: I've spent almost 7 years on this game and this game alone. I don't have fun playing it anymore either. All of my friends I started out playing with already quit. I wish I played other games or it was easy to just never log in again. :(
It never gets easier. Same here. Actually recently i moved to Heroes of The Storm, while its better than LoL now, its nowhere close to LoL golden days which i miss, also people there never communicate, its not as open for it as here. Next stop Dota2, might be fun, don't know yet.
: This has been my exact source of frustration with the game for the last few years. I can't even play more than a few games every two months or so because, even with that long of a break it's just *immediate* frustration and irritation and anger just from simply trying to jump in and play the damn game. People just jump out of nowhere and explode you before you can even react to it, all because the game gives huge stat disparities between the winning and the losing teams. Playing on the losing side feels like a complete waste of time, because you can't do anything worthwhile without getting instantly killed. And the general playerbase makes it worse by trolling you if you forget where you are and say anything about it. And the thing is, Riot doesn't see the problem with this state of affairs because they do it on *purpose*. It's all by design to build the game up to be WATCHED, not played. Everything RIot does for their balance decisions is hinged on making a bloodsport for cheering crowds to watch at tournaments or on streams. They don't care if the non-competitive side of the player base is having fun or not, as long as the E-Sports money keeps rolling in. The game went to shit when Riot decided to sell out to the sports side of the business. Anything that isn't E-Sports doesn't even register to them, and everything else suffers for it.
The game went to shit when more than 90% of Riots shares were sold to Tencent, right from that moment slowly our old game had died and new crap had reborn. With Tencent take over instantly lethality which those days were called just ad penetration became toxicly strong and they slowly been going this direction ever since.
: I havent been playing quite as long as you, since mid season 2, but I 100% agree with your sentiments. NEVER in the YEARS of playing this game has the game been this stompy or the burst damage been this high. Its absolutely unbelievable how easy it is to 100-0 instant kill people even with minimal items (like 1). Champions that use to need to poke you down first before all inning just straight up all in you and kill you with damage to spare. Counterplay is literally no longer a thing on MANY champions, just blow all your shit and kill someone and they cannot even react. The worst part is that Riot is either in denial of this, refusing to acknowledge it or its straight up their intention and direction but arent being transparent with the community. Either way they have pretty much throw out all the design values that this game was built on and made it fun to play.
Yeah, i used to play religiously every day for years this game as well from season 2. Recently came back, played some aram game, got Eve, i don't know what new Eve does, bough 1 item, i walked up to enemy, pressed some buttons and he died less than 1 sec, just like that, from 100 to 0. I used to have boners for being extremely skilled so i can oneshot people, now the power creep gives me the opposite of erection. To have the same effect on old Eve in old times i needed a freaking full build.
: Cant they just fix her bugs first and see how she does
THANK YOU ! If the morde 2.0. called Syndra would be fixed i think that would actually solve everything, i don't need buffs on my main Syndra, i actually need for her to WORK PROPERLY RIOT
hoyohai (NA)
: Every single post you have calls League of Legends a pile of steaming grade A monkey crap, mister.
I was thinking i should do the same, i put in thousands of hours and thousands of money. If the game is shit i should speak up about it everywhere i can.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Sure, you had *a lot* of options in the old mastery system. You could do 21/0/9, 21/9/0, 9/0/21, 9/21/0, 0/9/21 or even 0/21/9! SO MANY OPTIONS!!
I didn't have space with only 20 mastery pages, just because you copied masteries and runes from first site you found doesn't mean everyone did. Runes i also had more than 20 set ups. Now there is no choice, there is just one way and it can be figured out within 5 games not life time of testing. Talk about brain dead game, eventually Dota 2 fanboys are right about us.
: Rightt mages are the problem... not auto attacks that crit you for more than a mage's skillshot every 1.5 seconds
No no no lethality and adc meta i the best thing that ever happened to this game. Riot hates mages for more years you can think, just abort the ship.
: What they give us is a COMPLETELY free to play game that is very enjoyable to a lot of people. Nothing required to play this game costs money, the only thing that costs money are cosmetics that you CHOOSE to buy. If you fit in the minority that doesn't enjoy the game, then so be it, but remember you are still the minority.
I see you are new to micro transaction era. When you mature you will understand it. But i said everything there is to say, we paid for this game and we will ask for this game to retain its quality. No i am not minority technically, they stopped releasing player numbers and experts have pinpointed that majority from peak have already quit. So basically its minority with majority of it crying about the game in forum, reddit, another forums and game itself. There is 100 people crying about game state and 1 replying that he really likes it. When you pass middle school you will get a lot about statistics. Also LoL in global fame is known as one of the most cancerous games out there. If you ever bring it up in random place there will be more haters than lovers.
