: Let's face it Bjerg is an honorary Korean xD
Yep he is either from NA or Korea. But surely not EU.
: I actually thought it was in China.
Well last statement was that they are heading to some famous team house. Not particularly into Korea. I guess Riot leaked some info. Or they just assumed that.
: Yeah he "knew" it... something wrong on it?
Well you can predict. If you "knew" something that didn't happen yet, you have to be legit prophet.
: I was right I knew it would be 3-2. Feels good to predict right results... lol
: Despite scare, Fnatic drops Origen 3-2 to win the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split
They are heading to Korea? I thought Fnatic didn't write any statement yet.
Mihaitha (EUNE)
: That is true, but you're forgetting about the spring playoffs, where UOL and H2K won second and third place, respectively, while Origen wasn't even qualified for the LCS yet. The spot for worlds is decided based upon the teams' achievements over the course of the entire season, not just the summer split and playoffs.
A lot of worlds with zero meaning. He knows that. Everybody does.
: IMO i think its quite sad to see LMS no1 team not get into pool 1. They have shown more dominance than EU and NA on a few occasions. For this year i believe AHQ deserves a pool 1 slot over NA. atm my top teams with a chance: SKT1> LGD > KT > EDG> FNC > AHQ (QG and Koo are way too inconsistent for me to put in this list, and i put in EDG despite their recent downfall, as i would be surprised if they wouldn't resurge with their consistent dominance until put on tilt from LGD)
Yeah i was thinking about the same. AHQ is better then any NA team, but with so much worse starting conditions.
: NA expect group stage exit. LOL.
Well they can still get group like TSM last year + some bans to make it even easier.
Sontax (EUNE)
: Pool 1 contains: NA:TSM <333 EU:Fnatic CN:Edward Gaming KR:SKT T1 what do you think,which team is the best,mine s TSM :)
Well im not sure what would TSM do in that group. Better put AHQ there.
foinhas (EUW)
: >and top NA team can do that very easily NA teams make waaaaaay too many mistakes. Every single time fnatic was behind, it would take only one single mistake from the other team for fnatic to bounce back
not to mention they have higher ceiling than any NA team.
AlxPilk (NA)
: If TSM played Fnatic and played as well as they did yesterday they could beat them. But only if WildTurtle and Dyrus actually show up.
stop that pls. They played against TL yesterday...
: iirc it was week 7. as you said the game in week 4 was fnatic stomping origen
Why everytime riot writers immediately fix the problems and thank to the guy who let them know. And when that guy is me, nobody is responding :D.
12 30AM (NA)
: i see alot of eu fangays here, u r one of them:) so be proud of it
Don't mind it. Same as we don't mind OutlawHunter.
: I will be peacefully watching EU teams get crashed on WORLD =)
Well ok. But we don't need to know right? What "get crashed" means anyway? Like that somebody crashed into you? Like felt in love? "get crushed" would make sense to me. Just asking english is not my native.
: i just feel bad how pathetically blinded your EU fans are
: Basically, every TOP 6 LPL and LCK teams can easily do that
Dude did your GF broke up with you today? Or i dont understand the point of your statements. Or are you just a dick by a nature?
: what u said just proves that the entire EU region didnt improve much at all
Well last split EU didnt have world's 4th best team (3rd by many anyway). Now EU has. So... Your point?
: Who can finally defeat Fnatic, and how?
Sorry but week 4 Fnatic against Origen was in favore of Fnatic since the start of the game. The game you talk about is the second game (sorry not sure what week that was).
: Anything can happen. FNC can lose in playoffs, unlikely, but anything could happen. FNC got away with a win over H2k they should'n't have. It's probably going to be FNC, ORG and H2k going to worlds anyways...
Well Fnatic only expoited H2K mistakes better than H2K did exploit Fnatic mistakes. Agree anything can happen, but Fnatic was better team in every game they played since game 5 with SKT. H2K should have win in a world where H2K is able to play a perfect game without any small mistake. Something so rare even in Korea.
Cheryl Cole (EUNE)
: Ok so first of all im not even sure what are you answering to. It is kinda hard to even get what you have write. Anyway why ppl like you making arguments that doesn't exist? Sorry dude not a single sentence makes sense
CypressLB At first i haven't said who is bad or good. I believe english is your native language so you should understand words with ease. I could wrote i watched every KT game so far and they are shitty. Well i didn't. It pretty much means i am able to say i don't understand everything. And that is why i trust these PR. If i don't have a time to watch the games i can at least read some articles. And before you start to purify community, do it with good manners pls. Something your parents should teach you.
