: The reason why is because people are too unwilling or unknowledgable to go and send in a support ticket with a link to the match (via the league site) to get the people punishes for gameplay based offenses. Also, the reason you are punished as well is because you have 0 need to continue talking to, or seeing the messages from a player who is just flaming you to flame. You can reply if you must, but dont sink down to their level or continue for the E N T I R E game. Something short and simple and is not flaming them back? Thats fine. After that? You are just instigating them to flame more same as they are trying to ger you to flame more so that they can report you.
So why there is even an option to report a player due to griefing trolling etc, why I even have to bother with sending a support ticket to riot when someone can just click a button for flame or dc and it works, that's stupid. These options should be deleted from report arguments, because they don't work. Yeah u are right, Its just my nature to keep talking and sometimes my desire to learn their motives and that's why I keep arguing with someone, but sometimes it's just my rage when I see d4 player with 200+ lvl who can't simply play his role and blame others for his own fault. Not flaming back don't really always work, there are people who will flame u to the end of the game, even if u don't react, but at least It's better for you because u can't get reported for flaming :D, and u can laugh from him. I guess I have to use mute button more often, just to not get banned and ignore the fact that someone will sometimes troll in my games without any penalties.
Serevas (NA)
: Well from what you're saying you flame people back every time. If I were you, I'd mute all from the first time someone started flaming you so that you don't respond, maybe even the beginning of the game.
Yeah, I think I will do it everytime or just ignore anything from now, there is no point to talk with people or argue.
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: Vlad is less op mid lane and way more op top lane, simply because him and other top laners (Cass or Kennen come to mind) can easily invalidate melee match ups with their range and move speed or cc. I might get downvoted for this, but Vlad DOES have a weak early game, BUT it's only way more noticeable when he's mid, since he'll have to use W more and E will be his only way to keep dmg high enough for all ins. Plus, you can actually punish him if he tries to do a non-empowered Q. At level 3, he'll have maybe 700hp? Maybe a bit more. W+E does 28% max together, so that's maybe about 200 HP he's losing, on his own accord. If you look at his mid lane stats, he's actually a fairly balanced match-up, even in high elo, and his ban rate comes from top lane abuse. Honestly, I think the problem is less Vlad and more strong ranged top laners in top lane. It would be really nice if Riot buffed items like Dorans shield or {{item:3211}} for melee champs like getting more HP back, or gave tanks and bruisers more ability or opportunities to get on ranged champs, so they're less oppressive in general, like adding a sort of Bork or Gunblade active on some tank/bruiser items that apply a small slow for a few sec, or something like that.
I think that on top lane he get rekt hard early game lol, just take bruiser with dash, lane bully or an assassin freeze lane, and just wait until his jungler will break your freeze, if he won't he is fucked, I always win against him on top, its so easy, just jump on him all the time early game whenever he want to farm. On the other hand i have problems with him on mid when i am playing mage, because i basically do 0 dmg early game, so he can scale easier except if he is playing against assassin, kinda similar problem if i am playing against kassadin as a mage, I just don't deal dmg at all and will loose every trade. Even look that he has lower Wr on top that on mid.
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perfecta22 (EUNE)
: Nasus needs a hard nerf
Nasus doesn't really need nerf. All that u are telling its truth, that no matter how much u stomp him early, he will come back, with decent stack dmg and overall 1v1 beast. He can't be really beaten by bruiser(maybe except 2-3 champions) 1v1 in the mid game if he is playing correctly. U can just stop his farming and deny to the moment when everything just go in the other direction. But to the point why he doesn't need a nerf?, he lacks mobility. He is only a moving meatshield in the teamfights. No matter how much stack he got. He can even has 1000 stack on q, but he will be useless in teamfight, he will be good 1v1 vs bruisers and some ad carries, good split pusher but shit in teamfight. His moment to shine comes in the mid game , not really late game, when he finished trinity, and builds tanky + his ult resistences, in this moment he is a raidboss, because no one even buys penetration in those moments of the game, everyone just goes core builds and thats often the mistake of people who for example playing as an adc goes 3 crit items instead of rushing {{item:3036}} or{{item:3033}} after 2 crit items when seeing raidboss nasus, same with void staff as on mid because nasus with R around 11 lvl has 150 armor/mr + and around 2.5k hp. He falls of late( YES HE FALLS OFF LATE GAME) hard to belevie lmao, when the amount of dmg cc, in teamfight are just insane, nasus dies in a 3 sec on a teamfight, he won't even catch anybody while being bursted by enemy fire. Everyone has builded penetration in this moment of the game. The only thing he scales late game is his Tower pushing, and if u really won't go in on him 1v1 then u won't die. At this point of the game there are several champions who are almost equal to his late game 1v1 and can hold im off while the rest is just nuking him. The funny fact is that every bruiser u mentioned is way better to just kill enemy backlane than nasus, and that should be their job, not fighring with nasus. Let the mage and adc deal with him, they just have amount of dmg to fuck him up. If your team is braindead, cus its gold i get it . Look at the mid and your bot champions. if u have {{champion:34}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}}{{champion:90}} on mid then nasus will have really hard life regardless of their feed. Other mages are good too but they need a bit of items and time to fuck him up while these just melt nasus, and have enough cc to just stop him and make his life a nightmare, same with adcs. On bot {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}}{{champion:22}} On top: I think that good {{champion:92}} can even 1v1 him in late, due to her sustain conqueror etc, in previous seasons i think it would be impossible but now, its bullshit, if any diamond+ riven otp is here, pls tell me if im wrong. Champions that can outscale him in teamfight :{{champion:92}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:420}{{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:266}}{{champion:164}} } ,just almost anybody, also almost all of these champions shits on him in early game. This post is just too long so I end it.
