: To everyone defending Rengar in this thread, I present this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFOdSxc6cQk
Ah yes... 2016 Rengar Killing a Damageless/Defensless/CCless healing Support in the jungle(more specificly in a bush) with just autos . Imagine being so delusional to actually think this is a valid point.
: Tbh just remove the auto crit on his ult. Problem solved.
I like the Stupid People on boards that complain when they have never played the champ
Saygari (NA)
: If you aren't building armor pen such as black cleaver and the last whisper item then maybe you dont deserve to kill him, because thats how to counter it, you get armor pen and then get the jump on him which is exactly how assassins work. Tada!
BC and LW don't give Enough Armor pen even if you build then both.
: Can work, just not as strong in the meta. I rather let my ADC die and carry as {{champion:63}} which work very well with {{champion:81}} cuz he is safe by himself but lack of damage (that brand compasate) compared to other ADC.
The problem is that Ezrael is too Safe with Iceborn. Makes him almost unkillable. His Abillity to flash on low CD is too strong to have while still considerable dealing dmg , slowing you and being tanky with Iceborn . Ezrael with Trinity force is still hard to kill but you Can Punish him when he E's forward and kill him fast . When he has Iceborn There is almost no way you could Punish him if he even has a single brain cell.
: You are so season 7 {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:555}}
Well you can kindly ask for {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:201}} Or anyone with with a Stun. Thresh Leo and Alistar are poppular atm and people are down to play them most of the time. And even if you have one of those Damage Supports they will most likely kill the guy who is diving you before you even die.
: One of the reason to pick Ezreal is because of its escape and durability. ADC are already very similar to each other, we do not want to kill the few diversity. The 3 champion you named are point & click, the only thing we can do is get defensive stat.
And One of the reasons why you have support is for them to protect you.
: Who said he's supposed to be a glass cannon with an escape? I never called him that. Now I get that you wish it was easy to kill him with the champions you chose but sometimes they simply aren't and that is how the game is designed to be. Maybe different champions would help, or banning Ezreal?
The thing is when he isn't fed and Finishes Iceborn. When you are a Diver/Assassin you can't even Kill him when you are fed and he is not. He can play like a Headless chicken and still be able to escape because the tankiness and slowing gives him time to E away and kite you.
Rioter Comments
: Yes a a thousand times. This is by far his dumbest mechanic. It's absolutely broken.
Nice Words Trashgarbadge. I wonder how easy it is to actually pull of Max Range ganks with no Boots or Youmuus .Leap Range is 725 and the time out of bush most valuable in the early game ,you can barely get 30-35 Range if you Time it Perfectly .As an Example The Bushes on Midlane(You have to be a moron to say that close to the bush vs Rengar) [Example on Mid](https://gyazo.com/f47aeda0a4eaaa962c0e231cda73bf10)
: Balance Team
ADC Main Crying for Help cus he can't help his stupidity
: > [{quoted}](name=gabetheguy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MlvhqK85,comment-id=001c00000000,timestamp=2018-04-13T02:09:53.747+0000) > > "HE'S BROKEN BECAUSE HE COUNTERS MY CHAMP" > > jesus christ you low golds have an ego. LOL your bronze basically Talking in a Gold's thread who was G3 end of last season btw sorry thats not low gold thats mid gold ... but regardless .... about character balance .... not due to him "countering my champ" as you are inclining. Clearly this is why you should not be joining in this conversation as you clearly have no idea what the conversation was about in the first place if you think it was " because he counters my champ"
Nice Tabis GoldBoi LUL. You probably solo splitpushed without your Tahm Kench with you. Maybe you prolly ran down mid to clear that one minion wave and Rengar Ulted you when he is super ahead. ADCes are the most important in the game RN and they are safe with {{item:3047}} . And lets not count the fact that this a A FUKING NORMAL GAME. Matchmaking sucks and you are complaining that someone 9 ranks Higher than you can roll the game. You just suck at ADC and can't position, don't know rotations, no map awareness, no enemy awareness, no game knowledge and above all else you are stupid ADC main who plays like the silver scrubs on reddit that complain that the assassin oneshot them while they solo splitpushed and they couldn't 1vs1 him. And gold 5 is basically Silver .You probably don't know how to play versus Rengar,or any assassin for that matter. Remember Rengar is all Autoattacks RN and tabis cucks him even though they got nerfed. And the silver guy knows what he is talking about. He doesn't even play Rengar and he knows how to counter him unlike you. Edit: The people who upvoted your post are just as stupid as you are!
jimhulk18 (EUNE)
: Why i can't get a mastery 6 token?
