (going off your history) don't just ult who you think you can kill. Take the fed person out of the fight. If you listened to my prior point, you'll win the team fight. Learn when to split and when not to split and where to split. If Drake is up and your team is mid, and you're splitting top - you might be fucking up. In Silver/Gold there comes a point where they game generally devolves into two scenarios: Either A) it's now an ARAM or B) Everyone is running around trying to pick or getting picked because they overextended somewhere. Take advantage of that. If you're 20/2 and overextending forcing fights and you get picked at Barron or elder or something of significance, allowing the other team to take it while you respawn, then inevitably lose an inhib or worse - you threw the game harder than your entire team. Nobody gives a fuck about your KDA or end game damage. If you got a massive lead then dumpstered it by being stupid, that entire loss is on you. Don't be dumb with your lead, most come backs in low elo are because of this right here. Someone got fed then threw the game they could've won. Then inevitably they say some shit like "can't carry this" in all chat. Well no shit you can't carry this, you fucked up. This should go without saying, but people obviously tilt easily in low elo. Don't spam ping or talk shit to your team, it does nothing useful. The only time you should be pinging is if it's of use. I've met some great players in gold, but they're very inconsistent and tilt off the face of the earth. This gets exasperated by every idiot who wants to ignore their own bad plays and ping everyone else's. Nobody in Gold is good enough to ping anyone, you're all doing dumb shit repeatedly. Regarding lane control, don't push to their tower without wards and give up a shutdown. Your 1000 gold death to a Yi in Gold league can end the game. Doesn't matter if you're 7/1 at the end of the game, if you gave that guy the tools to snowball on other lanes - that's your fault. After a lead, if you can freeze the lane try to. Don't just endlessly shove to tower if you can't make use of it. Overall, capitalize on your lead. Killing the Garen who is now worth a cannon minion does nothing for you after a point. Make plays on the map, be at objectives, and push for the win not for the kills. Use pings and chat to direct your team when necessary. If they aren't doing what needs to be done, play around them. Don't just go where you should be and bitch when they aren't there as you die. Use your team to your advantage. Regarding losing lane, don't feed obviously. You don't NEED to stay even in CS when behind if it causes a death. Do try to get the experience though. A level disadvantage is massive compared to missing that cannon minion. If you have another lane that is winning, or getting ahead, there is no need for you to try and get ahead as well. Just go even or slightly worse and you win. That's it. Sometimes you just need to let someone else carry. Not all games are winnable, but 60% or higher is perfectly obtainable by making the right decisions and capitalizing on what you can. The more you play and focus on yourself, the easier the climb becomes. Leagues are nothing more than a gauge of how rounded out a player generally is, if you're stuck in one its because you're lacking somewhere others aren't. Despite popular belief on the forum and in game, you don't need to be a literal God with all the luck in the world to climb. You just need to do decent and make some good decisions when it matters. Also, because it is worth noting, sometimes you just fuckin lose. Sometimes everyone gets dumpstered. Shit happens, do what you can, but if its 2-20 at 15, just go next.
Thank you very much for taking your time to explain to me stuff in such detail! It's true, I tend to overextend and hit towers with no vision, and I also tend to make tp plays where I get the kills instead of helping my team. I also tend to abuse enemy toplaner until I get canon minion gold on him without truly focusing on other objectives. (Yes, I was that dumb) I'll improve
: So if there was a kennen top, xin jung, zed mid, cait and pyke bottom..... for hypothetical purposes of visualisation..... how would you build? Lets say nobody is particularly ahead
Assuming I play Darius, I pick ghost and flash summoners Runes: Phase Rush, nullifying orb, celerity, gathering storm, second wind, revitalize Attack speed, damage, magic resist. Depending on the gold I have at first back I either pick phage to try and catch kennen or just the parts. Second back I get boots1 and perhaps more base items towards black cleaver, or boots 2 mercury for less kennen damage and more tenacity. Then there are two scenarios. If I see my team getting destroyed I build sterak for tenacity against kennen stun, aftwrwards full armor (dead man plate, thornmail and randuin) If the enemies are not much ahead I go offensive with sterak, titanic hydra, maybe guardian angel as the fifth item, and no idea for a sixth as in this scenario the game usually goes in my favor and ends quickly. Sorry it took two edits
: Step 1: FUCK. TOP. LANE You don't learn the game in top lane it's the land of smurfs and hidden carries. If for some reason you HAVE to play top see step 2. Step 2: Fiora
I tried Fiora and i got the same results, either great results or depressive ones. She feels strong, but in the end I still get the same helpless feeling that I cannot initiate or fight at all.
: What items do you normally build? Do you build based on enemy top laner first only or do you take into consideration the rest of the team? Do you pick your champions based on what your team picks as well? Also, mentality is a major factor. Personally, i enjoy listening to music when i play league. Makes it easier to weather a worse game, and makes it harder to tilt during a good one. I find words with good music AND words works best for me because i am less in thr chat reading snarky comments etc.
I tend to build boots based on enemy laner, first item as well, as the third item i usually choose a defensive item based on the strongest enemies.
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: Because everyone starts lower then they been last season. I was D4 and got placed in g2 and I am playing with D players. That’s just how new season is always
> [{quoted}](name=Joe 2nd,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4i0IrTOb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-11T14:48:09.924+0000) > > Because everyone starts lower then they been last season. > > I was D4 and got placed in g2 and I am playing with D players. > > That’s just how new season is always Not really. Two seasons ago, I ended gold 4, and got placed silver 2 after first games. Now from gold 3 I got bronze 2. I get it Rito wants me to grind but this is straight up punishing.
: Okay, fine, Riot. Take your TT away. But we need something in its place.
Really, really sad to see this game mode go away. Not only did I play ranked more on this game than the standard, but me and a small group of friends actually had lots of fun playing 2 v 2 custom games in this map. Tried the same on howling abyss yesterday and got bored af after the first game. Riot, you really need to replace this with something similar, and just as OP said, not a different game mode, something that feels like summoners rift on a smaller map with a faster pace. I hate playing custom games on ARAM because you only have one lane, no ganks or surprises opportunity, and the no recall setting forces you to die in order to buy stuff which i find really bad.


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