: Yes, it is necessary because you don't want to debate because you don't want to admit if you're wrong. I'm not going to address you with respect when all you want to do is denigrate and insult professionals who have worked hard to be in a top tenth of a percent of the player base to be a pro. You think Esports is overrated, fine, then go away and stop trying to pretend you care about dialogue when you just want to spew negativity.
Wow, you are triggered. And how am l insulting pro players? l never said esports don't require skill. l never said it's easy going pro. You find my argument as insults just because you don't agree and have nothing to say to prove me wrong. Also is negativity anything you don't agree with? Sorry mate but my opinion is not negativity. l said many times, my reason for thinking esports are overrated is 100% subjective, but fact is that most sports are much harder than esports. That said l don't think esports are easy. And the thing is, am not proven wrong so far. Most if not all things l said are logically or factually correct. Training is objectively harder than training for gaming. There is no questions to be asked there.
: No you don't, you're an obstinate troll. Go bow to Trundle and gtfo.
Definition of troll is someone that want's to annoy people for his/her own pleasure,which am not.Second l bow only to lord Jhin.
: Now you're doing what's called "Shifting the goal posts". You try to claim shooting a basketball is harder than landing a skillshot in LoL or shooting an enemy in a FPS. I provide a logical argument to the contrary. You then try to say the two aren't comparable then attempt to further argue why it's easier to shoot someone in a video game. Then later you try to claim the tactics (and I think what you actually mean is strategy) of athletics and video games ARE comparable when initially you attempted to mockingly say they are incomparable and I called your bluff agreeing strategy in video games and athletics aren't comparable in terms of difficulty and challenge. For the record, strategy is strategy, it applies in war, business, law, physical and mental competition. You simply are a shithead who will dance to always find a way to say you are right, even when you are shown to be wrong. If you don't like Esports and think athletics are so much better then bug off and leave this forum you tool bag.
FIrst of all, is calling me 'shithead' 'toolbag' and 'troll' necessary? It's true that l made few contradictions in my last post. Second, you started that entire 'points' comparison. The thing is most sports have 'strategy' while esports are more of a fast decisions.
: Difficulty as in the journey to reach the top, NOT how difficult it is to use your muscle to either benchpress or spam-clicking your mouse.
That is such a wide statement. There are many factors in reach the top in both esports and sports, luck for example. For me difficulty means the commitment, struggle and time.
: Yeah this conversation is over if you're going to use Starcraft and dismiss everything else. Keep your opinion, I'll keep mine which disagrees with yours.
: And despite that, **do you see either you or me in the proplays**? I mean I've played thousand of hours in computer games compared to me going outside for a simple jog, yet I'm still a typical computer gamer like everyone else. Both genre comes from different background & procedures, you can't just compare them like that. Anybody's given their own choice of free will to choose whether they wanted to pursue "sitting on a chair to play computer games since it's easy, or "go out & train countless hours since it's straining". In this case, you're right. Training and eating the right food seems harder to do so than just playing League matches hours after hours, but it's not like playing a simple match of League will land you a contract with TSM. Everything takes effort no matter what you do, "easy" or not.
l just wanted to prove that point. l never said everyone can go into pro league, there are many factors that go in to it. l made this thread just to discuss esports in general, but l find people thinking that esport and sport are on the same level of difficulty which l don't believe there are.
: First, objectively speaking, hitting a moving target is inherently more challenging than practicing an athletic shot where the target is always stationary. (Score 1 for Esports) Second, injury doesn't affect difficulty, you agree, therefore it doesn't make athletics inherently "harder". That you're still trying to bring up death is laughable. Death is extremely rare even in combat sports. Death is more likely to happen due to a riot at a soccer game than in any major sport. You agree about reflexes and younger age being a huge factor in Esports and success. (Score another for Esports) I agree, the tactics and strategy of football, soccer, hockey, etc...can't be compared to StarCraft, Overwatch, LoL, DOTA 2, etc...so why are you talking about that? If it's not comparable because they are totally different, why bring it up? Also, you still haven't stated or given examples of how Esports is over hyped.
