gottrjr (NA)
: Better than a 14 day ban but still fucking nonsense... It is a free to play game why the fuck are you wasting a persons time by making them contact support. What a fucking bunch of nonsense.
Because he might be driving people away from the game.
: Can you give an example of "properly communicated their off-meta pick/strategy to their team", please?
They tell the team what they want to do and if the team doesn't give consent, they change their pick.
: I watched his stream, and his teammates were **having fun.** The SInged on his team talked about how **fun** the strategy was. If anything, I think they rather enjoyed the Nunu playstyle. Even the ADC was having fun. He also communicated with his teammates. Also, I can respect my teammates opinions without doing everything they say. I was told not to play Volibear jungle because he was "trash." I can understand that they just want to win, but I know what I'm doing.
Then why do you think he was reported so often? I'm pretty sure that his games have a much different mood when he loses and gets caught over and over, and in many of his games I've seen him having so many deaths it could be considered intentional feeding. Like 0/16/3 for 10 games or more.
: most of the community are morons. of course every time they lose they are going to blame/report whatever is different from how they expect it to be. because it cant be their own fault at all. this nunu could go 10-0 and take every dragon and if his team loses he's still getting reported for being offmeta
I bet if you had a game with a support smite Nunu where he's just doing okay, or even fail some things, you'd report him just like his teammates did. The only reason why people in this thread stand up for him is because we know for a fact that he is real and not just another soloQ monkey. Of course he's not getting reported in the games where he single handedly aces the enemy team at level 1 before minions spawn. He gets reported in games where for some reason the enemy avoids his shenanigans and kills him while counterjungling, almost snowballing out of control, but for some reason Nunu's mid and top manage to win the game.
: Thank you for the detailed response. My main lingering question is this- What do I do if my teammates object? I very simply cannot play a lane support at the rating that I'm at. If they refuse, what am I expected to do? My winrate would be abysmal and I get the impression that the primary (but yes, not only) reason people report me is because they incorrectly believe that I'm intentionally trying to hurt their chances of winning.
Looks like (aside from learning a conventional support) getting a duo partner is your only choice. It's a though situation because the little time in champion select isn't enough to prove your teammates that it's a legit strategy.
Flemman (EUW)
: is it the same for blitz ult? Nerf him till level 16 seems a bit unfair knowing supp didn't reach the 3 point ult level that often :s could that mean some other change for him in the next day, like longer silence or less painfull debuff on W? (cause with that ult cd, he lose a lot of his early game pressure, the only thing he has for him atm)
Also getting grabbed by the hook is a death sentence in itself, he shouldn't be able to take half of a squishy's health alone when landing the Q.
: unranked are matched with unranked if they were never ranked in a previous season.
[Care to explain this game then?](
Rioter Comments
Lyte (NA)
: Goodbye for now, Riot Games
It's so sad to see you go. Who will take your position smiting people on reddit and the boards?
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Holy shit this is the most downvoted post I've ever seen. Looks like his fans took over this post, no point in discussing anything here, he deserved it.
Rioter Comments
: Got queued with a 4-man premade that only spoke in [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
We still have pings to communicate almost everything we want. Chat is mostly used for flaming half the time anyway.
: Time to play Jhin!
No real point of playing him until they fix the visual lag during his ultimate. Bullets move through enemies and their champions move without stepping or anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=UltraScept,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=scLHBwEj,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-01-31T23:16:30.066+0000) > > Literally every champ can snowball out of control. > > I've seen Galios do it if you don't properly put him down during lane phase. ;) Almost got to gold in the preseason by carrying as Galio. People don't know how to lane against him so it's easy to get kills.
: Play Rate: 3.72%(18th most popular toplaner) Winrate: 45.4(Rock bottom) Not too popular, and has a terrible winrate. I think she's not that bad, maybe even underpowered. Sources:
She is an easy champ who gets kited in teamfights and it takes an idiot to jump on her and let ther get off a 4 man ult. The only players who have trouble against her are the ones who forget about the existence of Trynda ult or Anivia passive and give up first bloods against them in turret dives.
: Petition to turn mastery 5 title on draven into DRAAAVEN
: I am normally one of the people who supports Riot in evrything they do. However, this one instance, I'm with you guys. This is scary as hell.
We are in the same boat, I have no idea what they were thinking. Probably it won't stay like this.
: Kick Smiteless "Junglers"
Well I'm opposed to make in mandatory because we never know what changes will the meta get, but I agree, there should be some kind of warning.
: my sides
That's kind of scary, you should get it checked by a doctor.
