: Why does it feel like supports are not respected?
Because there are lots of support wannabes who actually cannot play support as it is supposed to and forgot about their role in 18th min. This leads to role discrimination and stereotype of bad supports. (cs taking , camp taking , not following and playing solo)
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Brotha (NA)
: Personally I think them bringing it to chat creates a stressful environment and should be punishable. I've played against many of my friends/former duo before. No fucking mercy, bleed and give me your LP nerd. And yes I have lost friendships because I spent 20 minutes hunting them, and only them down. Don't play Hecarim in my game.
usul1202 (NA)
: You play the game? It's not like that's any different than having a jungler who just doesn't like ganking topside...
Yes I do , I know this is common and I did not want to rant about it anyway , I just wanted to share this interesting experience since you dont find often people in relationships to play against each other in SR .
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