Porocles (NA)
: Putting in a ticket was a solid step, our billing team should be able to help with this. I did look into this for you and it looks like the ticket was submitted yesterday, and a specialist responded to your ticket a few minutes ago. Be sure to keep chatting with them, and they'll work with you to get this resolved. Good luck!
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: Noticed that you were giving people individual tips, do me pls
{{champion:64}}: Hello Mr. NoggenFogger, - I **saw** your profile in op.gg and i **see** that you have been playing since season 5 and the highest league that you have achieved is Silver. What you need to do is remove the _blindfold_. Stop playing ranked and go train with your main champion, i am uncertain on who your main is, choose someone!... Your win rate will improve dramatically if you find your main, and consistently play with him/her. - When playing games keep in mind that you are playing to improve with your main. Learn as much as you can about him/her: review your games and find out your mains **strengths and weaknesses**, powerspikes, etc. In short, **master** your champion! Read under "Removing the Blindfold" and "Inspecting the Blindfold" for more advice!
: hey man can u see my page at op gg and give me some advice? ( i also tried ur sona and got some great results so thank you for that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} )
{{champion:64}}: Hello RizHippoKhan, - I **saw** your profile in op.gg and i **see** that you have close to 30 games played in ranked so far. Shyvana being your most played champion (Main) in ranked with amazing win-rate but poor K**D**A out of 16 games played. What you need to do is play more shyvana in your games with a mentality to improve. **Review your games** after each match and look at why you keep having poor K**D**A after a game. Point out what mistakes you did, how could you have avoided those mistakes, what will you do next time if you are in a similar situation to avoid those negative consequences. Your K**D**A stats will surely thank you if you do this! - I noticed that you are beginning to play Sona in ranked and you are currently in a winning streak with her. Congratz! Also, you are in Promos, congratz again! Don't feel pressured, take your time if you have to. Play some normals, rotating games, etc ... with Sona or Shyvana before attempting ranked again. {{champion:37}}: ..... :D {{champion:99}}: Yeah what she said, - You are building Sona the effective way, this is why you are getting good results. However, i noticed that your **damage dealt to enemy champions **is relatively low. Take advantage of your offensive build, don't be afraid to engage on enemy champions. Quickly get an enhanced aa with Q, E out and **back** if you have to. You can make your games end much quicker if you are constantly dealing damage to enemy champions! :D - Good Luck on your Promos!
: This just...ugh...
{{champion:64}}: Hello Chipndip1, - I **saw** your profile in op.gg and i **see** that you... {{champion:37}}: ...... ! <3 {{champion:99}}: Yes, yes calm down Sona. {{champion:64}}: Haha, - You have over 700 games played with Sona in ranked this season, congratz! You are awesome! One more *tier* and you will become part of the legendary Sona enthusiasts! Like i said in my post, **master a champion** and you will be on your way to the higher tiers, even with support champions! This fact is so obvious yet many summoners are oblivious to this! - You won't find most of the advice in my post helpful since you are Diamond 3, but if you did see something that was helpful to you, please do not hesitate to point it out! Also, i would appreciate any advice from you on how you are easily dominating games in diamond with Sona!
: I learned that sona was low-key OP when I played her during the time she was free last week, I was positive I was just imagining things, good thing somebody confirmed. Nice post, but hextech gunblade sona seems pretty questionable.
{{champion:37}}: ..... {{champion:99}}: {{item:3146}} should be the last item that you build if you decide to get the {{item:3145}} early game. What you really want is the _passive_ from the revovler, this is why the gunblade should be the last item that you finish. - {{item:3145}} + {{item:3057}} + {{champion:37}}'s enhanced aa with Q does so much damage... even more with thunders try it out!
: Um is it okay if you can post a few replays? Sona is one of my mains and I have tried out this guide. Not the best of my games, but I feel I did ok. Got a triple kill in one of them but I would still would like to take a look at your movements and all
{{champion:37}}: ... {{champion:99}}: I would share my Sona replays with you but i don't know how to do it... any ideas?
: One tricking or close to it has always been the way to climb. I have several champs where I am at a 60% or higher win rate (been playing mostly in Silver 5), and I'm like why the hell am I still here? So I looked at my ranked stats and realized I have thrown away close to 100 games this season with champs I've played 3 times or less. Imagine if I had just done that in normals for fun, I'd be ao much closer to gold
{{champion:64}}: Hello Noblewind, - I **saw** your profile in op.gg and i **see** that you have over 400 games played in ranked this season and you are in silver!! :O What You need to do is **IMPROVE** overall to advance to gold. - Here is what you should do: - Stop playing ranked for a month and go practice your main ADC in unranked games. Play with a mindset to improve as a player. Moreover, you shouldn't feel pressured or anything like that while playing the unranked games. Remember that you are playing to improve. After every game or so, review your matches. Yes, including games that you won. Point out the things that u did good and the things that you could have done better. I promise you that you been a veteran this season, will undoubtedly see positive results when u begin playing ranked again. You should make it to gold before the end of season 7 if you successfully remove the damn blindfold. Good luck!
: WAit I thought we still had like 2 months before the season ended? I'm s4 right now, I think I can do it.