Ur trash. Learn Jungle paths, map awearness, Warding positioning,knowing when and where to be,knowing what to do in early/mid/late game. Maybe you don't understand that you actually have to think when you play and not jump like a monkey and blame ur teammates about it.
: Am I the only one who just hates Rengar?
Yes because its boring to play a tank and every game you put little to no thought while positioning and decision making. So yes that is why people like playing Rengar. And to say it before you reply 10/1 Rengar should be rewarded for being 10/1 and has the Right to oneshot you without you being able to outplay him. That is how assassins are! Maybe that is why there are so many Lee Sin (to some extent he is assassin) Kha'Zix , Rengar , Zed , Katarina , Akali and many more. Hope you Understand that Assassins are the most Loved/Hated class. You probably don't understand cus you play Janna the champion who can be played with 1 arm LITERALLY! And you probably don't know what this item does {{item:3047}}
Cloud273 (NA)
: Can we revert all the assassin changes from this patch?
You don't even play ranked. Just random pleb hating champions with interactive gameplay like assassins!
Viction (EUW)
: Change Is Needed
: Riot Please Don’t Ship The Rengar Changes
: Rank 1 player is abusing a stealth champion: akali not suprising!
Buffing Rengar? More like Fixing what rito broke with the Rework. It will most likely result in Rengar being worse than what he is not but it will make him more fun. (edit) You are hardstuck S5 your word doesn't mean anything you trash.
Infernape (EUW)
: Considering Rengar can still assassinate and LeBlanc relies heavily on items like Gunblade and Lich Bane to give her burst, I wouldn't say that he's in need of more help than LeBlanc. Riot completely threw LeBlanc into the gutter soon after the assassin update.
Rengar needs Duskblade and IE or lethality item to oneshot somebody. And his R alarms people like they are going to war. But Rengar is mele Champ, he has 1 oportunity to kill somebody or he dies like a moron in the midle of the enemy team. LB at least has escape with her W. And two are very different. LB is a mage/assasin hybrid and Rengar is Assasin/bruiser hybrid. I know you want something similar to old LB as soon as possible , as i said i liked to play Old LB more. But Rengar's everything got changed . His Bonetooth is just bonus damage (no creativity at all, not even different numbers on the Bonus ad and % Bonus AD) ,his Ferocity got fucked , his Q turned into a swimming ability, his W makes no sense in his kit AT ALL ( even though is OP AF) , his R is Twitch Q with indicator on 2 min CD at rank 1. Both reworks are trash. I haven't played LB much this season but from what i've played (like 10 games) feels like shit. I played LB last season and it was one of the best moments i've had in playing this game. What i'm saying that LB could have been worse ,like Rengar. Honestly what happend in the rework was like Lets make him swim, lets give him tahm kench E and Gut his R and Ruin the Greatest passive in the Whole game.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: You know what time it is?
Stun her. And if you are playing Rengar Right click her.
zippyHD (EUW)
: Hello Riot, any information about Leblanc on making her a mix of pre and current Leblanc?
Rengar needs more help than Leblanc. Rengar is more different than old Rengar , than LB is to her old self. And Rengar mains Really DON'T like it. I know you are dissapointed but Rengar really needs it more. I enjoyed old LB more too.{{item:3070}}
Reav3 (NA)
: We just got back from break so we are looking at that again. Still would be a couple patches away, at least, should we find it promising. We would have to finish the implementation, test it internally a bunch with the Live Gamepaly Team and our Playtest team. After that if we decide the changes are good then we would have to give him new VFX and SFX for his Q on the Mecha skin as well and also QA test it for bugs and what not.
Why don't you Put Rengar Update on PBE for 3 PBE patches untill you clear all of the bugs,visuals, animations etc. You have to use the PBE more often for these kind of stuff. And most importantly you will hear are feedback much sooner!