Landrein (NA)
: @sboob Sorry that I used the last place team in NA as an example of the mid point of EULCS teams. I don't know any challenger teams or I would of put some of them there instead. @fatsista you mean that time when the best team in EU faced the best team in NA and the match went to 5 games? Yeah, but I also remember that time (last year) when the EU fans talked about how bad the NA teams were all split only to watch none of their teams get out of groups and saw their best team loose their first game against the 3rd seat NA team before getting kicked out of groups. And I remember when EU teams talked shit about how unbeatable their number one team was compared too the NA teams that they said wouldn't make it out of groups in IEM. If I remembered, that ended up with the supposedly unbeatable SK gaming getting laughed out of group stages and TSM (which is an absolutely terrible team) winning the tournament. But keep bragging about your server despite your history of mediocrity. All the better to watch your salt when you are disappointed. By the way, I love when you say that fanatic is the best team in either LCS but the other teams are mediocre or bad, and every argument against that just brags about how good Fanatic is. Their avoidance of discussing any other team but Fanatic and occasionaly H2K and Origen show that even they don't have any confidence outside their top three. (Oh and Unicorns on the 50% of games where they don't look like a joke.)
Oh boy. Do you believe making out of groups was success for you? Yes EU for the first time failed at Worlds. But there is not a single season where NA would be successful. So yeah i would say NA is and always was shitty region. And just becouse EU failed to succeed last time doesn't change that.
: So much irony.
: Came out strong...what?
jantzen22 yeah but surely not strong.
: Fnatic is pretty much a Korean team GG
So why don't you send home all your imports? And we will do the same. Result would be cancel of NA LCS. And very little impact on EU.
: hey look, another article that's almost entirely about tip and tl... does Riot realize there are 10 teams in the league, not 2? Because it doesn't seem like it lately.
does Riot realise there are another leagues not just one? Becouse it doesn't seem like it since the beginning.
12 30AM (NA)
: i really want to see fnc fanboys salt when they get destroyed by asian teams at worlds:) yeah im talking to u guys , eu fanboys
Well everything EU realy wants is to wipe the floor with NA. Which will happen so..
Deadlink (NA)
: -LegenDragon did you just say all the koreans on na are bad ahaahhahaah let me just go tell piglet and impact both world champs they're trash and fenix who azir play and other's like faker got azir nerfed and banned to the ground omg i needed this laugh na is trash and eu fantic is only better team than most of na's, other than that everyone just get ready for new skt t1 skins or edg skins cuz honestly they're gonna win lets all be non fan boys here and region supporters.
Well NA is trash. EU is mostly trash aswell. But luckily we have Fnatic so who cares. And of course you will support SKT and EDG since NA has literaly zero chance to show up this season. Becouse you wouldn't support EU right?
: Plz don't say ever again Origen H2K UOL are as good as TL, Origen can probably compare since they are two teams with good individual players. But Origen is like TL lite, On paper tl's bot lane is way better. Xpeke fell off ish but I still think he is better then Fenix, Quas and IwDominate are better then sOAZ and Amazing. H2K has great early game and macro play. But internationally they will get beaten by teams like KT for example. And if they get the 3rd seed they would have a really hard group. And UOL is just solo queue team. I think the top 20 LCS teams go like this 1: Fnatic 2: Team Liquid 3: TIP 4: OG 5: H2K 6: CLG 7: C9 (I think they are currently 4th best in NA even though the standings says otherwise, and UOL is just too soloqueue) 8: ROC 9: GV (They might have gotten lots of BO1 wins cause Keane just cheeses, they could get shut down in BO5s really easily) 10:GMB(The 3rd best team in EU with Forg1ven, but without him its Cabochard in elo hell.) 11:UOL(A team that is overhyped where you got a mid laner and a support in Elo Hell.) 12:TSM 13:EL 14:SK 15:GIA(They got away with the playoff spot since they had a good start of this split. This team has trash drafts.) 16:DIG 17:TDK(They play better solo queue then a normal draft suprisingly) 18:T8 19:CW(Tied with NME, Freeze in elo hell.) 19:NME(Tied with CW, Innox playing cheese picks.)
Well statement that OG is better than TL is as legit as vice versa. And 2 weeks ago TL was somewhere in the middle top of NA LCS. So you should stop hype them maybe.
: the winner of the liquid semifinal game is going to win the summer split. be it Liquid, TSM or Gravity. Personally, i would love to see Gravity win the summer split, with TSM and liquid as the other 2 worlds qualifiers. I think that would give NA the best chance to win Worlds. Don't really care who makes it for EU. Probably Fnatic, Origen, and, UOL. UOL just because they have a lot of CP already.
