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: 1 Swain was a commander during the invasion of Ionia, after he lost his arm and Noxus retreated he went to the immortal bastion, conquerored the demon of secrets inside, and with the help of Draven overthrew Boram Darkwill (who was the grand general of noxus during the invasion, and is as old as Sion) 2 Senna is already effected by the black mist, but has conquered it Both have relic weapons which protect him from unholy things and are capable of destroying them. does this answer satisfy you?
I think u meant with the help of Darius not Draven
SirEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
Hügö (EUW)
: Just wait until r/shacomains notice this and come downvote brigade you.
Yeah shacomains are honestly the most cancer people on the planet, they cant even realize that their beloved champ is broken
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: I recommend starting by reading the lore of the region/champ you like the most first. Then Shurima. Then Shurima again. SHURIMA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD
Man i Agree with everything you said! MAKE SHURIMA GREAT AGAIN! i hope nasus meets with azir soon.
: Make urf permanant
I hate urf community
: Please continue the Shurima line. There is so much left untouched regarding Taliyah, Azir, Xerath, Sivir, everything needs to have the build up that we've been left on. Shurima affects so many places and that story was stopped after Taliyah was seen in Homecoming. PLZZZ
yes please
: I'm sad that TFT was the reason why Twisted Treeline is going away
: Zilean skin missed opportunity?
I also thought about him having Hign Noon skin, Q - would be dynamite he would have huge cowboy hat on his back instead of a clock
: Pyke should have never been released, his kit is absolutely toxic to the game itself. It just shows you how much China has influence over the game.
His kit is toxic, but what does China have to do with this
Saezio (EUNE)
: I went for G2 vs FNC final just so that G2 can 3-2 reverse sweep FNC again and see how much salt Rekkless' pretty eyes can create. (I would have picked differently if I had 64pts in groups and had a chance for the ultimate skins) Just thought fk it, GO EU.
Fuck u Rekkles is good guy
: Ohmwrecker needs to be reworked, not removed. Its a Named item
Yeah it should stay, not many named items are used tbh (apart from Sterak's gage)
: I would destroy runes reforged permanently. Worst update to the game ever.
So the unbalanced runes u had to buy were better ? are you dumb
: What's ok about that is the fact that it's 100% skillshots. Meaning that, if you're not bad, you can dodge it and then ignore him for around 12 seconds until his cooldowns come back up. I will admit his damage is a bit too high in my opinion, but you can play around it. It's kinda like Blitzcrank, Thresh, Nautilus, or Pyke. All 4 of them have really powerful hooks and repositioning tools that, if you get hit by, you're probably dead. It's just a matter of not getting hit.
dude his abilites are not 100% skillshots, have you seen his E and R ? those are point and click, so 50% skillshots
: Could this be the next potential Marksman after Senna?
Can i get a link where you found the second picture ?
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