: Malevolent Masterminds Recruitment
Lmao ur gonna lose 100%. Seeking for gold Players? Make it for diamond so you don't get destroyed.
: Any info on how rengar is going to get reverted?,
Shut up with these posts please they might Rethink what they are gonna do with your cringiness
Hópe (NA)
: In addition to yasuo windwalling Rengars Q, He can also windwall fioras Parry.
Fiora Actually Launches a lave that Slows/Stuns soo it should be blockable. Rengar's Q inst like fioras W. Rengar Uses his arms to strike not throwing something. Rengar's Q shouldn't be blockable , i mean Azir R can't stop his Q, Ori R,Malphite R, even if you die while casting Q it will still do the damage if you have GA. Nothing stops a swimmer, but a little fart wall.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Weedbro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LTKwXQZc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-01T23:31:48.326+0000) > > nerf rengar He already needs a slight nerf. He does way too much damage and can 1 shot anyone with less than 150 armour by level 6.
Build Ninja tabi you hardstuck S3 Annie main.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Please don't revert rengar's q
Please stop wasting oxygen. Stupid Annie player. IDK why Annie still has point and click stun from range and full combo, but Rengar isn't alowed to have Auto Reset with 20% bonus damage?
Weedbro (NA)
: LoL will probably even out, currently its a disaster. Ezreal and Vayne fuck bot. Ornn fucks top.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Riot PLEASE don't bring back crit Rengar
Oh BOI! This a UNRANKED normals player who half the time plays ADC. You don't know H2P vs Rengar cus ur Trash . Your words don't mean anything.
: This, we don't dislike him because we think he's bad, we dislike him because his Q and ult having a crit just isn't fun. Simply because if we're going to burst or "1 shot" someone, we want it to be interactive, but instead we have to ult, then Bola mid-air, duskblade, and use a Q IF we even need it... Its just an auto attack. At least with the old Q, it had a "combo" if you will, with Q, hydra, AA, Q. aside from everything else. Thanks for listening to us Meddler, we really appreciate it!
Dude Riot knows that we don't like the new Rengar. Don't try to explain it with mechanics or combos. Trust me they have seen a lot of posts (100+) just say in general . But i don't know how is taking them so long even though we have asked for "update/revert" for so long. I mean even if i 1shot someone it doesn't feel satifying for example.
Meddler (NA)
: Depends on what else is going on. Over the course of this year we've generally had a couple being worked on at any one time, not everything works out though of course so some don't ship.
Meddler i know you at Riot have a lot of stuff to do . There are maybe champions that need more help than Rengar in terms of being healthy to play against etc. But we out of all communities have requested an update for Rengar because he is not that fun to play anymore.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ProtexBG,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cML74stb,comment-id=0001000000010000,timestamp=2017-10-21T12:09:28.071+0000) > > No one is so stupid to suicide because of a game. And you are expert on this matter?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ProtexBG,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cML74stb,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-21T11:54:15.559+0000) > > 14 Day. Is anyone really gonna kill themselves ? Well there were cases where cyberbullying lead to people commiting suicide
: Still an intolerable insult Riot doesn't accept in here, even if it's true or not. You can call us sensitive babies if you want, when you're the one who let out a tantrum of a 5 years old & got yourself into where you are now.
I have Reported people who were 10 times more toxic as me. And they didn't get punished. I have seen someone who said K Y S on every death .I reported him for Verbal abuse and i didnt get the player punished message .
: > ProtexBG: kill urself ProtexBG: EVE KYS i just want to be friends ProtexBG: kys bich Riot does not tolerate "self-killing insults", and they take it VERY seriously. Behaviors like this will be punished with either a 14 days suspension or a permaban. Which one are you?
Sarutobi (NA)
: Taunting the enemy by telling them to kill themselves? Not quite sure if you understand what the word taunt means!
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=ProtexBG,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LU4ewLb7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-13T15:29:28.394+0000) > > if you are low elo you don't need tankiness as rengar because people are retardet ! But in plat+ you have to build tank or ur useless in this adc meta! adc meta? wut?
Ur bronze don't say anything you don't understand anything about the game.
: rengar builds virtually no tankiness nowadays.
if you are low elo you don't need tankiness as rengar because people are retardet ! But in plat+ you have to build tank or ur useless in this adc meta!
