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https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/13fpgfVV-league-new-2019-client-wont-open check this thread for a fix
Amazyn03 (EUW)
: It asks me to overwrite it ? will it delete my game and install it from scratch?
yes do it it worked fine for me and only updated like 1.5GB and not the whole thing which was... A WHOLE LOT FASTER
sinZsoul (NA)
: I think you should make a distinction tier list of how strong someone can be when fed. A lot of the tier 0 or 0.5 won't change since they can either always get fed or scale and be strong. But there's some lower tier champs that can actually get fed and carry. An example is Katarina. I've actually played 3 games with her and carried 2 of them while being positive in all 3.
indeed there's a lot of champions that can do well if uncontrolled like yi is still very strong but a good example: if you land 1 cc on yi he dies in a unfavorable fight (1v2 / 1v3 etc) if the cc doesnt land and he does his thing its done for its like that for many champs but most champs that get ahead can snowball and carry well, the probability is just different for each
wolvius (EUW)
: I got to disagree with you about Tahm kench being weak, hail of blades can makes you win nearly every 1v1 at any stage of the game. you can 1v2 or 1v3 depending if riven was not nearby. https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/perk-images/Styles/Domination/HailOfBlades/HailOfBlades.png {{champion:223}} {{item:3077}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3091}} https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3914356016/237941931?tab=overview
lmfao theres always uncommon genius builds that need to be explored
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: I disagree with several of these, take twisted fate for example. He may have low base damage, but his long range Q is on a 1.2 second cooldown and it attacks in 3 directions at once. It also reduces his ultimate by quite a bit, letting him roam the map blitzcrank has pretty much always been pick or ban if your team is going by power. Land one Q and the opponent is dead brand can permastun any one enemy I think kassadin is banned, as is or was teemo, dunno about sona, so you should probably find out which champions were banned anivia is another one. Her ultimate having no mana limit and all abilities on low cooldown eliminate most of her primary weaknesses Zac...well, i'm not sure how well the new one would perform, but his W is basically the same. Zac can solo baron...solo it in an instant, has almost no cooldown on his W for instant %hp damage and is a strong initiator #What really throws the game out of balance is who can use the keystones the best... here's a good note: champions with silences were the strongest because they leave their opponents powerless. Fiddlesticks and chogath were very dangerous for this reason another annoying tidbit: if riot decides to ever run urf again, Nasus will be a complete god because he can kill jungle camps in an instant. Just run him AP like you mentioned and suddenly not only is he bulky with range but he can also Q-oneshot you and any tower in reach while clearing entire waves instantly
{{champion:4}} has an obvious advantage in range and high scaling but if the enemy can just dodge your stuff it's hard to be proficient with him. {{champion:53}} is honestly meh, idk why people prioritize him and {{champion:222}} /{{champion:22}} so much. {{champion:63}} i think got some change so he can't perma stun anymore? I'm not sure on this and maybe it's old info but he needs to be really close for that and in most cases it won't work. He is still very strong and even if you kill him there's a high chance you will die to his passive. No one is banned anymore. {{champion:34}} has good control tools but since everyone has increased mobility in URF it's what makes it harder for her to do well. She can still do very good depending on the composition. {{champion:154}} i remember old Zac having 0s CD on W. But now hes reworked and has useless spells for URF (kinda). {{champion:9}} {{champion:31}} I agree they do have good spells but Fiddle is so squishy and doesn't have the burst needed to support his fear and Cho's spell casts are just so slow. I still haven't seen a {{champion:75}} do good. I'll update the list if that changes.
Ifneth (NA)
: If Taliyah can predict an engage, using E will dissuade enemies from dashing, and dropping W under herself will knock them away.
I'm a Taliyah main and I am aware. However... ITS SOOO HARD MAN.....
: {{champion:58}} is not tier 2. There is no kiting him. If he gets in range to flash, he can flash then E, and by the time he uses the second E it's off cooldown again. Try kiting a champ with infinite dashes and an hour long stun every 3 seconds. Lol did you even try building {{item:3508}} on him in this mode? It redefines "no counterplay".
Yeah he is annoying and almost impossible to kite. Will bump him up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
rujitra (NA)
: Hey - I don’t deal with gameplay+ submissions, but I think that you may be able to submit a thread like this on GP+ where it may get better and more in-depth discussion - I’d love to see it there.
On ngameplay+? I didn't know, I don't come often to these boards so I've just put it on gameplay without knowing.
: i dont agree with karthus one simply get zhonyas or edge of knight and everytime he ultis well you will always be alive
Yeah i haven't seen many Karthuses to good on the live servers compared to the PBE
: Love the amount of effort you've put into this! Looking at our PBE+Internal data, the #1 winrate champ isn't in your Tier 0 or 0.5. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out :) We'll also be patching along the way!
