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Eybdoog (NA)
: These game sucks.. I'm just waiting to get permabanned so I stop playing for good. You're lucky. Enjoy your free time. For real though.. It's insane you got banned for what you said if that's all you said. Sure you might be a d word in that game but who isn't from time to time especially given the state of the game.
I hate to bring this up every time but it just boggles my mind that THIS gets permabanned and some things I encounter don't. I've once had a depressed midlaner who was losing lane, and my jungler started shittalking him and even tried to convince him to suicide. The midlaner literally said he's gonna kill himself and our jungler was like "good, one less shit player" and he kept doing the same shit until the game ended. And I assure you they weren't premade nor was the midlaner trolling. I sent a ticket to Riot and all they said was "we can't do jackshit, only the report system can get him" which is so frustrating. Luckily 3 days later the midlaner finally accepted my friend request and I checked up on him, he just took a break from league and he's okay, he said the jungler's shittalk didn't affect him enough luckily. I doubt Riot even individually check these incidents. I feel like if you gather X amount of reports, your account gets automatically banned and even permabanned. Maybe what happened here is that this person was already on a big number of reports, and this game earned him the final couple reports which got him suspended. I dunno, the chat log is just far from toxic enough to get a permaban, the only insult is "ori is an old fuck" but let's be fucking real, is that even an insult compared to the daily flame we see in league?
: [GAMEPLAY] Rapid Fire Cannon makes Graves auto for no damage
~~Looks like a Hail of Blades bug tbh, since I've recently encountered a huge big with it as well. Have you tried with a different keystone? HoB is just really buggy overall.~~ nvm I just tested with a different keystone and it's the same. But this might be intentional even though it sounds weird, because his auto attacks aren't like normal champions. If you get a bit closer than maximum RFC range it'll do normal auto damage. I think it's intended to be this way, but I'm not sure.
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: TFT happened
Teamfight tacti.. ResidentSleeper
: I just want to play Twitch every game but {{champion:145}} and {{champion:498}} exist so I guess I am just shit out of luck. Feels like I might as well be playing with a disability picking any immobile champ in the game. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Honestly the ADC meta has been the most frustrating out of all season for me. Especially as an Esports lover, seeing Kaisa vs Xayah every fucking game is so frustrating. I know we've had metas before where it was only Cait Trist and maybe a couple other ADCs, but it was never THIS repetitive. It was almost like teams are literally trolling if they don't pick one of them unless they're banned. Look at Lucian's winrate at worlds for example (yes I mentioned Lucian because I main him and I'm biased lmao), he's 0 wins 5 losses or something (the only win is when Rookie played him mid).
Yenn (NA)
: Can whoever designed Omnistone explain who is intended to use it, and why they would choose it?
Actually I'm very interested in hearing what Riot or the people who designed the keystone have to say about it
: If I recall correctly, Riot said last year, after Odyssey's success, that they would do more PVE modes... Still waiting.
I believe Riot announced PvE modes are never coming back. However if they're really making a League MMO or dungeon crawler PvE game, at the cost of removing PvE modes to focus on it, then I think I'm fine with that.
Nikolian (NA)
: Bye League and Riot!
It's a bit unfair to judge this whole thing off of 1 game only in my opinion. You should've played at least 10 games before making this decision, but you do you.
: im curious, did you try to make a new account? i wonder what your mmr result would be on another acc
I have, I made a new account on Turkey and got it to level 30, then I hopped onto my first ranked game and it felt like a high gold low plat game. Now I haven't checked the ranks (I think they were mostly unranked) but I could tell how unfair this would be for a person who is geniuenly unranked. Then I got placed into bronze 1 despite losing the game, and my MMR was high silver/low gold. Really strange shit.
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Koiyaki (NA)
: Never like TT myself, but i absolutely LOVED HEXAKILL on it. That being said, even tho i dreaded playing it...the play button feels emptier now... Goodnight sweet prince. you'll be missed
Finally someone who remembers hexakill on TT, holy shit that was so fun. Clusterfuck 6 on 6 teamfights in tiny spaces, I used to play Talon (before the rework, when he was an AoE bomb) and I remember one time when both me and the enemy Kata got pentakills but then she got the better of me and took the hexakill herself. Ahhh good times man.
