iChimp (NA)
: You might think it's an oversight but not by me. By whoever on your team removed the post as thats what they said.
I'd like to chip in, as we've had similar cases over on the EU boards. Somewhat recently we had [this](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/jk6woVUt-moderation-message-what) case, you'll see that Eambo focused on one aspect and I focused on another, both viewpoints are completely valid in determining whether your content deserved removal, yet we both focused on different aspects. That's what being humans are about, we focus on different aspects, sometimes we overlook details, other times we choose to keep the focus on the most egregious part, it varies from person to person. The moderator in question may or may not have focused on every single aspect of your comment/thread which violated the different the rules over here, but they did deem it fair to remove based on the notification you've received. Is moderation flawless? Absolutely not, the moderators are humans, and there's bound to be differences of opinion and even mistakes at some point. If you're asking if the removal of your content was a mistake, the answer is a clear and definitive no.
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
I wish I had mod rights on NA, so I could fix the formatting on that post. Edit: I made a copy and applied some formatting magic in [~~this~~](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/sgddxKjb-april-fools-vs-event-mission-list) thread, can someone with mod rights on NA copy paste it into here and delete my thread please? Woops, used the wrong link. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/TUEx3gvR-i-fixed-the-formatting-now-copy-paste-and-delete-this-please *** Edit: Mod rights or not, formatting is now on point! *** Edit: I managed to get some formatting applied to the main post so it now looks good, and I'm still getting downvoted. People are weird.
: You stopped playing 16 minutes into the game and continued to talk. Here are your chat logs, where you admit to giving up: [17:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u [17:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u draven [18:01] KiwiTwang (Annie): stole all my cs [18:08] KiwiTwang (Annie): gg [18:32] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk u draven [18:42] KiwiTwang (Annie): fuk yo couch [18:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): thnx but im done [19:01] KiwiTwang (Annie): just sur [19:16] KiwiTwang (Annie): cant cs in my own lane [19:22] KiwiTwang (Annie): AWESOME [19:35] KiwiTwang (Annie): YO MAMA PASSED LANING [19:58] KiwiTwang (Annie): im done [20:06] KiwiTwang (Annie): go ahead keep taking that cs [21:20] KiwiTwang (Annie): trash' [22:07] [All] KiwiTwang (Annie): guys im done playing since draven takes all my cs [22:44] KiwiTwang (Annie): thn adc ur bot lane [22:48] KiwiTwang (Annie): not my mid [23:05] KiwiTwang (Annie): yo mama roams [23:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): im here [23:23] KiwiTwang (Annie): not afk [23:39] KiwiTwang (Annie): can fukin lane [23:42] KiwiTwang (Annie): so y play [23:53] KiwiTwang (Annie): cant [24:36] KiwiTwang (Annie): draven is bot he should cs that fukin lane [24:51] KiwiTwang (Annie): he has more cs [24:58] KiwiTwang (Annie): comes in my lane and steals shit [25:10] KiwiTwang (Annie): yeah i need that gold [25:13] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk me [25:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): 23 [25:21] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [25:27] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [25:32] KiwiTwang (Annie): its not ranked so idc [25:50] KiwiTwang (Annie): lol draven been even fuckin our jungle [25:55] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk [25:57] KiwiTwang (Annie): me [26:22] KiwiTwang (Annie): yet ive leashed red buff a hundred times never once taken it [26:34] KiwiTwang (Annie): cuz ur trash [27:00] KiwiTwang (Annie): im drunk ND tired of this bs game [27:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): on a team and they dont even help u [27:20] KiwiTwang (Annie): bs [27:36] KiwiTwang (Annie): if only i could lane [27:40] KiwiTwang (Annie): then i could play [27:48] KiwiTwang (Annie): but fuk me [27:56] KiwiTwang (Annie): BUTT* [28:16] KiwiTwang (Annie): 3 lanes [28:23] KiwiTwang (Annie): 1 for bot 1 for mid [28:28] KiwiTwang (Annie): 1 for top [28:38] KiwiTwang (Annie): yet bot goes and steals mids cs [29:19] KiwiTwang (Annie): lmao [29:35] KiwiTwang (Annie): yeah they r [art of the english language Postgame: [2018-05-20 22:43:41 PDT] KiwiTwang: LOL [2018-05-20 22:43:52 PDT] KiwiTwang: plz [2018-05-20 22:44:09 PDT] KiwiTwang: lo cuz i couldnt cs since bot lane was in my lane stealing shit [2018-05-20 22:44:26 PDT] KiwiTwang: nope like smite much more [2018-05-20 22:44:35 PDT] KiwiTwang: this game clicking shit is shit [2018-05-20 22:44:43 PDT] KiwiTwang: wasd is better [2018-05-20 22:46:34 PDT] KiwiTwang: ehh this game is trash [2018-05-20 22:46:40 PDT] KiwiTwang: fortnite is where its at [2018-05-20 22:46:51 PDT] KiwiTwang: will do [2018-05-20 22:47:02 PDT] KiwiTwang: if only i could lane [2018-05-20 22:47:08 PDT] KiwiTwang: then i wouldnt have to > UNBAN me now or it will forever be known you guys just ban people without properly looking into what had happened. You're going to stay banned.
