: 1. If you have actual video evidence (multiple cases as one game doesn't guarantee punishment) of someone reporting a streamer after a game please share. People seem to forget that no report means no review. 2. [Here is a Rioter commenting on the case involving the ban on the Teemo.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/nightblue3_gets_his_teammate_banned_for_playing/er61hxj/) If you are afraif of links here: >Gonna piggy back off this comment to address a few things! >Riot will not ban a player for off meta-play; full stop. If you're curious on our thoughts about off meta play you can hear it straight from Meddler here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMAAfm095tg >This player in particular popped up on our radar a few weeks ago and we decided to not take action at that time because playing Teemo in this method is not against our rules. >However, after reviewing the continued reports we were receiving (from multiple sources) a pattern was forming where this targeted off meta behavior was occurring most often in games when the player was with a high profile streamer. If you want to play off meta, we think that's great! If you want to play off meta only to spite other players and reap the negative reactions and attention from their viewers while they are streaming then we don’t consider that a good faith use of off meta play. >Reporting players for trolling is not something only streamers have the power to do. I always encourage people to report through the client (obviously). But if you encounter a player that you think is behaving in a way to get around our systems then anyone can send us a ticket directly and we will investigate that situation. We won't take action if we can't determine a pattern of trolling or if we believe the player is making a good faith effort with their off meta play. But if we do see someone is consistently using off meta play as an excuse to troll people then we will intervene when we can.
in the video he says "stacking lots of mobility boots and doing nothing" it's imposible to buy more boots and i think he should know this, just saying
: I cannot believe how fucked up players can be
the only thing you can do is /mute all every game and pick after the bans, it's annoying when somebody bans your champ because he doesnt want you to play it although i do it too when i see aurelion mid in silver/gold, i saw only 1 good aurelion in my entire life and i'm not going to risk to lose the game because there is a 0.3% chance that he is good
Myrmiron (EUW)
: I think League tried to display a resolution your monitor doesn't support. Try displaying the game in "borderless window" mode.
yesterday was just fine, today when i tried to play some league after school this happened. idk what happened but i think i'll play windowed until i can fix it somehow
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