: The year is 2030. SKT has just won their 9th world championship. The highlight was SKT's full tank top laner's massive engage. "He was able to tank an entire 3 auto attacks! We have never seen someone in professional play live this long in the last 10 years." the casters exclaim. This bought SKT the 0.15 seconds needed to oneshot the enemy team. They didn't even have to use any ultimates or summoners. Games now last around 10 minutes. Every champion has multiple dashes, penetration, true dmg, a 3 hit passive, sustain, and % max hp dmg. Minions die instantly from any dmg source. Towers have a maximum of 10 shots, which do 50% max hp true dmg. Tower plates have been increased to 15, and each attack on a tower removes one. Riven has still not been nerfed. Kaisa has received her 3rd skin this month, for a total of 56. The gray screen has become so common that riot has released chromas for it, including the Star Guardian Prestige Edition Death Screen for $100. Eternals now shows the accumulated number of missed skillshots, chat restrictions, 14-day suspensions, and times "plz ff" was typed in chat. Little legends eggs have a % chance to become "scrambled", resulting in no Little Legend, but instead a consumable breakfast item that heals 5% max hp on Summoners Rift (Not usable on Azir, Anivia, Swain and Quinn)
: "PvE game modes cost too many resources"
Praise brother. Thank you for saying what's been hurting me inside for a while now.
Tobykachu (EUW)
: It honestly appals me that Riot has created this extraordinarily toxic game state and is now sat here making jokes about it. There are so many infuriating things in League of Legends that Riot themselves could directly attempt to fix but don't even try at all: - Autofill is definitely an improvement over the previous 'pick order' system, but it by no means perfect. Putting 3 autofills on one team and 0 on the other isn't fair. Putting an autofilled player against someone who's played thousands of games in that role is not fair. Losing your 'autofill protection' status because you've played 2 games in your offrole also isn't fair. - New champions being eligible in ranked is also a cause of extreme tension. Sure, this individual may have played hundreds of games as this new champion on the PBE, however, most people don't have a PBE account and in turn have no idea how to play against this new champion. This is turn leads to one team getting frustrated over this mechanic. Either the team with the new champion gets frustrated watching this individual play a champion they have no idea how to use, or the enemy team gets barrelled over, as they don't properly understand how this new champion works. At least if they spend a few days only available in normals, it's on me if I don't know what this new champion does. - A decline in champion design - Don't get me wrong, new champions are hella fun to play, but that only tells one side of the story. A good champion shouldn't be obnoxious to play against. 1 person shouldn't get their enjoyment at the extent of everyone else's happiness. - No compensation for losing a game with afk's or trolls - It honestly baffles me how you can have an afk on your team for 30 minutes of the game and the game does nothing to offer any sort of compensation for this. No reduced LP loss, no loss prevented, nothing. There is so much Riot could do to make the game feel more enjoyable to play, but I guess making fun of people is better I guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=Astronomy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3JZ9qwht,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-07T11:44:35.413+0000) > > I think playing with lower elo premades may solve it, I forgot about this. Thanks! If you play with lower MMR premades, then don't be surprised to find yourself facing enemy Damonds who did the same thing.
Oof, at least there won't be like 4 high diamonds in the game I guess..
: Lose as much games as possible. Pick Nunu and steal all the shit from your jungler, you won't get banned cause you're not feeding or if you're jungler don't go jungle, instead go to some lane and just steal xp and cs and run if enemy jungler comes and let your teammate die. Games like this will end up in 15 mins, especially if your mmr is above gold it may end even earlier.
I know but I would honestly feel bad to just ruin some people's games doing that, I really want an alternative way to drop it. I've been playing with random ranked people from a Discord and I think they're usually lower than me, so I hope this fixes it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lovelle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3JZ9qwht,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-07T15:00:45.432+0000) > > Lose more than you win on average. Do whatever it takes to lose a game. Always build mobi boots, so you can feed efficiently. Whoa... you told him to make boots...
Alright, boots of mobi AP Jhin mid it is then!
: > [{quoted}](name=Astronomy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3JZ9qwht,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-07T11:45:01.843+0000) > > Nah man I don't want to. Leveling up is a pain in the butt, plus I already got a couple skins that I like on that account. I'm telling you, there's nothing disadvantageous about your normal MMR at this time. You should be winning %80 of your Norms in solo, from what I can see. However, what the other fellow was suggesting was to level one alt, that you would use until your Normal MMR dropped of its own accord. But, again, from what I can see, your Normal MMR is actually underdeveloped at the moment.
As I stated in my other reply you were probably looking at my EUNE account which I have no complaints about, my normal games there are usually high plat/low diamond I think, which is perfect for me.