I am interested in who the highest win rate champ is but this list wasn't created ranking them by their win rates - there are statistics for that. What I had in mind when rating them is how often a champion would be overwhelmingly stronger than others and how frustrating it is to play against them. i know that the old Galio had like an insane win rate on URF and was ranked #1 by win rate but in reality he only wins vs magic damage dealers and AD champions could take him down (though it was hard if he was fed). Though the old Galio would be tier 0 in my list for sure. Edit: You did nerf most of the champions from tier 0 to begin with and some from other tiers too. I don't know if it's cause of their win rate or people complaining how they are unbeatable but of course the nerfs will reflect on their win rate.
Vekkna (NA)
: Hmm.... {{champion:57}} {{champion:56}} I would guess that one of these two is the top WR {{champion:9}} I would rate him higher if only because he's the only champion in the game who can single-handedly out-URF the top tier. Maxing Q early is one of the only ways to counter shit like Jax and Garen. {{champion:143}} Honestly, I would put her in tier .5. The trick is EW max with Rylai's > Liandry's > Warmog's. {{champion:1}} This is another I would put higher, again with early QE max. Shurelya's + Predator is hilarious. {{champion:74}} I'm not sure I've ever lost an URF match with him. Rush Zhonya's and win game. {{champion:127}} Will obviously be much stronger now with her new passive. {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:31}} Also under-rated here just because they're so anti-aggression. {{champion:75}} Wouldn't be surprised to see Nasus in top tier after so many buffs to Q and ult.
Out of all these id only put Janna one tier up which i did Edit: {{champion:74}} isn't weak on URF but he is the strongest when capitalizing on the enemy mistakes. If however the enemy doesn't make mistakes and knows hot to play versus Heimer he is underwhelming.
Stuebord (NA)
: How long did this take you?!?!?!?
: He didnt; plus ie is back to crit 25%. i played against a fed fiora,wu and zed ended up pentakilling them several times
its not back on live servers so it doesn't matter really
0 Hogapu (EUW)
: You said Katarina was buffed for urf especially... can't find anything on that, may you remind me what it is ? :)
She was and you can find it here: [http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/92-pbe-cycle.html](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/92-pbe-cycle.html) > Nerfs: > > Sona - HP 480 -> 460, HP Lvl 77 -> 50, Armor 3.3 -> 3, Damage - 10% > Karthus - HP 528 -> 450, HP Lvl 87 -> 65, Damage -15% > Wukong - AD Lvl 4 -> 3, Base AD 68 -> 63, HP Lvl 85 -> 70, Damage - 10% > Rumble - HP Lvl 85 -> 65, HP 589 -> 550, Damage - 10% > Ryze - Damage - 10% > Jax - HP 592 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60 > Fiora - HP Lvl 85 -> 60, AS Lvl 3.2 -> 2.5 > Zed - HP 582 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60, Damage - 10% > > Buffs: > > Tahm Kench - MS 335 -> 340, HP 538 -> 600, HP/Lvl 102 -> 120, Damage +20% > Kalista - AD/lvl 3.6 -> 7, Damage +20% > Rek'Sai - Health 570->600, HPLvl 85->100, ADLvl 3.35->4.5, Arm 33->38, ASLvl 2->3 > Katarina - HPlvl 92->105, MS 340->345 > Ornn - Health 565->600, HPLvl 95-105, MS 335->340 > Evelynn - MS 335->345, Damage +10% > Zac - HP/lvl 95->105, Arm 33->38, Arm/lvl 3.5->4.5. MRlvl 1.25->1.75
: Holy crap, This is actually hyper accurate. A few things I would disagree on but 1 in particular peaked my interest. {{champion:19}} I would move him up to the 0 tier, For context I used to main the champion for about 6 months and my god that champ is super hard to deal with without good kiting knowledge, I would say he has good/decent match ups vs quite a few of the top tier champions, {{champion:114}} He deals with Fiora decently and can 1v1 her without ult quite easily, however if she Ripostes your E you will be lucky to get away, don't R if she has W up always save it for running if she manege's to parry your E and only use it if your fear hits, Even if you hit this her R will still win her the fight unless you have a sizeable health advantage. {{champion:120}} If you see him running at you use E and ult him to CC immune through his E's knock back, auto Q right away to follow his R away if done correctly he should never be a problem with a slightly tankier build, Even with all your move speed you can never chase him but he cant fight you by the same aspect. {{champion:24}} Just don't :) (but with some fast burst with you like a Yi or Tryn you can 2v1 him well) {{champion:238}} GL hitting your R on this one... he can also kite you and kill you fairly well, best way to play against him is to time your R to hit him as he appears from his Death mark, also just q minions on repeat in lane to attempt to sustain his poke. You need flash to 1v1 duel him well, and remember that Holding Q on him after his R or auto E Q burst combo WILL follow his shadow which will screw him over of you have E fear up. {{champion:62}} He wont kill you, ever, but you will never catch him, ever, you have to predict him 4 or 5 times to kill him lol, but if he try's to kill you just Q as he E's you to dodge the first part of the knock up and just all in, he will have to run from your sustain and you cant really catch him again but still not a loss I guess. He either survives, demolishes or runs away from close to everything else apart from a set few like Fizz who you cant Q (almost ever) and Tryn who you cant R ever (unless you want to die). Any bad or low mobility champs he will just chase down and kill with no counter play, he can DEFIANTLY solo carry games. Sweet list anyway, even inspired to do a small one for the cheeky dog. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Warwick can definitely be on pair with tier 0 but he doesn't always work out. That's my main problem with him.
