Violett (NA)
: I think it's time for me to take a break from League.
Games are never going back to being long ones. Riot is not opposed to long games but they're not making them long by default. The reason why they changed it years ago was because people were complaining they lasted too long in the first place, with no clear winner in mind. The average length of an SR game should be 30+ and ARAM games 20+. That means the games should wrap up in the average time per map, most of the games played should fall in this range on the Bell Curve while shorter and longer games are not that common (but not impossible).
Flemman (EUW)
: I think he understand right. You can already create your own page (base of the number of rune page you had in the old system) without the need of removing the preset page As OP state "so I can create my own", he kinda imply he want 5 more of them in addition to the number he had in the old system
That's exactly right. OP said "so i can create my own" implied that he either wants to replace default setups with his own or that he wants to free up those used slots for later. Which in either way means 5 free rune page setups, if you can remove or modify the default setups. By the way, you can modify the setups but if you do, it will ask you to create a new page from them if you have slots available.
Daimao (NA)
: This is actually a textbook business tactic. It's called a rebranding scheme. You take X product/service and rebrand it as Y even though in actuality it is still X. They baked runes into the new Mastery system, but then they rebanded the new Masteries as Runes and slapped on the three rune page limit. Where once we could have ten plus Masteries depending on champion, role, etc we are now limited to three Mastery setups without a soul crushing grind of 6300 Blue Essence per Mastery setup. I strongly urge everyone to make it a point to call these what they really are. Masteries. They are not runes. The runes are baked into the new Masteries. It's a cash grabbing rebranding scheme and it stinks to high heaven.
"Textbook business tactic" LMAO You do know you had to buy rune pages, runes and even be level 30 to at least use one of those systems to its fullest potential? Under this new system, both of those are mixed into one and all of that stuff is available to you for free, from level 1. Forgive me for not having absolutely everything for free delivered to you on a silver platter but this is really getting ridiculous from the players' perspective. No amount of free things is ever enough, you just want more. It's disgusting that you can't appreciate something that someone's giving away because that's the right thing to do. New runes being completely free and available to everyone was the right call to make by Riot and this business tactic was losing them money. And they still did it anyway, even the top (Merrill and Beck) were OK with it.
: And why not let us have them as free rune pages? Just went from 20 mastery pages to 2. If i want to get 20 of these new pages it would cost me 113,400 blue essence. This is kinda ridiculous and just shows your team only made this change to push people to buy pages with rp.
Mastery pages were free to create, up to 20 max. Rune pages were not free and you had to buy them with RP o IP, or 2 in a bundle on sale. The system is called "Runes Reforged" and it combines both mastery pages and runes. All of these new changes were free for us to use, from level 1. Old system didn't allow you that, you had to buy runes (which took many games to play in order to get the most basic rune setup) and you got 1 mastery point per level of your account. It's unfair from your point to request even more free things. These are new runes and the only thing you now have to buy is rune pages. Nothing else. I ended up with 6 pages total because i had 6 rune pages when we transferred to the new system.
: Yes because its much less childish to go onto the post and blindly call everyone supporting it children/kids/young/immature etc. Acting like a brat is exactly what you're doing right now. You're 25 and you act like this? Someone messed up somewhere along the lines:P My argument against this skin is based on the basic principles of business. If the customer isn't happy with the product, they shouldnt support the product in question. Your argument against mine is "THESE CHILDREN ARE WHINING ABOUT SKINS" Hypocrite much? Grow up.
>My argument against this skin is based on the basic principles of business. If the customer isn't happy with the product, they shouldnt support the product in question. Sometimes a customer can be a dumbass and be unreasonable. "Customer is always right" isn't a correct term. No one should orbit around your personal preferences and no one really gives a damn enough for you to be comfortable in your own shoes. Make yourself comfortable, don't demand to be serviced as a king. You aren't that important. I honestly don't care if you don't like the animation, neither do i. But i understood why it was done because it was explained. If you're unhappy with an explanation, that's your problem. Boards are always unhappy with something and sometimes you learn what to tune out to stop the annoying noise.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot please allow me to delete the "prepared" runes that you've made so i can create my own.
The point was not for you to have 5 free rune pages. The point was to have default presets that are permanent because it means many people can simply default to each path if they currently don't want to make new runes for themselves. This also helps new players since they now can start the game with a preset instead of having to read everything in an hour before they start playing.
