: Make Kai'sa viable in the jungle!
: Unrewarding BE after a level up.
TBH it's true most of the BE Comes from disenchant And the sad part is that I got some champs like nunu or Yi i get champs above 4800 very rarely
: After many years, instead of "Yasuo OP" posts, we get "Riven OP" posts.
TBH i feel like yasuo isn't overpowered but he got no counterplay if the player is good And there is a god tier yasuo or bad yasuo it's mainly beacuse yasuo gets banned most of the time at low tier ranks Sso the blayers can't actually learn him and it sucks
Zullar (NA)
: Revert League to S5
This but first ryze
: Esport site is trash
Dr Dog (NA)
: can we start getting champion VU's?
True i still feel like Udyr has some pretty awesome skins still they gonna need 2 update his classic model
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: I did upvote, but I have a question, do you want to transfer skins that you bought ot some rerolled ledgendary/ultimate skins which you got from chests/rerolls,which you don't have on your eune account or little bit of both? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I would suggest you that you try asking reddit for help as well
Hotarµ (NA)
: I'm not sure if that rule will still apply unless it explicitly states it in your support ticket. That post is from 2012, after all. Either way, take my upvote and good luck in any case :p
"As a general rule skin transfers are not allowed. If you were to create a thread and get 2000 upvotes they will make an exception" Part of my Support ticket from 12 mins ago lel And thank you btw
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naewon (NA)
: Dark Candy Fiddlestick Ult Bug
: Pulsefire Shen, Riven, and Twisted Fate
albone (NA)
: Yeah fiddle is lacking. Also his Q fear has mad bugs. Theres been so many times i've fear a caitlyn and she insta-nets and autos immediately afterwards. Walk up to a master Yi and Q him and his Q will always trump yours.
Ur just to slow.
: No pulsefire icon ;-;
Ur greedy as there is no icon for you BUH mystery gift that means only one item BUH im still waiting for pulsefire fiddle
: Fiddlesticks
What is wrong with you fiddlestick needs to be bad cuz hes a better top laner and can't outplay every bot comp with brand x fiddle both support
: Fiddlesticks
Fiddlestick is a very good pick in this meta Hes a better supp then your average friend Hes better toplaner then every top lane champ AND HE IS A FRICKING STICK. find a joke inside this whole post
: Fiddlesticks does no damage
Go 2 supports brand and fiddlestick can out scale every bot laner ur just a bad fiddlestick. Fiddlestick is a pro pick for adc at LCS they just don't wanna win the lane instantly what's the fun about that?
Amö (NA)
: FiddleSticks
Fun fact: He suck at ganking until 6 Fun fact: your top can report you while you afk farm the main problem here is that you still can't do shit until 6 Fun fact: Every ap ad actually every champ can out scale you. Go him ad and hf
Bordak (NA)
: fiddlestick
Best top laner. Can counter melee toplaner with his q and e. VS jax wait for his counterstrike and click W VS Trundle buy mana items and spam q VS Swain buy mana items and spam q VS Riven wait for stun and click w or q VS Urgot buy mana items and spam q VS Yasuo buy mana items and spam q VS Darius watch out for his e gapcloser and buy mana items and spam q

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