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: same lol , I played the whole day and found that the 100 tokens i'm farming for the day weren't even sent to my loot , I guess it's a Eune bug
and its still here and they havent gave my tokens yet >.>
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: What happened 2 the Great Sion size Big Aatrox that had a huge greatsword so big he had to drag it??
a > [{quoted}](name=Darth Karto,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yETUiUqB,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T00:16:12.464+0000) > > When they said reimagine Aatrox > > I know I imagined him being sion sized huge with a giant ass living greatsword that was so fat and heavy he had to drag it along the concrete. > > Now you show me a generic ass squidward looking model that is about as slim as varus but just a notch taller with terrible cliche vo lines. > > I WANT THIS GUY HUGE WITH A HUGE ASS SWORD SO I CAN FEEL THE EARTH SHAKE AS HE FLIES AND SLAMS THE CONCRETE LIKE YOU MADE ME IMAGINE A YEAR AGO RIOT PLEASE DO ANSWER US WITH THIS! i just dont understand how riot's designers decide about a models size! in one hand sion is biggest char in game and i mean way too unormaly big, in other hand we have massive beings in game such as new aatrox, Malphite, Nautilus, galio, maokai, aurelion sol and shyvana dragon form!... which are stupidly small for what they are or shown in their arts! even kayle is way to small! she is more like an pixie instead of an angel! i mean common if size is not a matter of balance (which if IS then why is sion so big?!) and just a matter of design, then why other chars who are suppose to be big arent same size as sion?! i mean sion being this bigger than galio and malphite is just stupidly laughable! im sure a simple size remake for some chars is not going to take more than 1 hour for riot developers! since it doesnt for me as a 3d model and game designer! i hope riot do answer us something convincing instead of ignoring us...


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