First, no l would take your stance on this and say it can't be compered. As it's true that hitting a moving target is hard, but the thing is that game does most work. For example most shooters have hitscan weapons, you shoot at someone and they die. In real sports you have to take physics into consideration.l would even say that it is even harder than just shooting someone moving. Not difficulty par say but it's very big fact as injuries happen a lot in sports. l never said 'death' in a context that sounds like it's a common thing. But am just saying that death CAN happen. And even more common than death are injuries for life. And they can be compered, as they are just less of them in general in esports. Teams make tactics on the spot.So l would say it's tied. It is not overrated in a usual sense. But l find the fact that entire stadiums are filled with people watching other people play the same game overrated.
: What do meant by the word "easier"? Improving your skills by sitting in a chair compared to going out to move your muscles to the max? You did not answered this question at all, and if this is your answer, then I don't know why I wasted my time asking.
Physical training is objectively harder than mental training. First pain, there is no pain in esports and for me at least pain is an important factor here. Compere this, in physical training you are pushing your body to a limit, and it hurts. In playing 1 game you are mastering that game and training reflexes. So this is a easy test to see which is harder, try physical training for 5 hours a day and than playing 1 game for 5 hours a day. In game you can analyse your gameplay and stuff like that. Also big difference are the levels of training. For example you have many levels from least to most hard in physical training. On the other hand in training in 1 game there are no levels.
DoctorJHIN4 (EUNE)
: As a long heartstone player l would say no. This is 101% subjective but only game l would say is real mental is starcraft, as it requires 100% of brain use. But no, l don't think most esport games are mental training. l see them as training in particular game and reflexes. And most games are different so l can't just say they do 'mental' training.If that is the case than everything that isn't physical training is mental training, and that is such a wide term.
There are 2 outcomes here. First is to consider playing most games a mental training. If that's the case than they have mental training much longer than average player. If playing games is not a mental training than, just by increasing the duration of it would not change the term.
: Used to play Chess and Checkers in fact. In no way did I assume Chess was easy. I criticized how you'll establish chess as a mental training whereas esports (particularly fighting games) is not when it clearly is. In fact if it's needing to know your opponent several moves ahead of time, why not just compare chess to Hearthstone then. Or is Hearthstone not mental training? You know? Thinking about your move, opponents moves, etc etc?
As a long heartstone player l would say no. This is 101% subjective but only game l would say is real mental is starcraft, as it requires 100% of brain use. But no, l don't think most esport games are mental training. l see them as training in particular game and reflexes. And most games are different so l can't just say they do 'mental' training.If that is the case than everything that isn't physical training is mental training, and that is such a wide term.
: Well the proplayers in LCS & MSI aren't Gold & below to be playing in proplays. And by "easy", are you referring to "how the game is played" or "how to excel in the game"? There's a huge difference in those meaning. And maybe they arent good enough to be in NBA? It's called them needing to improve their skills, and no, don't give me that bullshit like "what about esports? How do you improve by sitting in a chair & play computer games". This is honestly a typical question a clueless parent would ask.
Can you stop saying that am saying 'easy'. l never said 'esports are easy hehe' Am just point to the facts that it is a lot 'Easier' And l see you already made a straw man out of me At this point you are saying the stuff that l did not mention once.
: You couldn't be any more wrong about esports not being a matter of mental training and even you know it. And yet you use Chess?! Dude, compare chess to a fighting game. Chess you think of your move and make it off of that. Fighting games you have to know your opponent, know your matchup, know the frame data, AND have the capability to link movements and attacks together. You have to think and react on such narrow margins to be the best that it's not even a joke. _Even better (yet looser) example: randonized speedrun races! Doubt anyone has ever heard of those since it's been a rising trend lately._ And you say these are not a matter of mental training. Give me a fucking break! What's sad is the rest of your logic eludes to esports needing to require intense physical exertion to be established as anything, otherwise its overrated. YET YOU USE CHESS! That's a pathetic way to cop out of the discussion and say you got nothing.
First, did you ever play chess? l think it's ok. In chess you need to know tactics, you need to read you opponent 10 turns in advance. It may sound easy to you but believe me chess is no joke. And you just confirmed that esports requires reflexes and understanding of the game. Fighting games are even easier that mobas. Also in chess there are countless tactics that you need to now so you can understand what your opponent is doing.