: this game is a balancing nightmare i dont blame them
Please, after the stupidity we have seen from balance team i start to believe if you picked a random guy from here and gave him a full go, chances are the game would be in the most balanced state it has ever been.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Bad Touch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BA5sUnuP,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-12-28T04:15:28.502+0000) > > Already ahead of yall. Quit 2 months ago for Hots and ain't been back. Still hoping they fix shit here, but starting to doubt they ever will. Implying HotS is a good alternative. It’s like going from the dumpster into the incenerator.
HotS players and especially nicely awarded HotS veteran players on average are more happier than we are here.
: Wut??? How is this anything like EA? They could just flat out remove mastery. Would that make it better? Then you wouldnt have to use your FREE ESSENCE to purchase your FREE mastery tiers.
Free ? I spent over 1000$ on this game and almost everyone has in their lifetime spent more than 100$. Give me my normal shit back and you can shut the fuck up
: the orange essence needs to be fixed soon or you're going to lose a lot of players in a short period of time.
Pokku (EUNE)
: And being Tencent-owned, that will never change. Nothing will stop them.
I don't want to be racistic since i meet decent Asians every day, but whenever i hear about Chinese owners like Tencent i know shit is going to get really insulting to customers and out right bad.
: Reducing gold earned on champion kills would do a lot to slow down the pace of the game. If people reach item spikes more slowly games will be longer and easier to balance. You will wind up with a lot less feast/famine situations where snowballing gets out of control and makes a match feel terribly unfair.
There was one comment a while ago '''Just tone down whole game damage for 20%'' more i think about it, more I like it. Of course the first effect would be it would feel absolutely weird, but that would definitely fuck all the snowball fast down just like that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Abibyama,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lHxytpXE,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-12-28T17:32:41.556+0000) > > “Boycott skin purchases” > **BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA** > > oh wait you’re serious let me laugh even harder > > ##HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA > > Like you really think that’s going to work? The miniority of miniority boycotting is seriously going to bitch slap riot? > > Best laugh I had thanks As much as he's being an ass about it, sadly hes right. Most of riots money comes from "whales" those that purchase tons of content, but only make up a tiny portion of the playerbase. If they boycotted, it might make a difference, but good luck convincing them.
Do you ever economics ? This is a disguised micro transaction game. While the fact that its free holds true the average player will spend 100 - 1000$ on this game in his lifetime, all the huge money is from that, they are earning more with 90s game than triple A 60gb costly awesome game released nowadays. What it takes is as little as 10 million players spending 10$ and they have more money than everyone can dream off, and these are very little numbers. The whales is not what is funding this game, same reason why plenty mobile game companies are richer than major pc game companies, its the trick how you can force as much players as you can to spend as little as 1$. I don't know a LoL player in anywhere that has not spent 10$ on this game, and i know almost everyone definitely topped 100$ never noticing it and i know quite a lot in their lifetime is way over 1000$ spent on LoL. Also i know one of the poorest and greediest peaces of shit that ever lived, even he spent 10$ to gift other guy a skin just so he can make back contact with him and he though ''giving back 15$ he borrowed from other guy is a great start'' **Riot had 22 billion revenue in 2016 alone** Tencent owns Riot and also owns mobile beasts such as clash of clans and Clash Royale and always strives to buy out companies making their place in competetive scene with micro transaction elements. Why do you think they do that ? We never lived in times where it was figured out how easy it is trick so many people into opening their wallets.
: What the fuck are you even talking about? Because im not a whiny little kid like the rest of you I sound like someone who would let their so have sex with another man? God forbid I actually enjoy the game currently. God forbid I appreciate riot for giving us free skins when they literally owed us nothing. Use your brain, this whole lets not buy any skins ever again shit is stupid when a huge majority of the playerbase probably still enjoys the game and will continue to buy skins.
''when they literally owed us nothing'' that is not how this works at all, the player base and this game is what made them the richest people in the world. They owe us quite a lot, for starters a decent game. You can't say they owe us nothing when people overpay about this game 10 times more than 60gb major game release.
Barkley (NA)
: This won't do shit. What really needs to happen is that all the players out there threatening to quit the game because its such a steaming pile of crap need to actually leave. ACTUALLY leave. Maybe when Riot has no players they'll listen. But money? You can't hurt riot's wallet. This game has thousands of new casual players every day, buying champions and buying skins. And even if everyone on these boards quit tomorrow, there'd still be hundreds of thousands of players playing just because of all the people who (somehow?) just found out about league yesterday. To them, this absolute trash pile is just how the game works. They don't know anything else, so it might be fun for them.
They already left, every friend i know, all the over 500 people in contacts that were playing day and night, i log in there is 3 people online from all that. I left as well. You can't really count me in when i check up on game once half year. There are so many fucking great games out there, there are even better mobas out there. Why shit yourself over and over ?
