: Her nerf is Kleptomancy removal unless she does just as well with other keystones
she is unstoppable with any keystone
: What did you think of her?
That her earlygame isn't weak enough despite being mele she can poke you and literally 50% of Kayles bring Kleptomancy...
: Is Pyke too strong a champion?
Why is Pyke being complained again? He used to be hated so much that the boards were flooded with nerf Pyke concepts both low and high upvoted. He was nerfed to ground and the real problem is feeding him and thinking that he is op like every other champion. His short Q used to hit multiple targets and slow them, his Long Q used to add slow after the pull. However he was ballanced to me before the nerfs because guess what? I can dodge skillshots. I'm at least not walking in a straight line or predictable patterns.... His Q is a skillshot same as Blitz, Thresh, Nautilus, Lux, Ryze, etc. just diffrent lenght and width speed and animation. But it's a skillshot and you see him right there winding it up if he isn't in a unwarded bush you should at least avoid if not ward... His E is also a skillshot, a more complicated but it is a skillshot and his ultimate also. People complained about his high movement and ability to escape and dodge. Like..... he is assasin you know? he is suppost to be high damage squishy fast guy. Not to mention you are in great advantage if he does escape that means he uses his W = he can't sneak up on you. If he usees his E he can't engage or help his adc. If he misses any ability his impact drops dramaticaly. Etc. Pyke wasn't op and they nerfed him... stop complaining and learn to dodge him. Also if you hate a champ so much why won't you just ban him?
: Ranked matchmaking
This should get fixed.... like I hope they will fix it I don't know if they will or even can.
: More proof that Shaco needs to be hammered down.
That graph on Kayle's winrate doesn't surprise me but rather frightens me that I was pretty much right.
Rioter Comments
Meserion (NA)
: Nerf or Remove Black Cleaver
are you ap main or tank main?{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: or change him to Kayn Shadow Assasin or Rhaast after the transformation..
because Rhaast becomes champion once he transforms
: Kayn's name should be changed
or change him to Kayn Shadow Assasin or Rhaast after the transformation..
: A problem with one specific support
They nerfed {{champion:555}} 100 times before they nerfed him once I could easily play against him... He used to damage minions with his E He used to damage everyone in his short Q => Pyke no longer has waveclear and he is mainly and mainly support plus his damage isn't spread if he catches more people because nope you only deal damage to one target at the time which makes him a ballanced assasin - sure he can kill you if he lands everything - if he **LANDS** everything his Q has obvious sound and animation too evertyhing exept autoattacks from him you can dodge and I'm sure they nerfed more than just these things I said Play Pyke/Ban him if you don't like him but in the end he isn't broken
Totadori (NA)
: I understand that this is RANT. But you are too aggressive. You are stressing over nothing I can assure. Although it may be frustrating that your teammates aren't as experienced as you are. But have you took the time to think about what they think about you? You have no right to to disrespect your teammate for not being good as a game. They played League of Legends for the same reason you have. Just to have fun. IF you can not accept that fact it is best for you to leave this game or deal with it. Not every player is good. Not every game is a good game. You can not disrespect some one for this. If they are disrespectful as well that's a different thing. But you need to understand the fact no one is perfect.. Have a good day -Totadori
> They played League of Legends for the same reason you have. no > Just to have fun. Imagine playinf 4 fun in a fucking ranked game, IMAGINE - if you play for fun in ranked game you are literally asking for toxicity and flame being thrown at you -> by that I don't flame my teammates though I WISH I could > Not every game is a good game. Yeah I can totaly see that these players I get in ranked game are having a "bad game": http://prntscr.com/ptpbu2 etc.
: Can we do somthing about this shit please.....
Enemy teams are just smarter monkeys that are fed
: >How do you 1v9 when your team is powerfeeding enemies and it totaly useless? Join in and feed the enemy... shrooms... feed them plenty of ap filled shrooms >How do you raise your team's brain cell count? Dont. Lower the enemy teams brain cell count... using shrooms... plenty of ap filled shrooms... >Is there a solution to stopping or dealing with constantly getting 1 to 4 useless/feeding/bad teammates? Play with shrooms instead of teammates... plenty of ap filled shrooms
your shroom technology doesn't solve my problem it only proves that you are a Teemo main let me look real quick nvm you're a hardstuck adc but we have lot in common :P
Subdue (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DamSonWhUFndThis,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8JTHVV7j,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-11-03T16:12:54.893+0000) > > the teams are actualy that bad They may be "bad", but the whole team is typically _equally_ "bad."
playing with words won't solve problem of them being useless garbage cans
: Ignite is actually best on supports as it gives them kill potential. TP is better on most midlaners.
