Kazekiba (NA)
: Riven buff in 9.19
I should be surprised by this but really, I'm not. Giving champions sustain and tankyness when they are also able to one burst a champion is always a bad idea. IMO Riven should be the: "I should look for a good spot to go in to deal the max amount of damage with the lowest risks.", and not the "LEEEEET'S GOOOOOOO RQQQWEQQQEQQQWEQQQ" kind.
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: "gnar ult 2.0" but doesnt do damage unless you actually hit them into a wall....
Same stuff with gnar ult. The differnce being, only the other one deals 60% of you hp...
Zullar (NA)
: Nightblue3 vs Qiyana
Nightblue... Nightblue... Where have I heard that before... Ooooh wait, it's the OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH DMG THIS JARVAN DOES (not clickbait) dude
: its a poll, except its a dictatorship
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Böljy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bLmck1kN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-24T10:06:27.466+0000) > > This is the way EA handles stuff, do you seriously want to be like EA? League of Legends is free to play though.
"So guys we listened to some feedback from you about this game and we decided to intorduce a new mechanic. Meet the **Premium pass** Which costs 1000RP/year and allows you to play ranked!. It also gives you a neat WW chroma!" - Riot
Böljy (EUNE)
: Changes to eternals, that changed nothing
Also for those reading, here are some examples of the stats you can get Udyr: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/159005507602874368/614761872394289152/unknown.png Nunu: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/159005507602874368/614762264959909889/unknown.png THE STATS ARE NOT ONLY COSTLY, THEY ARE SHIT. (Also notice the "Set 1" on the top, which only doubles my suspicions about the 590RP not unlocking all the eternals).
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Cloud273 (NA)
: So why did Jax and Nocturne get buffed again?
Pre-season skins? I don't know most of this stuff seems so bloody random.
: Yeah, it's pretty crazy. One of my accounts has four leaves in the last twenty games and hasn't gotten punished yet.
Last time I had the 20min que was... I think before this summer or even longer ago. Trust me, there have been multiple leaves after that.
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: My boi Galio...
No please don't. The community can't handle unusual champions suddenly getting played a lot again. He will be asked for nerfs if he proves to be strong against any of the meta champions.
: The reason top lane is a quote unquote "conqueror fiesta" is that almost all of the most-picked champions in the lane don't actually have another keystone. What should Aatrox take other than Conqueror? PTA? Yeah, sure, and fall off harder than old panth in late. Grasp? Maybe, and there are matchups where you definitely want it over conqueror, but 99.9% of the time, you might as well just take conqueror. How about Riven? Press the Attack? With enough damage to kill you 3 times over in the early without ever once auto attacking you? How about Aftershock, since she has a lot of hard cc! Hmm... Well that doesn't actually do pretty much anything for you. Grasp? No, you lose out on even more than Aatrox does with PTA. What about Darius? If you're into a lane bully, maybe you could make a case for Grasp, but other than that, Conqueror is the only truly viable keystone. What about Irelia? Fiora? Renekton? On and on, the historically really popularly picked champions in the top lane game are only able to take Conqueror, because a lot of them are drain tanks (renekton, aatrox, darius, etc.) Or just don't actually have anything really more viable to take. Don't blame bruiser players for Riot only really giving us a single keystone.
Then how did they manage before conqueror? If I remember correctly, they were pretty good before it as well. I in fact enjoyed playing Jax a lot back then and it worked really well. I do not play the other champions so I can't say much but I can say for one, Darius is able to take phase rush and in fact, a friend of mine with over 2mil on him tells me over and over again how what Darius needs is mobility, not damage or sustain. That's why he prefers it over conqueror any day. In fact, I think that if conqueror was removed top lane would become a lot more interesting. Irelia can take PTA with no problem. Same goes for Riven and Renekton. The thing is, there is no tank keystone that is even nearly as powerful as Congueror is thus making tanks disantantaged before the game even starts. It's a handicap, and a big one. But as I said, it isn't only conqueror and bruisers. Most of the assassins do not even take Conqueror and still make tanks disappear.
: > [{quoted}](name=KazKaz,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqAyJEp5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-21T16:22:40.770+0000) > This item never deserved to be let loose onto Summoner's Rift, it needs to be vaulted. LMAO. Please do not pretend to know better than Riot if you use Fortnite terminology regarding League.
