Męiko (NA)
: Why is the rewards not working ?
Riot is garbage ?? was the answer to this that hard damn...
Gliave (OCE)
: Player Leads and Feeding Players -
Quit the game and start playing something you are gonna be independent in.. its a lot more fun and its a lot more rewarding it gives crazy satisfaction knowing that you are good expecially in a game with equal playing grounds
: Ranked in this game is a literal coinflip
You are either like tfblade where you are simply a god compared to every other player or you are a random guy that just plays the game at its best at whatever rank and gets destroyed by how bad the system is. I wouldn't agree that you being bronze is approved since bronze and silver are kinda easy just by knowing the fundementals of the game some basic macro should allow you to run down those fucks. But anything higher is a coin flip. Also judging by the farm and score those games lasted long if you wanna win you gotta end it fast get a lead and spread it to other lanes(which is in other words called snowballing) and even dumpster tier players when ahead could help you get the W.
poplavok18 (EUNE)
: Is league bad now?
It's not that they tolerate it it's because they are a bunch of autistic kids that would be happy even if you left them with dress up games.Game was good while riot was starting to make the money as soon as the greed kicked in they focused the game more around lcs, and also so many champions just coming out is simply champion+skins=money. Quit the game take your skill and time at a place where you would be appriciated and tought as the person you are not some random 5 year old that cant say curse words.
: I quit a few months back because damage was too high. How is the current state of the game?
Nhika (NA)
: Just came out of a game, where I got auto-filled into an auto lose.
Nothing you cant expect any changes...every league player that tried to help the game or promoted the game got banned.All that's left is a bunch of autistic kids using this game as a way of saving us from encountering them in the real world. My suggestion is you quit the game and start somewhere else a game that has less rules and you can actually depend on yourself only.. Have a nice day ! {{champion:119}}
: "Buy our summer pass!"
Don't waste your money for a garbage ass game !
: When Riven mains say Riven only has damage just mention the fact that she has 2 AOE Hard CCs
both of them have a short duration and not to mention the stun is completly useless its not even a stun its like 0.75 the hell are you talking about

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