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: It means you're probably better with this champ than your current rating indicates. Now, I didn't check your profile, and I don't know what your current rating actually is, but if you're a Silver or something, being "better than Silver" isn't exactly the same thing as being "good". (And anyway, "good" is too vague of a term, but to give you a rough idea with actual numbers: 30% of players are in Bronze; 50% of players are in Silver 3 and below; Gold+ is 30% of players, Plat+ is 10%, Diamond+ is 2%.)
Thanks now i know im still a noob :D
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: The voice chat doesn't work fine with me
I can hear my friends but they cant hear me pls help
: I beat. Or I bested. I honestly don't know if Zoe has any counters. Perhaps malzahar.
Ye its hard vs Malzahar because of his shield
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