: I usually go Fiora against him. But I also play Aatrox a lot. So I know what to look for. I usually can just walk away from first q by walking into him, then if he w I will q dodge the next q and aim for a mark. Then if I’m still being pulled I’ll w because he’ll usually throw the last q. So you can stun him and go all in. So Aatrox q1 (I walk into him to avoid knock up), Aatrox w (either dodge or if I eat it) Aatrox q2 ( use my q to hit point, he will usually have one and I’ll be close enough), Aatrox w pull or q3(I w to stun him). Then I go all in especially if I have ult.
I was planning to try fiora, thanks for these advices.
: You can follow Foggedftw on twitch and he pretty much only plays Tryndamere and goes against Aatrox often. I think there are also some videos of him playing Tryndamere against Aatrox on youtube. He doesn't dominate the lane every time but he does decent and I am learning from him.
I'll defo check him out. Thanks for advice. Trynda could be interesting choice but i guess difficult early game. I am sure i'll try trynda next game against aatrox tho.
: Champs like Renkton can beat him early with a little help from your jungler but you will lose later, and champs like Jax can beat him later (in the split push 1v1/2v2) but honestly your best bet is to bully him early then force him away from the team fights because that is where he is strongest. If he pops ult early back off and wait for it to time out (teamfights) or dive hard on him and kill him before he can get the reset (split push) without ult he can not team fight because he will pop way to fast when focused. Also ADCs like MF and lucian can kite him out pretty easily. Grievous wounds are a must. Watch for his power spikes at level 6 level 9 and when he finishes death's dance. Other than that stick to banning him if he is the only match-up you are not sure how to play into.
Yeah. The best thing would be some hero with strong early like rene but at the same time someone who scales mucgh better later in game than rene. Maybe taking a mage with huge range like xerath would be good or some other mage who cant keep him on one place like lux? Can't see any melee fighter defeating him early and scale better later.
: What champions are you playing to lane against him? Make sure to play around his cool downs. Aatrox has huge cool downs now after the recent changes. If you see him use W to farm a creep, that W won't be back up for like 20 seconds. Fight him when he spends his abilities.
Thats good advice. I tried using jax but it didn't go well because early aatrox relies on his abilities which aren't blocked by jax' E. I tried sion but aatrox dmg is just too big, my shield was useless. I'll give a shot with teemo malphite and maokai as someone mentioned below and will see.
: Personally when going against him I'd play {{champion:17}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}}. Maokai and Malphite are 2 reliable tanks, Maokai having sustain with cc while Malphite having Armor and cc. Teemo can out poke and perform well in a 1v1 if you can dodge at least 1 to 2 of his qs. Someone mentioned when I had this issue {{champion:24}} for mobility, the ability to dodge his passive auto, and for bonus damage against aatrox
I tried jax, he doesnt work. He won't block any of aatrox' abilities with his E and especially in early game, aatrox relies purely on his abilities. But i'll give a shot to those 3 you mentioned. I think teemo could be really good since aatrox range of his abilities isn't really big.
: grievous wounds hurts his self-healing a lot. Mobility champs have an edge since you can avoid his main damage dealing abilities. But like many heroes, if you feed him too much early he will roll everyone late game even outnumbered
But i can't see any way to keep him from snowballing. That's huge part of the issue. I am pretty confifent at my rank on my lane, but there is nothing i can do. Freezing lane won't help, he still farms enough and at some point he just easily kills me under turret with or, in some cases, even without his jungler.
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