: This post is a meme
: and this is how you farm downvotes.
: Let's bring the fight to Memes and Games
The final one. Enough support from me.
: Name checks out.
Nah this is my old acc xd
: Just because I am in bronze does not mean I cannot give good advice.
Yesbit does. Git gud. Ur advices are bad and you should feel back. Scurry back to ur b5 games.
: Problem with Bronze elo
lmao its just your excuses for being hardstuck in bronze. i got pentakills in a 4v5 ranked bronze games, people suck there. silver is the same too, but people do not suck THAT hard. they still suck, their IQ is 20 but still winnable. however silver is the real elo hell. not gold v, not plat v, not diamond v. Silver is the only elo hell. I've been in plat v, im currently in g3 and it's the heaven, unlike silver. screw silver. that shit sucks. i got shitty attitude and i was on my road to diamond. attitude doesnt do a jack shit in this game. just be better than your retarded teams and enemies and youre good2go...
SiffLort (EUNE)
: Interestingly enough, only low elo complain about this. Why can't this be a good argument? You are in bronze/silver, you suck at the game. What's the big issue here? If if bothers you, get better and climb higher. Besides, I would laugh my ass off if a silver 5 told me about countering anything.
LMAO exactly. Idk why you got downvoted. Smh you're silver you suck at this game just stop complaining and telling us to pick a counter to win our lane :"DDDDDDDD
Dr Yasuuo (EUNE)
: 'Player Banned" window keeps showing over and over, but im not even banned on my new account.
Rioter Comments
: In this meta, 75 percent of games are decided in champion select. It is disgusting
Team 1 Darius Lee Sin Talon Caitlyn Brand Team 2 Renekton Graves Syndra Jinx Zyra. Who wins ? lol I didnt want to include Vayne cuz of her weak laning phase. And she is hard to play, people usually dodge my auto attacks so it makes her extremly hard to play. Being oneshotted from a meele range is cancer but being 3 clicked perma stunned from range is not :p But as i said, people dodge my autos so vayne is haaard :"D
: We will see wht happen in tank update . Im looking for ranmus and if hes gonna see more play .
I just hope that update doesnt include buffing their damage. They can fuck up every squishy with 1 spell rotation. considering how mobile they are. Not mobile like Yasuo but in terms of having a point'n'click stun gapcloser (yes, im talking about you maokai)
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: Do you really enjoy ranked anymore ?
Look at my winrate. Look at it. Former high gold player (still trash, to clarify) is HARDSTUCK in silver 4-3. Every day. Fall in s4, back in s3. Make it to s2 then fall again. This is just.. i dont know. RNG fucks me up. I already wrote a story how these ... i dont know what they are... from our lovely company force the 50% winrate and it is SO FUCKING OBVIOUS. What, silver 4 is bonobo and silver 3 is god tier so i lose all games as soon as i hit 50% wr in silver 3. I feel like top lane has no impact on the game at all. Like what the fuck. When you stomp an enemy idiot on top it is still ok because their bot has 20 kills because our bot gave up after first blood. And. Oh. Not to mention 'i-play-for-fun' guy. I hate people like that. I truly hate them. That sentence tilts me even if i write it. I cannot be near those persons. If you play for fucking fun, play a stupid normal game, dont first time jungle and lee in my fucking ranked game because 'this is just a game and you play for fun'. When you check guy's op.gg he has 500 ranked games and still is silver 5, plays every champion always. I just cannot. I admit it, i play for rank, league cant be played for fun. Its not that kind of a game. I cannot carry on my own anymore... Doesnt matter how fed i am, people keep overextending with 0 fucking wards on a map. That is disguisting. What am i meant to do ? To coach them in game and tell them to ward. For a 'im not a support' or 'stfu noob i 8/3 u 4/6'. I used to enjoy playing ranked, but now, league has become a source of my anger.. This looks like a normal low-elo 'i deserve more' but i dont give a shit. Have a nice day
Doodlzzz (NA)
: No he's annoying it doesn't matter if he's good or not, he can't get buffs
: Yea, YASUO NEEDS a SPECIAL BUFF "The No Ban Buff" because he is banned every damn game I play 9/10 times because he is so freakin OP. So, yea, he needs a buff... so he don't get banned so much. I think Riot calls that "Nerfing a Champ"
Hes not banned cuz hes op, but because our bronze and silver friends pick teemo and garen into him trying to counter him. Lewl
: nice bait
The only one who got this
Rengooo (OCE)
: Was expecting to open this with the description something like "hahaha just joking". But... You're actually serious, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.
