Arkon567 (NA)
: Fixing leavers in games, The Hero Program
I love this. If it's handled the same way as in FFXIV, it'd be a great addition. I really don't see it creating any problems. Might require rewriting networking code and there's this issue of champion skins - as far as I know, there's no ingame system for changing skins, but I guess they'd start off with whatever skin the previous player had, as if it was temporarily unlocked(like in ARAM's 100RP boost).
: why do all the cute bubbly champions have to be girls?
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NekRes (EUW)
: [CLIENT] Saved rune pages gone after every relog! Unable to save rune pages!
I've skadoodled around entire google to posts like this, relating to this very issue. It boggles me that it was never addressed except for this thread. And the response isn't really that helpful neither. It's my first month in League and I'm not fast enough to set up runes on the fly when the match starts so I wish to keep two for my current mains. Every time I relog, the runes are gone, and I have to set them up again before the game starts. It's frustrating. I don't know if that's related, but another thing which happens(which is kind of similar issue) is "Disable Login Animations" is always unchecked when I open up the launcher. Are the rune and login animation configs stored locally? If so, where? It is possible that I have something related to admin permissions or read only in there. Or maybe it's trying to access something what doesn't exist. Thank you for understanding and sorry for the bump. I explained why I bumped on the first paragraph. Edit: The issue was fixed after a patch it seems. Yay!


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