: Feelings about Kayle
Well, to tell the truth, kayle seems strong vs some melee guys, because of her slows, heal and movement speed buff and basically they have to all in her, so she can unleash her 2.5 as true dmg etc and kill them. But she is really vurnable to assassins, and long range mages, or burst mages. Basically kha zix can one shot her and if he jumps at her she has to use her ult immadietely, or zhnoya etc. If she won't buy defensive items she will just get deleted, but if she do she will do less dmg. If she would AA on ult then i would agree that she is complete bullshit, but there are tons of dmg cc in the game currently that even her late is not that frightening if u have good assassin or good long range mage, even some bruisers may destroy her late game 1v1. If u want to outscale her as a hyper carry learn to play {{champion:268}} because he shits on her, in early,mid, late game in my opinion.
: Feels like im gambling more than i am playing the game
Welp what can i say. Lol games were always a gamble lmao. Just right now in diamond if 2 lanes are loosing without junglers intervention, the game is clearly lost unless the miracle will happend such as throw, dc etc xD. U can't carry the game alone unlesss u are jungler, with breaindead champion. If u are on lane u need another good person to carry, because u cant even carry late with hypercarry alone. Jungle in my opinion should get nerfed in some aspects. Just saw some {{champion:28}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:104}}{{champion:121}} smurfs, and they just carry games alone. All smurfs that I saw were mainly playing jungle with these champions. I don't think it is a coincidence that they decided to play jungle. But what if i am stomping the lane and others are loosing ? Well I can just roam, if playing some good carry champion I may try hold the game longer to the moment when my team just starts doing something, and have a hope for a win, but later one teamfight decides everything and i win or loose lmao. If I loose such a game , im mad xd.
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: Riven has a ludicrously unfair advantage against pretty much every melee in the game
I think that {{champion:86}} is like the only viable melee pick against riven. Im sure u didn't buy grevious wounds against her {{item:3123}} {{item:3033}} . Thornmail is a bit useles against her because it only apply 1 s GV and she doesn't only heals from her AAs. My match against riven with garen ususally ends as a draw (vs good riven) on lane or i stomp her( usually its bad riven). They key is to, use your w to negate her dmg when she goes in, and later u just silence her with Q , in that moment u get 1.5 s time to deal her dmg, u have to wait for her shield if u wanna deal more dmg, because she can use it while u wanna Q. Your passive allows u to stay long on lane, and your W gives u hell of durability. Even if she poke u and goes back it doesnt really matters because u will heal from it in a short time and also w prevents her from dealing tons of dmg. With judgement on her u can kill her without a problem in a teamfight. Well garen is not a counter but just a viable pick against her. As someone mentioned here, good riven doesn't has counters. And it also deppends from her if she wanna fight or not, and thats the most annoying thing about match up against her. U are not deciding who engages, because she can negate any of it, and also has mobility to run away, and after 1 s strike at u . When u play vs riven u have to look at the opportunities to trade anytime, when she is out of her e and w in just seconds, just to scratch her from some mere hp. I think that the best form of cc against her is silence. So if u are playing vs riven just try to take champions which have silence, so u can negate her potential in teamfight for a moment and burst her down with another cc. Silence is also the only reason why garen even can match against her.
GigglesO (NA)
: @Riot Why Not Buff Tank items?