: Her: "Let's shower together to save money on the water bill ;)"
>#;) This is the biggest C tease ever...
: I know it isn't significant as getting to gold but
It doesn't matter if you didn't get the seasonal rewards. I hope that this incentive isn't the only reason people choose to play ranked. All it matters that you did go higher up the ladder, which is the point of the climb. Rewards should be a second objective.
: Where did he say he was boycotting Riot Games? He just said he's boycotting the skin over the animation.
--- Riot already commentated on Blitz's walking animation and the choice to keep it as is was made because they playtested the skin with everything changed and some people who played against him said Blitz was unrecognizable as a champion. If you push a skin to such a boundary that the champion doesn't have any common ground with its base look or feel, you need to keep some of the elements of the old design in. It's not Riot's laziness or unwillingness to change it. It's really interesting how everyone's first thought was either foul play on Riot's part or them trying to rip everyone off by charging more for less. League has been alive for 8 years and it's still going strong, which wouldn't have lasted this long if Riot was being underhanded and only wanted to lure out money out of your pockets without any regard to quality of the things you buy.
: Or a person with a basic understanding of how businesses work. (one term from my bachelors in business management:P) This isnt about attention. This is about removing the idea its ok for Riot to release sub-par skins. Not everyone that complains about something is "whining." I notice you're trying to use age here as some form of insult by saying "Kid" and "Child" a lot. You're transparent my dude. I guarantee you're no older than 24, and based on your "holier than thou" attitude, I'd place you at the 19-20 years old mark. Making you one or two years shy of being an actual, legally defined "child"
I don't know how your Murrica (or some other country considers as "adult"), but mine does so at 18. And i'm 25. My attitude is like this because boards are either populated by children who want to cry about everything that comes out that isn't to their liking or you have stupid people who are adults but actually don't bother writing an argument and just want an easy way to get upvotes. Acting like a brat isn't getting your point across even if you can get upvotes. Upvotes mean jack shit. If you're here farming internet points, you're an idiot. At least be reasonable when you think about commenting and i bet majority of the people who have a working braincell won't have a problem with a legitimate complaint and wouldn't mind joining in a discussion at hand.
: It's the last day of League as we know it
Knowing boards, they'll stay living in the past for quite some time.
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elikain,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U8uw8k1l,comment-id=00fa,timestamp=2017-11-07T11:49:01.923+0000) > > This please, tyty :3 and there you go!
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=U8uw8k1l,comment-id=00fa0000,timestamp=2017-11-07T18:30:52.940+0000) > > and there you go! Much love {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: OK as much as I love PROJECT Jhin...
Simple reason: Popularity. Now, that doesn't mean less popular champions deserve to die off in terms of creativity with 1 measly skin in two years but think of the thematic. Project skin line fits him well, not Taliyah (for example). SO why hold his Project thematic for who knows how long because people think he had enough skins for this year? Skins and skin themes don't grow on trees. Riot has a crapton of them floating around but exploration and ideation into many of them is discarded until there's just the right fit for the right champion. Jhin's could very well fit the theme of Project skins and Riot had a perfect match for him, with the Project: Hunters already. So why hold him off for a year?
Prozzak (NA)
: They are a big enough company that they should be able to do both.
Only a child that doesn't know how a company works would really complain about this. An entire season is almost dedicated to us, our balance and only a month or two at best for pro scene. The moment i hear "Rito, you're not paying attention to me again!!!! WAAAAAAH", i'm just reminded of those bratty children who were never set straight on how to/not to behave.
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
This please, tyty :3
: > [{quoted}](name=Desolationz,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iEpoUIEI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-06T18:45:18.130+0000) > > What do you want, crit AP items? I... would be interested in this.
Not crit items for AP champs per se but at least increased damage for spells from some criteria. Some champions can already do double damage when certain conditions are meant (Anivia, Eve) so if Riot ever does this, they'd need to be careful not to make a new DFG. But Luden's already does this in some regard (add extra flat damage + from your own AP ratio on one spell).
Elohaven (NA)
: Will AP champions have a larger panoply of items in pre-season Riot?