Still that chance would be like 3%. So it doesn't rly matter.
: Well it doesnt really matter if they are actually better than fnatic what matters is who is in their group for worlds lol and assuming that they win this split it wont be anyone too great as at worst it would be fnatic QG Koo tigers and AHQ in the same group even in that scenario i see them getting out of groups with a worst record of 3-3 and a best record of 5-1 as i dont see them dropping a game to koo tigers and at least getting 1 off of QG while i dont see them taking both off of AHQ. but it isnt really worth worrying about until we find out what placed teams will be in which groups as only then can accurate predictions be made.
Last year it was 1st seed EU, 2nd seed NA, 3rd seen Korea and wildcard team. And i believe this should remain the same.
: @SBooB you don´t even watch lck or lpl and want to argue on the basement of korean teams they are better? pretty funny to read you saying there is no one other to put fnatic in 4th but still dont want them there. and if you say cj in inconsistent fnatic as well. you cant say they wanted to play from behind but there were actions that doesnt looked like they wanted to play like this. everyteam is shaky even edg without their full roster
Ok so first of all im not even sure what are you answering to. It is kinda hard to even get what you have write. Anyway why ppl like you making arguments that doesn't exist? Sorry dude not a single sentence makes sense
: I just watched the VOD, I said 30% previously because that was my opinion, and even then, they could be in a group like Fnatic,LGD,KT,INTZ (I am pretty sure LGD and KT will make worlds, but INTZ I just said it), KT looks really strong and LGD is getting their shit together and not trolling anymore. So even then its possible for them to not even get out of groups, however I think its still possible .
No i agree on 30%. I just put it in better context. SKT can end in quarterfinals with actualy very high chance. Same as EDG.
: LMAO fnatic cant even make into LPL top 6
LMAO you can't even make your troll post funny.
Landrein (NA)
: Wow, has an EU server player argued about free wins? Every team outside of the top three in EU is a cafeteria. Or maybe more like an all you can eat buffet. TDK would have good record against much of the EU LCS. The difference between Ikinzu and Ale. Ikinzu is willing to concede what is factually accurate, namely that Fanatic is with out a doubt the best team in the West. Ale will ignore and deny any evidence that contradicts his view of EU supremely.
@ Landrein Do you realise you are talking about bottom tier NA team? There is no other major region where they would play in highest league. Yes SK is shamefull right now and CW is relegated. But no other team is on that shitty level of play as TDK or NME.
Gahlo (NA)
: The rest are also playing in Leagues where the next highest on the international ranking is 15th. Is Fnatic a good team? Yes. Is their competition good? Hell no. Fnatic shouldn't have even cracked top 8 given who they play against.
Given who NA play against they wouldn never reach top 20. So be you i would be pretty happy.
12 30AM (NA)
: eu fanboys logic yeah, fnc can win worlds in ur dream yeah
Well NA teams can't win worlds even in dreams so...
: Origen is still too high.
Landrein (NA)
: Funny, I heard that story last year around this time. I forget what happened at that worlds.
You could hear that story every year around this time. For very good reasons.
Landrein (NA)
: Because, as I pointed out last week, the writers don't actually watch games in the NA LCS and don't know what is going on. That is why they put a different team at top every week. I guarantee you, they CLG is only at number two because they are number 2 in the standings. Also, Gravity goes from 15 to of the list in one week, and Team Liquid goes from off the list to 16th in the same amount of time, and Team impulse dropped off the top twenty despite very strong showings LOL. If you believed these power rankings, you would think the each team is completely changing it roster every week. I actually think these guys have put every top 6 team in the NA LCS into the top 20 at one point or the other.
If NA teams are able to play decent one week and super shitty another, how would you deal with it? Only reasonable would be completely exclude NA teams out of PR. But i seriously doubt you would like it.
Landrein (NA)
: Wow, has an EU server player argued about free wins? Every team outside of the top three in EU is a cafeteria. Or maybe more like an all you can eat buffet. TDK would have good record against much of the EU LCS. The difference between Ikinzu and Ale. Ikinzu is willing to concede what is factually accurate, namely that Fanatic is with out a doubt the best team in the West. Ale will ignore and deny any evidence that contradicts his view of EU supremely.
What actualy made you believe TDK would have good record against EU teams? I mean i have no clue how would it go. Maybe they would deal with SK.