The overall problem with tank is, right now they don't deal any dmg. TOTAL 0. They were nerfed to the core. And im not saying about jugernauts like{{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:58}} . Just any bruiser with conqueror, cant really die from tank 1v1, Tanks are only GOLEMS with some cc. Buffing tank items will also make bruisers stronger because they can use these items, so there is no point to additional buff bruisers . The only way to help tanks is to increase their 1v1 dmg, or potential, to let them trade, to be some threat not a moving dead meat shield, because right now u can't even outdmg conqueror heal as a tank, with {{item:3076}} thats funny, i would need {{item:3075}} . I think that right now in the game there is too much sustain in the game from braindead passives or abilities, that also makes tanks useless in some way. Anyway tank items are fine, the problem is with tank champions. Its like {{champion:39}} vs {{champion:14}} . Irelia can kill u 5 times in early unless u dont build {{item:3047}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3076}}, U have to play really def to not die even under tower, in this time u fap on lane and wait under tower for creeps. Later she can't kill u , but u can't almost even outdmg sustain. So she win's because u will die first in longer fight. Tanks are only well used on pro plays, on solo que there is no point to even taking one on top lane , on jungle there are 2 viable tank picks {{champion:113}} {{champion:20}} because they have some 1v1 potential. {{champion:154}} should get buff dmg or reverted and get his old ap scaling while {{champion:57}} transfered his hp% dmg to w as it was before or revert also. Maybe it will hurt PRO PLAY, because of lower cc, HOWEVER THEY WILL BE PLAYED ON SOLO QUE and maybe even doing good. {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} maybe have some dmg , but on the other hand they lack tankyness. They are not tanky at all, and {{champion:516}} is kinda unmobile, his cc can be easily countered or dodged. {{champion:78}} has w, and thats her power just to peel for carry.
: Change Kayle E to melee until she gets level 11.
Or at least change her E to not to proc as AA. In some cases it should be enough for klepto. I like your idea about making it melee but it will hurt her early too much i think.
: assassins need to be reworked.
Mainly assassins are getting kills from roams, because your teammates dont give a shit about your pings, for example u have freezed lane he starts to roam, u ping and no one really cares u have to follow him, but u can just loose trade vs him while u follow him and also will loose freezed cs. But no one understands that if u play vs lb as a mage u cant really follow her roam because u will get stomped by her. And this shit just happens at diamond elo , its not assassins fault that they are overpowered, because they fall later, just some garbage players who dont know the game.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: They are the same people who defended old Kayle , old Kayle was also broken but was item reliant This new one is straight Busted There is no fu@$#ing way in hell that Kayle ( a late game champion has 54% winrate and 14% pick rate in a game that doesn't even have late game anymore ) has such a massive winrate Her early only sucks if you compare her to her late game FOR SURE Since her late game is straight Auto-win and if you lose then the player is either horrible or was just too unlucky
Old kayle was shit. She could only do something in a boosting strategy with support , or if u menaged to get few items, which was almost impossible. She was just weak whole game, until late which was not that good, she didnt has true dmg, u could handle her dmg and also she wasnt slashing anyone with aoe dmg, somehow her e wasn't dealing much aoe dmg, just it dealt a lot on 1 target. I was just winning against her all day all night on lane with any champion. Now she has massive aoe slow, with e u can aa reset? if i am right and bullshit dmg buffs while lvl go up. Also even if she cant attack while casting her ult now she deals tons of aoe dmg on her ult. And at 16 lvl she is master yi with aoe distance autoatack. If riot would delete true dmg from her kit it would nerf her late a bit.
: ziggs seems all around significantly better than velkoz, is this true?
Ziggs overall, in my opinion is easier to use in teamfight. Vel koz r can be stopped very easy even by ziggs w. In late game Ziggs can nuke 1v5, vel koz can too but its much harder to land your all skills with ultimate, everyone has to stay in 1 lane while with ziggs u can throw almost 1.5k dmg ult in late game and your other aoe abilities, thats why ziggs has an advantage there. If enemy has tanky champions like nasus,garen,darius take vel koz to melt them down with your true dmg, they will just cry a river when they will meet u lmao. Vel koz > Ziggs Better push early, less mana hungry at early game. Ziggs >vel koz tower pushing Vel koz> Ziggs - Better in melting tanky targets, Ziggs> Vel koz - overall can deal more dmg in teamfight and faster with lower risk. vel koz> Ziggs - in my opinion better early. Vel koz=> Ziggs mid game , a little advantage of vel koz, but it is dissapearing fast. Ziggs> Vel koz - better late. Overall both of them are used, in the different games and situations. They have advantages and weakness. I cant really tell u who is harder to play , i play both of them, and i can say that with vel koz q is easier to poke someone than with ziggs. But in teamfights its much harder to find a good position to press r as velkoz because u can be chased by assassin or tank, while ziggs just pop off everything he has and goes away.
karolmo (EUW)
: People was complaining about essence reaver for a long time. You didn't face lucian on the old reaver days did you
Well, I did, but forgot about him lmao, Whatever u build on lucian second is op so ,whatever xd.
