: Akali?
Aatrox got the worse of it. At least akali is still viable in high elo...
: Ranked games Winnings/Losses
Would make boosting much easier
: I am at a point where I do not care about the absurd damage, the absurd mobility, lack of defense...
One thing i learned over the years of maining top: toplane is for masochists
: Wholesome skin ideas
I want nothing more than Corporate Mordekaiser. Imagine Morde smacking and bonking people with a briefcase lmao He could even yell "You're fired!" when he casts q!
: Nocturne is the perfect example of how terrible the balance team is
Moody P (NA)
: how many people who think build diversity sucks are actually trying to find it
Only champion on whom i always run one build every single game is aatrox. Aside from him, i find tons of build diversity for champions like morde on whom i can build around the different parts of his kit. I can build around his passive circle (rylais, liandrys), his passive on hit (nashors and, rarely, wits end), his q and e big ap scalings (pretty much any ap item here except lost chapter items), his w shield (pretty much any tank item except for glacial shroud items) and hise pen allows me to skip voidstaff. As far as aatrox build diversity goes, you dont have anything except your q to build for. What your q wants is ad and cdr and you need hp to not pop instantly so you go bc dd steraks
: let me explain to you how this works, Pyke is still selling a shit ton of skins, so there's no way they nerf him rn. Once his skin sales start to slow down, then maybe they will take a look at him. Its obvious as fuck, why else do you think riven is getting a revert? Why else do you think aatrox was allowed to be strong for so long? Once aatrox skins stopped selling, CYA @aatrox. Why else was vayne buffed despite being a 50% wr high skill cap adc? Skins.
Fun fact: the aatrox skin got released while aatrox was in the gutter for those 5 patches. So no. Youre wrong.
: Everyone just agree to ban pyke, and maybe we can reach near 200% banrate with both teams banning him every game.
One team and both teams banning him doesnt make a difference. The stats use the boolean value of 'if pyke got banned this game or no'.
: Sigh....Guess it's time to pick up and play either riven, pyke, or fiora. I can drop darius, urgot, and brand now. All too immobile and not enough straight burst to really matter. They don't have get out of jail free cards like pyke either, so it's time to just move on so I can be viable.... So I guess that's it, riot has about 20 champs. We should all only ever play riv, jax, fiora, pyke, yas, and any of the top 5 assassins or adcs.
Ironic how the more champs they release the less champs are viable
: cries in {{champion:43}}
{{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}}
: Nobody played Kled because he is boring & have a huge wall of text. The length riot goes for powercreeping the hell out of toplane is insane.
: I mean, even if he hit those numbers, its because his counters were either gutted or severely weakened (Aatrox could actually deal with him to some extent, until his passive got gutted)
Aatrox vs kled becomes heavily kled favored post 6 but now aatrox just gets shit on cause no sustain
Riftn00b (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mogarl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4ajrc5FM,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-19T05:27:27.897+0000) > > While true, it's never possible due to a low sample size. High plat (or whatever the equivalent now is) is the highest rated group with enough of a sample size to make statements based solely on statistics. There's a low enough population in masters and above that a frequently played champ can make their counters look statistically overpowered, a player that one tricks an unpopular champ may be the only player of that champ, or random chance may simply allow for a difference of a few percent. 1300 is not a low sample size. Btw, low sample size is never an issue on this board when ppl cries about e.g. Riven. "Omg Riven has 55% win rate after 2 hours of the new patch was applied, based on 30 games, omg broken champion"... So, no if board keeps bitching about other champions based on master + statistics then it does work for Kled too, especially with statistically relevant numbers. If you find 1300 low, then check diamond+: 53% win rate 12,000 games, Gold: 52.15% win rate 50,000 games. There isn't a single elo where Kled isn't oppressive and supports that he doesn't need to be nerfed.
> some people on the boards are wrong so that justifies me being wrong
Riftn00b (EUNE)
: That is strange because I was always told champions should be balanced around high elo players since they can use the champions with their full potential, also they know the best ways to counter them. There are only 2 top lane champions with 54+% win rate and more than 1000 played games: Kled and Pantheon.
