StefEXer (EUNE)
: Honsetly just make Crit not based on RNG. A possibility would be something like : "25% crit , then 100% crit once every 4 attacks; 50% crit then 100% crit every 2 attacks;10% crit then 100% crit every 10 attacks; and so on..." It could work. The RNG is really bad for the game.
: I heard that you were looking to change Katarina's E to cast instantly to help her dodge abilities better. What are your thoughts on doing the same for Master Yi's alpha strike? He relies heavily on dodging CC, and the cast time makes it impossible to do so in a lot of situations. This wouldn't really affect low elo, but it may give more skilled Yi players a way to compete in higher elos.
Bad idea , yi's a stat check (unlike kata which just gets screwed really hard by cc) , and the last thing he needs is less counterplay , like all stat checks he really shouldn't have any real viability in high elo because it means he's op at that point
: Yeah... And gut damage dealers even more ****HINT**** {{item:3070}} {{champion:41}} {{item:3070}}
If it makes gp worse i'm all for it stupid artificial gold generation and practically no mana issues after getting just a sheen , and i'm not even gonna touch the no mana cost barrels
Hadriel (NA)
: If the concern with Nami is how much her healing is preventing interaction during the laning phase, why isn't there some sort of way of compensating for the loss, such as tinkering with the ratio on W? I just don't understand why you've been so heavyhanded with enchanter balance when they aren't the champions that have been causing distortions in the game. The meta is always Alistar Braum with some special guests unless you miss the mark olympically on item balance (Ardent Censer, Redemption). Speaking of ratios, a few weeks ago you guys talked about preserving and encouraging off-meta builds. On the subject of Corki, every time you introduced nerfs in the past you unduly nerfed AP ratios, in fact nerfed the AP ratios more than you did AD ones for some unfathomable reason. AP Corki had a distinct playstyle to AD Corki that you guys all but killed with balance passes. Is it possible Corki gets the Shyvana treatment from a few patches ago? Corki's overnerfed ratios are, for example, the reason why he can't itemize for magic penetration he would benefit from, and his abilities unfairly scale much harder with AD than AP (package in particular is obscene, but also true of Q and R) considering AD contributes to auto damage that AP Corki doesn't get to tap into. This was a fun playstyle that was stifled and is sorely missed.
They should've increased W mana cost and increase regen a bit
I º oºI (EUW)
: ***
He needs higher range and higher reliability in general , not just passive
: My thoughts on jhin
is this a shitpost
: Will we be able to "double up" on a single stat? Say for example can I take AD as my offense stat and AD again as my third stat?
The last thing i want to see is a 90 AD rengar at lvl 1 running around
: Hi! What’s your opinion on Ekko? I know he is pretty balanced right now, but throughout several patches he has been getting indirect nerfs without any compesation. Now with these new nerfs to burst and runes he’ll be hit again. Has there been any talk about buffs or QoL changes?
the electrocute change is def not a nerf to ekko in early(and ekko imo doesn't need electrocute to begin with in late to do his job) , not using sudden impact isn't the end of the world either , he'll still be fine , and btw , if tanks will be played more phase rush might become better than electrocute because he'll be played like a bruiser in the sense you get in deal some damage get out and wait for cooldowns to do it again .
Tripolis13 (EUNE)
: Ezreal won't ever get a VGU only VU, plus some work on his Essence Flux (W) spell, that's all. He really needs a visual.
They did confirm there will be a slight VGU for Ezreal though
saltran (EUW)
: Honestly if they reduce the utility of tanks and increase the dmg they have tanks could be easier to balance for both pro play and soloQ but OK
Screw soloQ, increasing damage and lowering utility means they aren't tanks anymore , they're bruisers , you're effectively losing a role . If they just get more damage they might make bruisers irrelevant since they'll have the damage to compete with the almighty bruisers but more utility and much more lategame relevance
: Any changes to address the current awkwardness of Xayah? Even though she's still functional with stormrazor, it feels pretty bad not having CDR on her since a lot of her cooldowns were tuned around old essence reaver existing. I feel like even if she's performing well this isn't the best state to leave her in. She's simply not as fun to play like this.