: First, you are favoring your position with adjectives. "Perfect" aim, "great tactics". They need to be removed. Second, you are confusing "difficulty" with some other things. Risk of injury doesn't make something inherently harder to do. They are separate factors. Risk of death is also laughably low in sports, a strawman argument. You also are completely assuming athletic activity is inherently more difficult than a mentally high and physically low driven activity. They are _different_ and only your bias decides which is "harder". Third, you laughably mention Esports careers are typically shorter than athletics, which COMPLETELY points to a higher degree of difficulty. "Beware an old man in a sport that young men quit." If athletes compete into their 30s and 40s, what does that say about Esports where most players have a dropoff by 25? It speaks to extreme peak reflexes in Esports eroding and there being no fix, while that same hyper level isn't required for stick and ball.
Yes, but am also right for the most park. Let's be real here, what is better aim.Shooting in any fps with a gun or landing skillshots in lol or shooting in a net in basketball from medium to long range. Second point injuries have nothing do with with 'difficulty' that is true, but they are still a big thing is sport unlike esports so keeping them out of this argument would be a waste. Also it's true that death is rare but it's possible. Also lower age for esport has nothing to do with difficulty. It's just the fact that younger people will perform better, it has most to do with reflexes. And also about 'great tactics' It's true that most esports have them but just the team coordination and tactics in football(real football) can't even be compered.
: > Also esports are not even close as hard to do as real sports. If this is the case, why isn't 100% of the community at Challenger? Or in any case, 90%?
Am not talking about ranked in lol am talking about esports. And no they are not easy. But they are still much easier they regular sports. Also l have a question for you, why aren't 10% of all people that play basketball in NBA?
: That's right. I mean you tried in your last comment. But that really chalks up to said "dedication" in my original comment. It can't be true to one and a not to the other. Your turn.
Thing with this whole debate is it's most subjective but that fact stays. Physical training is much much harder than mental training. And esports are not even mental training. Chess would be a mental training. Pros spend a lot of energy and time into training but it just cannot be compered to actual physical training.
: So instead of changing your mind, I made you have a grammar discussion... Sounds like you got my message, but now you can't prove _me_ wrong.
: First tell me how Esports and League Esports in particular are getting undeserved attention. Also, you're comparing totally different activities when it comes to video games and athletics. For an Esports pro, they could never hold a candle to a professional golfer on a course, a baseball player on the diamond, or hockey player on the rink. Conversely, no pro athletes have also cracked the pro gamer ranks. Each are in elite percentiles of their respective competitions. There is no objective measure of which is harder because each requires different skill sets.
Well there is a objective measure. First of all let's say skills of both esport and sport players Esport -Knowing game perfectly -Good reflexes -Coordination(for mobas at least) -Aim(For shooters, and mobs to some degree) -Great teamwork -tactics Those things are earned just by playing the game. Sport -Good reflexes -Knowing the sport -Perfect aim(For the most sports with ball) -Great tactics -Many other skills that are sport specific And let's not forget, training every single day! Countless risks and injuries.Only injury for esport players are The carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and maybe few more hand and back related injuries.Neither of them have a long term effects. And when l start to count all of the sport injuries l would never stop. Also death is possible. No you said that there is no objective measure? Sports have: Risks, physical pain,physical skill, more dedication(as sport career is on longer than esport). Physical training and so much more. Only training esport players do is playing 1 game. This has 3 factors. Physical and mental challenge, Risk vs reward and Dedication. Only thing that esport has is metal challenge, but l would still say that most sports with ball have higher mental challenge as they are not programmed and need to be improvised. No physical challenge(which is harder than mental) for esport. Esport has no risks. And much much lower dedication as a work of a esport player is much shorter than sport player.
: >Also esports are not even close as hard to do as real sports. This seems to me to be a pretty hard thing to prove. Not as physically taxing, sure, but any time you have two teams, only one can win. And both teams are trying as hard as they can to win. How is that easier? Sports are interesting because of that contest. eSports are no different. What I could see being true is that you, personally, simply don't find eSports interesting to watch. For the most part, that's also true for me. It's not true for League, though. The top-down nature of the game means you can often get a good view of all the action (unlike Overwatch), and I also play the game and can appreciate the intricacies of it. >they don't deserve all of the attention they are getting I'm not sure what you think would make them "deserving" of attention, either... what does that even mean? Does basketball "deserve" attention? Does football? It's voluntary entertainment. Arguably, *no* sport *deserves* the public's attention, but the people who are interested pay attention. Because they do, advertisers can fund the operation. I suppose you could argue that eSports isn't profitable yet, therefore isn't deserving. But any traditional sport must have gone through a similar period. In fact, many physical stadiums and parks remain money losers. The profitability of traditional sports, overall, is somewhat debatable. They are often subsidized in the form of government assistance with building stadiums, for instance. TL;DR there's actually an interesting debate to be had here, but you didn't hit any of the interesting points in your post.