Meddler (NA)
: The intended change is that Rengar gets put slightly further away from his target after landing. Looks like that's sometimes causing the game to put him in a spot that's on another side of a wall though, which definitely shouldn't be happening. Thanks for the linked video, will pass that on to the designer working on the Rengar changes.
9kPluzZ (NA)
: So glad i bought frozen shen and not yellow jacket now.
All these new splash arts suddenly double the value of old skins. The best thing is that they even change models and particles a bit too.
: No offense Rito games. But your new matchmaking system that kicks players for not licking in is PURE FUCKING AIDS. 7 times out of 10 i end up in the matchmaking lobby for 30 minutes because we get through to the last pick and they dont lock in and we are back to waiting for the afk check. Seriously, This is the only shitty thing i have to say about your game right now. Can you just give us back the when timer runs out you get autolocked onto whatever your hovering on. Cause i hate being in matchmaking for longer than the subsequent game takes.
Well I can see their reasoning behind it, but it's still annoying. The other thing which could be changed is to let us see more champions at once. I hate all that scrolling because I often need to really look for a champion to pick.
: It should be a well-balanced breakfast full of the necessary vitamins and minerals to let your little marksman carry the whole game. (insert footage of generic soccer mom and 2-8 kids carrying weapons to school)
Inb4 the next popular rioter will be Riot Wellbalancedbreakfasthawk.
: u say pre 6 but then you say ult im confused. :(
Sorry I was probably tired when I wrote that. I meant that his good sustain let me gank a lot early, and even those ganks were really good, then his ult made my already good ganks a lot better.
: That wouldn't explain the surgical scar on his stomach. And everything below the waist.
All those techmaturgical equipment take up a lot of space.
Kensue (NA)
: ***
Yeah, I really liked his pre 6 gank potential with those crazy laneganks with ult. Too bad that now he takes so much damage while clearing.
: {{champion:6}}?
Don't you dare! My waifu is just thick boned.
: I believe duo queuing is very powerful already, when i game (not too often as we normally have 3/4) with my mate we win pretty hard, the game is much easier. It feels a bit like cheating tbh. (we are both nontoxic AND Gold V, the proverbial purple unicorn). We have 3s and 5s teams (Bronze 1 and Silver IV) as well, its not as good as we have different skill levels. few concerns i have are: 1) **co-ordination > individual skill any day.** if one team has 4 premade, the other should also or gg IMO. Even 3 vs soloQ is very strong e.g. (top/mid/jung co-ordination) 2) **The ranking system opens itself up to boosting abuse**; im calling it now, wait for the 50 websites to open up...> < 3) **It stops showing an individuals skill.** When the weaker players then play alone, they may find themselves well out of there depth, which could result in toxicity from others, making them less likely to play ranked alone at all and lose confidence. 4)** The Ranked game rewards Wins and punishes Loses** - Not an individuals input into the game. Ergo (point 1) punish players without party if the queues are not segregated. 5) Whilst im "try harding" in my league, this may negatively effect my standing as I will end up playing ranked with friends with different play styles, played champion pools and ability, half proven in our 3s and 5s Ranked levels. (our 5s roster ranges from plat to bronze V and unranked). I like the idea of the ranking system allowing more players to play together but this should be stored as a separate "Party Queue league". That way players can chose if they want to be part of it or not. Love the game Riot, Just some thoughts.
In my opinion playing as a group is only useful if the group actually uses the voice communications. My experience in CS GO is that, the 5th player often communicates more than the 4 man party. After trying voice comms in that game I'm perfectly okay with making one for League and I hope Riot finishes it quickly, so solo players get the same benefits as premades. Honestly I'm perfectly okay with the game enabling better teamplay and coordination especially because it reduces the cheese potential of certain _cough {{champion:107}} cough_ champions. This would make the meta more similar to the LCS meta. Riot already said that they are aiming match similar numbers of premades with each other, I think a team of solo players running into a premade 5 would be like running into a Galio, you hear about those, but never actually see them. For elo boosting I think there were lots of sites out there already and I don't think money is an issue for those who use these, it has more to do with ethics, I don't think the number of boosted accounts would increase that much, and Riot also bans some of those accounts. I think we will need to sue the new system for at least a few months to come to conclusions about it.
: Also on that exact same page: "we designed the system so groups will almost always play against similarly grouped opponents." Seems like you're just an upvote farmer trying to cash in.
Imagine if the lol forums had reddit's centuryclub page.
Verxint (NA)
: Isn't the dynamic queue supposed to avoid actually matching 5 man against full solo team? They said that's like .5% of games.
No, let's assume worst case scenario, where two 5 man groups flame the spectators for not cheering for them enough.
iainB85 (NA)
: I'm with you, I enjoy just unwinding and playing some solo Q league of legends. I ping and communicate as much as I need to, but I don't want to go full chat with a group of people and organize times to play and practice. I just want to queue up whenever I want and enjoy the game by myself. Guess I'll be punished for that.