: The MMR will normalize after about 80 matches. Or else, just don't play norms for 3 months and it will kind of "soft-reset". Or find a low MMR friend to play with you. In any event, MMR is pretty messed up, as you can see from glancing the the other threads here on any day. You may always get matched against Diamonds. Normal MMR is separate from Ranked MMR. So, hitting Diamond with your buddies in Flex, should have no effect on your Normal MMR at all, and you are just having bad luck. From what I can see, you played your last Normal on that account three weeks ago, and you were the highest Ranked player in the game. Also, your estimated Normal MMR is actually about 500 points below your estimated Ranked MMR. (Just yours, not everybody's.) (Maybe because you don't play that many Norms...) I don't think that you have anything to worry about. If you meet Diamonds in your Norms, it's just the same bad luck that everybody else is subject to...
I think you were looking at my EUNE account, I made this thread about my EUW account, and its IGN is Guns Blazing. And yeah I know it's a bit messed up atm, but it's still tilting to get high ranked tryhards who probably got tilted from their ranked games and decided to dish their anger on me, who's playing Hail of Blades lethality Ashe for fun. This could happen in any rank but at least if the rank isn't higher than me then I'll be able to hold myself even if I'm first timing a champion. I think my MMR in normals is high because of a few diamond friends I used to play with, so it just got stuck there. And I can't lose all of my matches because I get carried sometimes and I don't wanna risk getting int banned. Anyway lately I've been playing with random people from the /r/lol discord server, they're usually lower than platinum so I'm hoping it fixes my MMR with time. Thanks for the help.
: Make a new account.
Nah man I don't want to. Leveling up is a pain in the butt, plus I already got a couple skins that I like on that account.
: go find a bronze friend, queue with them, lose the matches, maybe 8 matches, then you can play how you wanna.
I think playing with lower elo premades may solve it, I forgot about this. Thanks!
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Everyone in this thread is NA but I've been experiencing some ping spikes (though very rarely) and at one point my ping went up to 150 and my packet loss was like 100%, I couldn't move at all but was able to somehow send a message, I even double checked to see if my mouse was working.
Ahria 51 (NA)
: Rito gonna make us pay for legacy client once they realize no one wants to buy eternals
Honestly I'd pay for that lmao
mark6028 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tl2A7WjM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-03T21:52:11.706+0000) > > Eh, +2 AD Cait buffs isnt that big of a deal at least. Its at most 5 more damage in a single auto and ... 3.2 damage buff to her R? > Its interesting theyve been doing this a lot; > -3 ad to graves once, +2 AD to Jhin and Cait now, +3 AD to Lucian recently and +2 to Kalista. > > for Lucian and something like Jinx or Twitch that could be MASSIVE but is 2ad going to impact Jhin or Cait at all??? A champion that already automatically wins pretty much any lane getting 2 base AD is huge and lucian is kinda broken right now too but then again adcs are just forever broken no point in even talking anymore we just have to accept better bot meta will stay until the end of all days.
How's Lucian broken? He's still sitting at a 48% winrate and is only good when both the Lucian player and the support (which would have to be an aggressive support) are good. The 3 AD made him better in lane but he's still garbage towards lategame, unless it's a pro team playing him.
: The only way to solve this is by Long Off ur PC but when u return to the Match , Game automatic punish u with have more then 5 Minutes afk and will not have any experience or IP won.
No, you can just open up your task manager, find the "League of Legends(tm) Client" process, close it and the "reconnect" button will appear on your client. It could take several tries too. Fix your fucking shit Riot.
: Game won't Open
Everyone's having this problem. But no Riot's too busy with TFT lmfao A basic fix is to open up your task manager, end the League of Legends(tm) Client process and press the "reconnect" button that will reappear on your client. It could take several tries of doing so.
: That is the reason I like the designs of, for example, Fizz, Ekko, and sort of Talon and dislike the designs of, for example, Eve, Zed, and LeBlanc. The first set of champions has to choose between maximizing damage and having an escape and the second set is guaranteed both.
Pre-rework Talon was the perfect example of a good design assassin imo. He was a suicide bomber, go in and never go out unless you used your ult to escape which was really meh. So ultra high risk. But the reward? If you pull it off, you could kill the carry AND damage everyone in a teamfight because your old W, ult, and tiamat would so so much AoE damage. So you would literally carry the fight in a span of 2 seconds. Talon now is pretty similar, but I just liked him before the rework more because he really would blink in the middle of the fight sometimes and either int it or carry it.
: > [{quoted}](name=MalignMetal,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MGArpKGt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-12T04:25:39.085+0000) > > Im in an odd state, i play to win every game. But idgaf about the outcome. > Win or lose i can usually tell by minute 2 and i try to rally my team. But too many times its GG at champselect Games end way too early. By the time the enemy is 0-4, the game is usually already over. Mistakes are too hard to come back from. By the time your laner has one kill, you're usually no longer able to come back from it, unless your jungler comes.