Competition will always be hard, higher the rewards higher pressure will be. But this has everything to do with nature of competition and nothing to do with esports and sports. This as l said was subjective but l really don't see the point of watching esports. If am going to waste my time on a game at least l would like to play it. But as l said main reason why people follow 1 team and cheer them and really care about there win is psychological need of belonging. Same is for sport and for esports. If team you cheered and really hoped for wins that most people would feel a sense of accomplishment. Again this whole 'don't deserve' thing is subjective for me. It has all to do with me finding the concept of playing a game you love, for money while doing no physical work or struggle, and there are mental work put into esports but it's not that high to deserve all of the praise. So by saying 'they don't deserve that' l don't mean they should just stop earning money, if there are a lot of people that like esports and enjoy watching it so be it. l would say the same for most youtube channels.
: Correcting someone's use of grammar is silly when you can't even spell "whole" correctly lol Nor did he ever say that people who play games were subjective to liking esports. He said "I" and I don't know what "I" means in your dictionary but from what I know of it it means someone's own opinion. And it's fine if you think that the mental work isn't the same as someone who trains both physically and mentally. But if you've never even tried being in a sport competitively I'm not even going to bother continuing with this conversation just because someone who has never tried to get into anything competitively doesn't understand the effort it takes to get to the level of play that the pros are at; be it esports or even sports in general.
l corrected his use of the word 'therefore' which is not a grammar mistake, on the other side you corrected spelling mistake that l made so compering the two is pointless. And l understand what work ' I ' means but using word 'therefore' in his sentence implies that what he said before in a common and normal thing which is a generalization. Examples, 'Am poor, therefore l steal' 'l like to play football, therefore l watch football'. Did you get it? l myself didn't play any game competitively but l have friend that did, he played 1 game with his team for 5 hours a day. And as far as l know pros do the same just much more of it. And pls don't try to sell to me how people that play in a pro league need some super human reflexes, 250 IQ and so on (am joking but my point is there). These are logical thing 'pro' players need to have. -Good reflexes -Coordination -Perfect understanding of the game. -No life....(joke) And let's be honest all of those can be earned just by playing a lot. And yes there are people that are instantly good at 1 game but that depends a lot on personality, game and so on.
: I like video games. Therefore I like esports. I don't have to be a pro to respect the culture and hype every game gives in its own unique way. Both sports and esports take their own forms of dedication. And dedication is hard to come by, even if you show it. I can go on but who am I kidding, you'll never change your mind.
Saying 'therefore' in this context is wrong as it implies that it's a norm for people who like games to also like esports,which is not the case. This is subjective but l can't respect the culture and hype just because of how overrated it is and just the idea of watching someone else play the same game l do and cheering them makes no sense to me. l think the hole idea of watch teams both in esports and sports have everything to do with psychological need of belonging. With sport l can at least understand it do some degree, people push there bodies to a maximum, training for most of there life and suffering countless injuries. And for esport players they just found themself being good at game they like and with time they become pros. l know that esport players 'train' a lot but let's be honest, they just sit and play 1 single game for 10 hours.There is no physical work in it. And mental work they do is nothing to be praised really.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoctorJHIN4,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=wYeAj1h3,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-04T14:45:26.684+0000) > > l kinda said that for parody purpose. > And in this case you are right, l don' think my mind can be changed but l still want to hear other peoples opinion why they disagree You already did this in a previous thread; https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/bf63mrrl-esport-players-are-overrated The real question is what authority do you have to dictate what people should be paying attention to?
