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: Ezreal is all the sexiness anyone will ever need in life <3
Careful there, darling. People tend to insta-downvote posts that contain custom signatures. Trust me, i've experienced it. But great job on the signature. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} _**Almighty.**_
: Yasuo ult trying its hardest to stay away from turret
Yasuo fanboys be like: _"That's balanced and fine!"_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
Synnx7 (EUNE)
: Inb4 Win Nhao mains defending their champ desperately and giving you the fucking 100% obvious counterplay: " FLASH HIS E FUCKING NOOB "
Oh, we already had one of those here. Scroll around and see. _**Almighty.**_
: {{champion:69}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:45}} no no, we all get a turn to have our champion ruined. Your time is coming :)
{{champion:69}} Just got viable. {{champion:7}} Actually has counterplay now. {{champion:90}} Yeah, he is a mess. {{champion:55}} Actually takes skill now? Talk about ruined! {{champion:96}} Got reverted. {{champion:82}} The Yorick of 2017. {{champion:13}} Don't worry. He'll get reworked again in 2019. {{champion:14}} _"Oh no, his beautful high quality model, and point and click stun with a nearly invisible particle are gone? GG Rito you ruined my main!"_ {{champion:83}} Honestly feels like a fat, melee Malzahar. {{champion:101}} I hated it at first, but then i realised it was just a massive buff. {{champion:45}} _"Oh, no, a skillshot, GG ruined. Oh no, my stun is no longer instant? GG even more ruined!"_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
: leave my champ alone. you have over 100 other champs to play. If you dont like xin, you have choices. Go away and quit whining
Giving constructive criticism on a champion's design is not "whining". Did i ever say he was "OP", "broken" or in need of nerfs? I just specified that his kit is boring, outdated and unacceptable for the game's design standrds in 2017. If anything, you are the one whining and denying the fact that Xin needs an update. Afraid that "your champion" might take skill now? **P.S** You have a spelling error in your name. It's **Everything**. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} _**Almighty.**_
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: The reason this game can't be balanced
You just described 90% of the threads made in the "Gameplay" section of the Boards. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} _**Almighty.**_
Šetsuna (NA)
: Mastery 8, 9, 10
Well, done. I like mastery level 8 and 9. But, mastery level 10 looks like a parody of mastery level 7. Maybe, it shoulod not be as wide, but more tall and not as sharp. Also, i think white would be the perfect color for Mastery 10. _**Almighty.**_
: So Thresh has a 53% win rate and 30% play rate
Yeah. How DARE people enjoy playing Thresh! How DARE people pick Thresh! How DARE does Dark star singularity exist! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
: Your main needs a nerf.
{{champion:44}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:201}} I'm so happy my 3 husbands are not hated in the Boards. :) _**Almighty.**_
: Listen man, you obviously don't know how to play against a melee-ranged-dps-assassin-tank-splitpush-teamfighter. Come back to boards when you get gud, skrub.
_"melee-ranged-dps-assassin-tank-splitpush-teamfighter"_ {{champion:126}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} ? _**Almighty.**_
: Genuinely amazed that Sejuani can spike to a 56% winrate overnight
Next patch: _Sejuani has had her time in the spotlight so we'll gut her into an unplayable state untill her next rework in 2019. Now back to your regular program of Lee Sin._ _**Almighty.**_
Dr Mercy (NA)
: There's a special place in Hell for people like you.
It's ironic that his name is Sexy Baby Jesus. _**Almighty.**_
: Can we commend Riot for a second?
It's funny how all the _"Riot bashers"_ stil play the game they just bashed. _**Almighty.**_
I can hardly wait untill _certain_ youtubers make a 10 minute video about this. _**Almighty.**_
: Why would you play urf when you can play Lee Sin and get the same experience?
I think you mean {{champion:157}} my friend. _**Almighty.**_
Illâoi (EUW)
: I'm afraid that this will happen: Patch 7.9: Mid-season Update; no extra balance changes. Patch 7.10: It's too early to make any assessments, still working through the data. Patch 7.11: Graves and Lee Sin have fallen in popularity. This might be a sign that the mid-season affected them negatively. Patch 7.12: Graves and Lee Sin have fallen off the radar. Patch 7.13: The community cries about nerfing Lee Sin and Graves now and again but the Rage Train has become a Rage Bobby Cart so it gets ignored. Patch 7.14: The community attaches this annoying horn to the bobby cart so someone agrees to look at Lee Sin and Graves. Patch 7.15: Still looking. Patch 7.16: The verdict is that Lee Sin and Graves are too strong at the moment. They both get Shyvanna-level mini-updates on the PBE and weird new gimmicks. Patch 7.17: After community backlash, the changes are reverted. New changes are promised, but they couldn't meet the deadline so they'll have to wait until the next patch. Patch 7.18: -3 AD. ... Patch 7.20: Some tournament is coming up so Lee Sin's ult now also reduces enemies' Armor by 15/20/25% for 6 seconds. Graves' ult stuns the first enemy it hits. Both get +10% to their AD ratios.