Vaulted is used in multpile other games as well, one of them being Warframe for example. I'm more suspicious about you first having Fortnite in mind than I am about him using the word vaulted...
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Kuponya (NA)
: How to get better with Yuumi? Here's how!
Thank god someone bothered to actually play her more than one game
Terozu (NA)
: Anyone try Knights Vow on Yuumi yet?
It works and if you take trancendence, it also gives 20 ap if you overcap CDR.
: The very fact she's this low on ANY predictable builds and antithesis to solo/duo queue means she needs buffs. You need to realize, for every Yuumi game, there is a losing team. And there will always be new players pulling her off the shelf. If every player pulling her off the shelf ..... ever..... pulls 30% win rates, they are going to extremely volatily affect their teams for a long time. It's taking a chunk of winnable games and making them losses. So champ's existence should have this much influence on a Loss, versus their potential influence on a win.
The question is, why take her to ranked on day one? This doesn't only apply to Yuumi either. Picking a champion to ranked you haven't learnt how to play yet is just asking for a loss.
: Ok, 27% winrate, on a release champion? Thats the LOWEST IN HISTORY, I though Bard would be the lowest but nooooo. Yuumi is ABYSMAL, you must have designed the champion soo wrong that she has such a low winrate on release. I did some research and it was 2 designer, One who worked on Rakan, Xayah, Pyke, which were super well designed champions. And one who came from Blizzard. I was thinking.... WHY DID YOU NOT MAKE HER LIKE ABATHUR!?! If you made her like ABATHUR not only she would be unique but it would be ultra different from your standard support. He must have been inspired by Abathur but failed to make it unique, instead we have this horrible champion that attach and doesn't get an AFK warning.
As I said, she is a hard champion. Not all champions need to be the "Play once and basically know the whole champion inside out" kind of champions. If her winrate stays like this for a week or two, then it would be safe to say she is weak. Right now, it's just too early.
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: Scaling champions like Nasus, Veigar, Vayne, Anivia, Karthus and etc scale way too fast.
This happens because the games are so damn short. If the games last for less than 30min by average, scaling champions would be pointless as they would have no time to scale. Riot tries to fix this by making the champions scale faster, resulting in ridiculously fast scaling. It's kinda funny how nowadays {{champion:122}} has to fear {{champion:75}} more than the other way around.
: this thread is dumb
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: Ripperinoes. How much do you lose per loss?
... 20 :D
: LP Gains
https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.discordapp.com%2Fattachments%2F159005507602874368%2F558339862638624778%2Funknown.png&key=f0abbd34f14549f3a15cd94dd9970851&width=425 Here's my take on this matter. That was a painful thing to see pop up on my screen.
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: Pity upvote
Thanks m8
: ***
I haven't dodged any ranked games in a year :D
: How tf does that even happen
My elo must be somewhere between unranked and uninstalled
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Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: But we also can't ignore that mages won't build Void until 4th item after boots or if they do earlier , then they have to sacrifice {{item:3089}} which makes the whole point of getting Magic Pen not even a big deal and mages with magic pen aren't really that problematic for tanks and stuff honestly as a mages main it's a nightmare for me to play against Tanks or any class that builds heavy MR Tbh Magic Pen is only problematic on DPS mages like {{champion:69}} {{champion:13}} , with this I can agree with you , and a late game {{champion:45}} who has 1000+ AP but when it comes to other mages , they can't do shit when you build heavy MR , and if they try to use their spells on you and go on cooldowns , then congrats , they have nothing to do in the next 4 or 5 seconds at least while your team just kills them , it's not like they will burst you and they their cc isn't really that huge thanks that rune
The 33 magic pen seems small, but can actually be felt pretty hard by tanks. As the 33 magic penetration seems to be a main focus for most of the AP champions, tanks usually don't have that many MR items at that point. Not even mentioning if the tank were to lane against an AD match-up, Meaning that they need armour as well. Usually, after one MR tank item the MR would be at around 100 (Depends so, so much on other factors but let's stay on that.), meaning that in the eyes of the 33 magic penetration, it's just 67 mr. That amount ain't stopping champions such as: {{champion:55}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} etc. which still chunk easily most of your health, if not killing you instantly. It's kind of getting interesting to see tanks get one bursted by mages...
Nice try Ezreal, not falling for this one.
Moody P (NA)
: We need equality in the roster every juggernaut needs a hard cc
: Look at my match history and tell me skill matters in League of Legends.