This has nothing to do with authority. l just want to hear opinions and debate that's all
: "Change my mind" posts are never made with any intention of having their opinion changed. Change my mind.
l kinda said that for parody purpose. And in this case you are right, l don' think my mind can be changed but l still want to hear other peoples opinion why they disagree
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Saezio (EUNE)
: If you think esports players are overrated, you should see what nba players get paid to play, and what tons of them get paid to sit on the bench.. That's how it is in the capitalist world, the price/salary of ANY PERSON is what ANOTHER PERSON is willing to pay them, it's not measurable. (I don't have anything against capitalism, it's just how things work)
It's different for really sport players, they played that sport from childhood most likely, trained physically for most of there life. On the other hand, esport players play 1 game for about 5 years non stop.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoctorJHIN4,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=bf63mrrl,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-19T14:10:13.356+0000) > > There are few problems with that. First l don't have time to waste 12+ hours on a video game. > Second, if you disagree with me just look at any pros and you will see that they started just by playing this game waaay too much. > Third even if l had that much time to waste l wouldn't. Because am one of 3 people who see video games as art. > Game like lol are fine, you play them to have some mindless fun but that's it. > If l were to choose l would choose to spend 12 hours a day actually learning to make game instead of playing it. Oh god you sound like those self entitled game design students, I'm learning to get in the same field, I also see games as art in a way. Except that Art comes second as games are about interaction and enjoyment first, and aesthetics come afterwards, but i'm not going to start a debate on it. Back to the topic at hand, not everyone can become a pro no matter how much time they have on their hands. There are way more factors than just play time. People who went pro besides loving the game and spending a lot of time, also had a lot of experience in other games that developed their macro abilities for example. A lot of pros used to play things like starcraft or some other games where managing a lot of different things at the same time are key, they also had a lot of external factors when it comes to how they learned the game, who they played with, etc. There are a lot of players stuck in Bronze for seasons, while also having played for years. If your logic made 100% sense then why are they still stuck there even though they play daily and lots of hours a day? According to your logic they should already be around Diamond, right?
On the first topic l believe that art,music, design and gameplay,mechanics and stuff like that should be equal.That's the reason hollow knight is one of my favorite games ever. On the second it is true that not EVERYONE could be pro just by playing 12+ hours a day. But if a person has plan for it they most likely could. Thing l want to say is that there are no talent in playing lol or any game good. You can get better by playing a lot. It's all in experience.
: Someone already gave you an example in Scarra. I'm not going to bother digging deeper and giving you more examples for you to keep ignoring simply because you don't want to accept talent is reality.
If all pro lol players for example had talents, they should be able to play similar games great too? Doesn't that make sense?
: Then why is new talent in the NA pro scene from the NA player base so rare? It's not just practice, talent is key. You're simply in blind denial, have no evidence to prove your case, and are stubborn as a mule.
Also l have a question for you, how many pro players are good at other games? It could be mobas or other genres.
: Then why is new talent in the NA pro scene from the NA player base so rare? It's not just practice, talent is key. You're simply in blind denial, have no evidence to prove your case, and are stubborn as a mule.
True l have no evidence but do you? Also talent does not exist.
: Not all of them. Some of it is hand-eye reflexes simply being better. That's not practice. Some of it is being able to crunch numbers in a couple seconds, not just training. Another talent is being able to take time spent playing and turn it into constant improvement to be one of the elite. Not everyone can do that. You're simply in denial that it's more than just practice.
All of those could be learned over time If 15-30/40 young person decided to go full on into 1 game. Spending all of there time in 1 game. They would in 90% of the cases go pro.
: Yes, I laid that out in my first post.
And as l said those skills are result of practice.
: I didn't say you were bad, I'm making the logical assumption you're hating attention pros get out of jealousy. Nobody ignores they have played countless hours to get where they are, but only haters like you will act like all those hours they spend is the ONLY reason they are good, as if anyone could do it when clearly that's not the case.
Logic sure. By your words l would assume that you believe that pros have some sort of talent or ability that makes them pros. If so tell me what abilities do they have?
: You need practice, yes. What makes pros so good is getting the most out of that practice and training their skills the best and that is talent. You just seem jealous you can't make it higher in ranks so you hate on the pros.
That is such a common argument. 'You hate pros because you are bad' l consider myself decent in lol. l have good games and l have bad games. l don't hate pros but l hate the fact that people ignore the fact how they became what they are.
