Rainfall (EUNE)
: Why Has Riot Abandoned Gameplay?
sure there are bad posts there always were bad posts and riot just used to ignore them,now they dont visit the gameplay boards at all.
: Since the system has been introduced, you'd lose access to the rewards after a punishment. This doesn't really change anything.
the amount of key fragments has been reduced to nearly 1/4th of what the average non toxic player used to get.
: ~~Rune system is being revamped in the preseason; they will be free.~~
he means make runes free now,buying runes now is pointless since you're practically renting them for 3 months.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Meddler's Masterplan
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Supports And Balance.
Support balance circles had always been slower than other roles,but i agree that this is not acceptable,not buying {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} as support is like crippling your team.
: Do you think the discussion can go anywhere that it hasn't already? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/VUHzVXqR-4-months-after-getting-my-14-day-suspension-i-had-1-bad-day
im just waiting for a riot emploee to come and tell me that calling someone a bad player is not acceptable by the league of legends community and is permaban worthy.
Flaherty (NA)
: Turn permabans into IP bans so people can't just make new accounts.
your ip changes everytime you restart your router in most countries.
: You are not being punished because people are offended, or "triggered". You are being punished because people are consistently finding it unpleasant to have you in their games. You are driving away business for Riot. If you were in a restaurant driving away their other customers then they would throw you out, that is what Riot is doing.
0.000000006% of the community consists of perma banned players? how many games do you get a troll in 1%? theres not even a need to compare the chances of getting a permabanned player and the chances of getting a troll in a game its obvious.(if you could)
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: yes,the problem is that 3 months had passed but my punishemnt tier didnt drop,i have contacted the riot support in case that was a bug.
so i didnt realy know that my next punishment would be a perma ban,out of the 3 games 1 game is the one you see the other one is a one wheere i was playing realy badly but was contacting the enemy team,didnt realy verbaly abuse another player but i got reported because i played realy badly that game, and the last one i hadnt flamed all game but in the end i said:i will not flame you i have flamed players who shit better players than you to a harrasing teamate. that sums up my 3 games.
: This chat log by itself is not worth of a permanent ban, however it is worthy of a punishment. Punishments in this game follow a tier system, which goes like this: 10 game chat restriction 25 game chat restriction 14 day suspension permanent suspension Being punished moves you to the next punishment. I assume that if you aren't hiding other, more severe logs, then your last punishment was a 14 day suspension, and you should have received an email saying that your next punishment would be a permanent suspension.
yes,the problem is that 3 months had passed but my punishemnt tier didnt drop,i have contacted the riot support in case that was a bug.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Perma Banned for this?
should someone get permabanned for: 1.being extremely sexist? 2.being extremely racist? 3.wishing people get cancer? 4.sending other players death threats? 5.calling another player bad or a troll? in all of my 3 games report i have never been sexist racist or in any way offensive to anyone in the game,is it realy calling someone a bad player and calling for reports ban worthy? is the league of legends community ran by triggerlord feminists?
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GoleBilon (EUNE)
: another example when guy who was just tilted and harrased gets permad, nothing to see here its Rito they dont give a fuck what you said after you wre suspended
the funny thing is this isnt the first time somehing like this happens in a lot of my games i was containing myself from flaming avoiding insulting anyone in the game but my teamates still managed to hit me with the "report for flame",most players who have been around for a while just know that the verbal abuse is the only report that works....
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: 4 months after getting my 14 day suspension i had 1 bad day.
i get hit by the riot classic,people thinking i made this post to cry about my ban and downvoting,i am sorry this post is not another meme guys.
Ýisus (NA)
: Id be interested in seeing your other Games that were on the card. But I dont find anything you said on this game to be offensive whatsoever. And I was under the impression that every 3 months you went down 1 level on the punishment ladder. IE if you had good behavior for 3 straight months - you should have went down 1 level. IE you should have went back to the next punishment being a 14 day suspension.
i got banned for 14 days at the 20th of september.so i can guarantee that 3 months have passed since my last punishment.