Go drunk ure home
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: he does pretty good dmg on his 2 item powerspike... But i agree he feels absolute garbage unless the enemy is autistic.
Yes but he gets outdamaged still. His armor or hp have to be buffed
: I don't care what you do to him I ban him every game anyway
Thats my boy
: Err...no. I mean, late game carries are supposed to be strong later in game for one, and the other thing is that he's still very much good and enjoying his mid-game powerspike and definitely not "weak".
Err. No. His mid game is a shit actually. You have dmg but you need anything else. In mid game everyone gets spike, yasuo gets weaker until late. He gets oneshotted until he buys frozen mallet. So ye. His mid game is garbage.
Rioter Comments
: My word, I wish people would do this for Riven. Whenever someone complains about her, no matter how much I tell them how to beat her, they always go "Nuh Uhhh, she'll just (insert completely irrational thing that would get a Riven flat out killed against any of her hard matchups)." It gets even worse when they flat out ignore anything that could be a preeeeeeetty decent point. It just peeves me, you know? I'm only trying to help. I've posted so many tips (mini essays, really) on how to beat Riven that just get ignored that it gets to the point I just get kinda worn out from putting in so much work for nothing.
I have played het alot and i still think she is overpowered. Burst. Mobility Shield AOE stun AD Steroid Execute ability. No. Just dont tell me how she is weak. If riven is good you can suck her dick. Even bronze riven can kill u at lvl3 Q AA Q AA Q AA -》 half hp Use E to block their poor attempt to dmg and to gapclose Use W to stun them with ur 100% AD ratio. throw 1 -2 more autoattacks. gg im skilled.
: I feel like people would complain a lot less if they had to play the champions they were upset about
600k on Yasuo. Still dont know what to do. I know what Yasuo is capable of so im afraid that enemy is good. Plot twist: theyre all trashes lol.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Cause all mages and adcs build randuins and ninja tabi first items. NOW I'm done talking to you.
I mean if u want to buy those items first u can.. But i wouldnt reccomemd it ya know. Also. Those champs dont have only 1200 hp for no reason.. They can 100-0 him before he even stacks z tornado lul
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Yasuuo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H6nGwafH,comment-id=001a00000000,timestamp=2017-04-18T19:29:41.042+0000) > > Again. Yasuo NEEDS double crit. He wouldnt have nothing. His dmg would be just another lackluster. > Every AD champ in the game needs crit, and they don't get it for free. So no, sorry, but no. Master Yi has been out there for ages, his skillset is worse tan Yasuo in everything, and he doesn't have double crit chance to compensate. The same for Tryndamere.
Trynd still has free crit. Yi is a pure bs. Youre talking like crit is the most op thing in game ? This is a Ninja tabi meta, dont forget
KoKoboto (NA)
: Yasuo at level 11 w/ 84 base AD will have 100% crit with IE and PD. So he has 154 AD = 308 damage per auto attack. IE increasing crits by 50% so it becomes 462 AD per attack. Reduce by 10% for normal autos meaning 416 AD per attack. Q probably at level 3 depending if Yasuo decided to max E first, 642 damage with IE amp, than reduce by 25%, 482 damage. Your average squishy at level 11 will have ~1200 health. Yasuo does not needs that much of an advantage to 100-0 a enemy. I'm not gonna bother talking to you anymore troll.
Ninja Tabi, Randuin's ? You are in bronze so you dont need defence ?
KoKoboto (NA)
: Pretty much 2x crit chance makes the champion BS. I don't even think windwall is that much of an issue but 2x crit chance is BULLLLLLLL. At least you can play around wind wall. Doesn't matter if you stomp him in lane he will always have access to ridiculous damage unless you end the game really early. I mean think of it like this, as an melee assassin I don't complain when there's a hard CC tank on the enemy team I just deal with it. Range champions complaining about windwall need to learn to deal with, you can't throw your spells out willy nilly.