Protokai (NA)
: what do you think of {{champion:267}} playing like this would it work or do you think i should stick to Windspeakers {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} style builds with her?
{{champion:37}}: ... {{champion:99}}: Hi there, - Try my Sona build along with masteries in normals, customs, and or bots! If you keep getting better results than your original build for Nami then adopt the new build and try it in ranked! - Personally, i never ever take redemptions in the lower ranks. The only support items that i buy in the lower leagues are: - {{item:3504}} , {{item:3174}} and {{item:2301}}.
Nea104 (EUW)
: You're basically saying low elo ranked games suck; I agree. Still I think this is a deviation from what League should be, and I'm pretty disappointed Riot hasn't do anything about.
{{champion:64}}: Hello Nea104, - I **saw** your profile in op.gg and i **see** that u like playing the role JG Amumu a lot! This is a good thing since u already found your main! Problem is that you are dependent on your team to deal damage to enemies that you cc; in other words ... you are building tank and don't really do any damage! - Solutions: - Create new item build paths for your Amumu, preferably offensive items and test them in **unranked** games. If you are not getting desired results then you might want to stop playing Amumu for now until your team is able to react appropriately to your successful ganks. (Until u hit Gold) - Find a "secondary" main to carry you in the lower ranks, an assassin or a jg champion that is capable of dealing damage so that you won't rely on your noob team to carry!
: > Note: Play super aggressively early game with Sona. Poke the shit out of the enemy ADC. Make it difficult for her to farm! Zone out your opponents! Sona is adept at doing these things and much more! This early build is way funier as sona : {{item:3136}} {{item:3145}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3057}} And Thunderlord ofc. You better not lose early tough.
{{champion:37}}: ...... :O {{champion:143}}: Hmmm yes the +15 Magic Pene will surely come in handy for her. Good Idea!
: "30% off ELO boosting" uh huh.
{{champion:114}}: Your point is?...
: p.s. How do you feel about The Starchild, {{champion:16}} , these days?
{{champion:99}}: Well, She will be a Starguardian very very soon, im so proud of her! {{champion:16}}: thank you ... :3 {{champion:117}}: No more purple but green! Yiipi! {{champion:6}}: _"Sigh"_ When will i become a star guardian :( ... RITO PLZ! {{champion:99}}: ... 0.o
: I think I saw your post a little while back in the r/supportlol subreddit? Anyway, love your stuff. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
{{champion:69}}: Yes, this is a second update on the post and TY for liking this post! {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: What if you're already in gold?
{{champion:37}}: ........... :D {{champion:99}}: yeahh... If you are gold then congratz! hope you advance to diamond next season! :D
: Watch out for smurfs, there's tons of them towards the end of season.
{{champion:157}}: Eye m Smurf Kyng eye carry u tu Gold! {{champion:98}}: Alright, where is that lunatic at...
Rainfall (EUNE)
: but support is for noob players
{{champion:37}}: ......... >:( {{champion:12}}: LETS CRUSH HIM! {{champion:267}}: Omg, is he for real...? {{champion:37}}: -.- {{champion:40}}: He is an ADC main i just know it. {{champion:16}}: OFC he is. They always belittle us supports even though they know for a fact that without us they... "Something disturbing enters the support room rapidly..." {{champion:157}}: Riven! wear r u!! ... oh hi! Um duh u guis no wear mi love iz at? {{champion:267}}: Umm what is that thing... eww Im out of here. "_Supports leave the room in a matter of seconds_" {{champion:157}}: ooh :( hwy duz no won lyke mi ... {{champion:92}}: (channeling while hiding under a bed in the support room {{summoner:12}})
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Andrexo9 (EUW)
: I have the same feel but with Sweetheart Sona, the only Sona skin i don't own.. I want that skin so badly! ;-; Spent tons of money on Epic Caspule and Mega Orb but didin't get her :'D
Engelin (NA)
: Hello again. Here's more music.
Porocles (NA)
: I know you're super excited, but I really don't know. We try and give a heads up on skin sales for the month in advance on that Sales page, but we don't have specifics on legacy skins until announced. Sorry!
Teph (NA)
: This could be legacy content, which means that the skin is not available for purchase, so you could open some chests or be gifted a random skin, both of these ways I believe that you can receive legacy content. I think there is a place to submit a ticket or a place to communicate directly to riot about manners like this, I'll try to find a link that will help you out but don't be afraid of doing some extra digging yourself! Good luck! Edit: I agree that this skin is really good and I would like to buy it as well.
I might submit a ticket if i dont have her sungoddess skin by the end of worlds, smh {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Andrexo9 (EUW)
: I got her in the Hextech :o
Porocles (NA)
: Sun Goddess Karma is a [legacy skin](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752944-Guide-to-Legacy-and-Limited-Skins#h1q5). Legacy skins aren't always available in the store, but may come up every now and then. You'll want to bookmark our [Sales](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales) page to keep an eye out for it. You'll also still be able to find her through mystery gifts or hextech chests. Good luck!
-.- I just want the skin so badly! i cant wait to get it! TY for replying Poro and **when** will legacy content become available for purchase... most likely? I read all the LoL news from the surrender@20 website, i love league mainly the skin that you guys create!
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