: Ripperino in pepperinos. P.S. Asking for reports in chat. Gg get banned
personaly i believe that i handled the situation the best i could,i was being harrased and called a troll almost all of my team with ryze giving me christmast deathwishes,i dont believe any tilted player getting harrased like this would handle it better,its just that i play a lot of games a day so its easier for players like me to get banned.
: Ripperino in pepperinos. P.S. Asking for reports in chat. Gg get banned
its sad that this season 1 account actualy got banned,but i will create another account to play the game when i feel like it.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: 4 months after getting my 14 day suspension i had 1 bad day.
please give me a hint on where i am being :"grossly offensive" ,is calling someone a bad player,"grossly offensive" and "verbal abuse",i am abusing someone by telling him to not play jungle because he doesnt have the necesairy skills to master the role?
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: Has anyone ever actually said "Support Brand"...
supports are not just heal bots. i usualy go undercover with my full ap karma,the game goes to like 30 minutes and my adc is like "karma where is your redemptions?" and im like"AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA"
Cocho (NA)
: Her winrate is only high because Nobody plays {{champion:15}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:22}} She's good against {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} and {{champion:236}} sucks cait isn't the problem
the problem with adcs is that they become obsolete everytime they get nerfed,lucian got a 20% nerf on his q and boom he died as a champion he was only viable in that korean build.
: Now that the Support role is slowly getting defined by what you build and not what you play
Salron (NA)
: Zed wasn't a real issue for competent players either, yet he had a high banrate that dropped not too long ago when people finally realized how overrated he was
zed got nerfed like a thousand times.
Frager (EUNE)
: Can we for gods sake nerf redemption?
supports are heal bots -Riot
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datfatguy (OCE)
: Can key fragments PLEASE drop more often?
can that girl in class love me back?
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Cadrach (EUW)
: [Webtool] EYE-POPPING Item Set Editor
i have been playing this game for 6 years,i had 1200 games last season,do i have item sets? am i retarded? NO.who the hell even uses item sets?
: Can yasuo be punished if he maxes E?
can we just punish yasuos for abusing their shield passives,if yasuo dashses more than 3 times consecutively his shield pops,thats all i want from riot,no more yasuos making trades like terrorists.
: ya its fun for bot lane to be 2 vs 2 for 30 mins. and not 2 vs 5 by 5 mins.
to be honest i do agree that leaving the lanephase before like 7-8 minutes should be more punishable,maybe if riot brought back homeguard things would be better since even if you roam and kill an enemy he will be able to come back in lane fast enough to not lose a ton of exp and gold.
: Someone Took my Account Last Night, and Now I am Banned, Please Help.
if what you say is true then riot will probably be able to do something,if they can see the ips being diferent and the operating systems etc. then maybe they will be able to solve your problem,the screenshot from portal is not realy proof since a friend could have taken it and send it to you to help you.
Sebélon (EUNE)
: katarina still op
the assasin rework wasnt meant to nerf assasins damage,just to give you a chance to catch them off and kill them.
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: Top lane is probably the least fun to play
if we could actualy teleport botlane for a gank and actualy be there within the next century that would be great. Most of the times i just use my tp to get back in lane.
Verdade (EUNE)
: Assassin is dueling champion with great mobiliy, burst damage and ability to choose when and where he wants to fight. He should be able to sucessfully duel anyone but tanks and anti-assassins ADC is ranged sustained damage champion with high focus on dealing damage with limited defense. Support is champion who sacrifices his own power to protect others via shields/healing/cc. Assassin should easily kill ADC or support 1v1. However he shouldn't be able to kill ADC when protected by support, especially not without serious risk/huge outplay
thats completely wrong,this is not rock paper scissors,adcs have diverse gameplay,adcs like jinx vayne and twitch have the best damage over time but jhin and tristana have burst damage.this is not rock paper scissors,you cant just run up to an adc split pushing and expect to kill him.just like a full tank heca with a trinity can burst an adc an adc can kill an assasin.