He is everything but assassin. He can 100-0 you only if he is 3-4levels ahead. Like every fighter.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Yasuuo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H6nGwafH,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2017-04-18T18:21:11.742+0000) > > First of all, it is not a 'ninja blade' his sword is actually called Katana Sword iirc. Doesnt matter. > Double Crit chance IS unhealthly but not on Yasuo. If you gave Vayne or any other adc double crit it would be unfair. > Why is it healthly on yasuo ? Well. > . "It isn't". That is what you should have written. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Put Yasuo's passive on Urgot and he will be permaban in one week. That passive is ridiculously broken. And that is far from beeing the most toxic and overpowered part in Yasuo's kit. That gives you an idea of how absurdly unbalanced he is in terms of skillset.
Again. Yasuo NEEDS double crit. He wouldnt have nothing. His dmg would be just another lackluster. In every MOBA, Samurai like champs are meant to deal damage with their high critical attack. But yeah, in every moba tank is meant to soak dmg and peel whereas in League tank deals tremendous amounts of dmg, peels, soaks and fucks you up. Back to Yasuo. If you removed his crit what would you give him in return. I would increase his base AD and remove crit penalty on AA and Q. Or if that would be still BROKEN i would reduce penalty a tad on Q. If you go 3 crit items. Lets say PD IE Statikk you have 2 slots left. 》PD 》IE 》SS 》BOOTS 》Defensive item which yasuo needs more than everyone 》Dmg - lifesteal item. And what do we have ? An useless utility champ with 200 ad that gets outdpsed by Darius. Sometimes im glad that we got this balance team..
: I missed knowing every champion's role by seeing their Attributes
Tbh old one was shit. AD and AP bars were fucked as hell. Darius had 9 AD ratio but hes not auto attacker but ad caster lol
: yasuo is broken though....... once he gets 2 items he can start 1v2ing or 1v3ing.... and it really doesn't matter how many items you have. Watch yasuoo stream and the amount of bs you see will change your mind. The amount of times he 1v2's and 1v3's is disgusting. He may be hard as hell to play, he may be fun to play.... but that doesn't change the fact that he is broken.
Probably a bronze player. I youre talking about Yassuo whenever i drop by his steam he is 4/7. Yasuo is nerfed to oblivion. You could 2v1 back then but you cannot do that anymore.
: Yasuo Post (Wall of Text Inc)
First of all, it is not a 'ninja blade' his sword is actually called Katana Sword iirc. Doesnt matter. Double Crit chance IS unhealthly but not on Yasuo. If you gave Vayne or any other adc double crit it would be unfair. Why is it healthly on yasuo ? Well. 》 Terrible base ad. With full build he will have ~290 AD. You can go with up to 500 but you would be squishy AF. 》 His crits deal less damage. 10% reduced on AA and 35% on q. Holy shit. 》 He is a melee hypercarry, he does need it. Lets compare him to other Madc's. Tryndamere has 35% free crit chance WITHOUT reduced dmg on them, cannot die, and has a long range dash on a fairly low cooldown. Free heal. Oh, and also huge ad reducing and slowing ability. Master Yi has untargetability, true damage, ad steroid, heal and HUGE attack speed steroid Fiora(?) Has an ability that can deny EVERY damage except the turret shots as well as potentional hard cc. Attack speed steroid, but only on 2 abilities. A very good base ad and 38% max hp true damage, and a heal for her whole team. Now, Yasuo has a shield, hard cc, mobility(he still needs minions for that), tank shredding and your hated double crit and windwall. If yasuo 1v1d some of the mentioned champ he would lose. Yasuo's crits would deal about 500 dmg per second on lvl18 whereas trynda's would deal 800-900. I dont see crit yi anymore, but he would beat yasuo too, why ? Untargetability to dodge Q, true damage, good base ad, free 2.50 attack speed. tryndamere would just E from his EQ or he would 2 hit yasuo with his ult activated with ~ 500 ad. Lul Fiora, yes, she beats everyone. Thats it. Yasuo is also weak now, but you need to know that you cannot beat him with an adc when ur minions are there. You just cannot. He will EQ twice and ur hp will be gone. Vayne could outtrade him if she stunned him. Or with a tank that has 0.90 AS. You need someone who can outdps him. That is all. Also, he gets wrecked on lane unless he plays against a super squishy champion, then it wont be fun for that squishy champ. I just played akali yesterday and literally abused yasuo.. What can we do to balance yasuo. Now, windwall IS a tad broken ability. But he wouldnt be able to outtrade nobody in late game without that. What i would do with that ? Limit it to block only one projectile then insta dissapear. Q is perfectly fine. passive too, i have explained why after a huge nerf to e, its ok. But yea, enemies need to see a cooldown on targets. R. Well.. It is okayish, i think 50% armorpen deals the same amount of dmg that is yasuo meant to do without reduced crits.. But yeah, it should be lowered a tad. Not for 30% or 25% but 5-10% wouldnt hurt. But again, meta didnt ever work in yasuo's favor. He just gets stomped by everyone now. Tank meta is shit, stop it.
