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: Most Inspirational Champion Quote
{{champion:203}} "Never one... - ...without the other."
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Tegash (NA)
: It's gone because for some reason Riot made the game auto-exit back into the client exactly 2.5 seconds after the game ends. It probably still actually has the code available for it to begin playing, it just doesn't have enough time to execute.
Yeah, I remeber you had to wait ~30 sec. to activate it :/
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: Broken Turret range indicators
To run this bug you should have your turret range indicators in in game section.
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Arunasura (EUNE)
: Game Mode
I never saw this mode but from your words it sounds very exciting! I want to see that mode too!!!
Löthbrøk (EUNE)
: Game modes
Urf mode is only one in the year. He start usually in the spring. Sorry for my English I haven't got skills in English.;)
: Guide to Defeat Lulu on Mid with Sona
Sorry for my English. I speak English only 2 years ;)
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