: fix your shit, riot
hehe xd you expected something good from Riot i mean Mordekaieser got a book about his bugs AND THERE IS NEW RUNES that will fuck it even harder trust me league doest got alot to live for soon it will be like minecraft come once like a good game then a version come out 1.9 the version that made the game a failure...
cought* we are the League community every second person is rasist and 1 of 30 peoples are girls those girls are mostly emos they got 1 skin for them and its the goth annie nothing else...The other skins are for pervert 12 year olds.
: You didn't level up from 0 to 0. Your honor was Locked. The account was recently unlocked and you are now officially Dishonorable. I mean, I wouldn't even bother trying to level up honor. You have less than a month to reach level 1. And even if you managed to reach level 1, you'll only receive "fewer" key fragment drops. Once Season 8 starts, honor gets reset to level 2.
28 days later i giv e you an update https://gyazo.com/a604617455f90ee4cb58d44f1e33c255 https://gyazo.com/8de8f311a55c03f389cf35b1989b9a99 the god dawn system is broken
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: The real reason Graves got the victorious skin.
Graven is reformed Tyler1 they are coming for you..
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Porocles (NA)
: The most common cases of account registration failure would be using an existing email or inputting an age that is not eligible for creation. Let me know if that clears things up!
So i make a new acc i am from bulgaria so i use an ABV the age i know about it i put pretty much random ages from 2000 down bcs there is not much of an deal .. But the part is that i meant it not even wanna scan you just put the info and it stops working like it become frozen. Oh yea also i am doing it wtih chrome. how it looks like : https://gyazo.com/cc03d7293dcc252db0e1682c2f624de3
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I feel how much zed ponies will come to ask the same... Riot will hear you when that means money to them..
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mzicio (EUW)
: Why do people even want mordekaiser to be reworked? He's ok right now, and people who say otherwise just have no idea about how you should play him.
i know how to play him the way of playing mordekaiser is pretty much yi with no mobility and a little bit more burst than dps so its fucked up... too much counterplay to him too lane counterplay agaist him.. and its annoying
: Mordekaiser
He ist getting smaller price cuz he is weak he is getting it bcs how you sayed old metal men... PRETTY OLD METAL MEN too old to stay at 3150 like i got no problems with it its like k nice now he is eazyeir to pick early...
: Yo, if I play Morde I'll 0v2 you!
you stealed our champ that we actuly wanna see the rework of..
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: How to curse league of legends games (How to lose without getting banned)
i think i shout have put this on memes and games then the peoples will know what do i mean the emoji jinx wast enought good duh..
Leylania (EUW)
: Or you could not troll at all :)
Thats puttet in gameplay bcs i have seen a lot of peoples doing it and like Nhipu over here he got a cursed game with an stupid garen BUT thats not new and its shout stop faster..
SirButter (EUNE)
: Isnt 14 days ban enough as a punishment?
Dont listen to them they dont got idea what the fk are they talking...
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: Well normal players dont get a 14 day ban. So yeah...
There is no normal players there is the one that get oneshoted and try to not rage and the tank players but there is one type of players the worst ones the peoples that put ice on salt on a hole on your D*** this ones are terrible...
: Games that are memes are good. Don't believe me? Why is Team Fortress 2 still up and running?
league will become a meme of the 2500 M big Cho Gath that can oneshot 80% of your team the else they will afk.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >But after 10 12 minutes afk ADC i dont get lost prevented? Loss Prevented only occurs when it is a server wide problem. Someone leaving a game doesn't constitute as that.
i will edit the post but still why there ist any kind of lost prevented for being an ***
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BuppleBg (EUNE)
: i got more fun playing Roblox than playing League
i shoud delete this post bcs most doest get it but lets see ya guys...
Glîtchy (NA)
: So we had an MC/Roblox kid in our midst
minecraft this game wast that bad.Years ago..
: okay, bye, go play roblox. you don't need to announce you're leaving, just shoo and play ur childs game
wait you are litterily playing League i have played once roblox bcs of my friend and i really like it even more its the worst thing but i still shoud play league bcs its kind of funny to see peoples like you chatting shit with me ...
: I don't think that post belongs here. This place is for fun and giggles!
Yea there is a problem that i dont even wanned to make it any kind of joke but this game just become one big meme..
: As a morde main, I would like a full rework for morde. There are too many flaws in his kit that can be exploited by the enemy team. They also mess with his builds. Right now, DotKaiser is basically a slightly tanker than average ap mage with no range. He only has tankiness when he is in a 1v1 fight and the shield isn't instantly deleted. He needs to have damage and tankiness if he can overcome the debilitations of having no mobility or cc. You can't just give him damage and situational tankiness. Personally, I would like to see his ult completely changed. It fits thematically, but it reliant on so many different factors that it is unreliable. Right now, its purpose is to finish people off who are running away or to get a 6v4 team fight after you gangbang someone. I would like him to get an ult that lets him finish people off or have a way to force fights. Not like a jargon multi, but something like ilaio e maybe. Feel free to disagree with me and argue!
I see this comment after 4 months but i got this thing in my head that if they remove his ult he will be good but not fun i want a fun champ interesting something that you can try with not a champ that got the same things again and again ... Mordekaiser is so unique from 3 things his passive his W and MOST OF ALL his ult i still wanna see how nautalius is doing a moon walk.
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