: I believe as long as you're not banned at the end of the season you get rewards, but it could definitely change. >quite unfair if u ask me but nvm I'd be a bit worried here -- after a 14-day ban your account is on VERY thin ice, so it's good know why you were banned and double check that you know exactly how the system works and what is/isn't allowed. Do you have your logs, by any chance?
it was from the chat , if you ask me ,, Ge Ge,, after u carried so hard is not an Punishable action , but ... seems it is xd
Sarutobi (NA)
: While at the moment we dont know the requirements for getting your Rank reward. Usually its being clean for 3 months before the Rank season ends!
Thanks for the tip, I`ll keep en eye on the forums tough , any ideea if in the last season the rewards have been given to the ex banned players ?
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