Different (EUNE)
: 9.15 xayah feathers bug
9.15 patch notes "Xayah's Passive - Clean Cuts now apply the proper number of Electrocute stacks based on the number of basic attacks" is probably the culprit. The new bug is imo worse than the one that got fixed.
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EyasHawk (EUW)
: Dear ADC-mains, it is for your own good that we want the class nerfed.
Bot is balanced, adc are the squishiest champs in the game you can totally focus them down and you ll be good. You don't have damage? then that means that they played well and you played bad so they deserve to win. You can't kill them since they have a support with them? then we are talking about supports also being really strong as they are clearly what prevents you from killing the adc and winning... so nerf supports?
: Voice chat
it is live, only for premade people though
LeCruz (EUW)
: League Voice: Why it's currently not useful at all
I was thinking that maybe they are testing the waters first to see if there are any issues with the voice chat first and then release it slowly, first in ranked solo queue or even in a new rotating mode or just draft pick. Riot needs to be EXTREMELY careful of what they do with the social part of the community as that can be the most crucial thing. An other thing is that I add a lot of random people and I usually demand that they join me in a voice chat app or else it's like I am playing solo (the game does a great job at balancing the enemy team for you being premade)
Different (EUNE)
: [gameplay] Everything slows down and speeds up while also some abilities are invisible consistently
I am running on an AMD ryzen 1600 clocked at 3.8ghz and an AMD rx460 stock clock speeds, 8gb of ram. Wired connection with 8mb download speed [50mbit/s connection]. and this problem has been going on for 2-3 weeks
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: Two questions about a teammate autolocking in norms.
auto locking is not punishable you go into blind, you assign roles and you expect people to pick those but they can also not do that. The reason is that there is draft pick for what you are describing. Take a look at draft pick, it is literally the mode that enforces just what you want
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OgSc (NA)
: Delays in abilities, pings, summoner spells and clicking at times
I have the same issue in EUNE, an other NA player may have this problem as well Can you make a custom game and look at minions are they speeding up and slowing down at a constant rythm?
T4ble Leg (EUW)
not sure how it works, but I think that at one point your opponents will match your skill or your team is going to outmatch the enemies (in an attempt for the game to be balanced your team will be stronger since they have you)
Auki (NA)
: Duo bullied me and harassed me for my role.
T4ble Leg (EUW)
run from this game as fast as you can
: PIng changes after patch?
go into a custom game and look at the minions are they going fast and then slow constantly? I think this might be a desync issue
: PIng changes after patch?
Hello, I ve had the same problem on EU NE. My ping didn't jump that much from 70 to 80-90 and the biggest problem is not seeing certain abilities. If we have the exact same problem then I wanna add, there are no packet losses in this "bug". What hardware do you have, maybe it's a hardware bug? (also I ve played with 80-100 ping in the past, you are always able to see all abilities, this is something else)
Hμghes (EUW)
: Why is my ping to NA better than to EU West?
if you are in germany and getting 120ms then that is your ISP's problem. Your connection is really bad that is why you are laging. Look up league's released video on lag and you ll see how ISP's might be using jump points that are not good and they are increasing your ping in that matter. Meanwhile the jump points from europe to NA are pretty standard and pretty good and that maybe be why you are getting better ping on NA
Different (EUNE)
: Lag with low ping, no packet loss and no fps drop
bump? like what am I supposed to do for this?
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: resons im still bronze
i dont kno, u look like a smart pesron I just trys to make ziss funny jok, dont be mad pls pls
: I like CDR boots, with MR runes - helps a lot in harder matchups (like fizz) :P Most pro's run scaling cdr blues and go with Pen boots though. They changed Rylias, it does 40% slow now (just for 1 second though) But...Rylias gives a ton of AP (since the retune of AP items) it gives HP, also, You can Q + AA + AA now with the Rylias, allowing you to sneak an extra auto attack in the rotation, bumps your damage a lot.
thanks I guess that change on rylais has slipped me
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