_Shhh, don't give them ideas._ But honestly, this is painfully accurate. _**Almighty.**_
Khâmul (EUW)
: well,you can see some shadowy thing moving toward the bush so you already know he warded
I did not see this shadow effect, that's the thing. I know which particle you're talking about, but i think Riot may have removed it. _**Almighty.**_
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: I ban rakan every game!!
Yeah, that's a wonderful way to learn to play against him. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
Meteora (NA)
: Who's more OP alone ?
How about neither? I am so sick and tired of people labeling everything as "OP" on here. Do you even know what "OP" means? It means OVER POWERED! Something that neither Xayah nor Rakan is. Xayah is PAPER! An immobile piece of paper, and if focused down she will be useless. Learn what her weakneses are beofre declaring she's "OP" because you lost to her twice. And watch her ult. It's her only defence tool. Now let me tell you something about Rakan. _"I think his CC and utility is in a crazy spot right now"_ Umm, the only utility he has in the laning phase is a heal, a shield and a knockup. Something {{champion:12}} did long before Rakan's champ designer even worked for Riot. He can dash to allies? {{champion:201}} {{champion:64}} say "hi". He can charm your entire team? Stay away from him while he's in ult. Or get a {{item:3140}} and cleanse it. And that heal that you barely feel in ealy levels because IT SCALES WITH CHAMPION LEVEL? It can only be activated if Rakan hits an enemy champion or an epic monster (Herald,Dragon,Baron) Oh, and here are some counters for Rakan: {{champion:25}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:78}} **Don't get bitter, just get better!** P.S You spelled Rakan wrong in the first sentence. _**Almighty.**_
Gríff (NA)
: 10 bans on the horizon, lets bid farewell to Lee Sin and Yasuo
And we'll probably never see the new/reworked champions untill they are gutted 2 patches after their release. Well, it was fun {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:3}}, i guess i'll have to fight for you in the toxic hell hole known as Blind pick now. _**Almighty.**_
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: At that point cause I didn't like what he said I trolled him and increased our chance to lose
Oh, i'm sorry, i forgot that just because i have the "support" tag slapped on my head i am supposed to be a servant to some ADC all game, regardless of how unappreciative he is. I NEVER EVER disrespect my supports when i am playing ADC or another non-support role. I always thank them and congratulate them, because the ADC is literally their bitch in the early game. Treat your support with respect, ADC mains, because they are the onces who spoonfeed 70% of your kills. _**Almighty.**_
Kiokami (NA)
: people conveniently forget about assists when shit talking people
I remember one particular game. 11/8/X {{champion:22}} 1/8/XX {{champion:16}} {{champion:22}}: Soraka you fed them. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} At that point i just stopped the sucker's heal incomes and left him to perish. _**Almighty.**_
: The overlooked problem with support itemization.
Whatever they do, they better not touch my husbands {{champion:44}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}}. _**Almighty.**_
: Listing a Champion's Strengths/Features
Anything can sound "BROKEN OP" if worded correctly. I cannot even believe there is a champion who has: An AOE damage spell. An AOE stun. A movement speed boost. A movement speed increease. An ability that resets all of his coolodowns. And ontop of it all a free revive spell that he can use on anyone. And he can also give free levels to his allies. ... Yeah, {{champion:26}} is _very_ problematic. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**Almighty.**_
: What mastery do you take on him, and runes?
Windspeakers, always. And i like to go AP/Armor/MR runes. _**Almighty.**_
: Can you please just revert Malzahar's rework?
Fot the first time ever i played against a Malz support today. He was literally feeding me extra minions and did nothing to contribute to the enemy ADC. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} And you're telling me this troll excuse for a support made it to the LCS team comps? _**Almighty.**_
Meteora (NA)
: When you have an amazing early game, but 40 minutes later you lose anyway.
I actually had a game like this today. **We had:** Baron + Elder buffs. A very fed Xayah. Overall all objective control. And we just spent our time clearing the bird camps and baron recalling after every minion we killed. I have not seen a throw like this since the Olympics javelin throwing competition. _**Almighty.**_
: Doesnt have to affect the game in any way, simply extra particles and effects, like in DoTA
Well the OP did not specify if he wants the Thunderstorm to be a gameplay mechanic or not. But if it's only for visuals i'm fine with it. As long as it doesn't affect clarity too much. _**Almighty.**_
: Summoner's Rift NEEDS thunderstorms.
