Koiyaki (NA)
: I'm having the same problem, but its becuase of watever happened in patch 9.11. I had a constant 180-230 fps off stream and 120-140 fps on stream. My gpu is a RTX 2080. Nothing was bad till that patch....now i randomly dip from my normal to sub 50 for like 10-20 secs every few mins...its weird. and it not just in teamfights its random af...
So I guess the problem is in League and not on my system. Hope it gets fixed soon :/
Anchobi (EUNE)
: hmmm, wierd maybe something with ryzen and how game handle multi-threading right now, try changing processor affinity to single CPU in task manager look in GPU-Z sensors for perfcap or other weird things, but if you have good fps in other games then it shouldnt be a problem
Yeah every other game is running perfectly fine.
Infernape (EUW)
: IIRC League just does not play well with newer hardware. Try turning off things like antialiasing, v-sync and character inking and see if it makes any difference.
Turning of antialiasing and character inking didn't do anything but when I turned v-sync on it helped a bit but still wasn't constant 144 fps.
Anchobi (EUNE)
: try playing in borderless
Doesn't seem to have any affect on fps.
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