Coopa123 (EUW)
: 200+ lines in 3 games. Uff. I'm pretty sure I haven't typed this much in my last 100 games LOL. > Community has gone from worse to WORST! I kept meeting players that were boosted on Duos , i kept meeting trolls with Big EGO! And now that you're banned the community got a little better. > NO!I'M NOT LIKE THE MOST OF THE COMMUNITY DEAR RIOT GAMES. Absolutely right. Most of the community knows how to behave like normal, civilized people. You don't. You have no idea what being sportsmanslike is about and you have no respect for your teammates and enemies. Therefore you're not like most of the community. You are exactly the same as the toxic minority that can't behave. > of course im gonna blame someone that ... Of course. No other options right? You HAVE to break the rules because a random stranger in a video game made you sad. How about you DON'T break the rules, how about you DON'T start crying whenever a 12 year old triggers you? > I'm sure all of us seen players saying ''kill urself,die,death,cancer, bla bla bla bla lbla and they STILL PLAY!'' Prove it > i never flame , curse. wish death e.t.c Congratulations. You managed to be an annoying, toxic, whiny player that broke the ToS without using swear words. Well done. > people giving up from 4th minute or so. Unlike you hm? You realize you do the exact same thing right? Maye you don't give up that early, however you start shittalking your mates this early and give up later lol. > you can't expect someone being bullied in game and keep his mouth shut the same time Yeah you actually can. Use the mute function you crybaby
: > [{quoted}](name=O Theios AVO,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bOINmQ7n,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-31T11:52:01.850+0000) > _RIot please check my games and not only my chat. Mouth is Mouth , you can't expect someone being bullied in game and keep his mouth shut the same time. This is where you're wrong. There is never any reason to escalate a situation. You fighting back only ever makes things worse and "they started it" never excuses your own toxic behavior.
Yes thanks for that, next time i'll know i won't fight for what i believe is right! i see this game turned you to what they all want. :)
Kei143 (NA)
: why not just mute them .. ? why do you need to respond? just walk away and they can't do anything to you anymore.
Hey there, well if i mute them it's like i've lost already the game. Don't you think so? anyway i don't know how you deal, but we are not all the same. I can't walk away from watching some real bad players like that. :)
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