: Alternatively, this forum acts as an echo chamber and people, rather than commenting on the relevant posts to reduce spam, make their own threads because they feel like they have something new to broadcast? It’s literally the same fucking thing as all the Zed, Lee, Yasuo complaints, the “wow i just realized Rengar, all of a sudden, feels really weak despite getting no recent changes” spam we had 2 months back, all the “BE feels bad” posts, every anti ADC post, and on and on and so forth. This place is a complaint circlejerk fuckfest. The new trend “LoL feels awful to play” on a forum that does not even contain .000001% of all players is not representative. Riot is not free from all the critism this preseason, but “something is really wrong with the game bcuz 10 boards members said so” is not right either.
What if i told you that if you learned statistics in middle school, the whole topic not just barely listening to something, you would know that board can be very great representation. Also people in games cry about the same fucking thing. And nice pull out of ass statistics you got there.
: > [{quoted}](name=KogLuluTwichJana,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LREEJH9f,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-28T11:05:13.128+0000) > > im not satisfied with league either. my reason being is janna kog lulu twitch and premades. if a certain champ becomes meta, like {{champion:150}} , i either ban it or switch roles until it gets nerfed. {{champion:96}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:40}} straight up make me want to quit cause they are zero risk infinite reward champs all in one lane that just happen to be duoQ more often then not. (i am fine with janna/lulu ASLONG AS THEY ARENT PAIRED WITH A 1 ITEM POWERSPIKE HYPERCARRY.) > > lulu/janna turn hypercarries into 2v5 turret divers... ADC is my best role and i just handicap my team by choosing it cause not only do i not play kog/twitch/vayne, but im making it so my team doesnt have a duoQ bot but instead have a soloQ ADC+autofilled support VS a premade... > > this is the first time in 6-7 years where i think that SR isnt worth playing. i just wish teambuilder and dominion were available in this shitty timeline of league, arams straight up bore me unless i get a champ id pick in ranked and i cant be fucked playing against twitch kog lulu janna or premades anymore, id play flexQ if i wanted premades in my games, but i dont. i just hope all 10 players in my "soloQ" games are solo and ban the shit i mentioned. Ya those champs are really broke...but wait...none of the best players are playing them??? OMG They are playing aggressive engage supports like Leona, Alistar, Thresh, Kench and Blitzcrank? OMG wow NERF THEM TOO. NERF EVERYTHING so I can just click one button and WIN. OP is right in saying this board doesn't represent the majority of league. The majority of league players are playing the game and trying to get better and not crying on forums. There is nothing wrong with the game. You are all just lo-elo. So am I. But at least I realize thats why I lose, and don't blame the game.
What if i told you that if you learned statistics in middle school, the whole topic not just barely listening to something, you would know that board can be very great representation. Also people in games cry about the same fucking thing.
Nayzumi (NA)
: She's got a 53% winrate and a 21% pick rate but Riot doesn't want to nerf her because she's "flashy" and "requires a lot of skill to pull off" when they overbuffed her. Not even mentioning Press the attack, which gives her a double 3 hit proc at once with her w, and the fact that her ult is extended by 4 seconds every time she gets a kill/assist, on top of the 30/50/70 extra AD that works with her passive and grants her 70 movement speed while she's in it. But who am I too judge, Riots balance team seems to be on top of things this past year, cough {{champion:516}} {{item:3504}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:40}} cough.
I remember the times when Vayne required immense skill to play and sometimes even whole team going for support composition for Vayne. Now guys that can't even press E correctly are getting pentas with her.
Skorch (NA)
: To my knowledge, because in lower elo it: A) Matters less than in Challenger B) Is all around less enjoyable I think Riot views it as just some way of making ranked more fun, and before people come in and say "Ranked isnt for fun" True but it has to be at least a tiny bit enjoyable. Sure some people can enjoy playing solo, and some think duo is not true of where people SHOULD be. Do you know where those people belong? Higher Elo. Because they take it very seriously obviously they want to BE the challengers etc, where there ARENT duo and it shows exactly solo skill. However A LOT of people play the game, and not everyone wants to CLIMB THE LADDER, there are people who just want to be gold for the rewards, or play bronze 5 games because they know they are bronze 5. And the amount of people HARD on that grind is significantly less than overall ranked players. AND how do you make it so it isnt 100% balls-to-the-wall tryhard? With a friend. Playing with 1 FRIEND overall makes ranked much less of a complete, salt-high induced rage-fest. Sure early on it kinda sucks to lose to a duo group. However if you DESERVE to climb that shouldnt matter to much. Hell play around them: "So this Bot is obv duo, were not, SO lets roam mid to make sure other lanes win" Shit like that.
If only there would be such a thing like flex ranked where you can que with your friend... OH WAIT THERE IS.
Quepha (NA)
: If all the duos went only to flex that could threaten to eat up the entire supply of flex solos for matchmaking, causing queue times for duos to balloon. Letting duos use either queue creates an economic release valve to prevent such a scenario.
