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: I disagree that its fine... Normally I could get around 1 6300 ip champ per week with ip and so far ive gotten around 5500 and have played just as many if not more matches then previously... I hate this new fking system and literally think its the worst thing to come out of league and I enjoy the changes...
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: I wouldn't presume to tell you what you want! It's very possible that this system is less satisfying for you. I hope that's not the case. That being said, posts like yours tell us how you feel about it, but they don't tell us how the broader community feels. That's why I made that point about how lots of the early reactions have been based in misconceptions. We need to wait until everyone gets real time in the system and knows how it really works before we can really understand what parts of it are working and what parts aren't. On a personal note, I'm grateful for your feedback.
There is always someone who is not satisfied with new features because they really don't care about improving, at least in League of Legends. They just sit on their bench and critics everyone for things they don't like. And they can't think of the whole point of new features. I love the new leveling system, it gave me a whole new purpose to play the game. I really got tired of just playing games to get 1 champion. to farm IP. The new system gave me a new reason to play. Lvl-ing up to infinity, and getting rewarded for it, and don't waste the time for a simple 30 IP game In the end, this is a huge step ahead of the game and more worth than the older system. Every time you level up, you get a "Mystery" reward. Blue essence, champions, skins, emotes, etc. If there is a champion I like, I upgrade it to permanent at a **DISCOUNT** If there are no champions, I just disenchant them, and wait for a better shard, or just buy it from the shop at full price. I'm like 80% positive about the system. The other 20% is something like" yes, riot can make this even better" Some ideas to improve the game, not only related to new lvl system but older systems too: 1. Stop doing so many WARD SKINS events because we already have enough and we can use only 1 of them in the game. - or you can just do a system like emotes where you can select a few ward to play your game like 1 skin for pink, 1 skin for the yellow ward. Or, I trust you can find something better :> 2. EXP/ BE Quests in events. It would be awesome to get rewarded for your event playing time by giving your progress to the infinity <3 - event quest: exp boost for your next win. 3. I love the new runes but its hard to get used to it. Sometimes, when I play ADC for like 10 games, and after switching to an assassin, I totally forget to change the runes. How about to highlight MORE the rune selection button after picking your champion? -or better, when you make a rune page, let us preset the page for a class eg.( Marksman) or a specific champion. and every time you lock in that class or champion, you get that specific rune page. Of course, at the player's will to choose if they want or not to set a class to the rune page. PS: For those who don't like the new leveling system, put your mind at contribution. ( yes, I agree somewhat with you about being hard to get BE for the present, but this is a system made for a long-term benefit for the player. Longer you play and lvl up, more profit you make.) Remember: **DISCOUNTED CHAMPIOOOOOONS** Let's work all together to make League of Legends' legacy last for 100000 more years in future

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