She may be not as fun , but she certainly is as , if not more effective than pre ER rework being one of the few marksman in the meta , funneled or not. If anything i'd nerf her forced synergy with rakan by removing the sharing of deadly plumage(this is also a deserved nerf to rakan) and slightly increase ult cooldown to free up some of her power budget . Either way if she doesn't get nerfed preemptively for 8.15 she is one of the marksman that will very likely jump straight to pick or ban status in soloQ along with caitlyn and yasuo
: NO! For fuck's sake. Mages have been asking for this for over a year now and Riot hasn't given in. Have you stopped to consider that maybe, just MAYBE, that was for a reason? Everyone else in the world understands that classes are different except mage players. Everyone. Mage players expect some sort of equal ground between themselves and assassins just because they share a lane. No. Not even a little bit. You have completely different jobs with completely different roles and you need different things to fill that out. Mages are NOT tanky. They are ranged champions. They are supposed to die to assassins. If assassins can't kill mages, then they have no one to kill. Mages survive through kiting and using their ranged crowd control, not by absorbing hits with armor and MR. And even if they did do that, you ALREADY HAVE an item for each. Imagine how impossibly hard Fizz would be to kill if he had Zhonya's, his E AND an AP Maw item? Mages share their itemization with AP assassins and AP assassins do not need defensive itemization. You cannot have diversity by simply getting more of what you already have. That is power. You will stack it. There will be two AP armor items on every mage who lanes against an assassin. The assassin will no longer be able to kill the mage. The game will drastically change, and not for the better. There is no reason to justify having this in the game. Mages do not DESERVE to survive against assassins, assassins are their hard counter. Why is this so incredibly difficult for you to understand?
Seeing as the defensive item options are your biggest complain , let me clarify , i said that the Maw counterpart should give no AP, it's a purely defensive choice that requires ap for it to be effective to begin with at the cost of a lot of damage in exchange for some more survivability , sure you could stack zhonyas and the maw counterpart but then the fizz wouldn't have enough damage to burst a target before the million shields and heals start pouring in . And let's be honest , armor feels really bad to build with all the true damage lethality and % armor shreds in the game , "Imagine how impossibly hard Fizz would be to kill if he had Zhonya's, his E AND an AP Maw item? Mages share their itemization with AP assassins and AP assassins do not need defensive itemization." Imagine how hard it is to kill a target that outside the untargetability frames dies in 2 seconds either way because there's an extreme amount of damage creep all around the game affecting everyone besides assassins . mages , and crit marksmen .
: AP items You have on-hit: {{item:3100}} {{item:3115}} You have raw damage: {{item:3146}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3907}} You have defense: {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}} You have extremely gold efficient: {{item:3027}} {{item:3040}} You have tank busting: {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} You have squishy killing: {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} You have utility: {{item:3312}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3504}} And before you talk shit about supports not being AP, the OP is talking about ADs being a wide variety of classes. AP itemization includes AP support itemization. AP items are widespread and cover many different identities and types with plenty of overlap. Again, mage players do not want item diversity, they want power. If an item is deemed to not contribute enough to their damage output WHILE it gives utility or defense, it is written off by mage players as not existing. That is not Riot's fault. It doesn't change the fact that the items exist in the shop and can be built at any time. In fact, it actively discourages Riot from making any new attempts at AP itemization overhauls when players like you shoot down their last two attempts entirely. You simply can't be pleased.
