: I am STUCK in the last game
Upvote so they can see ... This is retarded.
: Good picks or super player?
Its Dopa mate ...
: is playing an off meta champion bannable?
Its not bannable in any case , just go for it :) Respect for all other bros who play their mains in off meta roles !
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Sandixcx (NA)
: ffs plat is not low elo
Yes it is : ^)
: when team builder existed you would wait 40 minutes for a support to pop up
Yet 90% of autofilled players end up getting support ?
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: You do realize the difference between B5 and D3 is mostly grinding? I've seen great players in B5 and shitty ones in streams of D2 games.
: You crazy? Lee sin invades every one of those champs than can jungle except for maybe shyvana. If they aren't built to 1v1 like darius or irelia, lee will devour them. Amumu of all champions? Lee tears off his bandages with all the spare time he has while mumu has a grey screen.
: Why hello there
Sorry , i dont think you will fit in :/
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: > [{quoted}](name=DecimuSS,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=77FEflXj,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-26T12:40:08.199+0000) > > He means it ?! > Pls , you are being fooled by miserable , toxic , child . I'm not being fooled by anyone NOR did I say "HE" meant it. Regardless of that young one, what I said still holds a valuable truth. The starting point in everyone's quest to make amends for a mistake is a sincere apology and since I personally do not know ANYTHING about the OP, I honestly couldn't tell you if he/she is sincere or not, Nor did I ever say they were or I did... And the only "miserable, toxic, child" I've seen in this thread so far is you young man/lady. If you don't have anything to bring to the table, the gtho of the room/conversation young one. While OP may be an issue, I find it's players like yourself and your snot nosed comments that are the actual problem with this n other online communities; moreso than not. Good day.
> [{quoted}](name=JerzeyDevil,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=77FEflXj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-26T12:35:55.938+0000) > > part of "Manning up" kid is being able to say "im sorry" **and mean it**. You are pathetic sir, not him. Grow up So , what is this post all about if you ARE NOT SURE if he means it or no buddy ?
: ***
He means it ?! Pls , you are being fooled by miserable , toxic , child .
: Riot, I'm very sorry for my actions...
Ooooh this is pathetic , man up and deal with consequences of your miserable actions .
: Finally out of Bronze!
How do people even end up in bronze :'D ?
: {{champion:102}} when behind Shyvana has the fortunate design of still being able to viably build defensive and be useful. Her hard dive onto squishies as an off-tank damage flanker, split push dueling and escape, large DPS to objectives make her plenty viable when behind. You just need measured aggression. You have to weigh your value to the team compared to the targets you can assure you will kill, whether that be towers, dragons or carries. One tactic is to split push bot while your team is elsewhere, this way when dragon spawns you can solo it while your team focuses on objectives. Shyvana will win 1v1 vs all but about 10 champions when played right. So if you keep the jungle well warded you can make picks and force summoners, divert attention or make it a 4v5. When behind your ult is best used as an escape unless you can assure a team fight, vital objective or shut-down. Use your frightening kill pressure to zone enemies from objectives. Staying present enough to threaten their carries, threaten a smite steal, but far enough to not die for no raisin. {{champion:22}} when behind on Ashe the strategy is simple. Build your CDR, 0erhaps a BC if going Korean style, then focus on your AoE shred and slows. Stay near mid and near allies with strong peel. Use your ult for assured picks or counterengages. No high risk long range ults. Never go to unwarded lands. Let your team be your meat shield, be patient you do not have to *make* anything happen. {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} peel and ward. {{champion:92}} similar to Shyvana focus on gold soaking. You cannot build as defensive but you can get some durability through things like GA, Maw, DD and BC. Instead of solo Picks focus on using your fast wave clear to keep waves in enemy lines so your team has more map presence. Save TP for if a fight breaks out without you. DO NOT ENGAGE treat Riven like you would Shyvana. You are a counter engage or followup flanker. Riven will get CC'd and explode in seconds flat if you initiate. Focus on cleaning up the back line only. #No matter who you play WARD. SOAK GOLD. STAY READY TO ASSIST YOUR TEAM. DON'T GO IN LOW VISION AREAS. FOCUS ON STALLING UNTIL AN OPPORTUNITY ARISES!
Such knowledge :O Why are you still silver ?
: Post how to play your main when behind.
{{champion:4}} Farm side lanes , retreat with ult or try to help in picking someone with it
xCreeper (NA)
: Rakan & Xayah Mains
Rakan & Xayah WHAT ?
: Can we make thresh lantern taunt ally towards it?
No we cant beacuse not all Thresh players know what they are doing ( e.g. throwing lantern when he hooks tank with no vision behind him expecting from you to take it because he thinks you deal dmg in 13 mins as Kog Maw ) ....
: I think I need to learn more champions for mid.
: Who do you guys think is the most balanced champion
{{champion:4}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:432}}
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: When TF players get pulled over IRL
Broporo (NA)
: I want to be sure that you get all the help you need with this, so I'd like you to reach out to us one on one through our [**ticket**](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) system. This way we can really look into what all was going on with that tournament and make sure everything gets taken care of properly!
Thanks for responding , things are solved for most of our team members aka we got the prizes :)
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: still always on retard team
> [{quoted}](name=QuickenedBlade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QRPb1KVm,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-09T10:50:49.391+0000) > apparently my luck runs dry at being in the top 1% luckiest league players in na Luck ? Clueless ...
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: 3 trolling players all in one night nice game riot
: I don't understand, how am I supposed to win my lane if I can't just mindlessly push!?