Prandine (NA)
: Esports has been a big deal in South Korea for many years dating back to at least Starcraft: Brood War if memory serves. Meanwhile here in the West there's still a stigma attached to it, mostly from a lack of understanding of all that goes into it which in turn leads to prejudice. Yes it's playing a video game but just like in traditional sports the top players have to pour hours and hours into the game trying to improve their skills, mechanics and in the case of team play teamwork and synergy. Most of the major gaming orgs have analysts, coaches (including life coaches in some cases) and sometimes even professional chefs and trainers to help keep their players physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and fit, meaning it's not just solely staring in front of the screen. Making sure the players are in the best shape they can be allows them to do the best they can when they compete, which in turn helps justify their paychecks. Take RIck Fox, a former top NBA player (and later an actor). He formed the esports org Echo Fox and has done much to help support esports and try to help remove the negative stigma attached to digital athletes and sports. If you don't like esports that's fine. I personally don't like traditional sports anymore and find them boring compared to esports. That said I would suggest doing some more research regarding esports in general rather than blindly insult it based on the LoL scene alone as every game is different.
l don't watch any sports. And now we are in problem again. We can go in this in 2 directions. Either we use classic definition of sport which is 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment' Or we go by older definition which is 'playing any type of game for an audience'. If we go by first direction, stigma around esports is justified because of how media is trying to put it with the rest of real sports. And biggest problem lies in second definition, because in that case everything can be sport, rock, paper, scissors, cutting down a fruit and so on. Which as l and most people agree is kinda stupid. So it's either change and destroy entire definition of sport or keep sport as it is and call 'esports' for what they are competitive gaming.
: Esports players are "glorified" because they are the best people playing the game. It's not as simple as someone playing 10+ hours a day. You need to be able to learn, improve, and adapt from the time used. You must possess very good reflexes to make critical inputs just a lite faster than other players. You must possess good analytic skills to be on the cutting edge of the meta, as well as to be able to make smart decisions in game. Not just anyone has the mental elasticity and hand-eye reflexes to take that much time spent playing a game and turn it into being in the top .1% of the player population. Further, some of the most hyped players are so hyped up because they can adapt and keep playing at the pro level despite major changes in the game and play for years without a drop-off in skill.
l will assure you. Every skill in gaming esport is learned through practice aka playing way too much. People with better reflexes could have slight advantage but that's nothing people can't get over time. They are best people playing game sure but thing that annoys me are bunch of people who call pro players 'talented' because really 'telent' does not exist. Everything is learned over time. All esport players started as just kids playing game for way too much time.
: Prove it to us OP, go and win worlds!
There are few problems with that. First l don't have time to waste 12+ hours on a video game. Second, if you disagree with me just look at any pros and you will see that they started just by playing this game waaay too much. Third even if l had that much time to waste l wouldn't. Because am one of 3 people who see video games as art. Game like lol are fine, you play them to have some mindless fun but that's it. If l were to choose l would choose to spend 12 hours a day actually learning to make game instead of playing it.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: The fact that there's 24 downvotes in just a mere 2 hours is quite disturbing. Either so many Faker fanboys are triggered or if there are bots. To be honest, this lcs bullshit is not much of a hype. The only thing i'm curious about is what would happen if the "pros" turn 50 and will have to retire. Better yet, if they even managed to finish college so they can have a backup plan in case esports becomes dead or some shit.
People look at the name of a post and downvote it instantly. There are 2 reason why most esport players are 20 or 30. First popularity and second reflexes and stuff like that.
: A couple of weeks ago, a player by the name Mikyx from G2 revealed he was suffering from wrist injuries. This effectively is lowering his chances to play for MSI coming up and could have a lasting effect on his career. It's not like physical toll doesn't exist in being a pro gamer. There's a reason I wish people would stop comparing the physical detail to contact sports to the mental fortitude of video games. In my opinion, I went off the rail with this discussion and did nitpick myself. You're entitled to your opinion but I have to continue to disagree with calling esports players overrated in general. They make sacrifices, endure injuries, and in the right scenes have a sense of personality. Example: SonicFox. Nobody knows why he wears that and he's cocky as hell! I won't try to change your mind. But I do believe that exploring beyond League esports may influence your opinion. Just my cents.