: "Lee Sin falls off dumbass."
Last time i checked pantheon didnt do 2k dmg on his E at 45 mins. Fuck the game and items
Ralanr (NA)
: Just practice it a bit then.
Well i still cannot find a duo player. That's the problem. FInding a good player down here is a very hard job xDD
Ralanr (NA)
: You don't even need to main support, just be able to play it competently.
That's the problem. Nobody here cannot play it competently, including me..
: I'm a support main, and if you really think you're useless in low elo as a support, then you're playing the wrong supports. Play supports who can roam and gank well. Early game yes, you're at your ADC's mercy, but mid and late game you should be playing more like a seconds jungler who doesn't farm camps and wards everywhere. If you can save losing lanes or start snowballs for lanes that are about even then you'll be doing quite well. I personally like to use {{champion:223}} for this, because even if your team is incompetent your W can help them a lot and his ult is ridiculously OP.
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: Why Singed counters Yasuo
Hahahahaha good one, that weeb champion should be deleted already.
Chaos689 (NA)
: Fiora is so OP - Hashinshin 2016 Was this protip helpful? Y/N
Yup. Thank you bruh. If Hashiwhoever said that then its official
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: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Yasuuo,realm=EUNE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:39:42.167+0000) > > Yeah. That's it. Thank you for ur response. Yes, i know they're out of stock on amazon. However there are a lot sites for selling and buying stuff in my country so that wont be a problem. Oh, I didn't notice the EUNE tag. Sorry, man :/
> [{quoted}](name=Kuronii Lumiira,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:41:49.929+0000) > > Oh, I didn't notice the EUNE tag. Sorry, man :/ Its okay :D I was looking to order that CPU but i didnt want to waste 50 euros (~$53) for nothing. Now i will order it however. Ty for ur response. :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:31:58.391+0000) > > AL780LE or AL780LB? > > According to the page, both support 2+ or but the LE supports 3. > > http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=610 > http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=452 > > However, both seem to support the Athlon II x4. It's this one: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=507
> [{quoted}](name=Kuronii Lumiira,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:36:28.067+0000) > > It's this one: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=507 Yeah. That's it. Thank you for ur response. Yes, i know they're out of stock on amazon. However there are a lot sites for selling and buying stuff in my country so that wont be a problem.
: AM2 and AM2+ are nearly interchangeable with one another, if not completely. It's kind of like a halfway point between AM2 and AM3, so a lot of programs, including operating systems, simply list the AM2+ sockets as AM2. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103706 As you can see in the link, the product is sold out, and likely can't be obtained from the factory anymore. Amazon has some used products, so take those as you will: https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Athlon-620-2600MHz-Retail/dp/B002MAPTFW
> [{quoted}](name=Kuronii Lumiira,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:30:59.043+0000) > > AM2 and AM2+ are nearly interchangeable with one another, if not completely. It's kind of like a halfway point between AM2 and AM3, so a lot of programs, including operating systems, simply list the AM2+ sockets as AM2. Oh rly ? That's so lame because they display AM2+ as AM2. So theoretically that Athlon i have listed could work with this shitty motherboard ?
: AL780LE or AL780LB? According to the page, both support 2+ or but the LE supports 3. http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=610 http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=452 However, both seem to support the Athlon II x4.
