: No. The last thing we need is more executes in the game. Also. %missing hp on every auto attack does a lot more than %hp on every auto.
They can reduce the % if missing hp is more powerful to balance.
: I think the damage could just be removed entierly, it adds uneccesary power to one of the most powerfull tools in the game. I'd rather see the base AS nerf reverted instead IF she's to weak without the ult damage
No that won't help, she's already struggling against bruisers atm ( Riven, Jax), so instead of buffing her to against them, they can buff her execution capabilities since that's her style.
: As if her true damage is not enough...
Her true damage is not a threat until late game or fed...
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Just revert IE, keep phantom dance ( DO NOT MAKE IT A DEFENCE ITEM), reduce the cost of energize items ( STAKIK etc) and reduce energize dmg done by stormrazor, all other changes are just gonna... ruin the game :/
GreenLore (EUW)
: Well they want to tackle some of the champs that went ignored over the last years and while they did not mention Camille,it is not impossible that she'd also get a skin this year(as they didn't name all the skins that are currently in the works)
Yes she will get this year.
: This should be the next skin[http://i.imgur.com/DRc6yxe.jpg](http://i.imgur.com/DRc6yxe.jpg)
Frostblade is a good expectation, but camille hates snow.... hmmm.
: An Aristocratic Camille, like Vayne’s, would be ideal 👌🏼
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: [Champion Rework] Pantheon
Pantheon Main Loves this <3
Drako125 (NA)
: I think the concept itself is interesting, but I agree that building against him would be an absolute nightmare. I love the idea of a stance champion that does more than just make their autoattacks better _coughUdyrcough_ and think it would definitely bring some variety. I feel that, since he doesn't use mana, should have his cooldowns increased by 1-2 seconds, since his abilities seem so strong, especially when they're buffed or in Mage form.
Increasing his abilities cooldown is a good way to balance him. Thanks for your opinion <3
: [Champion Concept] DhaMa, The Force of Balance
When Players who got the best post start to disappear... hmmmmm
: Tbh i feel like Conqueror is more badass simply because of the whole "Elite" feel it has to it.
But the visuals of this are way better
haibrayn (NA)
: [Suggestion] Annie's bear should disappear from her hand after casting Tibbers
Aseph (NA)
: A completely serious, totally legit question for Riot.
I can't believe this is still the best post in boards...
: idk sounds super unbalanced since you wouldnt be able to build against
Its not just about building against to win, but its about the type of damage u deal during the form he picks. During Fighter form, focus on magic damages and during Mage form focus on physical damage, That's how u win against him. He is also vulnerable to true damage. Adjustments are also possible, he's still new.
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An Draoi (NA)
: Can we remove Zoe and replace with this guy
: Ew why.......... We already have camille XP
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: Sure, if you want to link me the concept.
: I really like the idea but i feel like her "water" regen and costs need some work. If you've played energy based champions you'd notice that the energy regen starts immediately. Now imagine if you're playing Lucille and you combo an enemy, triggering your desperation, having to wait 4 seconds to get the water regen, and on top of that having all your abilities on cooldown! I really hope they implement your idea into a champion but fix the resources issue.
Why does everything has to be easy to play?! This idea of water makes her more challenging to play, no need to make everything easy come on :D
: [Champion Concept] Lucille, the Desperate
Unique and Cool Ideas. Water and Blood like Legend of Korra THIS IS AMAZING !!!
: Bloodstone was sort of taking the place as "red themed Liss skin" I would assume cuz the whole thing about her character is "The world will be reborn in ice", so it'd be kinda weird to have her be herself in a magma theme.
I disagree with your point that riot would actually take into consideration of what u just said. Explain frostfire annie? {{champion:1}} Explain Wildfire zyra?! {{champion:143}} How can fire come from ice and a plant made of fire??! In conclusion a magma skin for Lissandra is not bad.
: [Champion Rework] Pantheon, the Artisan of War
I like this, not much of a change but seems good. Actually I also posted couple weeks ago on a pantheon rework concept, I guess we can merge both ours and see how it would look like :D Good work buddy. BAKE {{champion:80}}
: Logged in just to down vote. This change would dumpster my favorite champion.
You're pathetic, show some respect.
Abibyama (EUW)
: Old Kassadin used to steal mana, was not very fun
There are many champs right now that makes it really annoying and irritating to play against. This new champ shouldn't really be an assassin but a support which would make it fair.
: Neat ideas, but I have a major issue with one part of your change to his ult. I am a deaf player. Removing the AOE warning for his ult would make it a nightmare for me. Sion is already irritating for me because while I've been told there's a warning sound effect, I have no way to hear it. So my first warning of an incoming Sion is when he comes flying out of the fog of war. Having a pantheon just drop out of the nowhere on me with zero warning would suck. Visual indicators are important. Not just for deaf people either. I'm sure there are people who like to play while listening to music, or those with families who are constantly surrounded by noise and other distraction.
Agree !! We can have the visual as it is + add the sound effect where only teammates can hear it? Both Visual and sound (only for team players) makes it more fun and satisfies both sides (Good hearing/Deaf) AMY THE RAVEN Good opinion <3
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HollowMimic (EUNE)
: I would prefer his R to be a Phalanx. Spartans fall from the sky around Pantheon, hiding him nad making him untargetable, while they extend their spears, stabbing champions all around him. Champs close to Pantheon will be stunned for 1-2 secs and bleed.
I got your point !, its like the defence formation used in wars where a group of spartans cover them selves with their shield while stabbing the outsiders. having spartans join him in one of his abilities looks cool. Cool Hollowmimic <3
: this is a pretty nice kit and i like that you want to spare the pantheon mains but the important question is: Will ap pantheon be spared? or will it be ruined like ap shyvana
I don't really think AP suits him, he should be able to deal (True,physical and depending on maximum HP damage) which suits him as a warrior. I appreciate the Idea ENDERSPIDER <3
: I like the Q, adds counter play I like the Passive. (a suggestion, for each instance of damage he deals or is dealt, it ticks up)(also it's poppy's old passive) I like the ult, but keep the name "Grand Skyfall" E: Don't make abilities that rely on only one other ability, its bad design. Talon's old passive was an example of this. and personal I like the crit better (maybe put the crit elsewhere) W active: while its a good defensive ability, it takes away his main way of landing his E channel, the Point click stun.
Good opinion on his E, I agree. As for the W, I don't think it will take away the idea of landing it. See, As for the new one, You Q, reactive the ability, land behind the target, W to taunt and immediately use E. Taunting and using E respectively should land his E channel. Thanks SAD Tyrant <3
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Gatekeeper Karma
This is Awesome.
Exxez (NA)
: Off-Road Hecarim [Skin Concept]
Riot release this, I buy 0.1 sec later. Nice Work !
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Elfezen (NA)
: Linebacker Sion skin
That looks cool.
Capn Evan (EUW)
: New april champion concept: Carl, the midlaner
Is this guy trolling ? XD The ultimate's passive is something new, i like it. I kinda find this funny you know :P sry.
Kazick (NA)
: Azurite, The Protector of Terra (Champion Concept)
His passive is pretty cool. His ultimate is a fresh new idea which would be cool to be added to a champion. I like the idea of the champion, pretty much balanced enough. Nice thinking. Just try using different names for the abilities because it looks like you're about to ROCK IN ROLL!! at anyitme XD
Rioter Comments
: Zol'Kiel Symbotes of the Void
The idea is cool, i like it but the champion's abilities isn't balanced enough. Good work there.


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