: Sona and Ryze need to be higher without a doubt.
It doesn't feel the same like back in the day. They are nothing to mess with but just not as strong to be disabled {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Actually, I'd argue that new Kalista is very strong when played with lethality. She does a very scary amount with very little due to the bonus damage she's going to get
i bumped her up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: There is one thing i disagree with and its garen, he should be in his own tier above everyone else, those you listen above cannot do shit to him especially given that his w gives him insane damage reduction, coupled with the fact that if you come into melee range you die, how many times have i seen a zed ult a garen only to get instantly deleted. Or a fiora parrying one tick of damage and then die, same with jax since he cant dodge his e, wukon is even funnier since his jukes dont mean shit if you just keep spinning. Garen will get him or wu will run away. Imo, garen should be Tier X or something.
Garen got nerfed pretty sure
: What about the attack on the AP Pantheon?
It's a gimmick. It can work but it's not the most efficient way to play him.
: I personally think {{champion:110}} is more of a tier 1.5, sure he has great poke. But you already mentioned somewhere else that skillshots are easier to be dodged in URF due to lower cooldown on mobility abilities, and most of Varus' abilities are skillshots. Sure he has decent poke but in URF all of his weaknesses just almost double. He's even more susceptible to being bursted down due to no escaping potential outside of his R, he can't fight literally anyone in close range (his non existing mobility means that this is not preventable), so he's almost in the same boat as Kalista in a sense that he supports his team, while also being able to poke and secure kills with his W Active Execution. Also it's nice of you to put so much work into a such a lengthy post, good job.
I've played lots of {{champion:110}} and I'm pretty sure on his spot. Everything you said is true but {{champion:110}} can destroy people in lane and hinder their ability to ever recover from the laning phase. He can now use his W for more dmg and he didn't have that before. His ult is good for disengages and yes his mobility is low but he can mostly deal with it.
: Can I please ask why trundle is not in teir 0? He can kill every single champion you have listed in 0-.5 every time he meets them ontop of his insane team fight in urf with permemant ms/as steroid and always having a pillar up with Ult spam. My only loss I can recall on him I still went 27-2 but the enemy just split push me to death as it was a 1v9 game. Like even vs a wukong that was something crazy like 34 and 3 while I was only 5/7 I still killed him on sight hardly losing hp to him down several full items. Fiddles and Udyr also deserve to be around the .5-1 range. As someone who mained jarvan, hes not that good in urf. To many champions just out right destroy him in duels, his ults even more useless in urf and with reduced c/d his Q-E combo gets worse as 1 Q will connect to several standards and pull you to where you dont wanna be. I supose hes good vs immobile squishy champions but most ppl roll off those. There should be a -10 teir for Dark harvest full tank veigar..... Literally the most disgusting thing Ive ever seen being 1 hit by a vigar with nothing but Merc treds, Raduins Omen, and Adaptive helm. Cass is also near god teir her only weakness is extremely long range poke and champion that needs to go within W range of her dies and most times ends up only healing her. I know I get called a try hard in most of my games as I always built on the tankier side as its very easy to kill everyone running around with full dmg builds when you have access to constant spam. If you dont build an adaptive helm in URF your probably trolling. Fizz, Fiora, Veigar, Tyrnd are the only champions I normally have issues with as they literally have no counter play.
I never saw a trundle go that insane before in my 2000+ games on URF. Yes fiddle and udyr could go up but USUALLY they are not as good. Jarvan is pretty sick trust me, maybe not tier .5 but tier 1 for sure. I know, i always play tank Veigar :) Yeah i know i try hard all the time xD
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