: Heyas! Appreciate the list, and we've considered a lot of these guys. For 6.18 we were trying to not take huge risks. Broke your list down into a couple categories based on my team's thoughts: Sees niche play, that's probably at an appropriate level (with an added thought that given we're toning down some of the most present champions, they'd show up more): {{champion:34}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:26}} We've recently given them some buffs: {{champion:58}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:45}} Cross our fingers for Looper pulling him out?: {{champion:27}} People would think we're crazy if they got buffs: {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:106}} Many of the other champions fall into a pool where they've historically been avoided by professional players for a variety of reasons, and they'd need riskier buffs than we're willing to take on during this patch.
To be fair, some small buffs on tf wouldn't hurt. I think the last time he recieved some attention, he got his q dmg lowered by 10. And that was around January if I recall correctly.
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:4}} Because he's very cool. Please enable him :'(
: If you're referring to the Nazi party, they were the Nazi Worker Socialist Party. They were socialist, like Bernie Sanders.
talking about the post ww2 Russian occupied part of germany(Including East Berlin)
: America is a republic though...Democracy is a bad bad thing.
Technically, the communist countries were republics... German Democratic Republic...
: both of them arent really good right now
Yeah, try facing a really good vayne/fiora and watch them dick your team almost by themselves
Ez dePaz (EUW)
: I play mostly a excotic jungler. Who do I main?
Mhihnj (EUW)
: You know, I am an immobile mage player.{{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:4}} . Yet, I flourish in this meta....somehow({{summoner:21}} )
mah boy TF <3... if only i could play against someone that's not Zed/Yasuo
: made from those who couldnt handle being part of the human centipede {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: {{champion:103}} Clear weakness, lol.
Huge mana costs, bad ap ratios, missing a charm can easly get her killed, medium range(except w), weird auto-attack, which makes it pretty difficult to have good cs consistently
: I await more Lee buffs.
: It's even worse when they go bot and get a double. Then jungler jumps in and gives them a triple. Now suddenly *I* am the one who fed the 3/6/0 Akali. I wish I was joking. (>_>)
Rioter Comments
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
{{champion:4}} Will his passive and e get some love? He is great, don't get me wrong, but his e is just another passive, and his passive is kinda boring. He has a lot of potential, so i'm sure you can come up with something great
: > [{quoted}](name=AyRe CoNteMpT,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vE1BLn6H,comment-id=00000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-16T22:37:12.678+0000) > > oh yeah these vlad mains. haha. and then they feed and call for ganks while they literally contribute ZERO to a gank. Whom, Vlad mains? Then they suck at Vlad. A Vladimir should never need a gank, and a jungler should only gank a Vlad lane if flash is burned or the enemy is pushing to the tower. If you're talking about the enemies, then believe me, their contribution can sometimes be deadly. With Spellvamp runes and Hextech, a Vlad can rock 18% spellvamp at level 6 easily. With his multi-targeted Es and ult, plus his pool nullifying damage for a small bit, sometimes a jungler gank that would have been successful gets turned into a double kill for me because the low-health/half-health laner just had to "help". The number of times I escape with 50-100 HP thanks to the health the enemy gave me alone is outrageous.
But Vlad mirror matchup is cancer. The health doesn't go down
: Your face when a crazy fed Assassin rushes towards you.
Mech0p (NA)
: Someone listened in school.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Thunderlord's shouldnt proc on a single ability cast.
That's because each rocket is programmed as an ability.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
: If Scuttlecrab blood was similar to water, it could hold 37.5g of NaCl in 100mL :)
solubility OP nerf plz
Rioter Comments
: Thats way off. Galio is the latin term for a gallon.
No, that's obviously a galleta. A Galio is obviously a big conglomerate of stars, planets, asteroids, axions, black holes, neutron stars, dark energy etc.
DoFr (NA)
: there's 1 mastery that i feel like it should never have left..
: Unless I'm tired of playing and not having fun in the game.........
: The most unfun champions to play?
Rew711 (NA)
: That means each hit is 52% of the opponents max health. Not missing health. Not bonus health. **Max health.** How can this get worse........ ----------------- What Champions might survive this? {{champion:266}} but that's a big iffy.
Terchio (NA)
: Pretty much the best user of{{item:3152}} , but only because of Q spam and a high reliance on keeping health. That said, even his Q damage is quite low compared to the self-heal he gets innately, anyway. Self-heal is innately 55 (+25% AP), and WotA heal for the same skill is 43.5 (+9% AP). It's definitely decent, but when champions get 5+ (+10% AD) *every autoattack* with a simple Vampiric Scepter (and it stacks), it becomes obvious why casters can't keep up (along with the cooldowns). As I said, though, best user of WotA in the game, and the item is less than essential on him. He has other fish to fry, like getting Spirit Visage for teamfight tankiness (he is a brawler), Rylai's for power chase, and possibly a better power-nuke item like Luden's. Additionally, other CDR items would be in the mix, as just getting Q/W spam is far more useful than that piddly heal (though getting both is somewhat valuable... just not a concrete fixture because spending 2300 on zero tankiness and only 10% CDR is a questionable early Vlad item. Leaving it a Hextech Revolver is generally a good call).
yes, I usually complete it last, but it gives Vlad pretty much every stat he needs
: >{{item:3152}} is crap. That's its only problem. It's hardly efficient on its best-fitting champs. Excuse you {{champion:69}}
: We need another AP CDR Item
How about adding 10% CDR on zhonya? It's really cost-ineffective
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: Yeah, Malzahar clears minion waves hyper fast. I think only old Morde was faster at destroying minion waves than Malzahar.