Do you want to be worshiped? Cause this is how you get worshiped.
S92nB (EUW)
: Option to mute ALL Emotes
Every time I see one of those emotes in game I actually lose interest in the game, I find them disruptive to the point where once I see them, I become unable to regain my focus for the remainder of the match. As a result I actually don't want to play the game, because I can't focus on it.
: ***
Speaking of advice. a tl;dr shouldn't be longer than a sentence, and placed at the very end of a post. Not to mention there's a reply function here on boards I urge you to use, if I hadn't checked out my recent replies out of habit, I would've missed your reply completely.
: Something GOOD actually happened today...
tl;dr ? ######I see a long story but no punchline.
Ququroon (NA)
: Adding Skin Portraits to all skins
Would it be possible to change all Draven skin icons to the 'Golden Draven' Summoner Icon? Due to the nature of Draven I'd say that one is pretty universal ˆ-ˆ https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/frontpage/apps/prod/skins-april-fools-2016/en_GB/26d3e1b9ee06d89a7f315760cc44daaadac0ab34/assets/images/icon-draaaaven.jpg
: I posted this on Reddit just a few minutes ago, but when we first talked about the new design I said "So rune pages are going away, right?" Because I assumed you would just make all the rune choices in champ select. But once we got farther into implementation, we found that we were using rune pages in our playtests. It's just helpful to have a few of them set up so you can spend more time in the lobby figuring out who is playing what champion (or heaven forbid, talking strategy) rather than quickly trying to grab the right runes. I wouldn't say our solution for rune pages is finalized yet by any stretch. We are still iterating a lot on the rune system (and IP and everything). Feedback on all of this is appreciated.
While it's nice to be able to change rune pages on the fly, there's still a time limit to consider. I have a couple of very specific rune pages, optimized for different things, if I were to start changing them in champion select, it would be nice to have a reminder about which rune types are most effective in what role. Example: One of my specialized rune pages, is a combination of flat cdr and cdr/lvl to help me achieve max cdr, buying only morellonomicon. To recreate this rune page, I'd probably need around 40-50 seconds.
> [9:25] [All] Rakan: Oh no don't give me that > [9:34] [All] Rakan: Pre game lobby from you and MF letting me die > [9:40] [All] Rakan: So I returned the favor Admission of guilt. Now while I can't know exactly what's going on, two wrongs doesn't make it right.
: That's honestly impressive. Do you have any idea how? I wanna play with you! XD
Sorry I only play on EUNE :( As for how ehm.... it's a combination of many things, the important part is that I've done it consistently for thousands upon thousands of matches. Here's a couple of examples: * I don't tilt * I never (almost never, roughly 5 times total) flame. * If people start flaming, I usually try to calm them down * some examples of what I might say * Sorry at least I tried (trying to save someone) * Can't say I didn't try :( * Sorry but I can’t save you from yourself. * That didn't go as planned * You're welcome ^_^ * Don't worry about it * Happens * Not gonna let you die that easily * Thank you * I'm usually open to suggestions, if it is provided in a constructive manner * If people communicate, I am usually more inclined to acquisce to their request * If the team or an individual do something great, I sometimes applaud them. * I sometimes offer constructive advice. * It is important to note how you say things more than what you actually say * Anti tilt advice * Technical support * Game advice, both during and after * Strategic advice * I sometimes use ASCII to defuse a bad situation. 168 0139, 0151, 174 0187, 0151, 0155 * I wrote a guide I can give players if they're struggling with some core game principles, this also means I can help them without challenging their sense of self, or being seen as condescending. * I can usually talk myself out of a bad situation * I know a lot about the game. And so on, I'm sure you get the general idea.
