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: wtf?? shes at 53% win ratio in diamond+ and you want to buff her??
That's where the teams can help you win it too, not having to 1v5, you know?
: Why tf do people sign their posts look up like 2 inches your name is right there we know who is posting.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: But then why does her performance get better the higher elo you go? Until ~challenger because assassins in general arent very playable there unless theyre broken. Looking at the kat subreddit, people seem to think its very urgent that Kat gets buffs. People are quitting because she is so unplayable, and so on. Also when people say "daggers take too long to drop"... what do they want? Because its already impossible to move out of Kats E W without a mobility spell, and that one dagger is often enough for a kill. Not to mention that a Kat with 1 item doesnt even need to land any daggers to kill a squishy guy due to fun free damage from runes, ignite, and Gunblade. Dont believe me: https://puu.sh/AZ4aI/75db0af179.webm counterplay omegalul
Would say that's your fault, she is a 4/1 Katarina, with a gunblade which makes you really easy to kill. Also you have no E, so that's your fault for farming there, but my problem is that the E is called a "blink", yet takes 0.5 seconds to cast it, also making her E on lvl 3 be slow even when getting daggers is bad imo.
: Honestly, I don't care for any buff other than removing the extremely miniscule Shunpo delay or adjusting how it works. It wouldn't affect much apart from the interaction that has become more and more broken between it and Gunblade as time goes on, as you can't cast them together like you used to be able to. That shitty interaction has lost me so many teamfights and games that it's not even funny. Normally, your bread and butter combo would be E+Gunblade+AA+W+Q+R, but roughly 60% of the time, Gunblade won't go off if you use it during that ~.025 second (.075? can't remember) delay, which greatly reduces your initial burst and your ability to hit an enemy with the second dagger (and sometimes both). It feels awful that Gunblade doesn't go off because of that tiny little delay, and I would even be willing to knock off a tiny bit of damage off of an ability if needed to fix this bug (if these rune change go through though, this probably won't need to be done). It's a royal pain in the ass.
Exactly, if I can get insta E when collecting daggers, I would be very good.
: Katarina Nerfs - 2 long years.
And yes, I know talking about this here won't help much, but maybe Riot will see it and think about it.. :)
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: i think she is supposed to deal dmg to a target near her. For example if lee sin had flashed where trundle previously was he would be hit by katarina. gonna upvote anyway for riots to take a look
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gerintzeto (EUNE)
You have misspelled queue, with cue. I personally won't upvote/downvote the idea. Playing rankeds only and mostly on EUW.
: as a kata main ive found that ping delay really has a change on jumping in and out with shunpo noticed when they changed na server
Thx for answering, maybe it's that, because I mainly play with 40-150 ping every game and rarely it's lower than 70
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