tp is definetly not good on toplaners because they are just like mid on middle map so they have short distance to rotate to yeye your support doesn't save your adc from dravens brutal damage if he ignites him he only stops his healing exhausted adc is dead adc, ignited adc just takes damage and doesn't heal I'm glad I'm playing on EU servers because NA Pepegas like you with this 3Head logic would lose me lot of games
: Ur playing in low gold high silver elo. Of course everyone gona be dogshit. Lol
I used to have high gold MMR you can think to yourself how I lost the MMR
Cdore (NA)
: Riot should just embrace Teleport
u got {{summoner:4}} because it's both iniciate and escape it's use is just usefull for 99% of champs {{summoner:12}} is quick going to place {{summoner:14}} is damage and grevious wounds very good for midlaners as they are damage dealers and against champions that heal {{summoner:21}} protective spell that's always usefull for someone with enough damage lacking defense stats {{summoner:6}} for champs that synergise with speed and are more effective when in high movement speed etc. etc. they are called summoner spells and their uniqueness make them ballanced u want guys buy teleport from shop while having ignite? or if you want ignite to also be itemised u would literaly make ignite the least used item because literaly any item that inflict grevious wounds would be more usefull than some item that burns enemies etc. etc. to tired to explain if you don't get it you're ignorant
: Is Thresh A Tank?
it's tank but if you build {{item:3107}} and expect you being tanky you failed simple logic
Subdue (NA)
: People with limited self awareness will always complain about their teammates. There's nothing Riot can do about that.
the teams are actualy that bad
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Client crashing and giving me remake in my promos
if we knew your pc specs, internet, what you got in background turned on, etc. we could knew better
Rioter Comments
: it was a "bad game" according to riot and most of the mouth breathers on this board lol
relax relax it was just a "bad game" Me: relax relax it's just a Katana up your ass ignore the fact that your limbs are already cut away. Fun fact both sentances have same context.
: bam the rigged game strikes again
Exactly. I get the same shit, players that feed, players that underperform, players that play like Iron 4. The enemies feel like they got a brain, speaking of brain the only part of your teammates body that he is missing...
Rioter Comments
Hwke94 (NA)
: Why the hell does pantheon have a better shield than Braum?
braum can build vs full ad team lot of armor and his shield basicaly will nullify the damage done to him
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=DamSonWhUFndThis,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x3MqqEEN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-28T17:30:54.861+0000) > > Ok and for all that my team blames me that I'm bad and that I picked Yi mid......... (literaly "you pick Yi mid") If you picked Yi mid, you fucked over your team.
: How could it be his fault that YOU didn't see the enemy mid wasn't in lane. That makes zero sense. If you're too lazy to pay attention to what's happening on the map and you die because of it, that's your fault. That's all on you.
so ur saying that he should give up on watching if the adc is alive, if enemy bot is iniciating, if the enemy jungler is coming, if the top is porting bot, if he is getting autoattacked, looking for oppertunities to iniciate, etc. and watch lazy mid if his laner is there because he can't press g or v and move his mouse slightly left once or few times or type ss in chat or something, when he is suppost to take care of character that can get literally almost oneshot if cc chained by enemy support?
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: its normal. i was diamond last season, still cant carry even though i have 100+ farm over laners @ this garbage elo and dont make shit 50/50 decisions, miss easily mechanical plays. there's just too much gold in game, have to play meta champs. or playing 1v9 champs. 10/0 yi and 0/10 yi is the same, champs that still get gold to snowball items. s9 meta is legitimately no skill.
Rioter Comments
: you picked yi mid, pick a meta champion in a meta lane if you really want to win i would suggest going flex or norms for meme picks even though they sweat in there it doesn't matter
how do you play meta champs on account with not as many champs?
: you picked yi mid, pick a meta champion in a meta lane if you really want to win i would suggest going flex or norms for meme picks even though they sweat in there it doesn't matter
yi is not meta but in good hands he is strong because I am not high elo but how do you play yi mid with useless team if you for example are losing the lane?
: you play ranked by picking meta, if you dont pick meta you usually lose, its annoying i know
Rioter Comments
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: I know you are but i am quite puzzled why you're telling me that about yourself. I thought it was obvious from your OP and your now mod removed comment.
how do you "honor each other" if they are all randoms? yo guys I honor you and you honor him and you honor him and you honor him and everyone will get honored after the game: *someone gets 3+ honors* your technique of honoring whole team for doing really good: garbage
: Yes of course, it places you close to your rank. Diamond and gold are pretty close, practically no difference. #Nosarcasm{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
placing players in diamond makes it literally "get in diamond and you will stay diamond forever" that is not ballanced and your rank decays overtime too, if you don't understand this concept you are delusional or lazy or both
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Kaisa should not be allowed to build 3 defensive items and still deal hypercarry level damage.
