: I highly doubt they will make a profit. Not many people are willing to pay $100 for the ugly ass skin that prestige aatrox is. This would have to be the biggest fuck up in 2019 right behind fallout 76.
: Riot, you're working yourselves deeper into a corner with skins.
They also start actually balancing the game and champions, including neglected champions to make them actually viable and enjoyable. People both play these champions and the game more, and will buy skins, opening for more skin production that isn’t ezreal/ahri/miss fortune
Neamean (NA)
: Thematically he should be able too. Why would he only stop at using his enemies power. When he can take his allies as well.
Thematically hundreds of champions could do a hundred more things with their abilities, but that doesn't mean they should.
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hoganftw (NA)
: People call me a degenerate for eating with my hands
: What happen to those whiners that complained about Kai'Sa's revealing cleavage?
Neamean (NA)
: I never said it was a good idea.
So why suggest it in the first place? also no reason whatsoever for this suggestion from your side. its the same as me posting a thread like this title: Pyke should not be restricted to executing enemies He should be able to execute allies as well. Why? because i said so.
: Dont forget about Doombots, Blood moon, Nemisis Draft, Dark Star singularity, Nexus Siege, Overcharge, Poro King, One for all (aram/mirror), Showdown 1v1, 2v2, Star Guardian Invasion, and Butcher's Bridge!
: I made a thread about this buff some days ago. The entire thing is filled with ADC mains saying its just a small buff and it wouldn't make her overpowered at all because she is still squishy and short ranged. How they don't understand you don't need survivability if you are perma invisible and that you don't need range when you have perma mobility/dashes is beyond me. Can't wait to make another thread showing her winrate skyrocketing through the roof to show them how dumb they are.
ADC mains that aren't vayne players joined too? Lmao is this conservative tribalism? you know, when you attack one of them of them for any reason and all the others instantly join in despite it having nothing to with them
: Why does it feel so bad losing to a fed adc
Because tying a group of champions' main and sometimes only damage capability to point and click unavoidable autoattacks isn't a prime game design decision. then because of that decision, their prime role which is DPS is balanced around their items, and when there are meta shifts and changes to the items this not only affects individual champs, but the entire class as well. this is why crit marksmen feel like shit to play as and against, and why they universally struggle when they don't have other viable builds like on hit{{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:145}} /lifesteal{{champion:429}} /penetration {{champion:119}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} /abusive cancer{{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:104}} . You touch their precious crit items and the same group of champions can go from overpowered to underpowered in a single patch without even touching them directly. {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:203}}
: Damn that was recently too. With all the skillshot they add it's pretty easy to feel like that
"skillshots". some of them take no effort to land and are nearly undodgeable such as: Swain Q Akali Q Nunu E Aatrox 2nd and 3rd Q aoe Irelia W on the contrary some of them are truly hard to land on non melee non cc'd targets, predictable and sometimes have inconsistent hitboxes such as: Yorick E Aatrox W Xin Zhao W Nunu W
Chiken138 (EUW)
: This stupid vayne buff
Pink ward her stealth. hol up.
: Ignite gives true vision, right? So ignite her, I guess
not only your name is dumb, that's not true sight, it's brief outline of exactly where they are whenever they take a tick of damage. not only it isn't as helpful as it sounds because she's constantly moving, but it doesn't allow to target her with autoattacks/point and click spells.
macspam (NA)
: Does sivir E really have no cast time? I assumed it did have a small cast time, because the spell shield visual does take a small amount of time to appear
Seems instant to me, coming from someone with a constant 100 ping. even if there is, what is it? 0.05 seconds?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What the fuck are those neeko buffs
im surprised your thread wasn't removed and you weren't banned yet for daring to put a naughty word
: I only remember people complaining about Shield Bash...
They want it to be more viable on squishies who receive shields, so they gave it +9 damage. lol
Neamean (NA)
: Sylas should not be restricted to stealing enemies ult
Very bad idea. use your brain even a little bit and figure out why.
: It makes more sense for someone who's going to be doing a lot of fighting. The pure tank version exists already as Second Wind. If you tank Triumph on a tank you can take full resolve runes, then get Triumph+Tenacity secondary, like I do on Leona and a couple others.
Second wind is pure worthless piece of garbage and is only useful in the laning phase against ranged pokers. even with 3000 missing HP, you are only going to regen 120+6 over 10 seconds. this number is so irrelevant and garbage because you get can the same amount in 5 seconds with a spirit visage mid to late game. if you apply Triumph to the 3000 missing health, you will get 360 near instantly, going up if you visage and revitalize (but you're probably gonna get grievous wounds 24/7). from a single kill/assist. Triumph alone in a single game restores more health than all of the bonus health/damage reduction you can get in the resolve tree combined.
Rioter Comments
: "no counterplay DPS" you never heard of zoning?
that meant that there's no way to play around her damage unlike any other champion in the game, except tryndamere.