You know what people also hate? The wonky mess that ranked teams are if you are just a bunch of average players. Getting 5 people together, playing placements against anything from bronze to diamond, getting placed to bronze 3 when you are gold and silver players, making a schedule to play to maybe get to your soloQ rank in a few months. The only advantage that groups get is voice communications and playing with people that you trust. If you want to go solo, you can enjoy it. If a quad group flames you, they would probably flame you if they were alone too. I found that friends mostly rant about teammates among themselves or calm each other down.
: 14y old kiddo screaming to my headphones about my mother. no thx.
Well I played CS GO and it's not that bad at all. You get those screamers sometimes, mute them, but it's a lot better than arguements in writing. If you hear the other guy's voice you can find the irony or laugh at them, while in writing everyone gets offended.
: only for bronze players. you know the really bad players
Nah, I had this happen every third game in gold too.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Riot Games: _Nah, we should ignore every single complain instead._ You honestly need to be mentally disabled to think that putting 2+ people premades into SOLO ranked queue is a good idea. There are changes that need not to be tested to understand they are bad. Dynamic Queue is one of them.
: I don't understand... isn't it my job as a human to reject change and grumble about it? And then when I accept the change to grumble if they change the change back to what it was before the change, because I liked the change after I got used to the change? I'm dizzy....
I just want to participate in the circlejerk even though I'm on EUNE. Riot is oppressing me.
Emposter (NA)
: Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Team builder was perfect for people who just wanted to play one role. Personally, I'm a support main. I'm not bad at other roles, but I _do not_ enjoy playing them. I can understand it for ranked, but for casual normals? Why should I have a 50/50 shot of just not having fun when the old system let me _always_ enjoy it.
It was made this way, so popular roles won't get oversaturated while everyone is waiting for support. It replaced Team builder, because it objectively did it's job better. Soon they will make a version of it for blind pick without bans which will drain the few remaining people from the original team builder. Basically if they kept both, you'd sometimes get a team in half an hour which isn't fun.
Mirross (NA)
: If you spend zero dollars and earn chests and keys then you will be able to get skins and other cosmetic items that you could never get before without spending money.
I don't even know why you replied to such a troll comment.
: Is this even little bit copied from other games (CS GO)?
the chests and key from CS GO, the essences and disenchanting from Hearthstone.
: And where are you getting that he's from Ionia? He seems to have comments towards lots of different people and he looks like he's from Piltover.
Well, his short lore says he is from Ionia. "''Until they stop me, my work will continue. I have no choice.'' Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is art. Once an Ionian prisoner, but freed by shadowy elements within Ionia's ruling council, the serial killer now works as their cabal's assassin. Using his gun as his paintbrush, Jhin creates works of artistic brutality, horrifying victims and onlookers. He gains a cruel pleasure from putting on his twisted theater, making him the best choice to send the most powerful of messages: terror."
Sharjo (EUW)
: Jhin's VO is here!
Dat Caitlyn burn though.
: I was hoping his kit would have the Turn-You-Into-A-Tree and Make Your Wounds Glowy elements from the trailers, but apparently naw. :(
Yeah, the turn dead eneies into a tree which explodes as it blooms part was missing from the reveal because they had technical problems with it.
: ***
But I heard this happens to Fizz as well.
: what's up with his shoulder?
: Its not rare it happens consitently I made a my own post about this like a month ago but it got downvoted to hell.
Honestly if it wasn't for the video I'm fairly sure that I'd get people denying that the bug exists or saying that it's the normal interaction.
Ironhold (EUNE)
: Dat left one posture tho.
Those are some WOW level oversized pauldrons.
: this is a bug actually with all the untargetable abilities including vlad and fizz sometimes even ekko ult happens in the beggining of the ability being used
It would be so annoying to happen on a champion that I main.
: Someone just ran through the entire thread with down votes lol.
Still better than EUNE scambots.
Seenan (NA)
: I laughed. But I've never seen this, tbh. Lmao.
Probably it's a rare bug and yi has quite a low pickrate right now.
Rioter Comments
coIesy (EUW)
: only really played her when forced top lane. played against a garen who didn't play top and was forced in to it, played against a nasus who I was able to bully because of ganks and poppy's high base damages. was able to bully an irelia pre-rageblade (afterwards... don't even bother), and darius is fine if you take short trades and stay in the inner ring of his Q (or walking out of the outer ring) to prevent the bonus damage, heal and haemorrhage stack. pretty sure olaf would shit on her though since his ult negates her entire kit.
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