: "And thats okay?!?!" No. Did you have a question about your punishment?
Yeah, why is it okay for someone to get punished for toxicity, when they werent toxic at all. And no, that ahri wasnt a bad player. It was a troll okay.
: You spent all that time typing those paragraphs instead of actually playing the game, so yes its worthy
?? I was actually doing the best on my team haha.
: Nothing there is worthy of a two week ban, so you must have already been chat restricted before. Be very careful when that ban is up, the next punishment will be a permaban.
System is broken.... thats all. You can say nothing all game, if about someone reports you, buah buah.
Zardo (NA)
: >Drezder: you blame other people Drezder: all the time Drezder: because you cant accept you are the problem You say, after blaming for about 4 novels worth of chat. You realize normal games have a variety of different ranked players in them, right? Meaning that the ahri that is playing like a bronze player might actually be a bronze player, so don't just jump to "troll".
Bro did you not read what i typed? Dude was mad because when i ganked him i took the kill. So he came to me while i was doing drake, i was dying, i asked him for help, and he stood next to me, not attacking the drake, and letting me die. Bro fr?
: did you have chat restrictions before this?
obviously i did, obvioulsy i said some stuff. But waaay worse than this. THis is literally nothing. Not even toxic.
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: you wont get plat playing less then 100 games, or having a 48% win rate. your cs is flat shit, you average about 3.5 cs per min. since you are a jungle main , 1 jungle camp counts as 4 cs. you are averaging less then a camp per min you are far from plat.
so its best to just go to peoples lanes later on and like farm the minions? when the laning phase is done?
: What are you lp gains after 2 years of silver? Maybe trying new acc might come in handy. You are still climbing right? Almost gold, good luck. Keep spamming Kayn, maybe try buying some pink wards, can't tell more from op.gg. I think you can climb, just don't lose your mental, you can't control your team, rather blame yourself.
I mean this is like the second time ive tried to really play and climb. Before that it was mostly normal games, and ranked here and there. And i only played in the summer holidays.
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: Stop playing then. I did.
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haenex (EUNE)
: Well since that the VS event is an yearly thing I would like to suggest these for the 2019 version
Rengar vs kha zix. Rengar needs some more skins too. Not to mention they are so iconic and known to be enemies. Its alien vs predator ffs they should just focus on them for the next vs event
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: If you do not like the game, stop playing the game. we do not want your toxicity in this game.
bruh. im not even toxic. and did you not read when i said "drug" its a drug. even if you want to stop playing it you cant because its addicting. gotta go back to school bud have a nice one.
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: for the 2 ppl who play in eune? lol
i know its 9 months old but come on now. there are more players in eune than on NA.
: First off. Don't tell me you are posting on these forums without being serious. If you don't want to be taken literally, you shouldn't be on the internet, let alone forums meant for reasonable discussion at all. Second off. The amount of "friends" I have do not make my argument stronger/weaker. Do not bring up topics that don't belong in the subject.
AHAHAHAHH "if you dont want to be taken literally , you shouldnt be on the internet" apperantly you are the new one on the fucking internet lmao nothing is serious on the internet.
hexarte (NA)
: Then correct me if I'm wrong, but what about those who are auto-filled? Is it their fault then?
: well, if I'm a {{champion:86}} with {{item:3031}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} in ARURF, well I'm sorry but I just can't resist.
i dont care if its urf. im talking about ranked. who the hell doesnt build stupid builds in urf?
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: > LOL shut up. I have as much privilege to speak on these forums as you do good sir. > Riot made that skin in 5 minutes. Unless you have solid evidence or proof that Riot actually managed to make it in 5 minutes, you are lying. Theoretically, it should be impossible to make a skin in under 5 minutes. Splash artwork, modelling and animation cannot be done in under 5 minutes. > He looks so stupid with the football outfit. First of all, a skin being "stupid" is an opinion. Unless every single person on the planet agrees that yes, this skin is stupid, it is your opinion and your opinion alone. Personally I like the skin myself. I don't get why you hate it. Second of all, it isn't a football outfit he's wearing. I don't know why you think it is but it isn't. It's inspired by the outfits Samsung Galaxy White wore when they won the Season 4 championship. > Also no particle changes. It's a skin released in the middle of 2015. Many skins released during/before this time does not have any particle changes unless it was a legendary/ultimate skin. > The skin is a joke, whether you like it or not. Thats a fact. First of all, it is not a joke. There are no "joke skins" out there. Almost every skin has taken an insurmountable amount of time to make and you can like it or not but it certainly isn't a "joke". Jokes are meant to be funny and I'm not guessing you're having fun with it. Second of all, No, it's not a fact. It's an opinion. You saying it's a fact is in fact, not a fact. And that's a fact.
ah so you are that guy who takes everything so literal. How many friends?
: > Has 2 skins. Not counting the SSW one that is a complete joke and an excuse for a skin. Rengar has 3 skins. Period. Saying one skin is a "complete joke" is wrong. Just because you don't like it, does not mean it's not a skin and he should get another one to compensate for you not liking it. He has three skins whether you like it or not. That's a fact.
LOL shut up. Riot made that skin in 5 minutes. He looks so stupid with the football outfit. Also no particle changes. The skin is a joke, whether you like it or not. Thats a fact.
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: That's most likely a problem on your end, not much to do with the game. If you aren't using a mouse-pad this can happen sometimes. It's due to materials that the mouse is on, and how the mouse reads that surface. A dirty surface or dirty mouse sensor will have that problem. Another possibility could be the wire on your mouse wearing out (if you're on a wired mouse), this tends to happen after years of wear and tear. If it's a wireless mouse then something could be interfering with the frequency that your mouse broadcasts on. Common causes can be distance (if you're too far away from the computer), solid objects (especially dense ones) in between the mouse and it's USB chip on the computer, and microwaves (older microwaves can leak radiation during operation and this tends to interfere with wifi and other similar high-frequency wireless communication devices).
My mouse is new, and the stuttering only happens while i play League. So that makes me think its an in-game problem. Pretty sure many people have had this problem
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: He said he received a chat restriction, so there should be a chat log.
i didnt get a chat log. i just got a chat restriction but it didnt tell me or it didnt pop up on the screen.
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