Burst mages aren't much different from AP assassins really. The reason why AP items work for such a big general group of champions is because many of them share the basic mage trait - scale off AP and do more damage. There's some variety to builds (scaling mages, mpen for assassins, Gunblade and a bit spellvamp) but overall, the core is the same.
: Her: "Jeans aren't allowed in my bed ;)"
>Her: "Jeans aren't allowed in my bed ;)" Me: Fine by me, i sleep naked anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ######Your move, girl
: Honestly: People want Riot to cover for their bad decisions/play too much
Moral of the story: Boards are retarded. But VulDreat is correct. Boards are not a hivemind and therefore no matter in which meta we currently are, people are going to find something to complain about. But the point is that these complaints are on a rotation. People who get what they want out or Riot will inevitably find a group of people that aren't satisfied with the result. Then in the new meta, we'll see posts that complain about certain champions being strong against them.
Abortion (EUW)
: New Blitzcrank's skins walking animation
Riot has said that a completely different walking animation meant (in their playtests) that a lot of people didn't recognize Blitz as a champion because his model is way too different. That's why they kept the default walking animation. If you're going to argue that iBliztcrank has a hover animation, it still looks like Blitz. A new Lancer Rogue/Paragon model looks quite different than original Blitz.
: You do understand that this whole tread is about Assassins and Bruisers being so weak that they don't need any counterplay anymore right? *RIGHT?*
I didn't make a comment about the current thread but to some user that said how Exhaust is not good because supports don't take it anymore and have other SS choices. I don't know why my comment (and a few others) are out of the stack of replies.
Ceol (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WoxzYVjE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-05T11:24:00.509+0000) > > {{item:3147}} -- "Assassins insta-bursting people is unfair!" -- Goes through full roster change slowing down burst of Assassins -- Introduces {{item:3147}} with instant burst damage {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
You do know that AD assassins didn't have an option like AP assassins had with Luden's? The only problem i have is that AP assassins and burst mages pretty much are in the same ballpark with their itemization because quick assassinations with spells and quick burst with spells aren't distinguishable enough. The only difference is in the champion's playstyle. Assassins tend to be mobile and lack any meaningful CC while AP champs have at least one meaningfull CC and are slow.
: Assassins and bruisers are so bad that supports don't even take exhaust anymore
You mean to tell me that SS diversity is now a bad thing? Yep, we're on the LoL boards alright...
Nishant (NA)
: People aren't annoyed because Riot isn't fixing issues RIGHT NOW
Just a gentle reminder that people think balancing League is as easy as nerfing a class and calling it a day. What majority of the people don't realize that Marksmen also keep other classes in check so if you keep them down and only them, you'd see other problems quickly crop up. Tanks suddenly being unkillable machines, Assassins being a norm in every game, Mages doing whatever the fuck they want... --- I wish for Riot to simply do a dummy patch and nerf every Marksman by half (what the boards actually want). Then keep this dummy balance for two weeks and not even come out to comment on any changes or be available for a discussion. The boards gets to make their bed, Riot says "OK, here you go" and we get to sleep in it. When shit starts rolling downhill because of our warped idea of how "balanced" League should look like, Riot then comes down and says "Alright, who's next on the chopping block? We got more champions to shit on, any takers?". --- This would once and for all shut up the boards with their ridiculous claims about who could balance the game better. But hey, is it worth putting the entire game in a sinkhole just to teach a few crybabies a lesion? I think not.
: >ToxicShaco: if u dont play jg dont act like u know how to plz ToxicShaco: its annoying ... ToxicShaco: ur 3/8 ToxicShaco: ur irrelevant at this point so plz dont tlak ToxicShaco: k Yes, you were.
This doesn't look like any form of toxicity Riot should punish for. It's not condescending, it's not inflammatory, it's basically telling the other guy to not talk about the position he's not playing, considering he's 3/8 on his lane. A "back off" type of a reply that isn't insulting anyone at all.
: That has nothing to do with game length. It's a flaw in the economic model of the game's design. Don't like farming minions? Then petition to have the gold income flow changed.
The entire game revolves around farming minions, not people waiting for their timers to pop off so they can finally get to their item spikes. If someone doesn't like this model, they should play HotS. A game where most of the MOBA things don't matter and you can do whatever you want with your hero. Or simply play ARAM.