: Before anyone from Europe tends to get angry for Fnatic not top 3, I am gonna write why I think they are not in the top 3 nor deserve to be.. Firstly, they play in an environment that is way more easy to go undefeated then mostly any other region, With legit having number 4 on a negative Win loss ratio until the very end of the season. Secondly, They are on an easy format, compared to China and Korea where it is harder to shine. After all, We can all agree that they are on of the best teams in the world regardless, NA or EU. We should be glad a western team has around a 30% chance of making semi finals in the world championship.
30% chance of making semifinals is monte statement and it would be acceptable if SKT and EDG have 50% of making semis and anything below them has 30% and less.
Robsta43 (NA)
: What is this? TSM already confirmed that they're going to win playoffs. Really get with the times.
Ah i missed that. It had to be somewhere between dyrus statement that he will be able to fix world hunger in 3 months and Loco statement that he will develop new space rocket by the end of the season.
: tsm wins worlds bois, dyrus confirmed it ... but jokes aside, the trashtalk is real. This will be a very interesting world championship.
Well im pretty sure, if TSM lose in playoffs, but still get enough points for Worlds, Dyrus will come out with statement, they only practiced for Worlds.
: From watching all regions i see fnatic 6th place at highest just because they have no real challenge at EU. The closest they have to a challenge is origen, which only rely on personal skill to win their games and are only 12-6. In LPL anyone can take a game from each other because all teams have great communication and mechanics the three team to most likely to be at worlds are EDG (of course), QG, and LGD. while SKT and AHQ have more clean wins in there respective regions than FNC. FNC is the only western that can be world contenders. Hopefully they prove why they are
Yeah SKT has more clean wins. Sadly for them, they have more messy losts aswell. And AHQ has even worse competition .
: You can´t say yet Fnatic does not deserve or they deserve rank4. They haven´t played in a while against Asian Teams and MSI is far away to compare it. I wouldn´t say as well Asian Teams are cleary better because they are Asian Teams. A lot of their teams struggle extremly often. Rank4 right now is a gift to them cause they won 18-0 and they earned their weekly spot up there. We have to wait until Worlds (if FNC makes it) to really say in which Position they are. And Asian Teams aren´t cearly better besides EDG/SKT and i would say KT and CJ could give someone a run for their money (doesn´t put in QG cause they doesnt look so well lately in my opinion)
Well actualy i believe it has very little to do with Fnatic going 18:0. They simply need to put CJ into top 5, but if they would put them again above Fnatic, nobody would take PR seriously. So it was kinda necessity if they wanted to hype CJ again.
: Let's be honest. Although Fnatic have an amazing record so far, their actual ranking will not be in the 4th. Surely they seem deserve it since they won all the games in EU so far. However, Top 2 teams from KR and CN are clearly better than Fnatic if you actually watch LPL and LCK. Apart from that, there are still some teams in KR and CN that might have chance beating Fnatic. AHQ from LMS looks pretty good also. I do not think Fnatic will be able to beat ahq easily. I would say 50 50 chance. I don't mean to hurt Fnatic fan's feeling. I really wish EU or NA can win the world champ. However, Asian teams are clearly better so far.
Well luckily for Fnatic fans your opinion is one of it's kind. Anyway the reason why Fnatic is 4th is most likely becouse there is noone else to put there. CJ should climb 7 ranks just becouse they beat shaky SKT? Nobody reasonable would approve it. Becouse as we know CJ this split, if season would continue, they would again put some very poor performance. As usual. Fnatic on the other hand is a personification of consistency. And with pretty much same level of gameplay as CJ on their best day. And i haven't watched KT so far, but i guess same problem as CJ.
: Fnatic is a well deserved 4th on the international list! This coming from an NA fan. I don't see how Tsm is ranked ahead of cloud 9 though. If this is a true weekly power ranking, Cloud 9 seems to have turned things around. Yes they lost to TDK, but that was also a game that no team would prep for. Those crazy picks are what got TDK the win. Definitely seemed to catch C9 off guard.
Don't push it dude, don't push it. One step at a time. We already get Fnatic on 4th and EDG above SKT.
: New goal now get Fnatic to rank 3 gotta believe!
Yeah rank 4 already kinda sucks. It's too old now.
: Power Rankings - 7/28/2015
BIAS HAS BEEN DEFEATED! All stretch goals completed! Nobody can be disappointed now...
Crext (EUW)
: They'll probably lose 1 game in playoffs because they go on and test insane compositions meant to counteract Edward Gaming/SKT.
They surely won't practice any "beating" strategy or compositions in playoffs. Becouse im pretty sure top teams will watch it and prepare before Worlds. More likely they will force another "must ban" just to free their champ pools. I would like to see some flexible picks on reignover.
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