This will probably end up being something like {{champion:53}} R passive. To which i say: **No!** League does not need anymore game changing RNG for people to vent over. And i can already see the effect of your Thunderstorm suggestion. _"Uuuuh i survived with 1 HP but stupid RNG storm struck me and i dead fk u rot games ruin this game but i still play it"_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} It's going to be the plant hate all over again. _**Almighty.**_
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: All of Mordekaiser's abilities(Q/W/E/AA too) are bugged vs. minions! Please fix!
Mordekaiser is like setting League to extra hard mode. Unfortunately, Riot is not planning anything for your main champ, and would rather have him forgotten and gathering dust. I suggest waiting for his inevitable VGU. _**Almighty.**_
: I've had it with you mages abusing MY itemization!
Mages are not "abusing" "your" item. They are **using** it. People who play mages have figured out that the item is viable and it works on the mage they're playing. So they will build it. Because that's how alot of people play this game. They look up Youtube or Twitch for what's currently labled _"broken"_ and use it to it's full capacity so they cab grind a little bit of LP. Nothing new under the sun. Also, Rylais was always a mage item. It's a damn scepter. A.K.A. A trademark mage item. Case closed. **P.S.** Props to you for using the word _"bloody"_ instead of _"f*cking"_. _**Almighty.**_
: So, we are getting a dark star kha'zix but...
Star guardian Rengar? Eeh, doesn't really fit the theme. Hello Kitty Rengar? NEEDS TO HAPPEN! _**Almighty.**_
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: {{champion:157}} I like to watch the world (and Boards) burn. "Duh Fartwall OP" "Infnteh dashezzz" "noeh culldawns" "daburu critto" ["why is his hair so beautiful?"](
Ban him in champion select. His precious Wind wall can't save him from that. _**Almighty.**_
: because you actively try to make your posts about your own vanity instead of trying focus on the discussion. So I'll just continue to do so.
Darling, my posts do affect gameplay issues and topics regarding gameplay and queue health. You are the one who chooses to completely ignore the entire thread and focus only on the fact that i have my very own custom made signature. And then you decide to pretend like you're important and not only downvote a thread you **did not even read**, but also mention that you're downvoting it. Well, good for you. Leave your little pathetic -1s all you want, thinking they will actually matter or change something. While you do that, learn to actually read the threads you're downvoting. Oh, and maybe if you had a valid argument regarding my thread and not just my amazing signature i would have taken you seriously. It's a shame you blew your chance. _**Almighty.**_
: When My Teammates See a Friendly Redemption
It's more like: Should i stay or should i go? _**Almighty.**_
: That change would cause more problems than it would solve. You'd see people queuing up as support for fast queue times, then hovering some OP pick of the patch and not letting anyone on the team ban it unless they agreed to role swap. You'd also potentially see people write scripts to force would be banners to dodge, instantly swapping to intent to match what's about to be banned. Additionally, banning new champions in ranked is a good thing to do, regardless of if a teammate is hovering them. There's a reason new champions/reworks are banned from LCS play for a week after they get on that release patch.
Finally a civilized argument. But, keep in mind that my suggestion is only affecting Normal games. And i agre 100% that new champions should NOT be allowed in Ranked. Atleast for the first 3 weeks of their release. _**Almighty.**_
: Instant downvote for the signature. As I always do.
> [{quoted}](name=WhoIsThisDude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xEfQeWFE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-04-19T18:24:21.432+0000) > > Instant downvote for the signature. As I always do. Instead of downvoting me for something like this, why don't you learn a bit of web design and editing and craft your own signature? Peasants these days, getting jealous at everything. _**Almighty.**_
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: Lee Sin has a 42% pickrate in jungle.
It's because of the new skin. Also, ban him. Even if someone on your team wants to play him. _**Almighty.**_
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: "We fixed Nasus taunt spam because it was obnoxious"
{{champion:117}} better be next. _**Almighty.**_
: Most champions versus Ivern
That's what i love about him. His personality. Not every champion needs to be a dark edgelord of the night. A.K.A Gaming's biggest cliché. _**Almighty.**_
: The hardest skillshot to land?
{{champion:44}} E. I cannot tell you the amount of times minion cockblock has messed that skillshot up. _**Almighty.**_
: yasuo Q
The little skillshot basic attack, the spin move or the tornado? _**Almighty.**_
: Why Singed counters Yasuo
I couldn't help but think of this: Still looking for the genius author of this image. _**Almighty.**_
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