: > [{quoted}](name=Guy Fox Teemo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lEGFXpOU,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-11-05T04:56:23.013+0000) > > No you provide feedback AFTER, because the change is so big, that any changes made now are kind of meaningless since everything will be vastly different. And many of the "OP" champs could very well end up being SHIT with no changes till the patch hits. > > Thats why i say wait till runes come out. Why does it feel like you're pretending PBE doesn't exist and that there hasn't been hundreds of users testing and giving feedback on these changes not being that good? Every change they make hits PBE before it hits live, so it's not like we're pointing fingers at outdated work. How many things have gone through PBE and hit live through the years that were already judged as unbalanced, only to get pushed out anyway? Remember how busted keystones were on release? People kept saying thunder-lords needed toning down but it gone forced out in it's unbalanced state anyway. What more do you want? You're basically telling us to accept the fact that riot is not going to make obvious fixes like nerfing twitch for how many months because they're too lazy things before a major update goes out. Imagine if the devs of dota just said "We're not going to touch X character for 10 patches in a row because we want to see how well he does with the major update we have coming at the end of the season." ...that stuff wouldn't fly anymore else. I don't know why we have special standards for league. I mean, we got the same bullshit spaghetti code excuse being used for a million dollar company. No other game could go around basically saying "We can't fix X because the wonky code we programmed with years ago would require us to clean up the infrastructure, and that's too much work."
>PBE exists because of balance You're kidding yourself with that one. PBE does serve as pre-balance environment but the REAL balance starts when these changes hit Live. Because there's a lot more of us testing these changes in one day than PBE players can test in days/weeks. No one plays on PBE seriously, no one follows the meta either. So there's really no fucking way PBE is ever going to be an environment where Riot can honestly feel satisfied with the results of balance changes there and treat it as good balance on Live. If changes there look good, it might not mean they will be on Live servers.
: As someone who has been playing on the PBE you are in a world of pain. Dark Harvest is a keystone that shouldn't exist. Bruisers are even worse now. i.e there isn't a decent replacement for losing Fervor Tanks have really shitty Keystone options. Also the resolve tree is objectively weaker than the damage trees. Certain junglers are going to really suffer in skirmishes/ganks because lack of AS vs champions. I could think of more problems that I've already noticed but I think you get the point. Edit: Arcane Comet is not a suitable replacement for DFT I don't care what Riot says.
You do realize that Riot has said they'll nerf/buff/add/remove runes if there are more champions in dire need of them? Pre-season is where these changes (no matter how balanced you think they are on PBE) are taken for a real test drive on Live servers and Riot is going to spend many patches fine-tuning them until the new season starts.
Synnx7 (EUNE)
: ***
And i bet you also think you can balance League better then they can. The problem with the boards is just that. They believe they know best and they won't stop doing their stupid shit.
: Hey,MSF are the best team ever.They just had to let SKT win that one.Good guy MSF.Kappa
No one really payed MSF any heed and then they turn around and to the impossible. Honestly, i was proud of them for what they've did and how far they managed to come, despite the popular belief they are not a team that could pull anything off. I never really had a favorite team to cheer for, i was more interested in teams and players making good plays. But this time around, i was all for MSF.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elikain,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hVj2jmFN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-05T00:42:56.499+0000) > > There's no point in looking on YT first. > Riot is either the one who will release a champion reveal or you can go to surrender at 20 and see if there's any front page news about something new and exciting happening in League. man thats too much work and im always on youtube anyway lmao
> [{quoted}](name=Jax Poetic,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hVj2jmFN,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-11-05T00:45:34.475+0000) > > man thats too much work and im always on youtube anyway lmao Not really man. That's one site away from YouTube. When a spec of shoe dirt from a possible new champ leaks, YouTubers that want that ad money spam useless content about too much speculation. That's why i stopped watching those shitty videos and YouTubers in general.
: which leak?
A leak on Reddit most likely. I only saw someone's screencapped image of that post on surrender at 20 which detailed dunkmaster illaoi skin as among other things I forgot) but the part about Zoey seems correct now.
: His ult was drastically changed between what it was based off of, and his release ult. His ult for awhile in development rewound everyone. All players. It caused a lot of gameplay readability issues though, and got changed. But the production of the cinematic was too far along to change to match the kit that got released.