Regarding your utility list : it's just wrong , spellthief's line is not even a choice at this point since coin is absolute garbage , protobelt and athene's are barely used anymore by anyone glp has 0 users in the game atm (Sol swapped to RoA since the mage update) , twin shadows is extremely niche and is used by like bard and i guess sometimes nami and eve , censer is mandatory for all enchanters and unusable for the others so it's not a choice item , it's a core around which enchanters were balanced. Regarding the "we shot down riot's last 2 overhaul attempts" statement : Their second to last one attempt in the mage update in S6 in patch 6.9 was awful and it didn't even feel someone even proof-read the stuff that was in it , it created balancing nightmares and fundamentally impossible to balance items , and pushing mages to flat mana and removing mana regen as a mage stat didn't help either , the last overhaul attempt in 8.4 was a complete and utter disaster even more than the mage update due to horrendous execution (why gut the core resource of an entire class , mana ,because the premiere waveclear class was waveclearing just a tiny bit too well instead of introducing minion damage penalties that lessened with time to give mages a vulnerability window .) The last "overhaul" was and is a major contributor to the chaotic state of the game while it further destroyed mage itemization choice (glp archangels being gutted and liandry being utterly destroyed for anyone that's not a battle mage) and if you mean that now we don't build morello every game , well yea now we build ludens every game. Regarding your "You simply can't be pleased statement" : Since when wanting our damage to not be balanced around 2 flat mpen items(sorcs and spellbound orb/morellos if you didn't know it already) and wanting more Defensive choices overall besides the two you listed and one more % magic pen item mean that we can't be please . At this point all we mages want is : - The removal of sorc shoes and morello's flat magic pen with compensation to morello's gold cost and damage compensation being given only to ap champions that are intended to have bursty play patterns plus liandry buffs so we can actually see multiple build paths instead of 4 core items on everyone (Sorcs morello ludens and deathcap) + Zhonya/Banshee + a choice item whereas AD champs get 3 core items plus 3 choice items ; - Phase rush to be reverted completely to its precursor stormraider's surge or at the very least have it's old condition brought back on top of this one (Dealing 30% of a champion's maximum health within 2.5 seconds) ; - At the very least 2 more defensive items where one is an equivalent to Maw of malmortius but gives no ap , gives armor and a physical damage shield that scales with ap up to a cap, another one should be for ap melees that gives them Armor and MR split equally plus a passive that gives a flat amount of ap(and flat ap given scales with ap) for each ability landed per person hit up to a cap and last but not least a banshee change , channeled like EoN but unlike EoN it's a spellshield which lingers for 0.4 seconds , maybe give EoN that effect as well. - Last thing we mages want is one more % magic pen item , a variant of void staff for glass cannon artillery mage builds which disables void staff's passive so they don't stack but pushes the % magic pen to the extreme like 20( +5% per 100 ap )% magic pen that applies only if the target has more flat MR than the % you ignore and it itself has no ap
: {{champion:245}} {{champion:8}} {{item:3152}} {{champion:136}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3165}} Anyone who isn't so dumb to not notice the 18 magic pen
Sol dropped GLP too after the rework and changed to RoA
: Conquerer from 10-35 ad to 6-35 ad
Can't they just make the true damage conversion scale with level , that way you get to keep it's niche as a way of giving bruisers lategame power while also weakening it where it matters
: i miss stormraider's surge...phase rush kinda sucks
Idk , it would be usable if old phase rush's proc condition was also added to this one(like 3 hits within X time period or deal Y% of the enemy champ's max hp within 3 seconds to activate) , that would make it a usable choice on so many champs and would open up a lot of strats
: I'm a man of reason. Here's what I think ACTUALLY needs to be dealt with in the game rn.
How about Conqueror gets the bonus ad on activation removed and gets the true damage convert slightly increased , that way it can act as natural check when tanks become good again (if riot will ever allow it)
Or you know , keep scuttle as is and all other camps including blue and red have exp given lowered and respawn timers lowered to not give time to shove the lane as well
: to clarify with the lane minion gold nerf, a champion has to have a jg item AND have the most gold on the team? not just one or the other right?
Yes , both criteria have to be met for the gold penalty
: It's either {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:110}} . I know for a fact it is one of the three because: 1) Both Miss Fortune and Varus just got updated lore and their kits don't really match it. 2) Riot has proven wit a track record that they will work on popular champions before ones that really need it. I have a sneaky feeling it is Ezreal because a lot of Developers have said he needs a new W and could benefit from a VU more than a VGU. My guess is probably Ezreal because Riot can care less about the champions that really need it as opposed to the ones that are popular. Ezreal is the contender.
