: Why do you like the current state of affairs? I am trying to understand the mindset of someone who likes the massive damage and rapid matches. I started playing this game nearly 4 years ago, when 45 minute matches were a regular occurrence. I enjoyed spending days playing LoL, fighting the long matches, it actually felt like a battle, instead of some random and senseless bar fight. I just don't understand the appeal of matches where a single ability is capable of tearing off a third of ones health bar, or where matches are decided in the first ten minutes.
Notice how you have to include something else besides just "Why do you like the game?" You have to mention "Massive damage and rapid matches" which is, in your eyes, clearly negative? Anyway I feel like you're forgetting how much less knowledgeable you were and everybody else playing the game was back then. Knowing more about the game means closing out the game faster and that's how it's always been. I enjoy everything about league as much as I used to. I don't see where the damage has increased. I DO see however, where the combos have improved for certain champions. Why do you think people say "There's not enough room for plays anymore" Let me give you an example: Back in the day, any Lee Sin picking the champion up would attempt the glorious flash kick which was new back then. However, nowadays we've finally realized how sub optimal this maneuver is. Nowadays most people don't go for risky flash kicks but instead do q - r - q - e as it is a much faster combo and has more than enough burst to kill the enemy squishy. This has NOTHING to do with the game having more damage. It's really just that wasting flash on a q - r -q combo is a waste and we didn't realize that back then, both because we were newer to the game but ALSO because players in general had less knowledge about the game worked. Check a silver game from 2014 and compare it to a silver game now. Silver players nowadays have basic understanding of wave management, animations cancels, autoattack cancels and vision as well even. If I saw a silver player playing the way they do now 4 years ago I would've assumed they were smurfing.
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