Keyru (NA)
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
> Moderator Privileges > > * Name color, moderator title, and icon > #»—› **ON THE BOARDS** ‹—« I can imagine someone might be disappointed, if they thought they would receive a Summoner Icon on their account.
: I'm guessing this applies only for the NA boards? EU and the other boards do these seperatly for themself, right?
Correct this is for the NA boards only. The EU moderation is handled by Volunteers, however players are not drafted with the intent to act as moderators, but rather to be part of the Volunteer program. Not all volunteers have mod rights either.
: I'm obviously a fan:-p. I think the rest of the PB team is also excited about getting it released so they can sleep:-).
Just a small question, what will happen to honors we've already received? To the best of my knowledge (I've certainly looked far and wide), I have the highest amount of honors on EUNE at a combined total of 3524 honors. Call me old fashioned but I've grown somewhat attached to them :(
: Thank goodness, with that system some M&G posts finally might not be deleted because of one mod not getting the joke or not reading the post at all but just title. Bless you. Also: As topic of next posts, maybe explain text formatting. Quantum of people still don't know how to do magic like slash characters not disappearing, paragraph separation lines, small and big fonts. Many people make their text bigger when they just want to make hashtag as they don't know how to escape the hastag. And there might be some secrets even I don't yet know. Could be very interesting topic in my opinion.
You mean like this? https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/rL385u11-how-to-boards-formatting
Me0wstic (EUW)
: Why does the NA boards still have the ability to upvote posts on the main page, but not EUW boards? You (some RIOTER) said you wanted to see the results and afterwards decide what is the best, but this was a long time ago already. Just curious about the results. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Greetings 1Kn0wY0u, I'll try to give you some insight on this, while I personally like the change they made on EU, it doesn't really matter what the results are..... Now you're probably wondering..... but how come it doesn't matter?! The short answer to that is... the League Client Update. A lot of the different teams within Riot were diverted to work on the new client, as a result other projects were put on hold or cancelled. While it's possible to get this change put into place, I'm pretty certain the amount of time is required for someone (or a whole team) to get acquainted with the layout and then implement the changes, simply isn't worth it at the moment. It's just not high enough priority. Because of that situation, it would cause somewhat of a dilemma for any Rioter responding to your question. Even f he/she give a tentative response, it'll set some expectations which has an unrealistic timeframe, it could be a week or it could be a decade (exaggerating), but in either case it would create a shitty situation, so I don't think any Rioter would want to touch this subject. *** *** With that being said, I have no clue what Riot though about it. You'll have to catch the correct Rioter to get a proper answer on this question I'm afraid. Good luck cause I have no idea who that might be, or even if he/she has any news on the subject :( ######Disclaimer: I'm an EU Volunteer not a Rioter
Keyru (NA)
: Volunteer Moderators - General Discussion
I like the initiative, seeing as I'm EU I don't exactly frequent NA GD, but I feel I need to ask some clarifying questions. What limitations are there, will there be stuff the moderators aren't allowed to talk about? How strict is the recruitment process Will they communicate with Volunteers from other regions?