God forbid your midlaner gives the enemy Corki a couple kills. Bam, game over. God forbid your jungler gets outjungled and goes 0-3. Bam, game over. God forbid you get 4 man dove on botlane. Bam, game over. This meta is so fucking punishing you just can't ever find a way to comeback in soloq unless by some act of god a miracle happens where the enemy screws up a couple lategame fights.
: hiii, the solution has been found, although it is a temporary one! go to c://users/youruser/documents/league of legends and delete the league of legends folder, or dig deeper in and keep the highlights you like and delete the others it fixed it for me and I hope it does so for you too
Didn't fix it for me. Riot just needs to get their shit together and fix this ASAP, it's making ppl literally lose LP and get banned. BUT NO LET'S MAKE ANOTHER LUX SKIN AND UPDATE TFT!
: > [{quoted}](name=Rexxiee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EABi9QBF,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2018-05-31T15:00:44.688+0000) > > Draven is at 54 too btw. > > Meanwhile jinx wr dropped by 5% down to 47.9%, vayne at almost 44%. > > Lmao what a terrible patch. Yep. All my mains are now unviable. Vayne not viable. Jinx not viable Caitlyn not viable. Twitch not viable. Guess It's time to be a jungler. > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EABi9QBF,comment-id=0009000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-31T14:38:50.179+0000) > > They buffed non crit builds. That was intentional. You can have it one of two ways; do you want crit to be the only option, or do you want early game ADCs to exist and actually have a balanced bot lane where early ADCs can punish late game scaling ADCs? I want a fair and balanced bot lane where both types of ADC's can be played to success. Looking at the current win rates that is far from the case. {{champion:145}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} are a problem right now. Not 2 weeks later in 8.12. They need to address them ASAP. {{champion:81}}'s double tear abuse bullshit can be fixed by making the tear items exclusive, AKA cannot be bought together.
Wait how is MF exactly a problem?
nfinitum (EUNE)
: EUNE Client issues
I'm having similar issues as well. I cannot start ANY game, the "Find Match" is either grayed out, or it gets stuck on "Match Accepted" after it finds a game and you click "Accept"..
: > These people would've ruined someone else's game if I hadn't reported them No. They will still ruin games. You know this as well. You are being selfish. Maybe unintentionally.
How am I being selfish? This doesn't make any sense. And a quite big part of those who get banned or punished don't do it again. Probably the majority of them, so yeah I did save other people's games.
: Stay for a couple of years. We will meet again and discuss how much your reports have changed the community.
Yeah I know they won't, but getting several people banned is satisfying enough for me. These people would've ruined someone else's game if I hadn't reported them, so it gives me a good and satisfying feel.
: Speaking of not cool. Stop reporting people.
And let the flamers and trolls be. No thanks bro, I've already got over 5 people banned in a week (when you get the feedback) so I'd rather contribute to filter the League community than be like you.
: 'ez' is offensive? lol. and yes i dont report someone for the mildest trash talk in the world. ive had grandpas say 100x worse in a pickup game at the ymca. and i somehow didnt cry myself to sleep. reporting is for trolls and afks. if you are getting upset by ez then you are a very delicate flower indeed. you should probably be protected from the internets and from going outside. just stay with mommy where it is safe.
Reporting is only for trolls and afks? Do you even realize that the report category consists of mostly behavior reports? Negative attitude, Verbal abuse, Hate speech, etc. You understood everything wrong my friend. Again, not everyone has a stone heart like you. And we all deserve to use the internet, so getting these people banned is a must whether you like it or not.
: I report anyone who says those lines. Even teammates. saying "GG EZ" or "EZ" or running away with 10 hp and going "?" is all signs that someone is insecure and are really not good at the game. Players know that saying stuff like that will make you do worse, that's why they say it. This one time I was playing blitz and I missed such an obvious easy pull, i didn't even wait for my adc to say ? or spam ping ?. double muted him until laning phase was over because if someone even questions me I get worse. That's I prefer solo q over getting in parties with my friends, because of this issue. If they see a questionable play, even if they're nice about it, my overall performance goes down.
Well I agree, and nice move on the Blitz lol. I've recently started muting all in certain situations and it's truly magical.
: > Reporting anyone who says easy, ez or izi You realize that is your title? You used those words 8 times. Are you going to report yourself? Do you understand the joke yet?
I don't support sarcasm sorry. If you were joking, haha. Otherwise you're not cool.
: People who say "ez" and things like that are immature players who want to get a reaction out of you for kicks. They hide behind their computers and troll because that's all they can do. Ignore them. They shouldn't matter to you.