: If Sylas is busted, annoying, or frustrating in any sort of way, remember - Riot isn't to blame
: Stop with the Prestige skins already.
> [{quoted}](name=Hextech OwI,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=e819EnnV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-08T18:50:19.014+0000) > Devote more time to create a skin for another champion rather than making two skin for a single champion. You mean more overused recycled garbage themes like Mecha, Star guardian, Project and Blood moon? Illaoi, Aurelion Sol and Shen waited YEARS to get a skin after release and both were disappointing. Fucking Ivern man, poor guy didn't get a skin since his release, over 2 years ago. Last Aatrox Skin was in the mid 2015 bilgewater event. now he's getting a lazy blood moon recolor
: Doesn't matter anymore since she is basically untouchable now because of that buff. The only way to kill her now is to CC deathball her without leaving her a single quarter of a second to cast anything. Also, with a short dash that can be cast almost twice per second, who needs range?
"Vayne has short range" is a false statement. The original statement that was twisted with the years by lowlifes is that Vayne has no poke. She trades poke for having superior no counterplay DPS and in combat mobility and invisibility, which is the most powerful thing in a marksman fight(who gets to land the first BBC crit)
: LOL!! Wtf do you think Riot is doing this for? Their feelings? If you're angry that you might be being manipulated by a company trying to make money...this world isn't for you. You don't HAVE to play.
ValiantKiller is just stuck in 2011 and thinks Riot are still how they proclaimed themselves to be: "A company made out of Gamers thats player-focused and listens to their fans". It's pretty obvious that the vast majority of the balance team and live design team either barely play their own game or are low elo. Kudos to David "Stuffed nose" Phreak that managed to be consistently Diamond for multiple seasons.
Bârd (NA)
: In theory, anything that relies heavily on other spells the champion has ends up being a poor Hijack candidate. Some of these are probably tweaked a bit to be better, but here's a few that would suck if left as a 1:1 copy (even with the adaptive scaling There are a lot that need tweaks to be strong. {{champion:63}} no passive, so it doesn't get bounce priority or cause explosions. Kinda meh. {{champion:122}} no passive, so it doesn't deal much damage or grant Noxian Might. Super bad. {{champion:420}} no way to make spawned tentacles swing. Unless they implement one, super bad. {{champion:145}} no way to apply plasma. Unless they tweak the stolen ult, completely unusable. {{champion:429}} no oathsworn to throw. Unless they tweak the stolen ult, completely unusable. {{champion:76}} no spear/traps, so you have no way to apply hunt. Still OK, just not as smooth. {{champion:61}} no ball. Unless they tweak the stolen ult, completely unusable. {{champion:107}} the leap is a part of Rengar's passive, so if not tweaked it's just camo+speed. Still OK. {{champion:35}} given Riot's history of spaghetti code, I wouldn't be surprised if Sylas ended up spawning a Shaco instead of a clone of himself. {{champion:102}} not exactly sure how the transform part works here. If it works the same as all the other transform ults, then this means that Sylas ends up becoming a stronger version of AP Shyvanna for the duration, but loses the ability to use his own spells. The duration is also shaky, since Sylas doesn't use rage. Not necessarily bad at all I'm just kinda confused. {{champion:134}} no balls... at least none of his own. Kinda meh. {{champion:77}} OH BOY PHOENIX STANCE {{champion:498}} no E to retract the feathers. Still OK, just not the full value. {{champion:142}} this spell is useful on Zoe and only on Zoe. And, of course, Sylas can't steal anything in a mirror matchup unless the other Sylas already has a spell stolen.
I fear no ultimate, but i don't want Sylas to have an overpowered game changing ult like Phoenix stance
: iT's jUsT CoINcIdAnCe bRo
this is common nowdays with Riot
Senteth (NA)
: What is the deal with waterwalking?
They had no idea what to put in the sorcery tree beyond damage and movement speed. so they combined it both. "empowered abilities and resource" aka Damage, Damage, Movement speed Rune that should be in the resolve tree, Mana and mana regen, movement speed Cooldown&damage, movement speed, damage damage, Yours truly, damage
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: maybe they can nerf grasp afterwards?
grasp is trash. notice how the only champs who use it over conqueror are those that can abuse it {{champion:41}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:78}} and those that have no literally no other keystone{{champion:6}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:36}}. Everyone else will always take either Conqueror or Aftershock. in a rare tank vs tank matchup, you may see grasp vs grasp. but you will mostly see a tank counterpicked by a marksman, mage or conq user.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.2 nerfs/buffs plan by MappleNectar
No conqueror nerfs No void staff nerfs No echo nerfs No work on the resolve tree No work on ARAM No work on Twisted Treeline disappointed
: I came out and confessed to my parents I am an Olaf main


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