: I need some clarification on pyke
He cant peel his teammates and is really bad when he plays with disadvantage. Rakan has more things (heal, shield, 2 cc, engage, disengage, kinda hard to kill and has a decent amount of dmg earlier), both of them has a high pick rate but none of them is a pick-or-ban champion. If you cant get an advantage with your adc you will still have to engage otherwise your kit is useless and its like a 4v5 but if every single entity on the map kills you in 2 seconds you can put your cc and dmg and engage to your ass. Every single lane has champs who can 1v9 if you gave them a few kills but they are mostly useless when they are behind (like draven, kata or yasuo).
: When people wonder why actual trolls take so long to get banned I tell them that it's because the report system is constantly flooded with people reporting others for doing poorly, not trolling, but losing.
> [{quoted}](name=AnAggravatedPimp,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yQhMorN4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-06T02:25:13.622+0000) > > When people wonder why actual trolls take so long to get banned I tell them that it's because the report system is constantly flooded with people reporting others for doing poorly, not trolling, but losing. Is diving the enemy while having 3 level disadvantage and being 0/6 inting or just doing poorly?
Jamaree (NA)
: What tank has that much life and can one shot, in what world?
: /Mute All every game now
Thats so fucking true. My duo partner got banned cuz we played kaisa-taric funneling and we had ahri adc. Our support pyke then decided to go jungle cuz we are "trolling". He stole our cs and jungle camps so my friend just said "kys you fucking moron and die in hell". He ended up being around 16/5 and we won. The guy who was also toxic and trolled us got nothing ofc. Why is riot still unable to punish troll instead of normal people who are getting trolled and become a bit mad because of this?
: How to get your enemies to waste their Oracle as Teemo
How to avoid lv 3 ganks as a toplaner: 1. Walk towards the river and then go back pretending you've warded it. 2. If you think the enemy is near, write "Hi <Insert junglers name here>!" 3. Face the river and start spamming your taunt/dance 4. Profit 5. (I have tested it in normal against silvers, i never got ganked but i didnt try it in rankeds tbh)
Wacky9 (NA)
: Guardian is like Stoneborn Pact
Yup. I just didnt want to google its name
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: We should remove Towers and instead put invisible wall that enemies cant cross until some point and it unlocks over time. What is the point of Towers anyways.
They give you vision. Nothing else.
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Ap0caIypse (EUNE)
: Nerf flash
Lol i just randomly got tilted about tp nerfs and made a joke and now i created a civil war in lol community.
FluisE (EUNE)
You can go to a phone shop and buy a samsung galaxy j4 there.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: U got it, it's not wuk, it's Draktar and Stormrazor Try to build Jarvan the same way, he will do the same Nerf wu and all the other champs of the game or delete/nerf those items?
Where do you use j4 and what is your rank? (Just want to know cuz i played him on 3 acc with an average 4,5-5 kda and 60% wr from 150-200 rankeds but i still cant win a match with him in low plat in this patch)
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: how about rework tryn he is too cancer
Everyone can slow with red buff (and it is as strong as Trynda's) so its not the point we're looking for.
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: Yasuo is balanced.
So lets talk about vlad who does the same with self-healing, 900 dmg q's, 1000 dmg e's, an all in one ultimate and a w that makes him untargetable. So who is the broken?
Nhifu (NA)
: Can we remove secondary and auto-fill?
Strategy if you main anything else but mid: Pick your main role and sec. pick mid. I played like 25 top matches in a row with this one and i didnt get autofilled a single time.
SgtYep (EUW)
: Punish Cho'Gath (slightly) on deaths
He is slow and kitable. He needs to survive somehow.
: Why can't I get a S?
Go to top. I got a few s and s- with 2/3/0 kennen and 0/0/1 vlad. (I had like no dmg, no wards and normal cs (7.5-8/min)). Just farm and push and you will get it as fast as you win one.
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: Please give Shen another rework...
He has the easiest farming mechanic in the game with q
Fôx (NA)
: Help with learning top
Top is about saving your tp on lv6 and rape the enemy bot with your jungle. Everything else isnt important. (You can try to carry top but bot will win or lose match in 10 min so you will have to get this advantage.
: Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on what to do?
Mid ap varus. If you play against bruisers with low mobility, it can also go to bot with a hybrid build.
: Riot Has Killed the Support Role, Again
"I felt there were more viable options" Bro there were 5-10 adc picks and a bit more support (depended on meta). Now you have like 100 champions for adc because it might work. So there werent more options at all
Blue009 (EUNE)
: Is rakan good supp?
Its like a fifty-fifty. If you won the lane you won the game becuse you can cc chain your enemies and rape them easily, but if you lose then its useless and only good for running like a headless chicken and die to the first ability.
Firellius (EUW)
: Point-click ability damage should be reduced by 20-50%
They have a disadvantage of being impossible to cast when the enemy isnt under vision and they usually have a lower range too.
: I agree but i just think a pool party skin would be cool, yes riot needs to work toward making new skins for other camnps but if they could give us a pool party ahri i would be fine and never ask for any more ahri skins.
I just wanted to say that not really popular champs (for example who tf plays teemo) are getting a new skin every year but one of the best (and kinda usually picked) top laners cant get a single one. I dont have problems with pp ahri and i think it would be nice but first, they should make at least 1 skin for the new champs (to calm down the community) and the they could do whatever they want to.
: My in-game setting are all set on medium but I even tried setting them on very low and it was still 40 fps Other games work just fine but dunno what's wrong with league
Did you try to set your gpu to performance-oriented? I had a problem like this and it increased my fps from avg. 50-60 to 75-80.
: Is it possible we could get a pool party ahri skin this year (2018)
My fav on top is camille with 1 skin after 2 years. So pls go back and choose from that 10 ahri skins. Oh and i think lux also needs more skins she has only a few.
Toppien (NA)
If he gets nerfed and doesnt kill you from a combo why would ppl pick him? You guys all complaining about champions. He is an assassin and its his job. He gets countered on his own way and needs a bit more knowledge to play against. If you dont have them and he wins lane he deserves to be op as hell. This game is still balanced (there arent champs over 55% wr at all) and i think buffing useless champs is more important.
Eyesack (NA)
: melee champions are finally playable botlane
Melees on bot were always good. Think of leona, blitz and alistar for example :)
: Can you PLEASE get over this true damage fetish?
They nerfed armor pen items so true dmg is a good way to replace them. (Ok yi is disgusting but its another topic)
Maybe the gpu is getting hot and this causes a lower performance. Btw what are your in-game settings?
Malak (NA)
: ADCs Need To Adapt
They cant handle mid game against bruisers/mages. You can win laning phase easily but you cant deal more dmg in fights.
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Arammus (EUW)
: in case clash doesnt come tomorrow, i vote for ascension
What about being creative and making a new (and absolutely unique) BATTLE ROYAL MODE?
Qïyanaa (EUNE)
: Problem of auto filled supports that dont want to win
Or change server from EUNE to EUW. I don't know why but eastern people are retarded tbh.
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