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declouxa (NA)
: Petition to Bring Dominion Back
At least in custom games so we can play Hide and Seek again.
: What do you guys miss most from league?
SivHD having fun at playng League and making dope ass videos. Bro i'm gonna miss you...
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: "ugh another useless drake"
I will say it again: Remove RNG from League ( Klepto, Drakes) or replace it with no rng (for example: dragons used to give portion of every buff as one buff),that would be great. Make drakes spawn a little faster, that would make people actually fight for this buff and won't leave it for the enemy.
: Make Klepto half as effective for ranged champs.
Or remove this piece of shit rng rune entirely
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Shaco rework.
i have a feeling that everyone hates shaco mains and the champion itself. That's why shaco mains are happy because their love one is viable after 2 years and every single person besides them is furious.
Object (NA)
: Because it's riot's game and not yours.
> [{quoted}](name=Object,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RtfPg5yE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-06T15:35:26.840+0000) > > Because it's riot's game and not yours. Does that mean people can't complain about recent changes or champion's desings or current state of the game just because they don't develop the game they play?
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: Why are you buffing and not nerfing Rengar?
I would like to see AP Rengar comeback. W base dmg increased and W ap ratio to 1.0
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: There are some problems with the game that I don't want to ignore
One thing i disagree with is to NOT removing anything(items,summoner's spells etc) just because meta is so fucked up. Why would you remove zhonya when the actual problem is damage?
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: Do you feel weaker and stronger with certain types of skins?
Ekhem... Gladiator Draven feels so rusty to play compared to Pool Party Draven. Excuse me?
: Game won't load after Champion Select
I found a solution. Just go to taskmanager windows or wtf it is called and close league of legends TM client. . Then reconnect to the game.


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