: No we will not be doing any champion specific balance for ARAM. Stuff that's unique to ARAM we're totally on board for changing though (the starting items, health relics, the global buff etc)
Sorry for butting in, but if the ultimate goal in ARAM is balance, perhaps you should look at ways make the roles more distinct. The issues with the Guardian line is exaggerated because of the removal of the gold line items, as well as some other general item changes. Here's an example of how the gold items contributed without directly impacting the gold income. * **Coin line** It gave healers and utility mages plenty of sustain and later on, utility to survive and help stay relevant. * **Spellthief** Champions who needed to cast spells a lot benefited greatly, the small amount of extra dmg was nice, but it was more sustain as a result. * **Targon** It helped tanky supports, fighters, juggernauts and tanks alike to stay relevant throughout the game. After the removal of the Legion Aura it could help protect your squishy. At the early stages it GREATLY helped with wave clear, even if you had a champion who lacks up front dmg, such as Braum an Taric. **Suggestion**: _Remember to remove the +gold incentive on the items_ Bring them back as cheaper versions, that can be build using different tools/means, final version should be just as powerful though, if not even more so. I understand there's going to be some issues with the last hit effect on Targons, so it might solve it to NOT grant extra gold to the player who receives the health boost. Build on the distinction path, not the gold. #Concerns: * **Mikaels Crucible** The _active_ on Mikaels Crucible, often feels wasted. ARAM is a highly disorganized game mode and what it offers is simply nowhere near the equivalent of Athene's (even with the diminished health return). The cd is exceedingly long for a fast game mode. If your squishy gets caught, he usually gets bursted immediately after, or if he doesn't and you decide to cleanse him, he's often completely oblivious and still dies without cause or reason. The passive stats on it are however awesome, for a game mode that lacks health regen on quishy classes. **Suggestion**: _Either one of these suggestions would work, as long the visuals are signicantly updated as well._ Give it back the % max health buff it used to grant. A full 1-1½ sec cc immunity. Significantly reduce the cooldown!!! Make it grant a it a temporary shield equal to a % max health of either the caster, or the recipient, whichever is higher. * **Mana Issues** Certain classes aren't meant to survive forever on ARAM, once they run out of mana the best strategy they can use is suicide. Juggernauts, Bruisers, tanky supports, Urgot, are pretty worthless and thus become a hindrance if they run out of mana. Right now, the item that fits them the best, is Catalyst or it's upgrade Righteous Glory, because they're able to take a beating and also walk away from it. Still not optimal though **Suggestion**: Create an item tailored to tanky dmg dealers that give them some sustain. I would tie it in with collaboration with your team mates. To do so, I would use the same rules as when you **calculate assists**. A) Gave/Received a buff B) Helped do dmg/applied CC. * **Hextech Revolver** On the revolver, it's a passive which you proc as an on-hit effect, when you upgrade the item, the on-hit effect is replaced by an active. On certain champions the on hit effect can be quite effective, it's just a shame there's no equivalent of it, once you upgrade. It's just an inconsistency that's annoying me. *** I'd love some feedback, on why you think these would, or more specifically wouldn't work. I do believe these suggestions would be, a step towards re-balancing and creating more distinctive roles on ARAM.
: They always have tho.
: Do we still do the "Play with a Rioter for your 1000th win" thing?
Hm...... As Wuks pointed out, you have better luck on the EU boards, although I personally prefer the eune over the euw link ˆ-ˆ Just know that you'll probably have to be patient if you want Rioter match, and the timeframe you've told us about is after work hours, so most of them are probably on their way home, home or otherwise preoccupied. But if you create a post on the EU boards, I should be able to give you some advice on how to catch a few Rioters.
: We don't ban people for asking for reports
This is..... confusing. What if someone is super annoying about it? What if their report calling makes someone tilt because they're having a bad game? At what point does report calling cross from minor to serious? Does this affect all servers? Why is Draggles on NA, we want him back :(
: ...I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed!
...She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb....
: > [{quoted}](name=Gamer Life,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=VP5hnRfk,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-19T01:51:16.592+0000) > > Mate just because your a volenteer mod, dosnt mean your right all the time. Just to clarify, you're on the NA Boards. The Moderation team here is paid and under the direction and guidance of Riot. If you meant to post on the EUW Boards, here's the link: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/
> [{quoted}](name=TheCurator,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=VP5hnRfk,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-19T01:56:41.212+0000) > > Just to clarify, you're on the NA Boards. The Moderation team here is paid and under the direction and guidance of Riot. > > If you meant to post on the EUW Boards, here's the link: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Oi, why the hell did you send him our way :( 🔧 EU/EN Wrenchmen
: Hello, Have you been able to document exact dates/times that this has happened? If it is a diver/software issue, then there is a change that a warning or error event could be generated in Windows Event Logs. Also, does this happen if you perform the same actions outside of the game? Rather, has it ever happened while not in league? Do you have an old mouse to try some custom games and see if the issue persists?
It's happening both in and outside of League. It doesn't always happen when I lift the mouse, maybe 1/5 outside of League, but when I play it happens all the time, far more consistently, either that or I lift my mouse constantly to adapt to the changing landscape. Whatever the case the result is the same I'm afraid. I've checked event viewer extensively, there are no mentions I'm afraid, if there were I'd be seeing thousands upon thousands of warnings/errors in rapid succession whenever I play League. I've tried this with multiple mouse' already, the current mouse I'm using is about 2-3 weeks old, both are experiencing problems on this computer. I'm somewhat tech savy, but this one is driving me crazy since I can't figure out what the cause is. :/
Rioter Comments
évy (NA)
: My account received an unwarranted permaban and no information will be provided to me
https://gyazo.com/69a7bdfba1f6bbd45f69a9ea7430664b https://gyazo.com/cf19091d258abbfffa7c8cf4f10e87ec https://gyazo.com/7baddbdbfa2502513edf1d377ea88674 The links posted in the picture.