Solo = solo, flex = premade. Everyone gets why people are asking for pure solo q, duo has never been good environment on solo q. From enemy premade botlane stomping yours 20 0 to having drunk premades that just came to troll ruin the game for 3 other people. But you are a sneaky bastard, you want to keep advantages of being premade on solo q but you won't touch flex because enemies can have more people in premades, you won't take these odds yourself. But seriously this is one of the rare retarded games with duo q + this matchmaking system, Riot probably won't change this anyway since past years their decisions have been a complete wreck including everything there is, even the fucking over bugged client.
Häxel (EUW)
: Sry but i have seen far more ashes after as before the ashre rework. Ofcourse there was an rewrork hype. There were also times ashe was hard meta or alternative like early in 2017(season 7 start) ashe was an alternative for Jhin or Varus. Still Ashe got played far morer after her Rework as before. Just to remember, befor her Rework Adc Itemisation was still bad, items to go on adc were Ie, Phantomdancer, Bloodthirster. She got more viabel but still wasn't on the strong side cause runans was still just an attackspeeditem. After Runans got changed to an crit item ashe got realy strong (preseason 6/season 6) and she remained on this level for 2 Years. As someone who played ashe before and after her Rework much i can tell you that the rework of her and the rework of runans helped her much and definetly playrate increased. There was a time where ashe just couldn't crit after her rework and critchanche just made her damage bigger, but that got changed so that crits just make her damage now little bitter on her passive but her autos are still a normal crit. 48% Winrate tos ay is totaly dumb cause over 2 Years she ahd a positive winrate and just cause Runerework made some impact doens't say the rework was a failure. There is basicly no one who wants her passive abck on q to be a toggle manaspend ability cause that just was anoying. her new q is great. to have 2 GLOBAL es is great (maybe that wll get nerfed in the future ause it is op in pro play) and just cause her focus passive and gold on e got removed from he rkit for her rework for the new q and extra damage on slows doesn't mean she is worse now. She is by far on greater succes. So are most Champs. That mordekaiser has some a lot of Bugs and Syndra 3 ow is another Case and has nothing to do if the Updates were failures or not. Also this: "Sorry for not having any faith in this shit since Tencent took over Riot.". This was maybe a year ago. Most reworks already happened before.
You really love to ignore most of what i said, pointless. Shit they touch being wrecked and good has everything to do with re works, SINCE THE SAME HAS HAPPENED WITH THEM. Tencent has been full owners for 2 years. Nice correlation with end of decent urf, new client which at the moment has more than 10 bugs, removal of half the fun mods, peak of lethality, and complete shitting on veteran players.
Häxel (EUW)
: Aem, no? What you are telling is just simply a lie. Ashe was played significantly less before her rework. Ashes big playrate was maybe at the time before any other adc existed. But by just implementing new, better adcs ashe got not played anymore. Than she got her rework and players started to play her again. The "championship Ashe" skin is just the proof of her succes. And even if many old champs got reworked, it is not that their playrate got destroyed. They have now either a biger palyrate or the same playrate, but not less. People don't want new champions in any form. THey want their champion to be good vs new champions of all forms. If a championdesign from 2013 isn't good anymore compared to actual championdesigns it just feels terrible to play that odl champion. Even if some essence will get lost, the charakter and the main essence stays most times the same.
''THey want their champion to be good vs new champions of all forms.'' Sadly that is rarely the case with reworks. I have not seen a single Ashe in summoners rift since rework hype died down, even then it was quite small, also i think i am the only fucking one from 500 friends i have in Lol that even owns championship Ashe. Previously Ashe at least had her first hit which nuked half enemies life and then nice attack speed next 4 - 5 hits to finish them off. Just checked the stats, she is exactly where she was in her playrate, almost exactly same 7% popularity and 48% win, though that would still make my point where reworks should actually help, but they just don't deliver, what they actually do is what i mentioned. I think we said all there is and can predict each others replies. I am simply salty they fuck over every champion i liked. Last one being Eve, where rework also lost her uniqueness and 500 hours of her old self and very specific playstyle i perfected is again down the drain. Now if they fuck up Pantheon and Mundo, i admit they should be tweaked a bit, since either they are OP or they are unplayable dependable on season, but they will probably fuck them over and that will make 100% my champion pool. I don't believe they ever do reworks to fix anything, most cases they even manage to create more problems with it. These are the same people that can't fix endless bugs with Morde and after Syndra passive rework now she has 3 almost game breaking bugs as well from which 1 was since the day she was released. Sorry for not having any faith in this shit since Tencent took over Riot.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Because some kits just feel bad to play against regardless if they are balanced or not. If there'd be a champion who has a 50% chance to instantly win the game or lose it,would he be balanced?Yes. Would it be a fun mechanic to play as or against?No. Besides most reworked champions are actually played more often than their previous versions(also they reverted the kog'maw rework due to balance problems).