Ay, I can confirm as the other side of the coin. The only reason I am diamond right now is because of some half-god teammates I had all the way back in Plat. I bet that most of the games I could have just layed back and have a wank or something and still win the game. Now, when I am in diamond, well, winning my lane seems pointless when enemy Yasuo desided to Hasaki my ass to a better game, Tetris.
20022012 (EUNE)
: Proposed Nautilus changes that would help him do what he's supposed to do
I think his passive buffs were meant for Jungling. It gives him a bit better clear speed as the passive also deals damage, even if it seems like it doesn't do much. The damage on his passive ain't bad at all, as it grows per level. I can't say much about it yet as the patch was just released and I haven't had enough time to try stuff properly. I do think however that this buff is fine as Nautilus jungle wasn't bad before the patch either. A bit weak, yes, but not outright terrible. If Nautilus were to recieve an additional buff though, I'd hope it only affects his Jungling. Giving him too much damage against champions kind of destroys the point of what he is supposed to be. Giving him more tank will be a problem later on, after the one shot meta passes and tanks come back. Remember Nautilus back in the tank meta?
Karang (NA)
: Uh, Nautilus anyone? He's been my favorite champion since I started playing this game and he's been garbage for as long as I can remember. In a game of OP champions with ridiculous mechanics he's absolutely terrible. Or maybe its just me. But whatever.
Ay you can say that twice. He has buffs coming on Pbe though (Passive target cooldown now 6 seconds on all levels). We'll have to wait and see how that goes.
: lol he does damage. after shock shield bash and the fact you should be maxing his w first since it gives you wave clear.....
That's exactly what you shouldn't be doing with him. If wave clear is what you wish, max E. Not only does it give you better wave clear, it also works way better against champions. Maxing his W first is not a valid option. The amount of extra shield and damage you gain by leveling your W is so small, that it's better to just focus on his E instead.
: what are you crying about he out damages shen? w gives u wave clear and shield bash is fantastic on him more so then any other champ. There his adaptive is ap which is great.
Just a reminder that Shen's W blocks autoattacks, including Nautilus's which means he won't be able to apply his passive nor the shield bash bonus. In addition, even if his passive doesn't proc, it still goes on cooldown on the target. In fact, I think Shen is a pretty good counter match-up against Nautilus. Keep in mind that Shen also deals max HP based damage, just the kind of damage that Nautilus doesn't like.
Yets4240 (NA)
: But you can't have tanks with damage or its the motherfucking end of the goddamn world. I've legitimately had to explain to people why it even makes sense for tanks to be "allowed" to win a 1 vs 1 against a damage champion (not even necessarily a carry) if they were ahead. There were multiple people in that thread who just could not wrap their head around the concept. They thought tanks are only supposed to deal literally no damage, and purely absorb damage while being a meatshield for ADCs, and occasionally throwing out CCs that apparently were supposed to all be hard to hit skillshots.
But when tanks have no tankyness either (due to meta) they are just CC glass cannons. That's why my suggestion is to make naut deal more dmg to jungle camps only. It would make him play a role where he wouldn't need to be harrassed by almost every other class and he wouldn't get huge buffs against champions either. Tanks that deal damage are indeed too strong (Remember tank Master Yi fellows, remember tank Master Yi...). I am not trying to force Naut top to work with extra damage or extra tankyness. I am trying to make his Jungle more viable so that he would have another role to go to, without breaking the whole game.
: You know.... ive played him as a tanky AP top laner and mid or jungle.... And did quite well. I have beaten a Darius, Illaoi, Kled.... Leblanc had all kinds of fun trying to survive as i could Q, auto, W auto reset, E, R and she died. Also have went a more tanky AD and did well as well. Maybe it is how you are playing him? Not sure.
Ah don't get me wrong. I've done well with him as well but I can still recognize the weakness in him. Kled for example should win Nautilus in almost every scenario, so should Darius. Winning those match ups usually means that the enemy player was a below average player. Even an AD soraka is able to win a player who doesn't know how to play.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Tanks just cant lane at all top, especially before the second back. I do do fine with Nunu and Malph top but I don't even build Malph full tank and others dont do well with him.
No damage = No lane control. Because tanks need a few items to be tanks, it's just a damage vs no damage match up in lane. Unless the tank deals damage, like Sion or Poppy for example.
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