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Chinchard (EUW)
: You trying to blame Irelia because Talon was blaming you? Not really cool. A tip that sometimes helps: you take a deep breath and you mute that toxic player. Mute pings too if needed.
dude theres a reason why i blamed her and talon on feeding the zed eaven more becouse they wennt 1v1 like 4 times each and expected to kill him and the result was that we coudnt 1v2 him no more
: Retaliation doesn't excuse the behavior. If you're at the perma-ban step I would guess that your last punishment was the 14-day ban (which is the last step before perma). You've had several chances to learn that poor behavior **for any reason** is punishable.
yeh i had a 14 day ban then i got from honor 0 (locked) to honor 1 unlocked feelsbadman
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Jo0o (NA)
: As long as you're testing this shit out in norms, I see no problem. Breaking the meta is fun!
: How to get 140 tokens?
Think what woud phreak do....:.? (100€ worth of RP on passes)
: Calling this out on a public forum just in case Riot doesn't (Please take a moment)
: i thought his mom was {{champion:81}} for a second
I allways thought {{champion:81}} was tailor swift


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