Porocles (NA)
: Looking into this, it looks like the Santa Penguin Ward was unlocked successfully on your account. Are you on the updated client? If so, can you try selecting it on the legacy? - On the login screen of the open beta updated client, look for the "Launch Legacy Client" text at the bottom. - Or create a shortcut directly to the legacy client in your League Installation. Just look for "lol.launcher" Let me know if that helps!
The Santa Penguin ward is rather old if I recall correctly, so it could be a simple case of him overlooking it since it's it's most likely pretty far down the list of icons. Just an observation.
Rafhi (EUW)
: A small but effective buff for Draven
So.... none of you guys have noticed that he's scheduled for buffs in patch 7.1? *** Here's the rundown. > **Spinning Axe (Q):** > Bonus damage changed to [flat 30/35/40/45/50 damage + 65/75/85/95/105% of bonus AD] from [45/55/65/75/85% of total AD] > **Blood Rush (W):** > Mana cost decreased to 40/35/30/25/20 from 40 at all ranks. Short version. (used [this](https://www.desmos.com/calculator) website for the graph) Early game it is a massive buff, but late game, here is how it looks like, I've included from level 9 up to level 18 assuming you max Q first. https://s27.postimg.org/wqux3wug3/lol_example_205.png I only calculate the bonus dmg from Q, I saw no reason to also include the total damage you would deal. They're changing the calculation from %bonus((Base+lvl)+BonusAD) to %bonus(0+BonusAD)+FlatBuff Old Q lvl 5 calculation would be: > 0.85((Base+lvl*2,91)+x) New Q lvl 5 calculations would be > 1.05x+50 Dravens base AD is 55,8 + 2,91 per level | Draven Level | Base AD | |---:|--:| | 1 | 55,8 | | 2 | 58,71 | | 3 | 61,71 | | 4 | 64,53 | | 5 | 67,44 | | 6 | 70,35 | | 7 | 70,35 | | 8 | 76,17 | | 9 | 79,08 | | 10 | 81,99 | | 11 | 84,9 | | 12 | 87,81 | | 13 | 90,72 | | 14 | 93,63 | | 15 | 96,54 | | 16 | 96,54 | | 17 | 102,36 | | 18 | 105,27 |
: I'll need to see a [recorded highlight](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/client/client-features/road-pre-season-replays-horizon) (using the beta client) to confirm what you're seeing with the Bot's behavior. Regarding FPS issues, I haven't seen any mass influxes of reports for this, therefore this is likely caused by something local on your computer. I'd strongly recommend checking out the steps in our [FPS Guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752684-Low-Frame-Rate-FPS-Troubleshooting) which commonly resolve these types of issues. Let me know if you have any questions.
Don't forget that the AI bots have very rudimentary behavior, so if multiple bots are present, if one of them targets something, the rest usually follow suit almost immediately if possible. This predictable behavior makes them easier to counter, but also means that if caught you're screwed because they can coordinate so well with each other, or at the very least incredible at converging on exposed prey. The issue at hand here is the FPS problems, but we'll have to wait and see how it goes after he's tried your solutions. Anyway, sorry for jumping in like this, but would it be possible for you to poke your NOC technician 'Riot SuperFoxMan' and tell him that the guys and gals he met on his trip, hope he had a safe trip back to NA and if he got the.... thing! He's not active on Twitter, Facebook, boards or social media :(
: I was silver 1 last year on my other account. Maybe ill make it to gold5 sometime with my team fight skills.
Hey Buddy we had a nice chat about ARAM, champions, roles, items games, 'n stuff, but most of all, I wanted to ask, **did you get the keychain thingy**? (it should look like a rose of some kind) If yes, what do you think of it? There's a ton I would like to say, but you know how it is, having to be cautious of what you say, and how you say it here on the boards. :/ Oh and the item I couldn't remember what was called is this one. {{item:3800}} It's awesome on most bruisers and tanks as long as you can stay alive. If you have enough health regen then that item is the equivalent of unlimited mana.
: How to deal with an overly aggressive kill lane?
