: there was a riot post a while ago that said theyre gonna take care of all this champ balance shit in 7.2
Any idea about date? Im usually support. Just played 3 games at top all vs fkin yasuo (cause there are no other chars to choose)...
: The same time you decide to use Champion instead of Char.
Never heard about "character" word? Sad...
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FormationX (EUNE)
: "Are you saying that Force of Nature doesn't exist?"
Only item i truely miss...
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: Make Instalock (Blind Pick) Reportable
If you always cry or troll because someone instalock you should consider uninstalling this game. People instalock in every game because they can. Community have invented "position calls" to avoid people instalock but now its instacall&lock that makes thing even more fkin annoying. Instalock is not reportable, never was, never will be. If you will still cry about it then you should really uninstall this game and play something on Single Player.
Artesin1 (EUW)
: definitely should be done. Nothing like getting that obvious troll in a promo and no one else dodges.
im pretty sure he is crying about blind pick instalock.
Dragau4 (NA)
: Instalock
If someone "instalock" you should fill missing lane instead of cry he picked char before you. Its not reportable cause its none of abusive acts. Someone main character - he pick it so he wont suck at other lane - pick what team needs instead of trolling or flaming him whole game. Its blind pick and you all act like on ranked LCS.
: Instalock
As archerno1 said if You pick char before someone and he still pick what he wanted to and feed its his fault. If You pick (lets say) mid and someone will take LB mid because you instalock feel free to report him for trolling cause he should fill lane that is needed.
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: It's a beta client, so I guess you have to take those things in consideration :/ It works fine for me though. If you want to use the older client just launch it by clicking on "Launch Legacy Client" on the login screen (bottom right) ^You probly knew this but just putting it out there :D
legacy client ur saying? https://s18.postimg.org/566gn8nzd/Untitled.png thats a good one. People will probably use it IF IT WILL WORK.
: So many AFKs.
Say thank you to riot for new client. Its bugged and slow a lot of people get disconnects and game freeze when old client is not even working.
Rares103 (EUNE)
can you? Since few hours all i have is an error at old client.
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: It would probably help them a lot if you posted your computer hardware and software details.
It occurs only when game is at background for long amount of time. Probably have to do something with communicate "You have been disconnected" at old client. In new one it crashes whole PC.
EmilAleks (EUW)
: Yeah :( My client lags so much now and it have never lagged before. Wanna get the old one back.
at login window look for an option "run old client" or something on the right bottom corner.
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: New Client Lagging
My PC is good but this new client takes few extra seconds on EVERY thing he need to show. I can edit anything on champ select after 10-15s because client thinking about something...
: Perfect KDA doesn't mean anything except you didn't die. Mastery Grades are calculated from a variety of factors in a game, which may include things like damage/healing, CS, objectives taken, vision control etc.
Every ulti was perfect healing done was at maximum possible without any healing item. Shields saving lives and Q breaking chase of my team. It was best game ever for me as Janna every skillshot was in target and ive saved every team member few times. Rank A+...
Fawksea (EUW)
: lmao probably because its a 15 min aram game?
probably not. Check chat. 2 got S.
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