NeekOwU (NA)
: Questions about Evelynn
you can: don't go for squishy you can charm their tank supp because if the tank does the opposite what the tank is suppost to do it's usefull, you can shred most or even all of tanks hp assasins job is picking off vulnerable targets, low targets, targets that are somewhere they shouldn't be etc. adc is not the only high priority champ you got mid damage toplaner can be also someone strong and their jungler aswell other thing you can do is not do the charm and just go for them because sometimes it could work waiting behind them and maybe your team somehow makes them back off and if they during falling back get scattered you can again go in without charm because the charm would force them to form a defensive position from you also you can watch streamers that play Evelynn to see what they do etc. (you don't need to watch the stream live)
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: I am more insulted by the three simple words written in grammatically incorrect English than i am with that limp insult. Wasn't the point of your thread to discuss whys and hows of the new Honor System? Obviously, i expected a proper rebuttal as per original OP but i guess that your account is now in possession of your 7 year old sibling. Or so i'd like to think but the Boards are a gift that keeps on giving so it's not surprising even if you devolved into a caveman at the first sight of an idea that contradicts your own.
delusional all u are :)
: Show me one new player, that deserved bronze/silver and won all 10 placement games solo. Theres literally thousands of dia+ smurfs that win 9 or 10 games and place in gold. 99% of the time it places people in the wrong starting rank.
no it doesn't it's not suppost to place you in your previous but in position close to previous so you can reach the same rank again or higher
: idk why we cant honor multiple players. Sometimes I'm torn trying to pick one. The worst feeling is when there's two players you want to honor; The one who went 17/2/11 and was evidently the big reason you won, and the one who went 6/9/15 but got the first guy rolling to begin with and made great plays despite their scoreline. I'm forced to pick the one I think my team is least likely to honor, and it eats me inside to pick the one who was most honored BECAUSE I know the other guy didn't get any honors in that case.
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5050BS (NA)
: Riot Bring back Honor for enemy
Loser with cool mind with feeder in his team is sometimes rare
: Does smurfing ruin low elo game
That is the stupidest question I have ever seen man, u want answer? 5 of players of relatively same skill vs 4 players of relatively same skill and Diamond {{champion:64}} OTP that is going to steal your junglers epic monsters, gank the lanes so fast you can't keep up get fed and start smashing everyone, gets fed his teammates, etc. There is a reason a player winning so many games can catch even 1 rank higher players (Silver 1 has golds with and against... and a Plat 4) one of the reasons is smurfs..... People that belong in certain rank that get enemy smurfs feel like streetfighting a WWE wrestler or Boxing champion etc. Like if some player in any kind of sport playing in the world championships, goes to play with regular to semi pro players... etc.
: > [{quoted}](name=DamSonWhUFndThis,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AbIfjpyx,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-29T22:27:42.184+0000) > > account sharing is prohibited but if you mean it buy playing with them and chatting they are not always online - there are days where they don't even play it, etc. how can you prove that
: how about you stop leveling up accounts and ruining the new player experience for other players.
how about you leave me the fuck alone? I typed in the description > the accounts are not for ruining games nor breaking any League of Legends rules that also means smurfing or purpusefully losing games how about not wasting my time and actualy giving me tip or not commenting at all?
: Oversimplified question (I wanna sleep and want to ask now)
expect responses from me tomorrow it's 0:39 atm
Rioter Comments
: They can use machine learning to place players playing like platinum smurfs to only face platinum players while being silver/bronze as an exception to their rank restriction rules so they would just go back on their mains if they dont want to climb again.
there is negative pole of the magnet one example out of many: - new account goes ranked, wins all 10 games - HOWEVER: literally got carried in all 10 games and now starts to ruin others games unintentionaly by his skill being missjudged thx to matchmaking only looking at win loss ratio..
: It's accepted because you get as many smurfs on your team as the enemy team if you play a large amount of games Edit for the 4/9 and 5/9 chance people that might not see my answer to this point: Given you are not the smurf and there is exactly one smurf in the game, that's absolutely correct I think you'd have to play an unplayable amount of games to show there's a significant difference, though, because the probability of a smurf filling one of those slots is already low Say on average one in 5 games that you don't play has exactly one smurf in, that's 1/50 slots, 2% chance of having a smurf in a slot Chance of a smurf in x of your slots is 4Cx×(0.02)^x×(0.98)^4-x x=0, p=92.237% x=1, p=7.529% x=2, p=0.230% x=3, p=0.00314% x=4, p=0.000016% Chance of smurf in y of enemy slots is 5Cy×(0.02)^y×(0.98)^5-y y=0, p=90.392% y=1, p=9.224% y=2, p=0.376% y=3, p=0.00768% y=4, p=0.0000784% y=5, p=0.00000032% Say you play 300 games, expect 23 games have one smurf on your team, 28 have one smurf on enemy team 5 games in 300, net, lost to smurfs, is close enough to 0 for me
no? you can get bullshit like smurfstreaks, generaly bad players and the good old "bad games"
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