I know, thanks for the good words. But they should matter to Riot, shouldn't they?
: YOUR mood gets screwed up for the next few games. most people couldnt care less. ever think maybe the problem is with you? if you can be upset by 2 letters in a video game then i think it is.
How can you even assume that most people don't? And your logic basically says that no one should get reported for flaming. Because it doesn't matter if they were 2 letters, they're still offensive. And some people are sensitive and I admit I am, but these "some people" are actually a lot, so your point is invalid.
: You might as well report yourself. You used easy 8 times in that one post.
Not sure if you're trolling or not. Yeah I used the word 8 times. Did I offend anyone? Did I direct these words to anyone? Yeah you're probably trolling.
: Are you ok with me saying something along those lines as a joke after getting away or winning a fight with 10 HP?
I mean, sometimes it's obvious.. but still at least indicate that you were joking. Just to make sure you didn't piss someone off and be a good person..
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: > [{quoted}](name=Astronomy,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VLbWmcup,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2017-06-07T00:49:22.622+0000) > > I'm sorry, I was just out of a tilting game (although a won one) and I used the word because of how much it's used on the internet at the moment to express my anger, not that I really meant it. Actually I'm a person who really enjoys being alone (and is most of the time) and with my guitar, I need no one, so I feel you. And I also read about it several times so don't worry. Just as I said, used it because of how much people use it. > > But let's stay on topic, the case where you said you'd say "gg ez" is also rude and should be punishable. > I just hate it so much, I prefer to be flamed all game. > > I apologize again for using the word, no hard feelings at all :) No hard feelings here either. Sorry if I came across as an SJW, it's just something that's bothered me for a while. Everyone has their tilting games; it's totally understandable. Credit where credit is due, you took the time to say "sorry" and edit it out of your post for a more appropriate term (i.e.: "salty"). Thank you for doing that :) But yes, back on-topic, apologies for the derail. "ggez" is a very rude phrase that only exists to try and tilt the enemy team. In my opinion, "ggez" says 3 key things about a player: 1) They are arrogant, 2) They are naturally toxic, and 3) They are incredibly poor sports. I agree that being flamed is better than this phrase; at least being flamed gives you a very easy and valid reason to report them.
Great :) glad we worked it out! I dunno if you agree, but in my opinion "gg ez" basically = "Haha, you are so bad and I just rekt you so hard without even trying so go uninstall haha". I mean come on, this is soooo reportable! And fun fact: I've been playing since S4 and I have noticed that people saying "ez izi easy" actually increased. And a report reason would discourage people from using it and.. peace arrives!!! ..right? :P
: Talks about banning toxic players, but uses autism as an insult...
This honestly isn't a smart thing to say. Me being "toxic" doesn't mean I can't talk about toxic people. I can simply reply by saying "yeah I'm as toxic as them, but they still shouldn't be toxic and I want them to be punished." For the records, I removed the word, and explained why I used it. Not because of it's meaning at all, but because of how "viral" it is on the internet, and I apologize.
: > [{quoted}](name=Astronomy,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VLbWmcup,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-03T11:24:21.962+0000) > > Dear Riot, when are you going to add a report reason for these autistic salty people who say "ez" in literally every game ending whether winning or losing? I'll say it until I'm blue in the face: Please stop using "autism/autistic" as an insult. It is not the same as "mentally handicapped". In some areas, yes, and extreme cases can be crippling. But please read up on the subject, because it is not what the Internet makes it out to be. And before you point fingers, I actually do have autism. I'll never say "ggez" unless the enemy throws the game entirely, was BMing the whole way through, and being extremely salty. That situation never happens, so I don't say "ggez".
I'm sorry, I was just out of a tilting game (although a won one) and I used the word because of how much it's used on the internet at the moment to express my anger, not that I really meant it. Actually I'm a person who really enjoys being alone (and is most of the time) and with my guitar, I need no one, so I feel you. And I also read about it several times so don't worry. Just as I said, used it because of how much people use it. But let's stay on topic, the case where you said you'd say "gg ez" is also rude and should be punishable. I just hate it so much, I prefer to be flamed all game. I apologize again for using the word, no hard feelings at all :)
: Do saying "ez" at the end of the game is punishable?
Of course, it should be added as a report reason to encourage people to report those who do it, and to discourage people from saying it. I find it even more annoying than flaming. I just made a thread about it even though I know it's been mentioned a lot before, but just increasing the numbers to make Riot notice it. You can upvote it if you want.
: IT's poor sportsmanship, and I report it, even if its someone on my own team.
Me too. And I literally start telling the enemy team to report that person on my team.
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