The thing with master+ stats is that every viable champion there needs to have a good winrate (exceot for, like, akali) becayse you need a positive winrate to stay masters+. If you want good data, take plat+. He has around 52% there so hes fine
: > [{quoted}](name=Zero Shingetsu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XETeEgAa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-17T18:48:47.225+0000) > > 1. Absolutely. As a support main, I empathize with this issue. I'm here trying to be a good support and get my carry kills, and I end up losing half my lanes to selfish supports who run Ignite and build pure damage items, no wards. The Support Carry meta punishes you for playing support the right way. > > 2. This is tricky. Assassins need a way to have a chance to get in close without dying instantly. Pink wards guard against this to a degree, but those are easy to break and are only truly reliable when plopped down before a teamfight is about to start. However, you also have a point. Personally... I think your point might be a side effect of the damage meta. If assassins couldn't one-shot almost anything in the game, this wouldn't be as huge an issue. At least make it take a full combo... > > 3. Agreed. It's not that I've never beaten these sorts of champions, but objectively speaking, it's an imbalanced move to create a champion who is _extremely_ difficult to lane against but also has a very strong late game. It should ideally be one or the other. Either the champion is very strong in lane and mediocre in late fights, or the champion snowballs late but takes a while to get started. 1. Agree 2. Also agree and will say that assassins SHOULD be able to oneshot...the squishy carries and anyone who is massively behind. They SHOULD NOT be able to oneshot or even have a chance at dueling tanks and juggernauts. As it is, it's too easy for assassins to snowball and oneshot or duel for extended periods of time the tanks and juggernauts. Assassins should look for OUT OF POSITION mages, squishy sups, and adcs. They shouldn't being face diving every chance they get, just because they are guaranteed kills and an ez escape. Sadly, they are pretty ridiculous right now though. 3. I don't entirely agree here. In this case, take for instance someone like darius. He's widely considered an early-mid game champ and a lane bully. Well he's not the lane bully he used to be pre-update, not as good early. Conversely, he's better than he used to be in the late game. A champ like him is strong in many cases, but also utterly useless in many others depending on: Enemy skill, enemy team comp, and his own team comp. Sure, that applies to most matchups, but it especially applies to champs like darius. A darius has the potential to be very strong in the late game, but if they have good peel on the enemy team with great kite, and darius is either the only tank or the only engage, it will be rough. If the enemy team has a good annivia or brand, etc, it's easy to cc chain him at arm's length and melt him down while he accomplishes nothing. So in a case like darius, I think it's acceptable to have the potential to be strong in both lane and mid/late game, because he has the potential to be useless in all of those as well based on matchups. And matchups apply to him more than champs like yasuo, vayne, jhin, etc.
> tanks and juggernauts lemme correct that: tanks and bruisers.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: CertainlyT left league btw
imo jag is worse. he gave us {{champion:266}} and {{champion:145}}.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Because these champions can't really carry teamfights in pro play. Maybe GP but he doesn't really do it from melee range, most well balanced melee carry though I will give you that, maybe along with yasuo. Check out stuff like Akali Irelia Sylas Aatrox. All are getting gutted. Meanwhile stuff like kai'sa get minor nerfs. BTW the tanks you mentioned are not carries. They are tanks. Even if you ignore them in the teamfight they won't ever kill your entire team.
Why proplay? You didnt mention proplay in your original comment. Tanks dont carry fights damage-wise, but a malphite landing a 4man ult/a nautilus getting to ult the enemy backline/a sion ulting and then stunlocking 3 ppl for 4 seconds/a rammus getting into the backline and taunting someone sure can be called careying a teamfight.
: High Silver and Low Gold is such a crap shoot...
Saezio (EUNE)
: {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:8}} Fall off naturally sure.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So, you are agreeing with me. Riot can't create melee carry teamfight champions. They are all either super OP or Garbage. Where is our disagreement?
Someone commenting to a post doesnt automatically mean they disagree with what was said lmao
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, riot can't balance champions like aatrox so. IDK what you expected. WE CAN'T HAVE MELEE CHAMPIONS THAT CARRY TEAMFIGHTS
{{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:154}} Idk why that is problematic all of a sudden.