That has no relevance to Ekko's trailer. Ekko's ult has had a few iterations and Riot was set on his kit when his trailer came up. The fact that Riot showcased Ekko traveling back in time to fight that Zaunite thug was meant to showcase how his Z-drive works, not his ult.
EkyonKun (NA)
: So with Zoe's ability to use flash immediately after someone else...
No, they can't. Zoe has an ability that replaces enemy summoner spells with her own spells and their summoner spells essentially drop on the ground as bubbles she can pick up (once) to use. Bubbles disappear on pickup. I don't know if this ability is her passive but i would imagine there would be an individual champion CD timer for this. And the enemy can't get their SSs back unless they use the new SSs Zoe gave them (they do something negative, like deal AoE damage and apply Nearsight to teammates). I don't think RIot revealed this part, i think i saw it from a leak (i think). It really wouldn't be fair if this was an ability to be spammed, while completely removing the enemy's ability to flash (due you her ability to replace it) at every gank and her having infinite SSs to use with more enemies she has to fight with.
: "is there an actual kit preview yet?" -me, hearing about zoe
There's no point in looking on YT first. Riot is either the one who will release a champion reveal or you can go to surrender at 20 and see if there's any front page news about something new and exciting happening in League.
Necrozard (EUW)
: Fast and complete analysis, PROJECT Trailer ( 3 champions discovered )
#Deus EX Vayn-ina Honestly, i was hoping for an Eve skin (instead of Vayne), considering that she has 3x 520 RP + 750 RP skin. This soon after her rework may be a stretch but i could honestly see her fit within the Project skin line, especially the Hunters. Or maybe some other part of the Project project, where her (and a few others) were deemed to be a real danger to the digitally-enhanced world and were attempted to be terminated before the damage could've been done (Agent Smith type of a rogue program/entity that has a form outside of the binary code as well). This sounds really more like an Ultimate skin for her than anything else. But hey, i'm not complaining, considering i also play Sivir and Miss Fortune respectively. They're pretty good Marksmen in my opinion so i'll never miss an opportunity to be happy when Riot's giving skins to my favorite champions :)
Azadethe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elikain,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7OJi9FdM,comment-id=00040001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-04T16:43:49.435+0000) > > I'm an Eve main and you don't need openings for her. > In fact, it's the opposite. In high ELO, Eve should be harder to play as people wouldn't leave many openings for her to attack while un low ELO, even a semi decent Eve player should be having a field day with newbies who don't want and can't counter her. > > As far as i'm concerned, don't ban Eve. I get to play her a lot. > And under the new runes, i can now even lane with her and she she's already a strong jungler, even without a smite. So imagine an Eve that gets to a level 6 on a lane and starts invis BS on an enemy Marksman with a CC on lane and a burst of an assassin. Pair this with some aggressive support (Brand, Zyra, Malz...) and you get an easy kill lane that once starts off, never goes down and the enemy keeps dying and dying. > > Then this translates to her being strong as shit and ganking mid, controlling dragon and the enemy portion of the jungle that's close to the bot lane. I think you're seeing a difference in what i'm describing and how you're interpreting it. In high elos, people are more protective in general. The 0/5 feed runs don't happen in lane. In other words, people all generally farm a lot, and death/kills don't get out of control. It becomes a contest of who CS's best. Eve who is on track with lane farmers gets more kills, because no one is hyper fed, and teams play better in coordination. If I gank bot in Diamond at level 4 vs Level 3 ADC/support, they are going to die. If I gank bot in Silver at level 4 vs level 3 ADC/Support, 90% of the time, even though gank is pinged, they don't even react. They will wait until after I've burnt a charm, done a strong engage, but am now running away with 40% hp, because my bot completely ignored the gank. The failed gank wastes time, resources and potential XP. And even when I start a Silver game 5/0, the very lanes I ganked and killed in, begin feeding. After I succeed in a level 6 double at bot, my bot proceeds to feed the other team 30 seconds later when I'm headed top and can do nothing about it. What you read and are describing, is the ability to execute skills successfully. Yes. Higher elos will react to skills greater. But Low elo, while they don't react to skills greater, are easily fed, and your gank no longer is effective. You can land every skill and by the time you are on cooldown, Urgot or Cho are still 60% HP. The mid feeds an Annie 6/0, so ganking Annie is now a death sentence, and if Annie groups to push lanes, she's not only fed, she's protected, so you can't snipe her. If a Jinx is fed 7/0, she can just stand behind a 3 tank wall with a mage and she's pretty much immune to an Eve snipe. If you try to go in on her in her 5 man posse, you're dead. If your team feeds her a passive proc, she's going to catch you in a team fight and pop you like a bubble. And, if you don't ban Jarvan, he's going to invade you pre 6 and make your farm hell, put you 2-3 levels behind, and snowball while you don't. He can just get around better, and snowball before eve can even try.