Dio Bento (EUW)
: Balancing ADCs, Supports and Assassins
Only in your dreams you will get Rengar reverted. No way Rito is gonna do anything for this champion.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
Anything about the Rengar changes i want to hear what is your plan for the mini-rework.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 4
Patch Assasin patch is a nutshellhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/179586195670564864/339778195564003328/unknown.png
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Rengar
!IN MY OPINION! TL DR. Rengar got new tools in his kit with the rework in intent to "Fix" him like the AOE damage and W heal that made him more broken . But he was not broken as an assasin he was broken as a bruiser sure he could still oneshot but with this Q cast time ULT warning 2000+ units(up to 4000) he can't assasinate very well. Long version Problems: Bonetooth necklace : It gives damage now , but compare to the previous one it doesn't feel the same anymore! The last one gave you Utillity effects like bonus MS, Longer bush jumps which helped you with the hunt. Ferocity: Before you had to plan your attack but now you just have to go in use every ability you get full ferocity . The problem i have with it that it takes of the preparation like you have to get 5 ferocity before you go in . Q: Really that spell i didn't think cats like to swim, jokes aside. This spell is not for Rengar the delay is so painful i can't count the times i have died while casting Q. The old Q gave you Guaranteed damage but it dealt less than current . And the Q like in most of the posts here DOES NOT FEEL SATISFYING. This ability doesn't fit his kit and is not fun to use due to delay and cast time. W: This is a broken ability that scales of your Health as assasin. i mean the hell were you thinking when you created this thing. It does not Fit assasin Rengar at all. let's say i want to kill someone but with this new Ferocity i am Forced to WASTE my only defensive spell to get the 4 ferocity .The old one fit in his kit because it gave you defensive stats on hitting champs with it. Again like the Q this W does not fit his kit like the old one . E : nothing to say R : I understand why the camoflage is there but why does the enemy team have to know that i ulted from 4000 units? Not only that but it has 2 second Delay Before you can jump and in that delay you can't cast abilities because the ult will go away. Pre-rework you had 1 second(3 if damaged) before you jump but unlike now before you could cast abilities in that 1/3 second window without canceling it. The rework is complete failiure due to it being rushed. You can see from a mile away that you just put Random abilities because you had no time. Now he is not fun to play you don't try to fix him and you avoid contact with us. Before Rengar was not braindead champion as the average bronze/silver Adc player thinks .To play him you need game knowledge and strategy. His early game was not that good and him to consistently oneshot he needs to be at least 10/1. Oneshoting someone was his reward for being ahead . And to oneshot someone he needed to pres like 5 buttons in less than 1 second ( EMP Q,normal Q , E W and Tiamat midair) even one cloth armor countered him. Please Riot Revert the core of Rengar's kit !
: Hello everyone, my name is Philip, better known as Youmuus {{item:3142}} and I have been playing Rengar for up to 4 years to this date with around 2000 to 2500 games played on him. In this post I will be going over the core issues that I have found with the recently reworked Rengar and some possible changes that could make his play style healthier for both the player playing him and those playing against him. **Passive**: General consensus of this would be that his passive feels unsatisfying, yet it gives raw stats and is valuable in his kit at the same time. Possible changes: Allocating some parts of the raw power from passive stats to more a utility based style without drastically changing his kill windows or ranges. Examples: Longer slow E/ giving a movespeed buff in bushes/ increased armor/magic resistance in bushes. (While Rengar is known for being a bush assassin, he gains very little in terms of raw combat stats when legitimately fighting enemies in bushes.) **Q**: I believe that this ability is the cause of many problems that arise for Rengar at the moment. A problem that many people neglect to see which is that it bottlenecks his playstyle and versatility. With the change to his Q from an auto attack based ability to a skill shot dash, he has lost many of the playstyle options previously available to him. Some examples of this loss would be (Fervor of battle/Warlords bloodlust/Critical strike builds/Lifesteal builds/On-Hit builds) Possible changes: Reverting his Q to the old auto attack reset based ability. This would reopen his other variety of play styles and make his game play much healthier. Making current Q apply On-Hit effects twice dealing 50% damage on each, similar to reworked Urgot W. **W**: The changes to W put Rengar in a very good position in terms of crowd control counterplay. This skill is in a perfect spot if not a bit overpowered. Possible changes: Lowering base numbers. **E**: Perfect as is. **R**: Rengar's R is very iconic and unique to his playstyle, however the ability itself can be somewhat frustrating to play against. With the recent additions to several items and reworks in the game, his R has much more raw killing power than before. This creates a situation where it is much less of a scouting and hunting tool and instead a "Give my next auto attack 700 range and a leap with double damage" Possible changes: Remove the crit from the auto attack or make it a lower damage crit (similar to Jhin, Yasuo, Shaco.) With a free crit, Rengar will never be a high skill capped champion because so much of his burst would be extremely simple to execute with 1 auto attack in R. Spreading out the raw power of his ult crit throughout his kit and allowing Rengar vision of all champions in his radius again would create a better gameplay. TL;DR: {{champion:107}} Rengar has become much simpler and 1 dimensional because of the reworks. This stems from his new Q limiting playstyle and the burst from a crit enabling ultimate.