Ez isn't getting any changes with the SSG skin coming up (his kit isn't problematic either, he's just a jack of all trades and master at none that is picked when the meta calls for it or in some cases when he can abuse certain keystones or items ) , mf has Gun goddess for the visual update (similar case to udyr) and varus got multiple lore retcons to fit with his in-game character
: Pre-Ascension and Post-Ascension, Pre-Darkin Skins for Aatrox, Va(a)rus and Rhaast skins please?
You can't do it with Varus due to the simple reason that humanoid archer body isn't fully corrupted and controlled by the darkin , aka most likely doesn't have the same size as pre imprisonment Varus(and you can't screw with ingame sizes) , you also can't do it with rhaast due to the simple reason Kayn's in the picture , you can do it with Aatrox though
Zeanix (OCE)
: What are the Baccai compared to Darkin, Ascended and Aspects (and other lore Questions)
Ascended are people raised to godhood status by the sun disc successfully , Baccai are failed ascensions , think xerath but much uglier and deformed and with less explosive consequences . Darkin were Ascended who basically got the league equivalent of PTSD after the Icathian war , ending up having mortal desires again , like a hunger for power , lying and unnecessary bloodshed .
iDarkWind (EUW)
: Assassins dash's are also their only tools to engage in most cases, wich means if they try to play aggro, they're extremly vulnerable. Saying that a Zed is ungankable when his only escape is his only tool to trade, wich has 22 seconds cooldown, is stupid.
"in most cases ". What ? Noct, shaco , rengar(even though he has a nice escape/disengage via emp. W), and maybe katarina(which aren't "in most cases" btw) are the only ones with only an all in dash(or they don't really get to use their dash defensively , say rengar jump on a scuttle or a ward once all in-ing ). The other assassins have at their disposal at least one dash/blink that they can freely use to escape , Khazix can evolve R first and enjoy an additional 2 invisibility frames , eve has her dash as a disengage , Ekko E , R , Passive , general slipperiness , kassadin has plenty mobility post 6(i doubt you're dumb enough to push wave as kassa pre 6 , Akali W is a great disengage and escape tool , plus it has a blink ,Talon has his ult and his E, Fizz usually has enough damage to assassinate someone without using E offensively. A good zed never uses his W offensively if he suspects a gank , and if you can't position yourself in normal Q range then that's your problem , it's your fault if you get your W baited and then get subsequently killed. Edit : i forgot to mention LB and ahri , but are you really gonna try to claim LB W , and respectively ahri R don't come with a free escape ?(even if ahri R has a rather high cooldown you still have passive movespeed E charm , generally you don't play offensively as ahri without your R ).
: ahri passive most useless passive in the game
you what , that's better than the movespeed she had when it was on Q (at least in the short term) , now she actually plays like an assassin , and the movespeed is a godsend when you have to deal with skillshot heavy champs , just auto/E + W them for reliability and boom free movespeed to dodge all those pesky skillshots
: I miss old Ahri :(
So you miss old kite mode bitch ahri that couldn't snowball or fall behind and was picked as a safe pick ?
Galiö (NA)
: Ad a joke imma say Karthus R cause it's the only spell in the game that has fluff text and is the simplest ability in the game. Idk who has the most overloaded ability but that Camille E looks like a lot. Jhin passive looks like a bit. But Overall I think nidalee between all of her abilities is overloaded. This is a hard one.
regarding Nidalee the abilities themselves are NOT overloaded , the entirety is though . I mean what does she have : Human Q : Simple linear skillshot with damage scaling over distance(Zoe Q is just a better ability in general , aoe , almost nonexistent cd , Better damage , easier to land ), human Q is reasonably easy to dodge , primes her combo Human W : Basically useless unless you practically live in the enemy jg , which ain't happening most of the time , primes the rest of her combo as well Human E : a Heal that's not even that strong until midgame , a nice attack speed steroid that's barely noticeable until maxed Cougar Q : Execute ability , mandatory on an assassin , requires target to be marked by human Q or W to be a great ability (requires setup) mandatory requirement for an assassin Cougar W : a small dash ( unless it's on a marked target) that deals damage( the reset mechanic is somewhat useful in combat ), The damage and the dash are both mandatory for a jungle assassin Cougar E : short range AoE damage , mandatory clearing tool for a jungler .