Now take a look at reworked kits, you think all that is fun to play against ? If champion didn't fall to garbage tier its completely tedious to play against the reworked mechanics, with Fiora, Xin, Tarics inuverablity, against Eves charm, against getting completely nuked from Graves, Malza, MF, Reksai, Veigar, WW which is undodgable if they played it correctly, with addition of Maokai sapplings and Xerath killing you from base. Gangplank while it got stronger it went even that far that its tedious to play him YOURSELF with those barrels. You want to say game got so much better ? Answer is no, but it definitely get less diversity through this. Reworks obviously does not remove unfun mechanics.
Häxel (EUW)
: "Again what the fuck is the point of rework if it mostly messes up and most reworked champions are never played again ?" Aha. ok. Is opposite day or what? So {{champion:22}} , who had before on q just her current passive as toggle lost playerbase, uniqunes(toggled manacosts were huge used in the past) and is now worse as before? While i sometimes also miss{{champion:104}} in which part was he unique to other adcs? Would say he is now pretty unique with his autoattacks. {{champion:6}} and {{champion:83}} while being now diffrent and still not played in competive, at least they work now in soloq. Yorick was before removed from Champrotation so bad was he for the game. {{champion:113}} for example who before had this huge impactful Ult, got changed so Seju is more unique and not the same as {{champion:54}} /{{champion:32}} /{{champion:89}} . You can discus if some changes were needed. But not that uniqunes got lost. Yea old and new {{champion:83}} look totaly diffrent and even work a fair amount diffrent. In my opionion the champ that got changed the most. Still, his identy of "i summon gouls" stayed basicly (practicaly it got changed from "i summon 3 diffrent gouls but am not possible to balance" to "i summon 3-8 gouls from the same kind and got a fresh new corpsewall too). Ofc Riot has not succes with every rework. I agree that some champs like {{champion:82}} / {{champion:72}} weren't changed to something better. But "Some where decent and went to garbage tier," is just a straight imagination. Tell me one Champion that is now BY FAR worse as before. Maybe some changes didn't change that much. Still they changed something to a bit better or else Riot would already have reverted/half reverted them. Like they did with {{champion:96}} . But your most anoying point is that: "But i am pretty sure everyone is so happy with new season, new runes, new BP currency, new urf modes, and especially with all the reworked champions nobody ever plays anymore." You see the past as if it was perfect and everybody that lives in the presence has a problem. You are like the grandfather that can't understand that cause everybody has a Smartphone and everything is now at the current level of technology more or less you can't no longer use a string telephone. Yes, that worked in the past. {{champion:106}} worked in the past. But the technical progress don't stop from anything. If a Game does not get updated it dies. Your string telephone was good in the past in comparison to other, nearly eqqaly string telephones. But now everyone uses a smartphone and your string telephone aka Volibear just can't keep up with the newer championkits. Basicly nearly every non Juggernaut Champion can kite Volibear with Mobility or with CC. Every Volibearmain knows that. They still play Voli cause they like him ofcourse but they know that he is bad. Even {{champion:86}} and {{champion:102}} are better with their engages. And i haven't heard from any Volibearmain who doesn't want a Volibearupdate. Ofc oppionions are diffrent how big his Update should be and what should definetly say. But no one would say that by giving a string telephone a touchscreen the problem would be solved. He needs a kitchange. Not some small Numberchanges or Addons to his current Kit. He needs at least 2 new Abilitys. So don't be an old geezer. The game was from the begin already designed to be patched frequently and be updated. And that was and is the succes of league. That it is not a consolegame that stays old and retro like some 90th Super Mario. That instead of making just every Year another league Version that needs to get purchased and has just big Jjumps like other certain games (wow, dota) it instead changes the whole time. Nothing that needs to be new purchased. And nothing that stays exactly the same over years in a supermarket. Sry for you that you can't buy your own league Season 2/Season 3 version and play it with fellowed geezers. That wasn't leagues gamedesign from the begin.
That would be the case if league was as successful as before and reworks would actually work out for better. How is Ashe better now ? Before she could compare with other adc and was often played no matter how old. And also ''insert reworked champion list'', HOW IS THIS FOR ANY BETTER ? Many champions there got completely wrecked. Reworks would be for the better in world where they did actually work out, now i feel most people are instant gratification junkies that simply want new champion no matter in what form, thats why they call for all the reworks though Riot failed at most of them.