Not sure about the W i mean you have to waste it if you want to play assasin Rengar
: While I can agree the Rework turning him into a Bruiser was a step backwards the lethality changes may help shift him back to an assassin. I definitely can't agree that the Rework was the Biggest Failure riot Ever put out. As someone who has been playing for 7 years which lends a much wider perspective
I said one of the biggest and The leathalithy changes are not gonna bring him back to assasin. Its not the leathality items its the playstlyle that sucks
: I guess they dislike that people are forced to pick certain champs to counter.
Half the champs have something that can counter Rengar. Damn even Darius E countered him.
Rioter Comments
: Doesn't sound like they forced Rengar into a duo lane ( completely killing his power Fantasy and Thematic's) or removed a basic ability and stripped away his base stats or giving a gimmicky Dragon that's functionally inept. Sounds like Rengar could still jungle after his Rework with the addition of going Toplane and be successful at it. Mordes performing like complete shit since the Rework: after a year at 44% winrate there was a brief few Months where he was holding a 50% winrate. Can't have that so Riot Nerfed his core item with no compensation. I get you don't like the Rengar Rework but at least he's still good
Its not only me who doesn't like the Rework .This Reworks Compleetly destroyed the theme of this champion. At least morde stayed the same for the most part but Rengar they fucked em up so hard you don't even know . For someone ho has played New and old Rengar The new one just SUCKS COMPLETE DICK compare to the old one by Gameplay wise.
: There is nothing they can do that could be worst than the CertainlyT Rework. NOTHING. You are talking to the wrong main on the topic of Worst Rework ever Need I remind you that W was a Unusable skill when solo. And that's not even the worst part
Yea Rengar is the whorst rework , they made him into a bruiser which 60% of the Rengar mains don't like,60% quit the champ and we are complaining about it. Yes the Rework has counterplay, Q has a LONG casttime and it is a skillshot,W requires you to take damage before you use it or you just use it for 100 damage, and ult has a 2 second delay before you jump and if you use an abillity within those 2 seconds it gets canceled .Pre-rework had 3 sec dalay if you get damaget and if you used abillity in those 3 secs the ult would go of. And they left him with no escape when removing his stealth, but im ok with with the camoflage. I understand why the camoflage is there but everything else is just too much.
: Rengar was 3rd in the list of champions to win games off 1st blood. It's no surprise he tries to cheese lvl 1 it's all he has. He sees decent play
But really isn't he supposed to be a jungler?They nerfed his base damage and stats so its better to play him top.So imagine that your champion mordekaiser gets Reworked and they add Casttime to his E, Q to be a skillshot and W to heal you only vs champs to make him more healthy for the game and destroy his playstyle of instabursting someone and to make him bruiser .
: Hmmmmmm. You realize that Mordekaiser is only played by his mains and is much more matchup dependant and yet has a significantly lower winrate. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. Ya that argument doesn't hold up
Rengar has high winrate because he cheses at lvl 1 and either gets a kill or forces back. If more people knew how to play against top Rengar they he would have like 48% winrate at most ,but since he is not played much, players don't know how to play against him. And unlike most toplaners His ult is almoast useles for 1vs1 .
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