: He's just a pub stomper, if you crush him and his team early he's useless. His early game sucks.
Then how come he's been winning a crap ton of pro play matches when he's picked , you're not gonna tell me pros are noobs aren't you .
Geneseid (NA)
: There's practically no item in this game you can build against Yi
While yes , there is no real itemization against him , he has trouble with certain picks in general , i'm gonna list a couple for all lanes , top : irelia , kled ,maokai , malphite , Jungle : Elise , Lee sin , J4(yi is usually forced to gapclose on J4 , all he has to do is ult and flag and drag away from the pit , leaving yi stuck) Mid : Irelia , Gragas(if you fancy that) , most assassins that have at least one easy to land cc and or escapes(ahri , lb , zed ) ADC : The best i can think of is xayah and maybe vayne, since she can buy her time via ult and then root yi , and vayne can buy her time with invisibility and Condemn Bot picks in general : Vlad (Vlad in general is grossly op and has no trouble dealing with yi ) , Heimerdinger ( for anyone not watching pro play , he's actually seen success in bot) , lulu and lux Support : Brand , Bard , Fiddle , Alistar ( Brand and bard have enough damage and cc to force out yi's alpha , leaving him vulnerable to cc , Fiddle just spooks him away , Alistar can control him just enough to hopefully let your allies eliminate him)
: nerfing vlad because he's played botlane
Vlad has been grossly overpowered for the last couple patches , it's getting addressed just now simply because it's become way too obnoxious (and executioner's calling hurdurrdurr is NOT a valid excuse to not nerf him , it does shit to stop his permawaveclear and insane E damage in general)
: I think removing minion damage but adding a minion damage AD ratio (100%) capped at the live amount would be better. Jungle Yi doesn't buy AD for quite some time but by the time splitpushing starts to happen or for Lane Yi such a change would nerf the playstyle they're trying to nerf without fucking other versions of Yi too hard.
No , lane yi shouldn't see viability anytime simply due to how obnoxious his kit is when he's a strong pick ( and he's already good now)
Swegmec (NA)
: Buffing towers would fix multiple other gameplay issues
The inhib and nexus turret changes , more specifically the dmg reduction aura would make games impossible to close without a stomp and or baron buff (do you realize how massive 4-20% damage reduction is ? ), and there's no need for compensation damage buffs , if anything , i'd give turrets across the line 1k more hp than what's here to better distinguish champions that have strong tower pushing from people with weaker tower pushing
: > [{quoted}](name=Agatorion,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cQLlfkY6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-17T07:08:31.548+0000) > > That is the point. > Almost most of his kit is riven. > NOTHING NEW OR UNIQUE. You literally could say the same shit for almost every single champion. New Aatrox =/= Riven. Not only is the playstyle different but also the biggest issue with most people is his q which ''is the same like rivens q''. The only same is that both have a tripple cast and the last cast is a aoe knock up. Stop comparing champions because ''they look the same'' or some sort of shit. Its not a valid point.
Indeed his Q is not riven Q , it's the child of riven Q and camille W with the slow removed and size steroids
: What do you mean?
Most assassins(or at least the usually good ones) have an easy escape option(s) since most have said escape on a basic ability(LB W , zed W , talon E , Fizz , ekko can easily proc his passive )
Nhifu (NA)
: In high ranked games the game ends when second item finishes with a small part in the third item (zeal and boots for example) (10 minutes an item) Go look up some top players in solo queue it's the same unless game goes for 45 minutes.