: Pantheon is the definition of a toxic kit. His only purpose is to make your opponent feel miserable as they get poked into oblivion, while then becoming useless in late game. Mundo is beaten by 800-1000g. Until then, he's unkillable. Volibear is the definition of a statcheck. You either have enough stats (MS for ranged champions, tank stats and damage for melee ones) to beat him, or you die. He doesn't even have anything you have to time. It's run at them and mash buttons. *Even Udyr takes more thought, since you at least need to decide which form to hit them with*. Every other champion there has *some* issues. Skarner is too built around his pillars, Malphite has a good damage point and click - and does way too much damage for a supposed tank anyways, Nocturne more or less stat-checks you as well, Cho'gath is an abomination that needs to be completely and utterly reworked, Tryndamere...well, we all know *his* issues, Akali is dangerously close to being a stat check (Is only held back by a couple reset mechanics and having to think of her W), and Yi isn't even viable in Bronze anymore, *the one place where he was always seen as stomping everyone*.
I still like some uniqueness, why not simply balance it ? Why everything has to be reworked ? Just release new champions, but don't rework the whole game. Its the usual story, they will take away from champion anything that was unique about it, for few weeks, months there will be huge hype until everyone realizes they are boring and play rate will drop unless they are OP enough to be in meta. The whole rework thin has been huge fail, i can't imagine a single champion that people would liked long term after they been reworked, mostly they just mess them up even more leaving people frustrated and calling for revert which will never happen. Just fuck it, im slowly leaving this game forever, its hopeless, there will be absolutely nothing left in LoL what people fell in love with it in first place. Again what the fuck is the point of rework if it mostly messes up and most reworked champions are never played again ? Whole thing is another attempt to completely take out any diversity of the game and even manages to reduce champion pool that will be played though it should be doing the opposite. {{champion:22}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:26}} Just a reminder on a fast note what got reworked, might have missed or added a bit too much, do you really want to say game went for the better because all of these got reworked ? Some where decent and went to garbage tier, some staid garbage tier, many got new tedious mechanics to play against, though reworks should remove since people cry a lot about it. Some of course shined from time to time, and very huge lot of them people still don't know whenever they will ever even be useful, but still so many of these champions were playable before and went to fucking garbage. I would rather call for balance and plenty of these would even make a great new champions. But i am pretty sure everyone is so happy with new season, new runes, new BP currency, new urf modes, and especially with all the reworked champions nobody ever plays anymore.
Häxel (EUW)
: {{champion:80}} most requested? Ha{{champion:106}} , Ha{{champion:72}} , Ha{{champion:54}}, Ha{{champion:86}} , Ha{{champion:36}} , Ha{{champion:56}} , Ha{{champion:31}} , Ha{{champion:23}} , Ha{{champion:84}}, Ha{{champion:11}} . Just the cherry on the cake. Actual Trinity would be {{champion:20}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:82}} .
Leave my Panth, Mundo and Voli out of it. If they rework them its going to be the same garbage as always. Da fuq do they need rework for ? Don't deal enough damage ? Edit: now that i think of most of the champions you mentioned is fine, lets not rework anything ever, they should just make new champions instead not take away everything that is unique about LoL.
: All for one was so much fun too. I miss it
Hexakill twisted treeline was my most fun, we ain't getting that back more for a year as well. Honestly dominion was also fun before lethality meta came in and ruined all the fun out of it. Fuck this game
: At least URF is back. Still waiting for OFA and TT Hexakill
> [{quoted}](name=Spank the Fox,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uAXBPxEi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-21T05:41:36.411+0000) > > At least URF is back. > > Still waiting for OFA and TT Hexakill TT HEXAKIIIL, WHERE IS IT, ITS BEEN MORE THAN YEAR
: As somebody. that prefers URF, I really, really don't get what the fuss is about "reduced champion pool". We already don't get to pick our champion. It's kind of like "pick a random card from this 52 card deck", versus "pick a card from this deck, but I already took 20 cards out of it".
We want unregulated classic urf, no matter how shitty it is. Regulations that makes urf even shittier is a dick move. You see how unhappy people are ?
M0rgana (NA)
: I just report whoever does that. I hate unsportsmen players. When they win and say easy it's to get you more upset than you already are, I consider that flaming to some degree, or harassment worthy of a report. In time they will learn to not be assholes and just say GG or shut.
> [{quoted}](name=M0rgana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AZqpPciw,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-18T19:48:11.673+0000) > > I just report whoever does that. > I hate unsportsmen players. When they win and say easy it's to get you more upset than you already are, I consider that flaming to some degree, or harassment worthy of a report. > > In time they will learn to not be assholes and just say GG or shut. This has been very old discussion and majority agreed that is reportable offense. Also violating summoners code as well.
Holt (NA)
: Yeah I've seen a few people complain about their free speech rights, but they don't realize that they are only protected against the government. Private institutions and service-providers can limit it as much as they want as long as they don't resort to criminal tactics to do so. We all signed the ToS essentially stating they can revoke our service permissions for any reason they deem fit. I would have hoped people learned this stuff in civics, but then again this is still a teen rated game so the younger teens probably haven't had that class yet.