: @Meddler Isn't autofill completely opposed to what the new champion select was supposed to bring?
honestly,i dont mind autofill,what i do mind is when i have to autofill because the riven main dodged his turn.Autofill shouldnt be dodgeable,you dodge a game you got autofilled in you get autofilled next game too.
: wait wasn't {{champion:157}} the epitome of perfection ???? XDDDDD
you know a champion is broken when Gbay goes 5/0 with him.
Verdade (EUNE)
: This is what happens when supports get systematically nerfed. Janna, Sona, Soraka, Kench being prime examples
honestly janna and sona had been in the highest winrate champions for like 2 years,dont complain about nerfs on that. Those arent even the fun supports,karma and zyra are the most fun ones janna and sona are for people who want to drain elo with their premade adc.
: Nobody said they were. The argument I keep seeing is simply "assassins can kill them easily, so ADCs can't be unbalanced", basically. My point is that its a stupid argument.
: "X ADC is fine because if they're jumped by an assassin they're dead instantly"
if a 16 level hecarim with only a trinity force can burst an adc im pretty sure an assasin gets his fair chance too,all the assasin mains have just started crying lately because they cant just jump in whenever they can see the adc or the apc on the map and actualy have to wait for the teamfight to start to assasinate and use their brains.
: > i havent been punished for leaving a game within the last 2 months vs > my last punishment from the leaverbuster which was probably like 4-5 months ago. which one is it?
: > [{quoted}](name=BlâckLotus,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EqfcTAR1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-19T12:00:42.508+0000) > > azir is pretty balanced right now,some pros even started playing him again in the midlane.Cassiopeia mains didnt cry when she got nerfed because of the lcs. Your joking right? Azir is 2nd or practically last of the winrate chart for a mid champion for over 2 months? Also Cassiopeia had a update to her ability so it wasn't even balanced out yet.
a champions winrate doesnt always represent how strong he is.Azir's biggest hit as a champion wasnt went riot nerfed him,it was when his playerbase abandoned him,
: Can we have a talk about Azir?
azir is pretty balanced right now,some pros even started playing him again in the midlane.Cassiopeia mains didnt cry when she got nerfed because of the lcs.
: A whole 1 person downvoted the thread (at the time of this post).
it was like -5 at one point.
Kei143 (NA)
: it takes alot more than 15 games to drop a punishment tier in leaver buster. Also, they are down voting you cos they know you are AFKing and don't like your actions.
i have played more than 400 since my last punishment from the leaverbuster which was probably like 4-5 months ago. Like i said the system is clearly flawd when it comes to players that play the game regularly,i havent left a match in months and i leave 1 match in the 20-50 i play a week and i get a ban,practicaly the system punished me for leaving less than 0.5% of the games i played the past months.statisticaly and logicaly the system is flawd.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: LeaverBuster Is Broken.
the amount of people who downvote the thread without even reading the reasoning behind it is too damn high.
: I swear the only people who say this shit are 12 year olds who dont have the mental capacity to understand what their words mean. It saddens me every time i see it.
i am 19 years old and i got banned for 14 days for toxicity in september.
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: I can't believe it. Someone made a reasonable well formulated yasuo post. You're a liar op. /s +1
i had a similar thought with op,mine was that there shouldnt be any limit to his dashes but when he dashes more than 3-4 times consecutively in lane his shield passive should trigger. When riot released yasuo the ap scene was far better than it is now,ability power items and champions have received several nerfs over the time,yasuos shield was supposed to be a tool to let him farm without getting overpunished but nowadays yasuos run warlords bloodlust which also helps them lane more easily,all in all yasuos shield passive instead of being a defensive tool that helps him farm it just rewards yasuos dashing through the wave and attacking the enemy laner without him being able to do anything since the trades are over in a second or 2 and yasuos shield is maxed.
Rivuo (NA)
: Darius counters poppy and naut pretty hard. Both champs becoming more popular
darius can use CoC with his e.also some pros took ghost or exhaust as the second spell on him and it was busted as hell. The rise to the winrate is due to CoC mainly though.
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