Still doesn't give a reason for the strongest lategame class with massive emphasis on LATEGAME , to kick in at 2nd-ish item , even if the game ends by the time they kick in . Otherwise there's literally no reason for early game champions to exist if mathematically , what would be "late game " adcs kick in at the same point in time as early to mid game focused champions but they spike much , much harder . Second of all , your idea is just flawed , you're basically saying that what you call "lategame"(and the quotation is there because they wouldn't be lategame , they'd be just mathematically superior early to mid game and on champions ) ADC's should be mandatory in all games because why the fuck not ? OH right , because there's a time and place for early , for mid , and for lategame champions , not just ADCs
: Zed is so easy right now. Too much inate damage in early. His late scaling is strong, his base damages need nerfs
His Q needs the bloody damage falloff penalty reintroduced with no compensation buffs for base damage values, it's either that or make the Q hit 3 targets at most(which would also solve his bullshit levels of waveclear and range from which he waveclears for an ad melee assassin) , when they removed the falloff in the last set of changes to him it removed almost all of the counterplay he had in early game
Nhifu (NA)
: Why should the game cater to passive play? It's a competitive/esports pvp game. Strong late scaling ADC's should kick in after 2nd item anyways. And it should be relevant for split pushers to carry their team if they suck, as a means to counterplay when your team comp isn't so strong.
No they shouldn't kick in after 2nd item , and the entire team shouldn't be the adc's bitch either for that matter . You're basically saying champions that are meant to kick in at 5-6 items kick in at less than half of that
: Because armor and MR are op.
you mean only MR , armor is practically useless at this point with cleaver , LW line, champs that shred armor naturally , true damage everywhere , on the other hand mr nulifies the kill potential of most AP champs until they get 4-5 items
: Not rly, you go red/chickens/scuttle/blue (enemy or yours) and your lvl 3, you ghost water dive and e, you flash for your e if they flash and theres a kill especially with hook Q. Your mid has a lead now and you got yourself 100 ish gold. You can repeat this since you have blue buff mana. If your vs a graves, he will 100% scuttle crab, tell your midlaner to help you out at north scuttle (if he starts red) and thats a free kill, this exact scenario happened when i played with an Orianna mid and we destroyed graves for the rest of the game.
what you're describing is basically a lot of things that can go wrong , and he fails if even one doesn't work as planned , still skeptical
: Being honest as a teemo main I actually wouldent mind this change! that way I dont have to go shitty hybrid to hurt a tank cuz they bult one fucking mr item
I know that feeling well , even if i don't play Teemo as much anymore . Also , i want to improve the original post via editing in the next couple days to give a better explanation of what i tried to achieve , give examples , justify , so any criticism would be welcome , especially if it involves math or examples .
: I tried him out as a jungler, it works surprisingly well with a coordinated team.
He has to make it through the early game, coordinated team or not , there are plenty champions who can deny him enough farm let alone the number of junglers who can outright duel him in early to make him virtually useless
Rioter Comments
: It would be simple enough to change it to start slower and pick up speed as it goes. But I'm not invested in any of this, I just disagree that there's no way to target power in her wall.
the speed change again just modifies the range at which it is effective , it's a bit more math , but still not too much since it's basically 6th grade physics . There is simply no way to target the power of her wall since either she traps opponents with it or she doesn't there's no in between, the only way i can even possibly think of targeting the ult is by pulling something like what they did to ryze on pbe and give her lvl 3 ult range +some more and massive downtime(cooldowns) and this still doesn't harm the power of her wall . Something that's more interesting to try is to not make it a wall but rework it into a massive hill (which like slows if you go up on it and faster when down on it , and not affected when in the middle of it) , then you can start toying with numbers that do something
: You could make it more telegraphed (more dramatic indicator of wall trajectory, longer channel before shooting the wall out, slower speed of wall building) giving more leeway for the targets to reposition. There are plenty of ways to reduce specifically the Wall's reliability.