We've had some conversations about Eve in the past. The two of us, so i know where you're coming from. Even i've had games where i completely execute early ganks to perfection (without level 6) and then fall off hard later because the lanes i've given kills to (and were leading) failed to match the enemy team's strategy of early grouping to make up for the lack of gold and are not killing people left and right + taking objectives. When you turn around in this game, all that you've done as an assassin starts to fade away and you being fed no longer matters. Eve can't push a lane, she can only stalk people and kill them one by one. If priority targets are not approachable, you have to either wait for that opportune moment to strike or just be forced to blow your load on the first target that engaged your team in the hopes you'd enough damage to weaken them severely and get a kill or let your team clean up. In lower ELOs, this is the problem. Since Eve is just an assassin with no other things to do, when games become like this, you need to rely on your team to correctly make a basic counter-strategy and resist the enemy team as best as they can. That way, when they are preoccupied with poking left and right, you are able to strike from behind on unsuspecting enemies. --- I didn't have any problems with Jarvan myself. He can be strong as shit to deal with for any champion (if he goes glass cannon) but he can also be a pain in the ass to deal with when being tanky. The trick i've used to fight against him is to let someone else eat his gank and damage so that i can charm him and make sure his ult turns himself into a sitting duck before he manages to one shot my poor teammate. That's why in those games i level my charm second. Elise has been a problem for me. I think she is just overall more safer to use than Eve but doesn't share her assassin fantasy. Elise can take a few hits, can dish out respectable damage and (being a form swapper), doesn't have problems closing the gap and duking it out with someone. Eve's pretty fragile in this regard so you'd really want ideally to be able to blow up a target or chunk them pretty hard for them to back off. And melee range is a big no-no for her.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elikain,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rAEElclK,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2017-11-04T15:45:11.000+0000) > > Is Annie any older now? > It's been at least 8 years... I would love an ultimate skin for Annie where she actually gets to grow up. That would be the most awesome thing. It could even be a sort of progression skin where she starts out young and gets older every time she maxes an ability
Oh god... Every parent's nightmare: #The rebellious emo teenager phase Annie!
: While it refreshing to have someone not SKT win worlds...
Honestly, Faker took the loss a little too hard in my opinion. SKT is a world class team and at the head of it is Faker, the best player that has ever played League of Legends. He's a legend in his own right. The year 2017 was their shakiest year at Worlds, simply because they've been playing 5-game matches multiple times, even against the teams that should've honestly never been allowed to do it (Missfits). This year's Worlds Stage was not SKT's playground because there have been multiple teams that were able to aim for their weak spot. And all the other teams almost even managed to topple them before the final stage. There's a lesion to be learned from defeat. It doesn't necessarily mean that Faker was playing like garbage, it simply means that SKT itself has a few weaknesses that many teams have been able to exploit. SSG was the team that dealt the final blow and went 3-0 against SKT.
Azadethe (NA)
: Evelynn's pretty annoying in High Elo because she matches the high elo pace momentum. In lower elos, she's garbage, because teams don't create openings for her, yet expect her to carry/snowball. And she has at least 40 junglers who counter her hard, much less meta laners. And after she's behind, the game's over for her until 40 + minutes, if it happens, because she simply has no farm left in a game with no jungle left, and team fights zone her out. Jarvan however pretty much always scores well, acts as a severe low CD flash burner, does some of the largest nonconditional % damage in the game, and has very few counters to his scaling/movement. You've probably also noticed post rework, even after the nerf, Galio's become a big player. He can pull 30k damage in the same game he soaks 100k damage taken now. As people learn how to play Urgot, he's becoming a serious pain now too.... Now that everyone figured out ALL his passive attacks can proc Frozen Mallet, engaging him has very few outs.... you either need a team fight or he owns the lane, and often the jungle around his lane. I think bans are all about the elo you're in. Kha probably gets more bans at high elo than low, simply because he is the king of solo ambushes, far outstripping Eve, simply because of Duskblade's freedom to slaughter. Janna used to get the bans, but not anymore.
