Kei143 (NA)
: You get better at the game, you can climb easier and carry easier, even from the support position. When the climb is easier, you are less angry. Count how often you are angry when you are winning and stomping.
stfu the link is a spam
Kei143 (NA)
: have you tried getting yourself.a free league coach to help you get better at the game? many of them provide free service cos they just want the experience. you can go to youtube and watching coaching videos and learn a few things from them. also, you an check out /sunmoner_school on reedit and leaguecraft videos on trading stance and all.
I don't need someone to teach me how to play. The issue is anger.
: OMG girl. I can't imagine how serious your situation is. In other words, I have no courage to doing so. I mean, LEAVE THIS GAME NOW. If you can't (I assume you can't), get helps from a doctor. I'm not joking (lest that you think I'm). You can be a bad player, but you can't be a bad people. I mean, "I get in fights in real life and I am really harsh and angry mostly..." and "I'm tied to the game" make the sense that you'r in DANGEROUS situation, regardless you'r boy or girl, whether you actually harmed someone or not. "It might not seem that serious..." Of course it's not serious girl, it's dangerous. Any advice? 1. get rid of this game right now. or 2. get helps from parents, doctors right now. It might not seem that serious but still.. I hope you understand. God bless you.
Its not dangerous I am not mentally ill I am not going to do that sorry. Thanks for caring and advice.
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