: @Riot Here's an Idea I think everyone will love: Training Rooms
: Easy LPs mah dude, grab them while they're hot. I just hope I won't be playing against you if you play her though, because that would severely hurt my will to live even more to play against that... thing
Relatable. Even moreso as she hardcounters my entire champion pool ({{champion:266}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}})
: > [{quoted}](name=Yets4240,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AE9EmpeK,comment-id=0004000000000001,timestamp=2019-09-16T18:45:46.999+0000) > > A hyper mobile, super safe assassin, with always on execute damage with an AoE hard CC with longer duration than any tank ultimate on a basic ability? That also grants a massive fuck-off shield? All this on the same ability? What could possibly go wrong? everyone says it's hard to farm with him or something. so iunno maybe rito are justified with this buff. i tested it btw, people can't dodge his combo if you Q them as the stun lands, wasn't the case before lol. and his W counts as an ability proc for electrocute the bubble that get's thrown, and the stun i think, two separate counters for electro proc, or i might be wrong on that but certainly one of them is. can proc electrocute on folks with W-stun and his E (E counts as 2 procs) but ofc everyone will say that they always always dodge the stun or something. currently both jungle ekko and tank ekko (spec pending) are S-tier and it's not even up for debate lol, jungle ekko especially with the stun buff in all ranks, will snowball any team for you. tank ekko is borderline freelo. his AP build is only S-tier if you're xio lao ban or whoever that elite chinese ekko player is, probably SSS-tier tbh, otherwise it's general A-tier stuff for us mortals. it'll be played at worlds but it won't be his strongest worlds outing.
E doesnt count as 2 prpcs afaik. Thunderlords procs on 3 *separate* ability or attack hits
: Actually these buffs are literally for how she feels. Even Hashinshin, considered God of Toplane Opinions by some, said Fiora is overbearing in lane or obnoxious in teamfights (don't remember which one but the lane is more likely) but she has no way to turn it into victory due to lack of splitpushing and objective taking power - being a splitpusher that doesn't actually splitpush well because she only has aa for towers. They are literally giving her tools to better splitpush for that reason alone. The point still stands that they should've rather shifted power and nerf something too, but this "solely by numbers" narrative is just circlejerk here when they are actually trying to solve one huge flaw on Fiora, practical flaw, noticeable by playing her, one that affects how she feels, regardless of numbers. Literal. Opposite. Of what you say.
He said overbearing in lane, weak in twamfights and weak in side lanes
: Okay? So what.
It would be even less cost efficient than it is rn if it had 10% cdr. That, on top of its terrible build path, would make it so probably even renekton stops building it unless hes gigafed.
: spear of shojin solo makes jax actually stupid to face in many teamfight scenarios
He would get absolutely *dumpstered* by tanks in lane. Ive been both on the giving and receiving ends of jax vs tanks matchups.
: Champion pool getting smaller and smaller when its getting bigger and bigger
Im getting reported for picking aatrox these days. Even tho im keeping a positive winrate since the nerfs. Feels good.
: imagine it is. and mobile ques mixed with pc. oh the fucking literal joy that would bring me
> [{quoted}](name=1 Inch and Proud,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WpcLijvp,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-16T10:55:34.921+0000) > > imagine it is. and mobile ques mixed with pc. oh the fucking literal joy that would bring me They wont be mixed since the mobile game will be a simplified version of pc. No plates, less tower hp, lower timers, less champions etc
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Hmm, that might work. Maybe, wouldn't it just have the same effect, roughly as bp then?
Not really. Bone plating has counterplay. This thing, not so much. It either exists or doesnt.
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GiUe0zqA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-16T12:58:21.765+0000) > > Why would we want to make this game even easier for bad players? > > Bad players already have : Doran shield, teleport, corrupting potion, ninja tabis, bone plating, overgrowth, etc etc, why add even more bad things? > You mean like assassins get super skill intensive runes like the one that gives free pen after leap/dash/invis or mages get ultra hard keystones to land like Electrocute? /s It's almost as if those runes let damage players ignore poking and spell rotations or ressource management and go for kills, because they can't be bothered to learn how to manage a lane. Rito forbid they'd have to actually put in effort beyond learning their 3-step combo. The reason this game, especially at lower elos but also at higher levels is turning into a ridiculous murderfest is in good part because there isn't a single tank item that's gold efficient, and that the definition of a good defense rune according to Riot is a rune that deals damage. Siege Master would be a tiny step in the right direction, and a tiny step towards bringing back some macro play in the game.
In fact, tank items are *very* gold efficient. Check sunfire. Frozen heart. But mr itemization sucks and voidstaff is overpowered. Thats why tanks suck.
Quikate (EUW)
: I guess you play jungle
: Its like how Morde has a 51%. Is it high? Kinda. Does he feel good to play? Hell no.