> [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=YXABAqaM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-03T20:31:58.391+0000) > > You mean Biostar AL780LE correct? > > According to the page, they support 2+ or 3. > > http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=452 Nah bro. It's LB. I have attached the picture.
Rioter Comments
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: What's up with this mentality? Why do you expect to climb if you don't actually play to improve? It doesn't happen automatically, you know (not by large margin anyways)? If you do not play specifically to improve, you will not improve and thus you will not climb. It's not rocket science. It seems like players just expect the rank to be obtainable with pure, mindless grind, which is not the case. Rito doesn't keep you at 50%, the 50% winrate is obtained naturally if you play against players roughly at your level. Now, that said - some grind is required anyways, especially if you play just very slightly above your level (For example, playing as Silver II in Silver IV will make for a very slow climb), but it's not unbearable. >To get bunch of a NEW silver 5 and bronze players ? Enemies will get them too, and if you aren't one of them then you have an innate advantage (4 poor players in your team vs 5 in enemy team). >To get a guy who will rageuqit cuz he gave away the first blood ? Enemy team gets him just as often. >To get a team full of POLISH people that are insulting me in polish cuz of the Yasuo name ? Flaming players happen, not much you can do about it - though, pointing out that they are Polish is very immature. Yes, Polish players are a solid part of EUNE community (on all ranks) but I doubt they are any more toxic than other nationalities (it might feel that way, because there are a lot of Polish players, but the non-toxic ones usually won't talk in Polish). >So what now ? I lose 2 in a row and i get demoted to silver 4 yet again ? I need to be a Platinum-Diamond smurf to win these games ? Oh, cannot wait for your '**git gud**' comments. If you already know what to do, why post the discussion?
So you're just saying 'happens' 'they get them too'. I would like to see your reaction if youre lets say Plat V and get a gold 4-5 player in your team ? That hurts doesnt it ? Flaming happens ? Yes. Always. Thats why this is called the elo hell. The problem is not in their ranks. I dont give a shit if he is level 10, bronze 3 , etc. They dont know how to stop feeding. If they are 0/2 they dont think 'OKAY ITS ENOUGH' they force the trades more and more. And that leaves us with score 10-36. Of course, matchmaker sometimes (SOMETIMES) works in my favor and matches me against already mentioned Bronze/Ultra low silver idiots. But very rarely. I dont know how am i meant to win without splitpushing. When i go to splitpush they just engage 4v5 or die in a skrimishes then i get flooded with 'SS' and 'report trynda noob'.. also, about git gudding. While i was leveling this account i have built ultra good normal mmr that i got matched against platinums, sometimes even low diamonds. I have actually improved since my old account where i won 2 games with 4/11 kda and got placed in silver 5 (!!!). And i could manage to win my lane/game. Not saying that i belong there, cuz ofc , if i belonged silver would be nothing for me literally. Im just saying that playing with a teammates that got a WORKING brain is easier than playing with a guy(that cannot be called a guy, thats a kid, a baby) who just turned 12 and wants to fuck your family and your dead sister (?).
: You didn't know OP? If you want to get Gold you have to beat Plat players with Bronze allies.
: Silver sucks ass because for some reason that's the base placement for level 30s when the base placement should be bronze 5 (information might be outdated?)
Its not outdated at all. When i started ranked for the first time i won. Wait for it. 2 games. Not in a row. 4/11 kda 50 minions on average. And i got placed in Silver 5. Was that fair ? How many games did i ruin ? And now it happens to me. On this acc. Won 6 in a row. 7/4 kda 190 minions. Seems like a mid gold placement. No, its silver 5. I dont know if bronze should be the start. It would be a big problem to climb out. I did it from B4 to S5 in a week because even if no one listens to the calls their adc or supp will go 1v5 or try to 1v1 a fed yasuo/trynd/annie. Without any kiting skill or attack move i must add.
: i think its possible to climb silver, i did it for 2 seasons, also the only thing not possible as a non smurf is skipping divisions
Actuallt, i should have skipped silver 2 but i lost 1 game :P. I was on a 15 game winning streak.. eeeh. Gewd times
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