Free speech has never allowed anyone to break laws. Most of the toxic flamers even do break a few laws. As soon as you step on public transport for example and disobey their rules, you can be prosecuted by law accordingly, no difference here, nobody is just chasing them around since it would require more manpower and no profit, but they sure do can give those perma bans out. If any of them would dare to act like this in real life there is enough possibility with ending up with administrative or criminal fine. Enough people even been lucky enough to have their IP tracked down.
: This is not true. And I'm not gonna give some bullshit about the enemy will throw, sounds like you just don't know how to come back from being behind. How to freeze a lane outside your turret or how to break an enemy freeze. Scale up, farm, negate their gold advantage. Out macro them (people with good micro usually lack macro and vice versa) Is it easy? Fuck no, it's not. But if players weren't rewarded for doing well, or for punishing your mistakes when you tp back to lane and try to kill them being a level down, then you are effectively asking for participation awards and the game doesn't become fun because individual skill doesn't matter and it just becomes a permanent tank meta because early game has no impact.
It sounds like you are talking out of previous seasons and have not played this preseason yet. Also i am mostly on winning side. There is no way enemy is getting back without any gold, ally turret being worthless and it won't defend them. Also beating them is part of my macro plan, there is no way i am letting him fulfill his macro plan with my own in action, not when i can dank half his life with 1 hit, his only options are surrender or humiliation.
: ''I play badly and still want to win''
Its not about that, its all again about game being decided by first 7 minutes. Its simply boring to lose with no come back chances, and its boring to snowball win so much that it doesn't even feel like achievement, just another garbage match.
Barkley (NA)
: If you must argue like children...
I had people threaten me in real life from multiple accounts after game. Its all very serious for them here and now.
: I feel like this formula doesn't even include practical situations that arise with play, such as latency, bad ping, random spikes in internet connection, etc. There are probably a lot of players out there who are playing with average computers and internet that isn't Verizon fios and will get "locked out" from landing an additional spheres, making the window of power almost unobtainable.
Honestly all those people should not be playing at all. But if everything is working smooth strong 30 - 40fps and internet while being slow is wired to pc and stable, you can basically live with such toaster setup till challenger easy. Everything that i have has been toasters almost my whole LoL life, so i don't feel any shame saying those people with such performance should not be in competitive driven environment. And even if they are, life is cruel, if you can't even get together a stable toaster, don't expect anything. But from all the games around LoL nowadays could be run even from phone, that's how weak it is at requirements. *blows dust off 8 year old toaster and goes away*
: While you're at it, do you think you you can talk to them about how if syndra dies her ult will follow through without her? It feels horrible, like there is nothing you can do about your own death even if you play properly. (Or is the only way to win never approaching her...)
Its a sickness of slow animation *knock ups someone under zhonia while being Blitz'' Syndra had free window in which she could press R on you in range and ult already started to detonate, she died after the detonation. This works the same when you detonate it on enemy, who is about to die from your teammate, Syndra ult doesn't even make it in time and she gets full cooldown anyway. Syndra is easy to play around in meta where killing enemy Syndra taks 2 - 2.5 sec, she can't kill anyone as fast if not insanely fed, also her Q and W and E are easy to dodge. Also her range is quite low if you don't trip on her stun, so anything that can nicely poke can bully her. She got nerfed 2 or 3 times since her power times, the same time mages dropped generally past few years, she is not powerful at all, most who tries her dies 10 times with 2 kills and never returns to trying Syndra. Worlds picked Syndra, but she was almost a bad pick generally, no one did anything decent with her there, completely different from her influence in esports few years ago.
: no legitimately new players belong anywhere but bronze i played into silver 1 my first season (3) i can 100% guarantee you... back then... i played like bronze trash there is absolutely NO way a NEW player being above bronze
You projecting your experiences to others, i started with silver and climbed to plat until actually learning the whole game not just few champions. Either way i think the whole issue is just crying, people will make it to ranks they can't and won't go further if they can't make it.
: That's easy to fix. Stop with the stupid ass divisions and matchmake based on MMR only. And stop protecting people from losing their way out of tiers. Riot is just to bent on making ranked a grind to fix it.
Matchmaking is literary MMR, i started with low golds and took only few games to be matched in plat already. You can be matched in diamond and you can be matched in bronze from gold. Point is MMR will change your LP gain and LP loses. If you are matched way too high jumping multiple divisions jump and skipping promos by reaching 100LP and getting insta promotion appears as well, but that only good players know, so...
: > [{quoted}](name=Kythers,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zl07BjHb,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-12-12T00:23:39.625+0000) > > this is called confirmation bias > > \>Win 6 games in a row > Damn, I'm a god > \>Lose 6 games in a row > Damn, shit teams you would think so. but after playing thousands of ranked games, it is not. when I lost those 6 games I played like shit maybe in 1 of them, because I was so tilted I didn't care anymore. but even then my teammates fed anyway so it didn't matter. same when I had a 7 game win streak earlier in the year, guess what happened after ? 7 games losing streak.
