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: Those were examples of champions that dive, and who when played well, will make it so if they target a specific person can almost ensure they will die. Theres this thing called camping and if you do not get help it will often result in a loss of farm, and an increase in deaths. You see it as the player whos dieing's fault. The enemy could just be a smurf of a challenger or something, or just better in general. What you are proposing is quite simply "if you fail you get hit harder". "if you get camped and your team doesnt give a care, you will be hit harder." May as well afk in base if it gives less of a penalty than trying to catch up and trying to turn it around. This will also promote kill farming by those that love to do everything they can to tilt people. "hahaha your so bad. You just died again which means you suck and are going to be demoted after just one game hahahahahahaha". It will promote a more toxic game play than what people already try to do. Think back to a game that you did not do well, or your last streak of games that you did not do well/you got ouplayed hard by enemies who were better...... If your plans were implimented, do you really think it would have been fair? Think carefully.
So whats ur idea about players who dive and die and feed enemy? How should we force them not to do that. If they dive 1v1 or in a teamfight thats ok but when they dive 1v3 or 1v5 and expect us to fly with light speed and help him when we are far away from him then what should we do?? When mid laner plays good but bot laner play reckless and feed the enemy adc 5 times in 10 mnutes.... then what should we do?
: A problem i have with this for example, is often times i am targetted/am blocking skill shots/using my cc and shields and heals to save an ally, and will often end up with 8-12 deaths, 0-2 kills, and 30+ assists on longer games, often being the only one dead out of the team fight. Putting more emphasis on CS and kills and less deaths will simply make everyone farm harder and not risk dieing, and if the enemy has a dive comp (lee jung, riven top for example) they can tilt an enemy even worse by targetting a single person all game and they will be unable to do anything about it. Currently, if you are targetted, you just become worth less gold, but if you farmed you can keep up...... Your proposal i fear would bring even more toxicity and make people even more afraid of playing ranked than they already are.
Its not about champions like lee or riven. In bronze and silver many players dive with other champions and die easily. Players who play Lee or Riven must train with them in normal draft or practice tool then play in ranks and know when to dive to kill or help and when not to dive.
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: [CRASH] Network Warning (You have disconnected. Please check your internet connection and try again)
Same problem here... but for me its not from patch 7.11 its just from today.
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Baffalena (OCE)
: katarina new rework OP
i agree with u. kata now has really low cooldown.why such an op champion with low cooldown shouldn't need mana!
OonFaija (EUW)
: I had played from season 3, had almost all the champs. (I just didn't want to play some of the champs so never bought them) 12rune pages, basically all runes you could imagine useful, had spent around 300€ through the years and thousands of hours played. Always tried my best, only flamed for trolls and afkers and this is what i get. Permaban for "being toxic" to players who ruin the game on purpose. fml
sth i don't really get is that i am straightly banned 14 days because of 22 deaths from someone playing with my account and it wasn't intentionally and he got teamwork honor after the game too. i didn't get any warning before this ban. or even i didn't get any chat restriction before this 14 days ban. its too funny. i spent a lot of time and money on this game and all i got was straight 14 days ban. then i will get permaban.


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