I'm an Eve main and you don't need openings for her. In fact, it's the opposite. In high ELO, Eve should be harder to play as people wouldn't leave many openings for her to attack while un low ELO, even a semi decent Eve player should be having a field day with newbies who don't want and can't counter her. As far as i'm concerned, don't ban Eve. I get to play her a lot. And under the new runes, i can now even lane with her and she she's already a strong jungler, even without a smite. So imagine an Eve that gets to a level 6 on a lane and starts invis BS on an enemy Marksman with a CC on lane and a burst of an assassin. Pair this with some aggressive support (Brand, Zyra, Malz...) and you get an easy kill lane that once starts off, never goes down and the enemy keeps dying and dying. Then this translates to her being strong as shit and ganking mid, controlling dragon and the enemy portion of the jungle that's close to the bot lane.
Jbels (NA)
: Let's take a minute to realize
> I guess all of the grandpa champions will sit here and watch her run with that new torch she just got passed Is Annie any older now? It's been at least 8 years...
Sujiren (EUW)
: Fiora's greatest rival yet.
Who wins:
: How Mordekaiser's ultimate ability could be changed in order to make him a healthier champion
Your idea of Morde's R reminds me of Xul's (from HotS) ult where he can summon a wall of Liches that shoot ranged slowing attacks at enemies and essentially block a path.
: i saw [this]( so i really like those two now.
Ok, i'm sold for both. But they do still look a bit odd to me.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Blood Moon, Dark Star, Program, Blade Queen, Snow Day. All of them would work IMO. Especially Blade Quenn would work damn well.
Let me get some of those Kerrigan vibes.
JoeMG (NA)
: Only if her hate spikes are little Christmas trees
Long pine needles poking out from the ground.
Zyranium (EUW)
: I see : Evelynn goddess of the sands, with a glamorous egyptian inspired design,tanned skin, gold and jewelries, and at least 2 scorpion stings at her back.
I can provide you with an "inspiration" for that skin: Her name is Iset, a boss from Vindictus in S2 content. Basically, an Egyptian sorceress "princess" that can summon a giant Sphynx guardian to back her up if needed. That guardian is also his own boss on higher difficulty.
ZER0 2 (NA)
: I could see it being 1350 RP, but not 1820. I'd also like to see her as a "nurse" or something, since we already have a hospital skin line =D her lashers could be needles!
I like the nurse idea. I'd also like a full blown succubus skin as well, even if Eve is more or less considered as one. Not sure how can we get her more lewd in her VO than what we have already, Void Staff responses are already seductively tickling my earlobes (งꖘωꖘ)ง ##"When in Rome..."
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm isn't freljord ashe normally 520 RP as well? Eitherway I'd say the best choices would be either a 975Rp-skin(no idea why that is missing in the poll) or a 1350RP skin. Because it'd suck if her only skin with different particles was as expensive as a legendary or ultimate skin.
>Uhm isn't freljord ashe normally 520 RP as well? Probably. I bought her way back in the day and i remember a 260 RP price (which is half of 520 anyway) so i am most likely mistaken there. >975Rp-skin(no idea why that is missing in the poll) An oversight by me. Was proof-reading the entire long thread and i forgot to do so for the poll as well. Too late now as i can't edit the poll once i posted. But in my defense, i might've overlooked this skin price as it's really in the range of a 750 RP skin (a bit more work). I get that it's affordable and not necessarily a bad skin tier to sit in (provided her thematic is spot on) but as an Eve main now (and pushing to OTP after the pre-season), i am way more inclined to have a more expensive skin for Eve that would tie me over for some time. I never spent big bucks on skins myself but i did mostly get skins on a discount (store or my shop) or in bundles from VGUs. But i wouldn't hesitate spending a few more for a majestic Eve skin anyway.
: A quality of life change for Yorick...
That would only be a good change if your jungler is familiar with Yorick and knows when and on how many graves he should be ganking for you. If he doesn't, that change doesn't really convey any new information to anyone. Not saying Riot shouldn't do it but it's not a clear cut usage case scenario.
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