All the changes you said simply lower the range taliyah can cast the wall from and be reliable , based on how harsh your proposed changes are applied it could lead to taliyah losing a lot of incentive from leveling up ult( since the only benefit would be cd) creating another set of problems
SSmotzer (NA)
: Utility Smites
Idk if these smites move focus completely away from adc and nearly all into assassins and mages (aka ap damage dealing spells and high damage spells overall )and if getting these smites removes the initial functionality of targeting monsters then they could actually be fun especially with something like summoner spellbook
KZ Engel (NA)
: who cares, get her out of lcs
You can't contest the strength of a wall like hers unless you literally give her the azir treatment and make her virtually unplayable , the potential of isolating 1-2 immobile targets simply can't be weakened
: > [{quoted}](name=Bogdan1945,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=B3kWBlWr,comment-id=008b0000,timestamp=2018-05-12T21:42:27.042+0000) > > those buffs would send her right back into the meta as one of the few mages still able to perma clear waves , instead of a niche pick where she should be , she only needs R cast cost reduced and R cost ramp up decreased But if R cost reduce then she aslo can perma clear wave And why those buff allow her to perma clear wave? Q only increase stun and slow (so there is no damage increase against the wave). W mana cost reduce only at a lower rank and nobody can use it to clear wave. We only have a problem with the R part but like i said the cost only reduce after 5 seconds (the amount needed to clear a non cannon wave so she still have mana problem if she want to spam wave clear but she still can help with the objective or can still make a nope zone).
She already has more cc than most control mages , also her cc is more reliable than most control mages, a W buff is not necessary since she uses it against champion combat , she only needs the R buffs
: > [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uWwYgBnk,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-13T12:48:59.014+0000) > > > >Remember when diving mechanics were meant to have "risks"? Sure {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}}
Trynda Ekko and Skaarl are designed at least partially as divers , kayle , well if you get dived by a kayle you're bad to get so low, and fizz when good is usually played as a diver too , yasuo was supposed to be a melee adc not an unkillable diver
: Hi So when will the buff for mages that are weaken coming?(next season or some patch later) For Anivia, i think just reduce W mana cist at lower rank, tweak Q a little (maybe increase stun time and increase the slow debuff when hit the enemy in R) and if Riot consider Anivia as a comtrol mage (i think you consider her a control mage but someone give a me a link to a article told that Anivia is a disruptor) then give her reduce mana cost for her R IF she keep it for 5 second (the amount needed to kill non cannon wave).
those buffs would send her right back into the meta as one of the few mages still able to perma clear waves , instead of a niche pick where she should be , she only needs R cast cost reduced and R cost ramp up decreased
: I'm going to be real here, patch cadence kinda sucks.
It'd be interesting to have a cadence like this during a period of 5 weeks : Big patch (week 1) , small patch (week 2), small patch (week 3),Big patch (week 5) Regarding names it could be : X.Y ; X.Ya ; X.Yb ; X.Z The cadence would feel better where X.Ya would be used to quickly adjust based on initial impact , and X.Yb would be a second response based on data during X.Y up to X.Ya + X.Ya initial impact , X.Yb could also have small adjustments/fine tuning besides addressing X.Y patches (number changes only , no new mechanics) . Pro play patches could always use X.Yb patches , and it'll be far better than how it is now with a lot of Pro play patches having a lot of op/REALLY strong picks in them(post buffs kai'sa , post buffs swain , release Zoe )
: I think its high time to say this...
The problem with janna isn't just "old champion design syndrome" it's her binary nature in her kit as the only thing she can do 99% of the time is disengage/peel (the other 1% is insec-ing someone) while most other supports still have some offensive power if it comes to that, she has practically 0 offensive power if she doesn't get about 300 ap to make the zephyr slow good enough to chain into a Q . Also she has too much sheer utility for an enchanter that simply can't be touched without completely destroying her like the ult knockback the W slow the E AD steroid the Q instacast. On a different side note , having all zeal items' movespeed changed to a unique passive would be lovely , so adcs aren't impossible to outrun or reach , same thing with spellbinder and lich bane(although in spellbinder/lich bane case it's not that bad since there's very few champions that can use both efficiently , diana fizz ekko and well , sona if you're into that kind of stuff)
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