: I can't really use a different network because as of right now I'm at college and somewhat forced to use an Ethernet cable to connect to their internet. Link to the topic is here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/aYmGLYEo-champion-concept-ulric-the-scarred-reaver But I have to say now that whenever I try to make a different post in concept & creations I get blocked. I don't know if it's something in my post or what. And it's only, as far as I can tell in concepts and creations. As to what I was trying to edit I was just trying to make small number changes and switch out one word in my concept, as well as add in a few more things in trivia. But at this point I just don't know what's wrong. As of right now I'm somewhat convinced it's either something in my post, something with Concepts and Creations or something to do with my college's internet.
I reviewed your post, my guess is that there is something in your formatting that's causing this issue. I've seen similar cases before, although not quite like yours, since you're also unable to post in that subboard. I don't have access to account related details for you, so I'm afraid you're going to have to contact support, remember to take a screenshot of the error. I would give you a template on how to send in support tickets to help expedite your issue, but I don't have one lying around on this computer unfortunately, I do however know that 'Wuks' wrote a decent one regarding that very subject.
: What did Xerath get when he finished college?
DIdn't you post this on the EU boards as well?
: and I did all of those and nothing
Greetings KyleRaynor, There are two portions to your problem, the first with the logo showing, is a clear cut case of a permission issue, however bugsplats are usually caused by obsolete drivers, or hardware errors, in which case it would be best if you could update your drivers as well as associated programs and Operating System. This is probably why it failed, because there were multiple portions to your issue, and not just the permission part. *** For good measure you could, disable background programs on startup, by using a program called 'msconfig', it's not really important but it should help you eliminate any possible alternate sources that could interfere. Remember not to disable your anti virus on startup. Let me know how it goes.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Leaving a comment with notes. First thought. Training CS, possible problem, minion level increase over time, just like jungle monsters. Would be nice with a visual guidelines to help the player achieve this goal Most of these should be on a toggle basis, where you can change settings or enter specific training areas, Dragon, CS, combo dummies, Baron, lane freezing Toggle kill limit for basic attack * Lock mana. * Toggle spells at 10-15 sec cd. * Dummy targets to train combos * Infinite ward trinket (still limit 3 on the map) * Or use the trinket teleport feature with minimal cd instead. * Toggle Fog of War * Faster recall * Tower respawn * A 'stop' point for your minions where they automatically drop dead and not screw up your plans for last hitting or freezing. Just a few I could think of that would definitely help players to train mechanics and understanding.
: Nothing. I'm still getting the same pop up box.
Gotta ask Have you tried using a different network? Could you link us the topic? Can you tell us what you were trying to edit?
Declined (EUNE)
: @Riot, fancier FAQ threads
Now that you're active in this subboard it's time to bump ^_^
: It was 2 weeks, and now its 3 days I believe.
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752964-Gifting-Guide-and-FAQ > The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day.
Rioter Comments
Greetings panty slippers, Account sensitive information is unsuited for boards. As we can't assist you with these sort of issues on the Boards, we suggest you [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new) to Player Support. They'll be able to look into the issue and give you further assistance. Couldn't help noticing the headline ^_^
LordYeven (EUW)
: As we can't assist you with these sort of issues on the Boards, we suggest you [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new) to Player Support. They'll be able to look into the issue and give you further assistance. However be aware that you are 100% responsible for things happening on your account. To prevent this: make sure you logout every single time, do not choose a weak password. Scan your computer for things like keyloggers. More information regarding account security can be found [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751664-Protecting-Your-Account).
The irony of this is mind boggling.
: Aurelion Sol during Day 1 Worlds
Can you tell us what happened to the match? Seeing as this was an official match what is the procedure to handle this?
Porocles (NA)
: [/Remake](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/208754686--Remake-FAQ) has a few requirements before it can be enacted, and it's not guaranteed unless the team votes for it. There's no way to adjust game stats or LP, but I'm happy to help with anything that might be causing leaves. Let me know if there are any tech issues, and I'd be happy to look. Let me know!
Speaking of the remake system, I've seen a few reported case, and witnessed a single case myself, of someone reconnecting right around the 1:30 minute mark and then disconnecting almost immediately, without the remake triggering, is this intended behavior or a bug, cause it doesn't say in the remake FAQ that it has to be a consecutive 90 sec? If it's a bug can you please address it. If it is intended please consider changing it, or changing the FAQ.