: hey riot vandirils newest video raised a question for me
I would enjoy dominion as a cyclic mode like urf etc. 3v3 is long forgotten by players, even by balance team, Rankeds on 3v3 are joke. There is one meta which dont change since i dont know how many years but no one touches it. It would be nice to see more people on 3v3 and overall twisted treeline updated more often, not like now, it get mentioned 1 small change once a year.
: 49 days later, Spear of Shojin still exists
I just don't understand opinion of some people, that there was an{{item:3508}} before, why no one was complaining about it before and now people complain about {{item:3161}} . The answer is that mana from er was converted to the HP and the only ones who where using this item were bruisers except {{champion:15}} {{champion:67}} sometimes but these were rarely seen builds. Mainly {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} . I didn't even complain about ER, because this item was only giving dps, These champions didnt have 250 hp, so i could just kill them easier. But with this hp they are less punishable, they scale better into the next item which will also give them hp{{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} or in the riven case she will buy maybe {{item:3812}} which also gives her tons of survability. In previous season I wasnt even buing ER on jax due to the fact that i needed to build HP in every moment of the game. Right now I just buy it as second item on because it gives me hp . Lmao there's even no point to buy tiamat 2nd or early, if i am not much behind or destroyed I just delete enemy back lane and winning the game. I don't even just care about k/d/a I just split if possible or winning lane , get SoS and do my job. The only way to delete me from the teamfight is to pick {{champion:34}} or maybe {{champion:69}} on top,mid but cassio has less zoning and is less annoying than anivia.
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Pąìn (EUNE)
: why Irelia mid is still viable pick???
Her Nerfs, basically weakened her bruiser side. I mean, she cant no longer trade with bruisers on top, but she get 90% slow and bigger dmg on ult which made her better assassin. Right now she can almost delete any mage at 6 lvl, pogchamp. BTW i think she need another rework on all of her abilities. Just make her assassin, or fully bruiser, not 4k hp 2.0 as, 350 dmg 20 dashes 90% slow pogchamp who almost one shot and has the mobility of the assassin.
: how the hell are you supposed to fight akali as a melee mid/top?
I dont know if i am right, dont play akali much , but she has to quit circle which is on the enemy champion after a spell to use empowered aa. When i played nasus vs her i bought oracle lens, and was just chasing her after smoke and was close enough to not let her quit this circle. U force her to use her e or r right now to quit circle. If she misses her e u are gucci, she will has to waste r engaging into u or to go out for a passive. U can outplay her with with {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:24}} i think. Of course u are at disadvantage in short trades but overall u can win all in with her, just stick to her as much as possible.
: Renekton is really unfun to play against
Try to play as ap ranged top vs him, for example {{champion:8}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:50}} , {{champion:86}} is stable pick vs him, u are quite tanky and your passive let u stay on the lane. Just the problem is that u cant really trade with rene while u are farming in the same time, thats why play def ,on 6 lvl 1v1 u have 50% chance to win 1v1 if u are even with gold. The key of trade with him is to use your silence first and also w before he stuns u so he loses some burst dmg. If rene has judgement passive on him, u can just nuke him with true dmg.
huhndog (NA)
: Can we get a Zac revert
Well, a lot of tanks that had ability to deal some dmg just get nerfed, tanks had better ap/ad ratio on spells. I miss old maokai, I liked his old kit more than the new one. He just get new cc on ult, but he lost his 1v1 dmg, due to w nerf and instead hp% dmg is on e now which is useless, he may be immortal now but, u wont kill anyone with him. Riot changed every tank just to be a cc bot reliable on team, even sion get nerfed hard on his q and e. I liked to have a choice to go for example mixed ap/tank maokai or zac to deal more dmg while I saw my team is struggling and do nothing. I was able to deal dmg and carry mid game for example while i had the kills. Now i just deal cc, do 0 dmg and if my team is behind its actually gg because they are dealing 0 dmg too. Maybe it works on pro play, but on solo que its just tragic, because u really cant rely on your team. The fun fact is, that for example kha is invading your jungle and u get rekt, because u deal no dmg, and u arent even tanky enough to do something. I think that in the current stage of game, tanks should get a bit early game buff on dmg, that would help them get tanky faster in mid game. Even if there is no conqueror 20% true dmg and IE, there are still just too many champions now that deals true dmg or %hp that shred u like butter in any stage of game. Tank is like the worst role now to play on solo que. Its just better to take assassin that kills your entire backlane or bruiser that ends with almost 4k hp, deals more dmg and often have cc comparable to tanks.

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