Thousand ranked games is not an example, i have seen people who are 2000 ranked games gold or same but plat. Though reaching diamond can be done under 50 games every time. If after thousands of ranked games you are not higher but others are, you simply don't belong there.
Håppy (NA)
: no, this is actually how their matchmaking system works, it happens to everybody at every elo, and there've been countless threads with paragraphs on paragraphs explaining how it functions, but of course riot is dead silent on it and does nothing to fix it
Didn't happen to me, i won 20 games in a row, but you all guys keep crying while you don't even deserve the wins. You definitely ain't winning a game in going 2 10 in diamond, you are the guy other people thin who doesn't even belong in diamond 5
: the player base finds new ways to be retarded each year.
> [{quoted}](name=MaskedMorals,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5V57inIF,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-12T17:09:20.786+0000) > > the player base finds new ways to be retarded each year. Nothing will be the question mark ping spam retardation. Whatever comes nothing will beat how stupid is that, so im good.
: There's still a lot of mages that are doing fine, so it's wrong to say "all mages." Generally, it's the lategame mages that are suffering right now, but a lot of them are doing fine. Mages don't generally have a "spike" but are just consistent in getting Morello's+boots+misc AP+Void. It's not that far off from ADCs.
Mages are doing fine, except everyone else in comparison are doing FUCKING AWESOME.
: My serious answer to your joking comment: No, AP itemization has to come earlier, so they have time to nerf it into the ground again. It's just numbers, so general data over a few months suffices. World's patches are for mechanical changes that have ridiculous impacts: Corki damge splits, Mordekaiser and bruiser reworks, you know, things that need the hardcore testing only a world class tournament can provide.
They always fix completely wrecked mages IN FUCKING MID SEASON... till then ? GG WP ''MID SEASON MAGIC'' - that thing wear down really fast and secretly was just change up and never fixed or buffed a shit, Syndra even came out with more bugs than before.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Next season: Rabadonn now grants 95 AD, 40% crit chance, 15% lifesteal and it's price has been reduced by 800g
This is so sad... why is this game like this.. this is actually possible
: I can predict with 70+% accuracy whether I win or lose based on the champs I see in champ select. I dodge constantly trying to avoid the tiniest disadvantage because it's pretty much instalose nowadays. 2 assassins on 1 team? dodge. No tank? dodge. Toplaner not playing maokai or jayce? dodge. ADC got a lower than 50% winrate with their selected champ? dodge. Support not playing Leona/Taric? Dodge if their winrate with selected is below 60%. Enemy pick Ezreal? Dodge. Enemy pick Malzahar? Dodge. If my midlane is not **strictly** meta? Dodge.
I could argue so much with you about everything, then i realized you are not doing anything bad or illegal, so why not. Your win or loss.
: Think about this though. When Riot's saying it will feel bad because he has a high playrate and still underperforming, that means that not only will the LARGE Has up player base be affected, but also a significant portion of the community will be too. Simply because of his awful state those with a Yasuo on their team will be put as a disadvantage, and this will be happening FAR more than the other champs with low play rate.
So you basically confirm Riot bias. Riot doesn't care about all of us, they just care about majority of us. Except majority will get favoritism to specific champions and roles, but Riot will keep buffing and putting out more flashy champions while reworking everything that was unique about this game to bland boringness. In the end majority will be suffering from bias Riot has been since Tencent took over. They are not making Yasuo a better suited champion, if they would be they would be removing tons of hand holding mechanics he has and then buffing him. Now they just strait piss on a buff because low winrate + big fan base. If that is not biased idk what is. I think what most of us really would love to see is almost every champion being well balanced into this game... you know, like all other mobas does it
: They said their buffing Yasuo because even with a large player base, the dedicated players don't perform well enough. Your bias is showing.
If anything has been biased patch after patch, its balance team. Yasuo still has broken hand holding mechanics all over him that is bound to piss everyone off.
: Do something about zed
Zed topic... i been hating on his mana less endless life stealing sustain where he can poke half life off enemies, shadow to fucking places all the time and his R is successful fucking dodge shit while one shooting you. Than a little bit later successfully dealing 4000 damage to a FOKING TANK like its nothing. If everything about him would be legit, fact that he has energy instead of mana really pisses me off. If you are not brain dead you can figure out how to 100% win the lane either by kills or by the fact that you can stay in lane as long as you want to gaining considerable huge advantage from people who need to base for mana, health, items, or just roam to anywhere you want, its not like anything is standing in good Zed players way. For last 5 years if i ever get to ban something, ITS ZED and always will be zed for me. I know he might not be 100% winner but sure is going to piss me off whatever lane i am playing.
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