I hope this is sarcasm but fuck it , im in teacher mode atm :P Winning lane is tied to champion you play , if you are GP for example , you won lane by staying even in cs and not dying . If you are assassin , you won your lane by getting kill or two which further lets you snowball etc etc . That "i took your tower 1st so i won the lane" is myth :) This ofc is simplified version of what lane winning actually is :P
: Not my fault Riot took away my green wards and made yellow trinket suck. Early vision is pretty hard in mid lane.
Oh well then manage that wave , let enemy AA your creeps couple of times then proceed to last hit or if he is shoving use spells accordingly. Point is to maintain creeps closer to your tower , if i had map now i would draw but im sure you get the point :)
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
He cant do much if you are managing your wave well. If you are pushing without vision , you deserve whatever comes to you.
: Take your main, switch their Q with their R.
: Isn't it sad that you're expecting a loss when you win a couple games ?
Sadly , game is more about grinding then skill :)
ToolooT (NA)
: Karthus is fun to play but has by far the most counters and it's ridiculous...
Yup , it seems hard but once you learn how to farm with him and pass laning phase with decent items you are going to have a blast :) Late game Karthus is beast just make sure you die into them , or zone them . Make full use of you passive bcs thats his signature , his fantasy . TFW they are truly low , no mana , no actives and they know they are going to hear that lullaby, precious ^_^
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Eedat (NA)
: PSA: The jungler helping push your lane after a successful gank is beneficial to you
Why would it bother you , unless ofc you are stuck in low elo too ?
: Message to all players gold and lower
5k ranked games in 5 years and you arent high elo ... Mate , you are doing something terribly wrong. And also , Elo Hell ,really ?!
: tbh i can understand why the other don't because it's pointless, our opinion doesn't matter, it only matters if it fits with plat+
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: A trap is by definition something prepared in advance, and in the absence of the intended victim. So, I want arm time on cait traps. Make her prepare her fortifications in expectation of a fight or objective control, not in the last minute. I also want their lifespan significantly reduced when placed under an enemy turret.
Sciela (NA)
: Honestly, League just sucks right now - but it's all there is.
Prxzm (NA)
: I can't believe people didn't understand this was sarcasm. I hoped posting in memes and games would make that understood.
Araethas (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How to use TF's E passive?
I advise people who are new to TF , dont watch HUD for info about stacking , watch the effect aka floating cards around TF . When you see them , your next AA will be empowered dealing bonus magic dmg :) In time you'll get used to peaking at HUD for when to trade ( not going in when its on 1 or 2 ... ) .
Prxzm (NA)
: Why Is There No Option To Disable the Minimap?
I seriously hope this is troll post ... If its not , what the hell are you doing playing this game anyway :'D
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Hysthiin (NA)
: Why the fucking fuck am I fucking playing against fucking diamonds. I'm fucking silver V.
Uhm , "fucking that , fucking this" , please kido chill :)
: Blood Moon Skins [Splash + Models]
Ooooooohhhh laaaads , that TF , on spot ^_^
Kaioko (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DecimuSS,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zcuEjEsJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-23T18:15:00.451+0000) > > Uhmm , its not game breaking buff anyways , its a tweak to smooth his gameplay tho im not sure you are getting what im saying :) > It feels awkward when you AA and lock card the second you canceled AA animation , then wait , then AA with locked card . > And whats that " If you want to give him auto attack resets then he needs to give up his gold card short CD point and click stun " ... :^) > Also , if you count his ult as mobility tool i dont think we can discuss properly since that opinion is wrong on so many levels , its ridiculous . > I can go on and on about his bursting potential , although i think i explained part of it in og post . > Thank you for replying . 1.) I fully understand what you're saying - you want TF's auto attack to be immediately reset upon selecting the card which is absolutely unneeded. You already get to walk with the card and use it in so many different ways, adding in a AA reset would just push it to be a broken skill. 2.) I'm not sure what seems to be complicated about understanding that a skill that has a short cooldown and guarantees you a 2 second stun is problematic and the reason why he can't receive buffs. It's not exactly hard to reach 45% CDR and stun your target for 2 seconds every 4 seconds which is why TF can't receive buffs. 3.) The only reason I'm counting TF's ultimate as mobility is because if you think of other champions who have point and click stuns they are typically restricted by their mobility (Annie is the perfect example). TF does not run into this issue and it's one of the main reasons his full combo ratio is kept at 165% AP instead of the typically 225% mid laner range.
1.) It ****IS NOT**** skill breaking buff , it would only help during laning phase and when ganking champions like {{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:15}} , later in the game you wouldnt even use it because , as you said , you need to stun opponents often and quick . Extra AA wont help nor would anyone bother using AA reset on God-like Kha jumping on you or your poor ADC :P 2.) Just , there are plenty of things i have to say about this but im restricting myself of doing that 'cuz you might find yourself offended :P 3.) Mobility skills are : Lucians dash , Zeds shadow(s) , Talon , Movement speed buffs to some extent , blinks etc etc ... You **CANT** count an ultimate , make or break ability that has a high CD time as Mobility skill , its just wrong :) Plus , dont compare TF to other champs , talk to me based on your expirience in facing those champions as TF . Also , expirience in TF would help a lot when posting on TF related threads :^)
: Which League of legends champion's personality ressemble you the most?
{{champion:4}} Smooth , easy going {{champion:201}} Caring {{champion:432}} "Res non verba" :^)
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