: There's a difference. Taunting with your champion model and spamming emotes is not something direct to the other player -- that is, you're not physically aiming your champion model and taunting someone behind the monitor. Words however, are directed squarely from player to player. Look at it this way: Verbal abuse/griefing/et al always directly from player to player (through chat). Champion taunting/emote spamming is directly from champion model to champion model (ingame). The first is toxic and against the summoner code, The second, while rude and annoying, is not a directed, pointed attack upon another player, and hence not punishable by the code.
I don't want it to be punished, I want it to be hidden. Thus the question as to why am I not allowed to hide with via an ingame setting or something. People can spam whatever emotes they want if it makes themselves feel better as long as I am not forced to watch it.
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