MrEnder (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Declined,realm=EUNE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=q1AEEJA5,comment-id=0002000200000000,timestamp=2016-09-22T21:36:58.499+0000) > > You seem interesting, are you by any chance familiar with the boards bug reporting and have an interest in them? > > I have a pretty big project over on EU about it, so is there any chance you can tell me any and all current bugs with Shaco? I don't know every bug but I just happen to play shaco A LOT so i know a lot of them but after my ARAM sure i can post
Well my project is to record the bugs, and organize them somewhere more convenient for sorting, rather than here on the boards, cause let's face it, 80% of the posts here aren't about bug reporting, but posts that should've been made in Help and Support, spam, not bugs and so on. The remaining 15-18% are actual bugs, but the report is of so low quality that it's impossible for me to figure out what's wrong and how to replicate it on my own, quite often they are also missing video proof making them even more difficult. That's why I am actively searching for the 2-5% of bug reports that are worth it for me to log and verify (if possible).
MrEnder (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Yetii Rider,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=q1AEEJA5,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2016-09-22T14:49:38.611+0000) > > Shaco's boxes don't trigger the Tribute passive - This isn't a bug. Shaco's boxes are treated as separate damage from Shaco, so that Shaco cannot heal off of his boxes if he builds spell vamp. So he's not dealing the damage, so it's not procing Tribute. Incorrect his boxes DO trigger spell vamp. So no you are completely wrong. If you get hextech rifle and put down a box you will noticeably heal.
You seem interesting, are you by any chance familiar with the boards bug reporting and have an interest in them? I have a pretty big project over on EU about it, so is there any chance you can tell me any and all current bugs with Shaco?
SO5 (NA)
: Jhin AA bug with Mordekaiser ult
Thank you, I've been looking for a video of how this happens, and not just it showing him critting everything.
MrEnder (NA)
: Shaco actually has A LOT of bugs =\ ive been reporting many of them for months to no avail =\ His Q doesn't properly jump over certain terrain. Example bottom lane on the purple side in the tri bush heading towards gromp jungle area. If you jump from there towards the tower sometimes he jumps towards the river instead even though he can make the jump as I've made that jump 10000 times =\ His Boxes don't trigger the passive tribute His clone sometimes ignores orders and just starts to follow you. Targeting an inhibiter with your clone the clone gets confused and just walks around the inhibitor for a bit before stopping and attacking it wasting time and auto attacks. Clone often gets stuck on minions its AI is very bad If you try to send your clone on one side of a wall while you walk on the other side of the wall the clone often tries to back track towards you taking a very long path to get to you when you didnt even tell it to come to you =\ so you end up fighting with the clone for it to listen to you. If you Q towards a person and you have smart cast on. If your mouse is over them when you Q shaco will start to do an attack animation. loose his invisibility and not auto attack he just walks. Even if the person you Qed on or to close to was not in your sight. Example if they are in bushes and you Q into the bushes ontop of them and didn't know they were there. I can go on with shaco bugs for a long time :(
There's a lot more bugs than just that currently, I believe it has something to do with the behind the scenes coding Riot is doing in preparation for the Assassin patch.
: have two axes, thru one at enemy champion, do it 100 times, i gurantee 20-30 of those times done it will be a weird lag jerk, youll see marker, stand over it, but it will not catch, and your cool down is reset
Could be something as simple as your connection causing you to cancel your auto attacks. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to juggle axes at all.
: its not working, i just went in afight between a voli bear, had 2 spinning axe, i thru one caught it, and the other axe disappeard EVEN though I never AA, its not working as intended
Well your descriptions are woefully inadequate, so how do you expect me to be able to replicate the bugs and log them?
: I have no idea about op.gg, but i did tell the guy who was playing draven to report the bug as well. so if he does, maybe he can give you more detail. sorry that I was too vague about my report.
I have 2k games as Draven, and the closest possible solution I can think of is that he cancelled his auto attack. I am however sitting on another bug regarding Draven, but that is more about dropping axes and some visual clutter. So without the specific context to extrapolate from I'm afraid it is impossible for me to recreate this.
: Draven Auto Attack Bug.
Greetings Jubilee Phoenix, Sorry to say, but your description is just too vague, I'll need a video of this happening if I am to have even the slightest chance of being able to recreate this bug. You wouldn't happen to know if any user in that match is registered on op.gg for the sake of replays?
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