Only esport l really follow is World of warcraft PVE scene. But wrist injuries are only thing esport players can face.Reason why wrist injuries happen is because human body is not made for sitting in 1 place without moving for too long. Also mental fortitude in video games? Really? Most games require good use of brain power but it's not all that much as everyone claims to be. There are examples of course (starcraft). But for 99% of esport games there is very little to it. Understand game, have a team strategy and decent reflexes.
: Well here is an example for you. Scarra beat the shaper in Path of Exile after playing for only one week. I have played Path of Exile for 1200 hours and still haven't beaten the shaper. He spends all this time playing LoL to become a great player, but then he can go and first time a game that is largely considered to have a huge learning curve and beats the boss in only a week on his first character.
l didn't play PoX that much to know what boss that is. But as far as l know PoX has World of warcraft like bosses only solo. So there is limited number of attacks boss can use and there are indications when boss uses them. So it's easy to just watch guide and to get best gear for that boss. If that played didn't do that tell me. Also playing lol gives some advantage when playing diablo like games because of similar style of combat,camera and movement.
: 9 times out of 10, he's a bad example to use...because of that fox outfit....it's quite funny though. But to go back to the revelant part of it all, the content of esports goes along to its supported community whether that be through the org or through the game company. It also goes to also show that these players treat this like their job and it pretty much is. So as part of their job comes content creation along with playing to be the best. Nothing overrated about that. Think of it this way as well: the organization doesn't have to allow their player to create anything in regards to Riot or any host company. But then what?
It could be just my personal bias but l find that getting rich and famous by doing stupid stuff like playing games very stupid. In a case of pro real sport players l understand somewhat, they train physically every day for hours, they risk many injuries and so on. But for esport players they just have to play enough to become good at it, there is no risk factor outside of time yet they earn so much money and fame it's insane. Also 1 weird thing l found about most esport players is there lack of personally, when you look at them most of them look the same.
: Explain how Riot is glorifying players oh so valiantly? Whether it's RLCS, CS:GO, OWL, even the FGC, there's always a package of content to those pro players. And yeah when you make a statement about how esports players are overrated and nothing but Asians playing too much, I jump off of the League defense and go straight to my roots of reference. In this case, the undisputed best player in modern Mortal Kombat. The rest you can explore from there.
Best example l can give are countless music videos about esports, most if not all of them depict players as certain champion doing cool stuff. Now when you compere that to soulless husks that are doing nothing but playing 1 game and 1 game only picture becomes very clear. In pretty much all esports players are overrated in a sense that people just forget one simple thing, those players are not any special, have no talent and stuff like that, they are just people spending too much time in 1 game. l don't have a lot of information about SonicFox but first word l see when l google him is 'furry' and that just says to me 'ruuuun'
: I mean if your basis of esports players and scenes all together are exclusively off of League's scene, then you're sorely missing out on the value of other scenes. That's just wrong to exclaim that's the general consensus of everything when you don't even know what other backgrounds are like.
l think esports and overrated in general but as far as l know only riot is glorifying players. Also l googled SonicFox and reallly!?
Unker139 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DoctorJHIN4,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=bf63mrrl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-04T20:27:55.497+0000) > > For really l don't know what's the deal with riot glorifying esport players.Yeah l get that riot want's to make 'pro' players feel good about them self by making videos/music videos about them. Cmon they are just people(mostly Asian) playing game for waaay too much. You can pretty much say that about any sport. Esports is a product just like football, baseball etc. The videos are not to make the players feel good about themselves. They are marketing tools to get people interested in esports.
There is difference between showing live footage from esport and cool moments of it and making full music animated video with players depicted in a cool way.
: What are other esports scenes to you like in that sense? You could not be ANY more wrong about this! My mind immediately jumps to SonicFox here
If you think about glorifying players l don't know any other esport outside lol. But to me all esports are overrated in general.
: Not true
Tell me why pleaseee
: you say overrated and dont get me wrong i dont really watch esports my self but bruh there better than 98% of us could ever hope to be
Yes because of non stop playing, let's be honest being good in game is not a talent. If l played 1 game for 12+ hours a day, there is 99% that l would be pro.
: What are other esports scenes to you like in that sense? You could not be ANY more wrong about this! My mind immediately jumps to SonicFox here
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