Fishtaco (NA)
: a blender a gatling gun a snow blower or some sort of household item
Dishes :) I can already see it: Kira, the Angry Wife
: but then how will i keep my balls warm? {{item:3069}} {{item:3112}} {{item:3067}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
> but then how will i keep my balls warm? {{item:3069}} {{item:3112}} {{item:3067}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3067}} FTFY
XeroKimo (NA)
: And everything changed with the fire nation attcked
only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them
: {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:6}} {{champion:34}} {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:31}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:26}} {{item:3113}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3028}} {{item:3010}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1042}} {{item:1331}} {{item:1321}} {{item:1311}} {{item:1401}} {{item:1403}} {{item:1332}} {{item:1312}} {{item:1400}} {{item:3930}} {{item:1402}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3184}} {{item:2050}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3363}} {{item:3024}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3098}} {{item:3034}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3145}} {{item:3187}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3043}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3112}} {{item:3180}} {{item:3211}} {{item:3303}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3191}} {{item:1027}} {{item:3744}} {{item:3101}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3057}} {{item:2049}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3706}} {{item:3197}} {{item:3185}} {{item:3090}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} (Some of the item isn't blue, example: merc treads, it's green, but there's some blue on the enchanted merc treads) All the Blue stuffs in the World I thought Veigar was purple for his 2nd splash art
Kuzja1 (NA)
: Fucking microtransactions
: Stay Positive!{{champion:99}}
Rioter Comments
: I halarioualy destroy him as Mordekiaser, unless Im ulted, but I run movespeed quints,ghost, and flash on him so I doge skillshots and have mobility. But I just love Mordekiaser. Same with Olaf, I can dominate Yasuo easily unless he has Watlords and is super fed. On a more serious note, have you tried a mage with cc? Consuderong that Yasuo's shield in generated by MOVEMENT, and yasuo is VERY SQUISHY, a champion such as Ryze, Lux, or Morgana may hard counter him, I think. Just build AP, stun him, and burst the hell outta him while he's stunned. If I tried that, I would ideally run ignite for kill potential, and flash for escapes/finishing blows. Although, back to Olaf, I axe him to take his shield away, flip on my w lifesteal, and bring the thunder till he dies. Sure he ults me, and it does nice damage, but my lifesteal build is my sustain buddy ;)) Plus, that attack speed passive the lower your health is? HEY THANKS YASUO FOR MAKING ME LIFESTEAL OFF OF YOU FASTER AND BRING YOU MORE TRUE DAMAGE.. FOOL But just like Mordekaiser I love Olaf. It's the sustain on him I like when you go with lifesteal items like Ravenous(aww yeah) and BT. Pair that with Dead Mans for speed and tank, and Randuins to take the edge off of Yasuos crits and AS, youll be good. Oh, and dont forget boots. Olaf is hella slow(also have MS quint on him).
A cc mage like Lux wil scream by the end of the game, because she can't hit a single ability
: ... {{champion:33}} ok.
Ysome (NA)
: Or Kat in general. Even Kassadin which used to counter kat like crazy has to play safe early for mana consumption.
: So, I just played Zyra mid against a Yasuo.
I managed to kill yasuo 2 times in lane as twisted fate. At the end, he had over 15 kills
: Lissandra, Twisted Fate, Syndra, Cassiopeia, Ahri, Annie, Malzahar, Ryze and Viktor are all still viable lol {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
About 10 mages are viable. No mage is yasuo-graves-tryn-every other adc but draven and ez and maybe kog strong. Why would i pick a mage if i have a lot of stronger options
Phil Fly (NA)
: Dota is SO fucking fun. Think of it like as you first started playing league, expect you automatically unlock EVERY champion :D i go to dota when i get sick of league. but afte ri quit league, i think ill probably just play dota 100% of the time
ßoy (NA)
: Even then that leaves nearly no margin for error, unless those 3 are that unskilled.
it depends... if he is like 20 0 and the enemies are near some bushes....
ßoy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lugg,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GNTJlguQ,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-11-10T01:47:04.820+0000) > > He is by far the most binary champ in the game. If he is ahead, he can 1v5 the other team. If he is behind, he is pretty much worthless. > > He needs a rework badly. I wouldnt say he could 1v5..
: I still feel they could replace that crit mastery with something much more universally useful and that doesn't overly favor a select pool of champs {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}}
LeeDark (NA)
: No, it isn't.
Oh come on. There's a guy who has 10 abilities, a guy with invulnerabilty for your entire team, a guy who can gift Anaghim's without any item slots and so on
: > [{quoted}](name=Ancestor007,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cL0ZMGEE,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-11-01T06:16:31.498+0000) > > Rip mah boy{{champion:4}} Honestly I think TF is going to be the LEAST hurt out of all the mages. Especially since I builds him AD :P
ap Tf will take a hit because of the sheen and zhonya nerf
Borbland (EUW)
: Crtiception. Also, I imagine {{champion:45}} having a crit with his ult. Or {{champion:30}} .
Axxlon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ancestor007,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvzmt2pv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-01T11:33:25.867+0000) > > {{champion:4}} yes please I don't even wanna think about using TF in the preseason. And this is coming from a TF main. Like good lord... -.-
i main him too :'( RIP mah boy. Ill maybe go top with him building adc
: Next up: ability crit items Gj rito gg
{{champion:4}} yes please
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