For me he does feel nice to play. Could be cause im playing an attack speed heavy build with ghost, idk
: Lets be honest: No one can really compare to Darius early. With how Conq works, and the introduction of DD, Riven was finally given the power to slay Darius where he stands. As for Fiora, her Q procs on turrets and plants. E crit works on turrets. Shes becoming Trynd 2.0.
Shes becoming a better trynd against who you cant itemize, cant lane against and, soon, wont be able to split against. Yay.
: I mean, to nerf Zhonyas I would reduce the invuln duration.
: No. If you are doing well as Chogath, you can easily 1v1 Jax in the late game.
Is this a chogath vs jax thread or a shojin discussion thread lmao
: What has never made any sence is why it has **20%** CDR on top of its OP passive....
Because it costs 3400 gold.
: Can you remove Spear already Riot?
I think shojin is a nice concept that could lead to some fun and interesting builds (shojin darius, shojin illaoi, shojin nocturne, olaf, fiora, rhaast etc), but unfortunateky its worth picking up on just a few of its potential users - the ones that the item breaks.
alekzu (EUW)
: How can they when they don't stop reworking Ryze and releasing Lux/Ahri/Ezreal skin every 6 months? When someone wants something he/she always finds a way to achieve/get it. Riot is no exception.
Ryze is a big problem in proplay. Karma isnt. Lux/ezreal skins dont have anything to do with reworks.
: They surely will never just delete the updated visuals.... Aatrox fits visually way better in the established Darkin thematic now.
I agree, they surely wont delete the files. Thry will just archive them. I dont think he fits better. New aatrox doesnt really sell the "living weapon" thing as much as rhaast does imo. With some model tweaks, old aatrox could definitely fit in
Ryelic (NA)
: Aatrox feels legitimately awful to play in lane now.
He feels AWFUL to play. A full build aatrox needs 2 qs to just clear the casters. And lets not mention all the other nerfs he got since 9.9
: {{champion:266}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:429}} Sometimes it's just too hard to balance the pro pool without changing the entire meta, but if they change the entire meta then the scrims in pro are wasted and invalidated, so there's only tweaking and scrambling to set out fires.
: He's literally ONLY being nerfed because professional crybabies are complaining. They get bans too, don't they?
He was literally a ban sponge in proplay
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
Any plans for Aatrox after worlds?
: My opinions on Splendid Staff Nami’s splash as a Nami main...
tbh i barely even noticed her staff in this splash, something else had my attention
: Riot never reverted a complete VGU and most definitely never will. They invested way too many ressources in updating this champion to just press the "fuck go back" button. And reverting it actually wouldn't work aesthetically. Do you want to slap Aatrox old kit on his new model? That would require quite alot of work.
no, just replace the current files with his old files and fix the bugs that may occur. sure, resources have been invested, time has been spent. but you cant fix the champion as he is. either rework him again or revert. reverting would just take less resources to do.
: Read what you said. > He cant 1v1 someone who has 2 items while he has only triforce unless they dont have tabis or something or unless he pills off an outplay
: Yeah, and he shouldn't be able to spam that shit so much anyways.. The counterplay to him shouldn't be to wait unitl he wastes mana by spamming his basic abilities mindlessly. Do you see the problem with that? A Jax that knows how to play the game maybe wont spam that constantly and use his abilities effectively. That is just plain stupid. Don't bring up the "doesn't become a champion" nonsense, Jax is perfectly capable before building Triforce, what the hell. An example of somebody fitting that description of not being a champion is pre-6 Kayle. His base stats are more than enough, not sure what you're talking about. Not only that, he gets free damage off of his ult passive in addition to stats from both his ult and passive which is quite sufficient I'd say.
I didnt mention anything about counter play. Im saying that the tradeoff he has for high damage, durability and mobility is how he spams out all his mana in one fight. And yes, he is weak early. He gets beaten early by anything thats not called mordekaiser and thats the consequence of multiple things: - conqueror is ass early - he requires items - his r proc is not enough if you have enough braincells to walk backwards a little bit when hes preparing to jump on you with 2 ult stacks. - 125 auto range doesnt let him trade autos early
: Lol vlad is super weak early, ok midgame and super strong late.
He can literally bully melees toplane while sustaining off the wave. He beats bruisers early, he beats bruisers midgame and proceeds to beat bruisers late game. Not the only example.
: Defense Minor Runes
Offense needs to be better than defense. The moment defense becomes better is the moment when everyone stops building offense. So nah, unless you want everyone taking double armor/mr, leave the rune shards as they are
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