: Lmao. I just imagine Invoker coming to LOL 1. The Sphaghetti code would probably implode when they see Invoker's Complexity Code 2. Invoker would literally DESTROY all the characters, he's not OP, but all LOL characters are weak in comparison to Invoker.
You can nerf him. And keep all his 13 active spells.
Rewt (NA)
: While they do have spell effect and radius changes (Aganim's Scepter (I butchered the spelling i Know)) you cant just up the damage of your Q by purchasing your Primary Attribute.
X int stat give you 1% spell damage (or heal). And some items give +% spell damage (or heral).
Lyndris (NA)
: Invoker, somehow, would be my vote And we could send Yi, or Ryze, he might actually fit in quite well there
Cmon, this easy 13 active spell hero? LOL alread yhave Yasuo kappa. Well, it may be fun xd
Rewt (NA)
: There are some very interesting heroes in DOTA 2. While I dont think it will ever happen I like Lone Druid. The concept of playing 2 characters at once and needing to buy items separately sounds cool, but wouldn't work well in league due to the problem of games being too fast to ever get 2 sets of items and also that in DOTA 2 items dont buff ability damage but they do in league making items even more important and the inability to get 2 sets of items just kind of makes the character useless.
In Dota 2 are items that give you +% spell effect and +spell range/radius. In LOL exist Victor, he have not casual inventory.
: W T F ? ? ? ? DOTA will never agree to this . As far as I know , DOTA players consider LoL a poor version of DOTA .
Valve may agree. In LOL exist item called in name of Dota 2 hero. I Play dota 2 for almost 5 years, do i hate LOL? No. As many Dota 2 players do play HOTS and LOL.
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AriShadow (EUNE)
: Ahri in late game
Ow, thank you for comments. i will try your builds and tactics!
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: > [{quoted}](name=AriShadow,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tyqz4Rcv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-06-18T02:30:07.970+0000) > > Wow, mb you could say few heroes? xd > Try all in LOL i kinda hard , hehe. Just select "Mages" and pick any that are free an try them out :P
Is there Zeus in LOL? xd
: I would try as many as you can... Find one you especially like.
Wow, mb you could say few heroes? xd Try all in LOL i kinda hard , hehe.
: Syndra
Okay, i should try her.
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